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Lust For Bhabhi

  • desipapa
  • September 9, 2015

This story is a real story which changed 2 lives. This story is between me Rahul & my cousin bhabhi, Jyoti. She was my cousin brother’s wife. My brother is 6 year elder to me but Jyoti is 20 days younger to me. She has a mind-blowing figure of 32-28-36 with C+ breast, milky white colour 5.4 ft height. We both have lot of common interests like music, dance, comedy movies, food habits etc. We both shared a very friendly relationship, which happened due to her negligence by my brother who is very lazy & self centered man. My brother use to care for Jyoti only when he wants to have sex with her in night. Thus Jyoti became sex toy for my brother, this I came to know during one of casual our conversation in which she said that my brother doesn’t want too many things from her but just one only then he can be loving. I often used to visit their home & often stay over-night because I was a bachelor & doesn’t have too many limitations. Thus my relationship with Jyoti bhabhi keeps getting stronger. I use to pick & drop her to her office which was near to my office, we used to have lunch together in a near by restaurant, use to go to shopping together(she keeps on gifting lot of stuff to my bro so that he understands her) means we use to be together for most of the day.

I use to admire her body for three reasons, one she was just married (2 months back) & beauty was just flourishing  secondly she has great smile with great sense of humor which adds to her attraction & third & biggest reason was her clothes which were very decent like saree & suits etc but with a bit of cleavage show or waist show or naval show or back show which makes me hard in bottom.

Once when I was staying at their place in morning when I was getting ready for office & bhabhi also, I was in adjacent room to my bhabhi’s bedroom., I saw that over the window of my room there is a hole (equal to 4 fingers) for the cable wire which was not there, suddenly a thought came to my mind to have a look at the other side of window. I slowly kept my eyes on the hole with my pumping heart. What is saw I can never forget….i saw my bro jerking his penis while laying in bed while bhabhi was hooking up her blouse. I thought I missed the action but the glimpse of her breast was good enough for masturbate….but I was wrong. Suddenly she came on to the bed while saying “I m getting late for office , rahul will be waiting do it fast”…after saying this She Opened Her Mouth & Started Licking My Brothers’ Penis……….ohhhhhhh…..what a sight I couldn’t imaging my beautiful girlish bhabhi to do sucking so early in moring. she kept of licking the penis for about 3 minutes then opened her full mouth & started sucking my brothers pening which was black around 7 inches long. She sucked it like ice cream(now I knew why  she likes ice cream very much). My brother was in seventh heaven he holded her head & pushed her penins deep inside Jyoti bhabhi’s throat which now got blocked because of the penis. She tried to get away but couldn’t succeed & I saw my bro pushing in & out his pennies &  thrusting her entire load inside her mouth while holding her head firmly. It looked like he has raped her through her mouth. Jyoti bhabhi slowly got up, washed her mouth & lips adjusted her saree said “ tum ne mujhe randi samajh rakha hai kya jo subah sham tumhe apna jism deti rahe aur muh bhi na khole , kitne dino se ke rahi hun mujhe ghumane le chalo but tumhara matlab khatam to tumhe koi nahi chahiye…I m leaving for office” my brother  replied by pressing her boobs & smiling he knew she doesn’t have choice. Needless to say I masturbate during this process but jyoti bhabhi knocked on the door & asked me to come out so that w ecan leave for office.

I came out & asked her bhabhi, aapka face red kyoun ho raha hai, r u ok..? she replied kuch nahin neend poori nahin hui & we  left for the office. Now I wanted to experience this with this bitch Jyoti & I know she is emotionally weak.

I started keeping an eye on the hole in night….some times I used to see mouth fucking, some times nipple sucking & sometimes normal fucking. With each of the scene I used to masturbate 1-2 times. With this my desires to have sex with jyoti bhabhi started becoming more stronger. Finally a got a chance one day….but not too sure what will happen afterwards….

