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  • desipapa
  • October 5, 2015

Hi, this is Muzi. from Islamabad. how’r u all the readers. i am reading erotic stories on desipapa for last 5 to 6 yrs. let me describe my self. i’m 19 yrs. old and stding in ics part-2. Fair complexioned and have a hight of 6’2″. n my tool size is 8″ inch. this is the first time i’m writing my story. The original story begins when i recieved a dump fone call two weeks later.

I heared a beautiful sweet voice from the other end. she was a young girl and she was calling to sunny. i said, you have called a wrong no. she said sorry and putted the fone down. after exactly three mins. i again received a call with same voice, this time she slowly laughed and said that she was teasing me as she knows me but i don’t know her. i was amazed by hearing this. she said that you come to my street to meet your friend and i see you all the time from my tarace. as i live in sector g-8. and my friend live in g-8/2. i go to my friends house every 2 days later. she then said that she want to do friendship with me. i said ‘ok, but i don’t know u even don’t know u’r name too.

She said can you come now to my home. i was shocked, now!?. she said yes and told me her name that is Sara, and give me her house no. i reached there with in ten mins. i ranged the bell and then i see a beautiful girl of 19/20 yrs in front of me. she welcomed me with a smile and asked me to come inside. she guided me towards her room. i was just shocked by her boldness and she was bombarding huge bombs on my mind. after entering her room she locked the door and said that do you know why i’ve called u/ i said no! she then said that she’s watching me for about 2 months and she even dreamed me in a wrong way. i asked that where are her family members. She told me that the have gone to attend a party.then we sat on a sofa and started talking about me and offcourse her. she then get closed to me and placed her hand on my thigh i saw in her lusty eyes but she was looking at my pants. she moved her hand towards my cock which was already erected towards the roof and was trying to tore my pants. she grabed her hands around my shft and sqeezed it i became mad as i was horny too. i caught her by her waste and sqeezed her towards my body. she moaned slightly.

I placed my one hand on her left boob and pressed it with a lot of force. she screamed loudly and said, PLZ ARAAM SE DABAO MUJHKO DARD HOTY HAI…, i said, U BICH MAIN AAJ TUJHAY KHA JAON GA, GASHTY LARKON KO APNE GHAR BULWA KAR MARWATI HAI. and then i lifted her in my arms and laid her down on her bed.i saw she was crying. she said “main gashty nahin huun bas tumhain pasand karty huun aur tumhare liye kuch bhi kar sakty huun”. i was shocked to hear all this, she likes me but very sincerely.but i was goin mad b’cause of first time playing dirty games with a beautiful girl. i did’nt answered her and placed my hand on her right thigh. i then massaged it and moved my hand towards her belly under her shirt. when i touched her skin she closed her eyes gently and a sweet drop droped down from one of her sweet eye. i continued moving my hand and moved it towards her breasts. my hand touched a super soft mountain of flesh. it was so good to touch her boobs. i moved my hand under her tight bra. and sqeezd her left boob. she moaned lightly. i then start massaging her boob. she was moaning like AAAAHHHHHHHHHH………OOOOOOOOOHHHHHHHHHH………, ITS GR8 JANOO,……. PLZ DO IT HARD./………. MY BOOBS R ONLY FOR U JANOOOOOOOOOOO…………SUCK THEM DEAR……, i’z goin mad by her sweet moanings and i was feeling some thing very good which i can’t explain in my words.she was paasionately enjoying all this. i then removed her shirt and what a beautiful scene it was i was just in a heaven. i’z thinking as i was in a beautiful dream. to confirm this originality i placed my mouth on her belly.

OH KKKAASH, IT WAS TOO HOT. i gently kissed her body and moved my face on her boddy. my hand was massaging her boobs. she was lying closing her eyes and was looking a beauty queen which can only be seen in beautiful royal dreams. i moved my her other hand towards her navals through her shalwar. she tightend her legs for giving no way to my hand towards her heaven area. i started massaging her thigh cut betwwen her legs.her tightened start loosing slowly and i started entering my hand b/w her legs. her soft pussy was wet and was shaven felting to soft like a rose’s petals.i massaged that area then i removed her shalwar slowly.oh wow…, a pinkish pussy was inviting me and she was looking more beautiful that could’nt be any ‘HOOR’ (girls of heaven) in paradaise.i kissed on her pussy. she moaned sweetly. then i licked herpussy she moaned like AAAHHHHHHHHHHHHH……, i then inserted my tounge in her lovely, pinkish, and hot, pussy lips.she was enjoying it too much. i started to and fro motion through my tounge in her pussy. she started moaning loudly. AAAAHH…. YEAH ……DO IT FAST……………..YEAH MUZI U’R DOIN GR8…….., i speaded up my motion and after some time she cumed . i tasted her juices first and then drank them all. She opened her eyes and caught my hand then pulled me towards her on the bed. we were lying side by side. she said “i love u muzi, i love u too much” i said “i love u to my dream girl”. she hugged me.

My tool was touching her virgin pussy. i tryed to insert it in her love hole but she shouted, “no!”. i looked towards her face she starts weeping and said. “plz don;t do this i love u, but i don’t want to lose my viginity now. its only for u but u’ll have it when we’ll met forever. i was surprised to see her sincerity in love. i then kissed her on her lips. she responded me well and i friench kissed for about 8 mins. i sucked her boobs. and we enjoyed all this for about two hours. then i stood up weared my dress and helped her in wearing her dress. for the last few mins. when i was about to left her house, i kissed her, she kissed me too and asked me with wet eyes, “MUJHAY PHONE KARO GAY NA?..”. i said “HAAN OR TUM BHI MUJHAY PHONE KARO GI NAA?”. she shaked her head for saying yes and hugged felt on me, her eyes were all wet and was showering heavy drops of tears. i hugged her and kissed her and said. “PLZ DON’T CRY, I LOVE U JANUU, I ONLY LOVES U”. she lokked in my eyes and said, “I LOVE U TOO” and once againm kissed me on my lips. then i said khuda hafiz to her and left her house. she calls me daily and i calls her daily too. thats why we talk two time in a day.

She loves me with the depth of her heart. and i love her too. but i told her that i’ve some girl friends and i some times play with there privates, but i’m still virgin. she given me permission to have girl friends, but i’ll love only her and soon we will meet forever. i asked her about sharing our love story with u people, she agreed but asked me to change our names, so that i’ve obayed her and didn’t told you our original names. So any girls from islamabad of b/w 15 to 35, can mail me without any hasitation. it will be a friendship u’r type, wether u want neet and clean friendship or any other type i promise i’ll never went higher then that. so plz mail me without any harshnes and take me as u’r friend. my e-mail address is I’ll wait for u’r mails dears. ok c u soon bbye…

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