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Lucknow Ki Rachna

  • desipapa
  • September 13, 2015

I am Rajeev Srivastava from LUCKNOW, U.P. I have been a frequent visitor of the site and views and experiences expressed by our friends gave me the courage to express and share my experience with you through this site. Let me introduce myself first I am 31years of age about 5’7” of medium structure fun loving friendly and always ready to mix with people. It happened when I was doing my graduation few years back. My cousin Rachna who lived in suburbs of Lucknow came to stay at our place and continue her studies as at their place there was no inter college nearby and it was not possible on her part to go five kilometers daily so her parents sent her for her studies to our place.

First let me tell you some details about Rachna she was in her 17’s fairly sharp features wheatish complexion height 5feet 3 inches she had marvelous figure her contours were out of this world much developed for her age. She was what we knew a very shy girl not mixing with peoples easily very down to earth. She came to our home and took admission in the nearby college and resumed her studies every thing went right up to the mark till about one year she adjusted with the family very nicely and every body was taking care of her and she also took great care of the whole family. After completing her first year when she got in her 12th standard she started getting some problems in physics and chemistry and for that she started taking my help .as both the rooms that is mine and Rachna’s was at the first floor often she used to come to my room for studies or she use to call me in her room if I was free it was going fine till one day at night when I got up to empty my water bottle I herd some sound as if some body was crying. after finishing my work I got out of the room the noise was coming from Rachna’s room I tried took from the window but it was locked but on reaching the door the noise grew a bit more I saw the door it was open I gently pushed the door and went in i could not locate! her in the dark so I swiftly switched on the light and to my utter shock Rachna was lying naked on the sofa with her two finger buried deep inside her pussy fucking her pinkish wet pussy, as soon as she realized that I was inside the room in front of her and in what condition she was, she jumped up and covered her boobs with her two hands then she realized that her love hole is all open then she crossed her legs and tried to cover it with her hand but in doing so one of her boobs popped out she was confused and she just ran towards the toilet.

I was standing still without even a word from my mouth I simply walked back to my room and laid on my bed I was lying on my bed but beauty of Rachna and the way she was fingering her loving pussy it had completely over taken my thoughts . I tried to sleep but could not do so suddenly after about half an hour the door of bathroom opened, as the bathroom was in between the two rooms and was used by both of us I knew that it was Rachna! I got up she was standing on the door in her white night gown I had seen her in that gown many times before but today she was looking all together different girl her hairs were hanging loose on her shoulder she came forwards and whispered “bhaia aap so rahen hain kya” I said “aamm nahin neend nahin aa rahi hai tum aabhi tak jaag rahi ho” she came near and sat on my bed suddenly she held my hand and said “ bhaiya aap ne jo dekha ,aap kisi se kahenge to nahin please main kya karun aaj TV par jo film aa rahi thi that had some very romantic scenes and you see pata nahin mughe kya hua bas control hi nahin hua ” I said ok “ho jata hai but you should have closed the door when doing all this it was ok with me but if someone else would have entered the room then you were lying just completely naked and working out ” she nodded and said “main kya karun sab achanak hi ho gaya ” bhaiya please kya main aap ke saath let jaun akele neend nahin aa rahi hai. I could not understand what shou! ld I say but unknowingly I nodded and asked her “ have you closed the door of your room” she said “yes I have closed the doors ” saying this she laid on my shoulder it was some thing I was not prepared for but it was going fine . It was already 2AM and rest of the family was fast asleep. I slowly placed my hand on her abdomen and kept on taking about sexual desires and feelings. I asked her since when you are doing this she said “aap se ab kya chupana I am doing it for about 1 and half years but you see I am not a regular one I only do it when I really feel very hot and my head is burdened with sexy thoughts today I was so excited that I took off all my clothes and I went on the terrace naked and then came back to my room and you saw what was happening ” I said Rachna you have a marvelous figure and your boobs are really very sexy saying this I kissed her on her lips and moved my hand over her left boob, I moved my hand two or three times and then gently squeezed her wonderba! ll she was already excited and my invitation was enough for her she replied with a strong smooch on my lips .

I started massaging her boobs and she started kissing me like any thing both of us were in really bad position. my penis was getting a very tough time inside my underwear it was trying to break free and I was going all out on her boobs my massage was going wild and I started squeezing those love melons she was still kissing me I also started replying her kisses and now our tongues were exploring each others mouth our saliva was mixing and we were tasting each others saliva gradually I started inserting my hand in her gown and now I was having her left boob naked in my hand it was really hard and her excitement could be judged by the firmness of her nipple it was standing erect i started rubbing my fingers over her nipple then I took her nipple between my finger and thumb and squeezed it she cried “uummmm ooouuucchhh aaaa..eeee…aahhh bhaiya lagta hai dheere se dabai! ye na main to aap ke paas hun aaram se kariye” her love note gave me the boost required I moved my hand over her buttocks to my excitement she was not wearing her panties it was all open only she was wearing that gown I massaged her ass cheeks and rubbed my finger over her asshole she jumped and tightened her ass cheeks I again started my exploration of her love globes then I took her hand and placed it over my loverod she immediately gripped it and joyfully kissed me and said “bhaiya aap a to bahut lamba aur mota hai aap to bahut dangerous hain” I said “really! to kya tumhen pasand nahin hai agar pasand nahin hai to aapna hath hata lo aur agar aacha laga hai to aapna pyar use do” she pressed my dick and started stroking it suddenly she got up and got down to my lower half and kissed my rock hard loverod I also got up and took her in my arms and once more we kissed each other then I slowly loosened the belt of her gown and slowly started opening her breasts I kissed on her b! are chest and moved the cloth further down and kept on kissing and lowering till I got her nipple in my mouth I took it in my mouth and started sucking her breast she got out of control and started moaning mmmmmh hhh aaahhaahh pplleaseee ooooohhhoohooooh …….