One day when we came back from offices we knew that brother will not be there cause he was working with BPO & is having night shifts & will be back my 01:00. I was very horney today cause while driving my back Jyoti has kept her both hands on my shoulders thus her breast have touched my back many times also she was wearing a pink saree with a backless choli because of the traditional day at her office. We reached home, she went in to her room & closed it, I went to hole to have a look….& what I saw tht she was crying in her room. For 15 minutes she kept on crying then slowly got up & went straight to bed with changing. I thought something is wrong so I knocked her door while pretending to have a chat with her. She opened door & greeted me with fake smile. I asked kya hua, aankhen kyun laal hain, she said keeda chala gaya hai shayad. I offered to remove it which she deniedbut I forcefully pull her face towards my face & pretending to look for the insect inside her eyes. In the process my chin has touched her nore & her lips. She closed her eyes. We both were so near that her breath was hitting my face & my heart beats must be audible to her. I slowly push her towards me & gave a gentle kiss on her eyes. She didn’t said but kept her eyes closed. I kissed them again one by one & kissed on her cheeks then. She was silent. Her red lips were inviting me, my pennies was erect so I went ahead & slowly touched her lips with my lips..i didn’t kissed straight away but waited for her to ask it…she did the same. She opened her lips a little bit which means she is open to be kissed. I started kissing her slowly slowly the went ahead with more sort of smooching she was equally enjoying. Realizing that I m near to my target, I slowly touched her hipps……..she suddenly got awake & said Rahul, ye galat hai. But I didn’t listen & kissed her again on lips this time my hands were at her naval & one hand was opening her backless choli. I took her in my lap & sat on the bed. She felt something hard in my jeans & smiled & touched it with passion……

Jyoti :   OHhhhhhhhhh……..Rahul please mujhe pagal mat karo.

Me: Bhabhi aap bahut sundar ho…

Jyoti: Rahul mujhe jane do ye galat hai plz,….ohhhhhhhhhhhh…………ye ky kar rahe ho….

Me: I want to love to, give you what you want &main tumhara kitna dhyan rakhta hun , bhayiya tumhe kis tarah treat karte hain, phir bhi aapko unke saath ye sab karna padta hoga na, mere sath majburi nahin hai but main aapko sachha pyar karta hun aur aapka bhi hak hai apni zindgi jeene ka, jo achha lage wahi karne ka.

Jyoti ne mere lund ko achanak zor se dabana shuru kar diyashe became mad at this point & usne meri jeans ki zip kholdi. Maine bhi apni jeans utar di now I was nude in front of my jyoti bhabhi. She saw my pennies & said

Jyoyi: ye bahut bada hai, mota bhi hai mujhe bahut dard hoga, main sirf suck karungi kyunki agar kuch ho gaya to main pregnant ho jaungi aur mera firuge kharab ho jayega, mujhe 3 saal tak baby nahin karna hai.

Me: bhabhi, kuch nahi hoga, aur bhaya jo condom use karte hain usi mein se ek de dena,  she gave me one kamsutra.

I held Jyoti bhabhi her from behind and placed my hands on her boobs from over her sari, blouse and bra. I was now pressing her boobs. My front was pressing against her heavy humping soft marvelous fleshy sexy hips. My Lund was erect by that time. She also felt my erect Lund on her sexy hips. I was now pressing her boobs well. I told her œ. Jyoti bhabhi .tumhara boobs bahut mazedaar hai.really so fleshy, so shapely, so bulging, so straight, so round Bhabhi She said in sexy low voice œ.ooohh to issi liye tumhari nazar meri boobs paar hota bahut manly lagte ho.. I was now pressing and squeezing her breasts at my will. She was enjoying it too much as she made sexy sounds like œ..uuuuuuuuufffffff.. yyyyooouu..ooooooooooofffffffffffffffffffffff aaaaaaaaaaaaahhhhhhhhhhh dabao.aur dabao..ooooffff.mere dewarji aur dabao.ooooooooooffffffffffff.. I was pressing squeezing her boobs hard. Then I was kissing her from tip to toe. She the herself started undressing her. She took off her sari.

