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  • September 14, 2015

Dear Friends. I have been an avid reader of Desi Papa for quite some time and enjoy reading all those fantasies and so called true stories.

I am 39, 5’8/fair/Atheletic Build. (been a sportsman all my life and have played different games at State and National level). A Punjabi but recently in Gujarat working for a Big MNC at a very senior position. Happily married with 3 kids.

I have a strong libido and am always looking out for new ways of entertainment ( which essentially means new female company). The story am about to narrate is a honest true incidence and not a mere flight of fantasy.

Because of my job content I am invariably on the net the whole day. It was during this tie that I became addicted to chatting over different services. One of these Chat sites has an adult section and in that I entered a room which said Husbands Want to Share Wife’s.

After some days of chatting (mainly single guys or gals trying to fool each other or people interested in Cyber Sex-which by the way turns me off). I came across an interesting nick and said what the heck lets try this one out. I put across a statement saying am a senior exec with a mnc and travel a lot and am looking for a Fun loving/discrete/broadminded cpl interested in having a smart/decent/strong guy to join them for some excitement for spicing up their lives. And hey Pronto I got a reply from this gentleman. They were a cpl ( Gujaratis ). He was in a major Bank and she was a Housewife with 2 kids. We got around chatting for some time and approved each others credtiontals in that duration. Then I asked him for his phone number which he gave and asked me to call so that we could carry this forward.

I did just that and called him from my direct line so even if it was some prankster he would get the land line number and that would do no harm nor would it expose me. But I was pleasantly surprised to note that he was a genuine guy. He started telling me how he had lost his sexual appetite and how he wanted to share his wife so that she would not feel the hunger and at the same time fall in wrong hands. So they had discussed this out and it was for him to find a guy for her with the right credentials (Both Physical as well as Status). After some talk he said he found me ok and sophisticated so he was sure he had no problems. Then we fixed up the next day (Sunday) when we would chat again on the net and also share our cams so that she could also see me. He said that if she dint like me then we wouldn’t go ahead with this. I agreed and told him I was looking at a casual relationship full of excitement but no commitments. He in turn said that is exactly what
they were looking for and maybe we would meet but it would be a one time affair only!

So to cut things short we chatted and cammed the next day and the lady turned out to be a sensuous, I would not say beautiful but really sexy. And as things would go she found me good and attractive. So now we fixed up a meet. ( By the way am presently in gujarat Baroda and they were in Mumbai). I then fixed a tour and booked myself in a 5 Star Hotel in Mumbai for the coming Saturday. We fixed up the time of meet as 10 am in the morning, not at the Hotel but at the Airport so that if anyone of us decided to back out there was no issue.

On Saturday after checking in I freshened up and then with waited breath went to the airport to a predestined place and waited there. I also did not want to take chances so I was dressed in totally pposite dress as compared to what I had said I would be wearing and stood slightly away from where we were supposed to meet. It pays to be cautious!! To my surprise I found both of them at the spot. She was looking gorgeous at 5’4/sensous figure/wearing real tight low waist jeans with a flowery light blue T-shirt. He was a simple looking guy around 5’6 and to put it in short looked much older then 35 which he said he was. I was already feeling hot and considering she was a mother of 2 children all I can say is she was real Sensuous!!!

I then approached them and introduced myself ,though they recognized me from the cam session we had already had. After some small talk he asked her the question and she shyly gave her consent. He then said frnd take her with you to your hotel and please handle her gently and lovingly and send her back home by 3 pm. And with that he was gone.

Just imagine here was a sensous lady standing by me and consider the fact that I was going to lay her in another 15 minutes…….. wow !!! I was already soo hard. I called a Taxi and then we proceeded to my Hotel. No words spoken. Once there I took her directly to my room at the 4th floor and had her sit as I opened the mini bar and handed her a Cola, which she took and started sipping away.

I am not new with this but under the circumstances dint want to scare her also. I then sat down by her and slowly to test the water put my arm around her lightly. All she did was look at me from the side with a shy smile. Man my blood was boiling……..and my shaft was feeling the pain of imprisonment!!! I then gently lowered my hands over the soft mounds and started to slowly rub them from outside the T-shirt. Not as a matter of
Boasting but am really good at arousal……and within no time she was moaning and sighing but still shy and not doing anything……just sipping on the cola as I was playing. I then gently took the Cola can from her hand and then gently raising her chin planted a soft kiss on her red…….lips……!!!! and then within no time my toungue had opened those chubby soft lips and was probing her hot wet mouth( mmmmm it tasted good n sweet what with the Cola). Now she was like water and just flowed into me……She was holding me real tight and hard so much so that she could feel a big mountain rubbing her Triangle…….!!! I am not a man to hurry and believe that foreplay is the real step to extreme pleasure……!! I le my teeth play and nipple her lips as my wet hungry toungue played with her hot wet mouth even as my fingers were dancing around rubbing her sensuously, touching her feeling her arousing her till she could hold it no more and was moaning away with sheer passion. I let my mouth wonder to her ear lobes and started biting those lovely earlobes slowly even as my tongue would dart into her ear hole every now and then…….!Believe me she had not said a single word till then…….!

