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Luck With My Girlfriend Akhi

  • desipapa
  • August 27, 2015

Hi desipapa sexy story readers, how are you people? This is Rohan from Bangalore.. i’m 19 yrs old…. i’m a regular desipapa reader n a big fan of dis page…the story i’m gonna narrate nw took place recently in my lyf n its abt my fresh girl friend AKHILA. Basically i’m from Andhra Pradesh. i’m doing my graduation in Bangalore. i have desire of sex but afraid of that. let me tell about me, i’m 5’10” fair looking owned a good physic.

It was my 1st day 2 college and everything was new 2 me there. but after sometime a girl entered our class and damn she was pretty good looking and damn sexy.. any guy would desire 2 fuck her she was such sexy looking and to my surprise she came and sat beside me i thought i’m so lucky that day and desired to have her as my girl friend.

I was waiting for a chance to speak to her. later after some days she herself spoke to me asking some doubt about notes dictated as she was absent for previous 3 days. and i took that as advantage and tried to speak closely and within a few days we became close friends. she said that the next day was her birthday and i wished her in advance n i tried to get her mob num by telling that i wanna wish her 1st by 12 in the mid night. she smiled at me as she understood my request and gave me her mob number and took mine.

I called her by 12 and wished her i was so happy. she said she was alone at her home. i asked why so? she replied that her parents went for a official camp and returns after a weak. she suddenly cut my call. i dunno y she did that.after 15 mins she again called me and said that her parents called her. i said its ok. we talked for an hour and i tried 2 flirt her.she said she is not coming to college and invited me to her home. i happily accepted and noted her address.

Early in the morning i got ready and told my mom that i’m leaving to college and i started to akhi’s home.. i reached her home with a cake and small gift and rang bell. she opened the door invited me in. but i was staring at her without any sense. she was damn sexy in her b’day dress. after a movement i entered her home and wished her 1ce more and gave her my gift. i wanna check my luck and i hugged her wishing her. she dint object and she to hugged me back.

She asked me to sit and she went into kitchen and got a glass of juice for me. i drank it and started chatting with her. i was staring at her assets while speaking her, wah! what a sexy and firm boobs she had man…they r really erotic. i think she noticed that i’m staring at her assets and gave a naughty smile and pinched my leg. i’m getting closer to her. we started playing with each other and i took it as an advantage and tried to touch her assets and i succeeded to some extent. she noticed me touching her but she dint tell anything. touching her assets made my tool rick hard and my desire to drill her hole in becoming harder.

I asked shall i sleep on her lap she agreed and now i tried my luck. i touched her waist teasing her. she was jumping and laughing. in this process her tits touched my face. that feeling was great.

After some time i got some courage and caught her from back and planted a kiss on her neck she moaned. but dint object so i gained some more confidence and started massaging her boobs. she was moaning and i suddenly pressed her boobs very hard and she shouted. and pushed me back. she went into her bedroom running. i thought she was upset and i too went into bedroom. i said i’m sorry please forgive me. but suddenly she caught me and kissed me on my lips. we kissed for about 10 mins. in mean while i pressed her boobs and back and hugged her tightly.

She asked me do i like her. i replied i like u a lot. i die for u. she smiled and hugged me. i said i wanna fuck her she kept in silence for a movement but i pushed her onto bed and jumped on her. i undressed my self and started undressing her. she dint object any of my activities. in a few mins we both became naked. but she was somewhat feeling shy. i said her dont be shy my dear this is a sweet memory and hugged her for 5 mins kissing on her neck cheeks forehead and rubbing my hand on her back. she started moaning and she caught hold of my hardened cock. and started pressing it. we both became very horny and i started licking her boobs and bit her nipples. they r extremely hard. i asked her r u a virgin. she replied yes. i felt more happy

I replied i’m also virgin. slowly i went to her pussy its was cleanly shaved and it was shining with her wetness. i put my finger on it and rubbed over it. she was moaning loudly and i pushed my finger into it started fucking her pussy. and i started licking her pussy and asked her to take care of my dick. 1st she ignored but i pleased her to do so and she accepted and planted a kiss on tip of my cock. i felt very happy at that moment. slowly she started licking my cock and gradually she increased speed and this feeling was incredible.

I asked her is she ready to get my tool inside her. she replied she is dying to get it inside. i spread her legs caught her boobs placing my cock over her pussy and rubbing it. she pleased me not 2 tease her pussy. she was asking 2 fuck her pussy wild. ” i wanna loose my virginity dear please fuck” then i couldn’t resist my self and kissed her hard and pushed my dick inside her. she cried in pain. and we both lost our virginity. it took some shoots to get my tool totally in. and now i’m moving my tool slowly in and out. she slowly stopped crying and started enjoying it. gradually i increased my speed. she was moaning loudly. she started shouting fuck me fucked me harder and harder…. i stopped and took out my cock and asked her to turn back. and said i wanna fuck her in doggy manner. she turned back and i slapped her back and she shouted “Ahhh..!!” and i inserted my tool and fucked her hard . she was shouting ” ahh.., fuck me fuck me…. ahh…”

I was about to cum and shooted my cum inside her… she said why did u cum inside me it ll make problems… i said no problem i ll give her pills.. she nodded her head and we slept on bed for some time and went to bathroom to was and i fucked her one more time there in bath tub and came out.. we dressed up and i said i have to leave now. she hugged me and kissed on my forehead. i replied ” I LOVE U ” she looked into my eyes and replied did you take such long time to tell this and again hugged me replying ” I LOVE U 2 Darling” i kissed on her forehead and said buh-bye meet u tomorrow and left from there.

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