She was now standing wearing only bra in front of me and I was still kissing on her bear back and squeezing harshly her breasts and playing with her cunt with my hand in her shalwar. I turned her around and looked her milky white breast trying to jump out from the black bra. I unhooked her bra and kissed on her breast and start sucking her breasts, her nipples is light pink colors and erected like an iron rod. I put her right nipple in my mouth and sucked, I bite on her nipple, she cries with pain ooohohoohohoh. She said to “rahul aur zoor sey chhoosoo”.

Her white skin was glittering; her eyes were close with pleasure. Quickly I open my belt and pants buttons and my 9″ cock swing in the air. I bent her to my cock and said to her ” Is ko apney moon main ley kar chosso”. She opened her eyes and said” main ney is sey pehley kissey kaa cock nahin choosa hai”. I pushed her head forward and put my cock in her mouth. I feel her teeth are rubbing against my cock from side and than her warm tongue take the place with her hot saliva. She starts sucking my cock. I was holding her head and pumping it in and out of her mouth. She holds my ass tight I was pumping in and out my cock in her mouth. My knees were shaking. With in 15 minutes with this blow job of her I was ready to cum. My ball are going to blow out the cum and she seems to know what was going to happen next. She tries to take out my cock from her mouth but I forced her to keeping doing sucking. I exploded my whole load in her mouth. Her mouth is full of my cum up to her throat. Few drop of cum are dripping from the side of her mouth but she swallowed the whole thing and lick her sides of mouth and swallowed the remaining part.


She took off her petticoat. She took off her blouse. Now she was in her scanty nylon netted black bra and panty. She came to me and took off my all clothes except for my underwear. Then she unhooked her bra, took it off in a sexy manner. Wow.what a pair of boobs she hadher boobs were very firm looking, shapely, round bulging and straight. Her bare boobs appeared extremely sexy and inviting and tempting. Then she herself pulled down her panty also looking at my eyes in lust and desire. Jyoti bhabhi was now fully nude. So sexy she looked that I was just staring and gazing at her sexy nude body from tip to toe. She said to me œ.”Rahul main aaj tumare saamane puri nangi ho gayi hoon. aaab main tumhein kaise laag rahi hoon”. I said to her Jyoti bhabhi tom bahut bold hotum real mein bahut sexy aur hot laag rahi ho..tumhara boobs real sexy hai.I have raely seen such boobs meri Jyoti bhabhi iaur tumhara badan pura nanga badan bahut exciting laag raha haitumhara hips bhi bahut inviting aaur sexy hai.tum upar se neeche taak bahut sexy laag rahi hojaanlewa laag rahi ho. Jyoti bhabhi  She came to me and pulled my underwear making me fully nude. I immediately started kissing her one boob and was pressing her other boob while I was fingering her Chut. I was kissing her nipple, pulling it by my mouth and sucking her nipple. She was moaning sexily œ.uuuuufffffffiiiiiiiissssshhhh .uuuuuuuuuhhhhhhhhhhhaaaaaaaaaaaahhhhhhhhhh.. And I kept on kissing her boob and pulling and sucking her nipple that way. She was too much excited.  I laid har in the bed. I came over her. I was again sucking and pulling her nipples one by one with my mouth now and Jyoti bhabhi was again hissing sibling and moaning throwing her sexy thighs and folding them intermittently in her excitement. I said to her œ.