Please pura pee lo cmon my baby mera bachha oooooohhhh mmmmm mera doodh pee lo sab aaaaahhh…..hhhhhmmm I love you pleeeeaseeee mmm…..mmm… suck me harder i also started following the instructions and with my other hand kept on removing her gown slowly within minutes her gown was resting on her waist and her two heavenly globes were glowing in the dark inviting me to go further I was going mad over her boobs kissing one and massaging the other I took her nipple in my mouth and pressed gently with my teeths and started moving my tongue over it .it gave her strong push she moaned aaaaa….h….a.h.h.h…mmmm ii..I.i. llove youu..u..u.. mmmm….m we kept on loving each other for some time like that then I started taking her gown off! her heavenly body in no time she was in front of me just as God created her. I put my hand over her pubes her hairs were really very soft I moved my fingers between them I then slowly moved my fingers to her vergin love hole it was wet with her love juices which were flowing uncontrolled I moved my fingers over her pussy in circles and then slowly inserted my index finger in inside her cunt she squeezed her pusssy with sheer excitement I kissed her on her lips and then slowly inserted my middle finger and started the loving in and out movement she was throwing lots of love juice it was flowing up to my palm i licked my wet fingers seeing this she blushed I asked her slowly wwon’t you love to see me naked if you want to make love undress me. It seemed as if she was waiting for this offer she immediately removed my undershirt and started playing with my nipples she pinched my nipple between her loving fingers and then slowly put her lips on my nipple and started moving it ov! er my nipple it was really very sexiting for me and my penis was going mad inside the underwear suddenly she started sucking my nipples and with one hand started stroking my loverod after a while it seemed as if she was not satisfied with it she started removing my underwear I also helped her in doing so and in seconds the fiery stuff was all in open waving to go deep inside her .on seeing my 9” long and 1.5”thick king cobra she immediately got down to my waist and kissed her lover , I held her head there and with joy she took it in her mouth and started sucking and moving her head up and down in the fucking motion and with one hand started playing with my balls she was not looking as if she was a first timer she looked to me as if she was well experienced she then took my nipple in her mouth and started rubbing her tongue and biting gently it was giving me the joy of my life I was not expecting such a loving response from her I was having all the nerves going wild and my hea! rt was going out of bound it seemed as if it will come out of my chest I was squeezing Rachna’s balls and her nipple between my fingers when it was unbearable for me.

I took her in my arms and started kissing and fingering her soft pussy it was a shot of life both of us were in kissing mode and I was fingering her pussy and she was stroking my dick. Then I slowly laid her on the bed and got on top of her and now whole body was rubbing skin to skin and we were going mad with excitement I got up and went down to her pubes and kissed her love hole it was flooding with love juice I started licking her juices and then slowly inserted my tongue in side her vagina she cramped and pushed my head as if she want to have my head inside her loving pussy she was in full swing and the room was filed with her love notes oooooohhhhmmm… .. ppllleeeeasee mmmm ….m..m…aaaaaa… .hhh…. ppp…..llllleaseeeeee … bhaiya I looo..veee youuu..u.u…mmmm.. pleaseee fuck meee.. aaaahhh…hh…nn…o.o.. I can’t bear it any more eeooo ….ooo…hhhhmmmmmhmm dalo na aab aur na tadpao please mughe chodo oo aap mughe aapni bana lo mai tumhari hun please fuck me dalo na mmmmm…mm.m.. she was pulling me up and her long finger nails were making their marks on my back I got up and kissed her then got back to the job I placed my love rod on her virgin pussy and started! rubbing over it in circles she was gong mad mmmm….aaaa…h..h….h.. mm pleaseee… she was holding me by my arm suddenly she put her hand down to my lund and started pushing it in her pussy I placed it correctly and gave a gentle shot and with it my glance slipped inside her cave she was having cramps all over oooo…hh..h.h.h….m.m.m.. aandar karo na a jaldi please I beg you please I gave her another shot and then a super shot which made it go deep inside her pussy and started the love swing my penis was buried deep in her and she was having mixed _expression of pain and joy she whispered to me mmm…m…dheere –dheere karo lag raha hai mmm…n.m. I started giving her mild strokes and within no time she was matching stroke for stroke and now our love train had picked up the speed and we were going in top speed I was also going out of breadth and hhhhh…ff….mmm.m…aa.o.o.o.o.. I a..a.. love you mmm … mmm..m.m.. hhhmmhmhm….mghh. aaahhh.. sounds were filing the room and ! we were completely drenched in sweat I was going in top speed after having all the fun I whispered to her Rachna I am commming main jharne jaa raha hun she in reply kissed me and said bhaiya aapna pura pyar mere andar hi nikaalna ek drop bhi bahar nahin girni chahiye mere andar hi tumhara pura pyar aana hai oooohhhhhh.. . . main bhi … . aaa rahi hun aandar ddalo pura ghused do please I started fucking her with all my power and with one last big shot I poured all my love juice in her .

Still love shots were going on but their velocity was going down stroke after stroke I laid over her and kisssed her we laid there as such for some time suddenly alarm of my clock shook us it was 4:00 am we got up she took my love machine in her hand and kissed it and said I love you darling when she got up from the bed we saw her verginity marks which were smiling proudly on the bed sheet she blushed and got in my arms we kissed each other and started collecting our clothes which were all! over the room still we were naked , got dressed up in front of each other kissed and then she went back to her room. After that day except for those unlucky five days we had regular sex till she completed her B.A. now she is married and mother of two but still off and on when we got chance we don’t forget to renew our love. Now I am all alone and in need of a girlfriend so any lady (only from Lucknow U.P

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