Then I slowly made her stand up and removed her T, kissing every bit of her sensuous body that was getting exposed to my roving lips and a horny wet tongue. Mmmmm every part of her as it got exposed was making me sooooo horny n hot!!!! And then I came to the point where I could see her marvelous orbs……so tantalizingly trapped in her sheer silky Bra……..Offffffffff. I just got so horny that within no time my roving hands at the back of her snapped open her Bra and had her soft silky boobs all open and available for me……!!!!!! Like a hungry wolf I attacked her red hot tightening nipples eating them, rolling them with my tongue and squeezing them with my hands and watched them grow real taught and hard as I lavished them with my kisses and feels. Then I stood apart and watched the sensuous lady all red in her face, and she started feeling shy and tried her covering her red sooooooooo delicious boobs by crossing her hands over them!! I gently pried her hands open and then slowly lowered them to my huge and throbbing bulge……!! Man I almost died with her first touch there even though it was over my Jeans!!! I could feel a few drops of cum……..seeping out!!!!!! Then on her own she started rubbing it with her hands and really drove me crazy with desire.!!! I then pulled her hands away and slowly unbuttoned her jeans and slid them down!!! And Gosh even I was surprised at what I saw!!!! No Panties..and God the most clean shaved Triangle I had ever seen…….!! Now I was getting real short breathed!!!! I then just removed my jeans too and took out my thick real hot n throbbing shaft……uff was it a pleasure getting it out!!!!!!!! I then asked her a question. Do u like it ? and she just smiled and nodded…… not a stud but not small either…….around 7 inches but thick and when I say thick its real thick……..! Then I put her soft hands again on the shaft and mmmmmm did she rub it good …….she could feel the wetness of the precum and was playing with it rubbing it and mmmmmmm driving me wild with pleasure.!!!!! Then believe it or not she sat down on her knees and before I could say hello? She was licking my throbbing hard shaft slowly with her mouth. Ufff it was really a struggle to hold myself off from cumming……!!!! And then she was rolling her tongue all over it even as her hands were playing with my balls…….She was sliding her mouth on it real smooth…… (know what I mean,cause some ladies who haven’t done this before tend to hurt with their teeth) and then once she had enuff saliva on it she just took all of it !!!!!RIGHT TO THE BALLS deep into her mouth………………!!!it lasted only about 5 seconds but believe me if she had held it longer I would have cummmmmmm!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Man I was loosing control now…….

I then literally forced her to stand up……gosh if she had continued I would have cummed and wasted everything. I then slid my finger on her smooth silky thighs…….onto that warm already wet triangle……..! it was burning hot……and then strted playing with those soft outer lips, fingering them with my nails, squeezing them and really speaking made her go crazy…….!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Then we proceeded towards the bed,where I laid her softly and then place a pillow under her well formed, round tempting butts…….!!!And then slowly spread her legs till I could view her wet red burning hot open Cunt !!!! slowly I leaned down and let my hungry wet lips on thos flaming red cunt lips and muzzled them……!!!!!!!She arched up like a taught bow string moaning softly and tried pushing my head further into her wet cunt. I made
space for myself and then started poking that wet burning hole with my hungry tongue diving into it every now and then even as my fingers played around with her swollen hot Clit!!!! God she was bucking like a mare as my tongue feasted on those sweet n sour juices and I am sure she orgasmed atleast twice before I was willing to more forwards. I was in a real bad shape by now and almost paining from wanting to have full pleasure…….but as all ladies will agree I am sure the pleasure lies in prolonged fore play, I lay down on her slowly and started sucking her thurst out taught nipples even as my fingers played around with her lips and ears…….now she was really too hot and burning!!!!I could feel her hand on my thick cumfilled shaft and could feel her straining
to push it towards her wet hot boiling cunt!!! I raised my lower body and positioned my rod over the wet ripe hole and then slowly started lowering my hard shaft into that smooth soft and wet hole……!!!!! And then as it entered I could see her arch herself to get it all in……and now I really lost it all…….!!! And with one hard push I was buried to the hilt in that glorious hole…….and ufffffffff the heat was sooooo good!!!!!!!!!! Next I just rode her away to glory? No ways, once I was immersed to the hilt I just lifted her body and got her to straddle my cock onto her cunt and now she was ridding me…….! Did she ride every moment was agony extreme or should I say pleasure……. We continued like this for about 10 minutes till we were both sweating real hard and I could hold it no MORE!!!!!!!!!!! I told her that I was about to cummmmmmmmm and all she did was, she started humping me real fast……and boy within seconds I erupted with a bang deep inside her……..cumming over and over again and she just wouldn’t stop and then with one last jerk I was done……

No we dint have another session after that, Do you think I am superhuman? But yes we did meet once again after a month but that’s a different story for some other time. I have many such actual situations and would share them with you all should I receive a feedback on this one. Also as a formality as everyone writes I would be interested meeting Broad minded ladies/Couples who would like to have my company. But yes there are Conditions like respecting each other Discretion!! I travel a lot all over especially Mumbai, Delhi very frequently, so If these friends are from these areas they are most welcome to write to me on or

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