Jyoti bhabhi tumhari choochiyan badi mazedaar hain.mazaa aaraha hai coosane mein Jyoti bhabhi said œaur chooso na meri dono choochiyon ko..khoob chooso dono choochiyon ko.mujhe bhi mahut maza aaraha hai Rahul.. And I was obliging her by sucking and pulling her nipples with my mouth. My tongue was working effectively well on her hard pointed nipples to make Jyoti bhabhi more and more hot making sonds like œ..ooooooooooooooffffffffffffffffffffffff. aaaaaaaahhhhhhh ooooooooooooooohhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh. Iiiiisssssssshhhhhh.. wow. Aaaaaahhhhhhhhhhhhaur..haaan aur..oooooooooooooofffffffffffffffffff aur chooso Rahul, aur chooso meri choochiyan..haaaaaannnnn mere Rahul iiiiiisssiii tarah choosate raho.aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh.ouch.. œ And I was sucking her boobs at my will and at the same time pressing them also. Jyoti bhabhi was caressing me in excitement all through and also she was rubbing my body with her sexy smooth silky thighs. I then stared kissing her navel and then her crotch around her Chut and then her sexy thighs and legs. She said to me œ..oooohhhh.Rahul please aabb nahi raha jata haiplease mujhe le lo na.aab lo na mujhe..dewarji.aaab chodo na mujhepleasehaan dewaji tumne mujhe bahut hot kaar diya hai..aaaab meri chdai karo. I got up and came on my knees, separated her sexy thighs and penetrated my hard erect Lund into her hot wet Chut. After three foru pushes my Lund was fully inside her Chut. She told me in sexy low voice œ.Rahul  jam kaar meri chodai karo..koi kasar baaki maat chhodnakhoob chodo mujhe aaaj mere dewarjimain baut dinon se chah rahi thi tumse chodwane ko.

told her œ. Jyoti bhabhi..kitne dinon ke baad to aaaj mauka mila hai tumhari chodai karne ka…main bhi bahut dinon se chah raha tha tumhein chodne komera Lund bahut taras raha tha tumhari chodai karne ke liye meri Jyoti bhabhi .tum baas mera saath deti jaao ..dekho main kaisi chodai karta hoon aaaj tumhari.haan meri sexy hot Bhabhi She said  ok dearmain ready hoon .  I started fucking Jyoti bhabhi gently in the beginning. She was moaning slowly œuuuuuuuuuuufffffffffff. Oooooohhhhhhhhhhhhhh.. aaaaaaaaaaaaahhhhhhhhhh.  And I was fucking her. She held me with her soft hands. My torso was making gentle movement to and fro so that my Lund was gong and coming in to her Chut.  After some time I increased my speed. She was moaning sexily œ..aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaahhhhhhhhhhhh..haaaaannn.  aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh..oooooooooooooohhhhhhhhhhhhhh .uuuuuuuuuuffffffffffffffffffffffuuuuuuuuuuufffffffffffffffffffff. aaaaahh.. rahul.aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaccome on rahul.. yaaahhhh..iiiiiiiiiiiiissssssssssssssshhhhhhhhhhoooooooooooooohhhhhhh ..rahul aur chodoaur chodo..aur chodo..aaaaaaaahhhhhhhhhh.. ..hhhhhaaaaaannnnnnnn .yun hi chodai karo..aur chodo..aur andar ghusao. Aur andar push karo na apna Lund ko mere dewarji..haaaaaaannnnnnn yun hi chodai karte jaaaaoooooo.. And I was fucking her well It was great fucking Jyoti bhabhi Then she told me œaaaaaaaaaaahhhhhhhhhhhhmere rahul fuck me fastfast chodai karo naaur zor se chodo na..haaaannnn zor zor se chodai karo meri.rahul. She was in her full excitement. I was fucking Jyoti bhabhi fast and hard. I was pushing my Lund into her as much as I could. She was gyrating her sexy heavy hips in excitement. I was making hard and fast strokes. Now Jyoti bhabhi was fully crazy.

25 -30 dhakkon ke baad bhabhi boli  main jhadne wali hun or tej maro meri choot aaaaaaaaaaaaahhhhhhhhhhh han issi tarha ha ha or jor se bahut aachee eyse heeeeeeeee yeh bolte hui woh jhadne lagi aur mein bina ruke unki choot padta raha 10-15 dhakko keh baad bhabhi boli  ruko mainne pucha kyun kya hua toh woh boli tmhara lund bahut shandar hai pata nahi phir kab is se aapni chut chudwaun main tumhara lund aapni gand mian bhi mehsuse karna cahti hun kya tum meri gand marna pasand karogye mian neh kaha neki or sujbhoj der kis baat ki main neh jese hi unki choot se aapna lund nikala toh unki chut main se pani nikalneh laga.main ne bhabhi ko ghodi banneh ko kaha toh woh boli ki main khdi ho kar nichye jhuk jati hun es main zada maza ayega phir woh issi position main khadi ho gayi main ne jab pechye se unki gand dekhi toh kya bataun kya sef nikal kar aa rahi thi main toh pagal sa ho gaya or jldi se unke gand ke ched main aapna lund dalne laga per ched chota hone ke karan lund gand main nahi ja pa raha tha lund kabhi phisal kar uper toh kabhi choot main ghuss jata phir main bhabhi ke room se tel la kar unki gand or aapneh lund per theek se laga liya bhabhi boli ab der mat karo maine bina der kiye aapna lund bhabhi ki gand per lagata hua pucha lagta hai aapneh kabhi gand nahi marwai hai woh boli haan aaj pehli baar hai tumhara lund hi itna lamba or nota hai ki main isko aapni gand gift main dena cahti hun plz yare ab der na karophir main aapneh dono haath bhabhi ke peth ke aagye la kar aapas mian jakad liye or ek jor ka dhakka mara mera 2 inch lund unki gand main ghuss gay woh jor se ceekh padi aaaaaaaaaaaiiiiiiiiiiiiii nahi  mujhse bardast nahi ho raha tumhara lund main tumhe aapni gand gift nahi kar sakti plz bahar nikalo aapna lund.main bola theek hai hilna nahi nahi toh or dard hoga main aapna lund bahar nikalta hun main dhire se lund nikalte hue bola bhabhi aap mujhe aapni gand gift main do ya na do per main yeh gift le kar rahunga or mainneh ek or jordar dhkka unki gand main mar kar aapna aadhe se zyada lund under kar diya ab woh dard se rone lagi main bola plz bhabhi roiye nahi mian thoda or jhuk kar unke choochiya sehlate hue bola jese pehli bar choot marwane main dard hota hai ussi tarha gand marwane main bhi dard hota hai bhabhi boli main aaaaaaaaaahhhh ganti hun per ooooohhhhh itna dard hoga yeh socha nahi thaaaaaaaaaaaa theek hai tummmmm aaaiiiii aapna gift lelo jo hoga dekha jayega mian dhire dhire bhabhi ki gand main aapna lund under bahar karneh laga karib 5 min bad bhabhi aapneh kulhe pichye dhaklne lagi main samaj gaya mian neh bhabhi ki gand se pura lund nikal nikal kar unki gand marneh laga woh har dhakke main oohhhhhhhhh aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaammmmmmm oooooooiiiiiiiiiiiiiiii kar rahi thi woh boli sunny tumkare lund ka jawad nahi koi bhi ladki ya orat tmhare lund se chudwane ke liye kuch bhi kar jayegi ager unko pata chal jaye ki tumhare paas itna lazwab lund hai.mera lund aapni tareef sunkar pure josh main gand ki pilayi kar raha tha or bhabhi har dhakke main aaahhhhhhh aaaaahhhhhh kar rahi thi lareeb 20 min gand marne ke baad mera lund or tite hoga or main neh aapni speed ful kar di bhabhi ab mere dhakke nahi jhel pa raha thi or oooooooooffffffff aaaaaaaaaaaaahhhhhh mar gayi main bola bhabhi main jhadne wala hun kya tumhari gand main heee jhad jaun woh boli ek bund bhi bahar wast nahi karna tab tak main aapni caram seema per aagya tha main neh bhabhi ki kamar main haath daal kar ek ek jordar dhakke se aapna pura lund unki gand ki gehraiyun main pahuncakar aapna piryee jhdneh laga jisko nikalte huee bhabhi apni gand main mehsuse kar rahi thi.jab mian puri tarehe se jhad kar aapna lund unki gand se nikala toh unki gand gand na ho kar lal rang ke bade se ched main badal chuki thi main ne bhabhi ko unki gand shishe main dekhne ko kahi woh jhuke hue aapni gand shishe main dekh kar dang ho gayi or boli kya yeh meri gand hai.

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