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Luck In The Name Of Shanthi

  • desipapa
  • August 16, 2015

Hello readers this is ahmed here again after a long break. I think u would have enjoyed my encounters with My Aunt & Harini. Well i am now in hyderabad. Well, as everyone gets an oppurtinity have sex with just get it thier way. Mail me to

I have a chance of having sex with a few more females. But to my luck almost 3 females names are Shanthi. Hope I would get few more shanthi’s. First I would send you my experience with Shanthi No.1 who is my neighbour.

I used to call her aunt and her husband as uncle. She was staying with uncle a bank employee and her new born kid just six months old. Speak ing about shanthi, she is 32 and just an angel. She had a very huge boobs 40dd, a 28 waist and a hip of 36 with wheatish complexion. As I am very close to uncle, most of my time I used to be at their house. I just loved to see her walk to and fro in the house until uncle comes. And quiet a few time’s just got a chance to peek at her lustfull boobs.The day i entered her house, my eyes popped out looking at her. I decided that i will have to make her have sex with me very soon. And i got my chance also very soon.

It so happened that my uncle had to leave to another town on some official work. He would be returning only after ten days. so left early in the morning. As it was a saturday i was at home. I had my bath and was watching the T.V.. Shanthi as usual was going along with her regular works. The day went by me watching her boobs when she was feeding her baby and quiet no. of times when bent to pick up some thing. I even noticed that she was not wearing a bra and the blouse was wet with her milk near the nipple. This made real hard. That night i wasnt able to sleep and was making plans to lay her some how. The next day at around 11am the child was fast asleep. I heard light moans from my aunts room. To check out I went to her room. I knocked asked her if she was not feeling well. She said she was fine, saying so opened the door and came out. her saree pallu was tucked away in between the cleveage. Since she was wearing a low cut blouse her cleavage and most part of her boobs were vivible. The bottom buttons of the blouse were undone must have been feeding her kid and left it like that.from the wet marks on the blouse and the pressing marks on the blouse, i could see that see must have been massaging her boobs. I asked her to sit on the sofa in the living room and asked her what was wrong. She said she was having discomfort in her boobs. I asked her what the reason was. She said that her child does not drink all her milk and her boobs produced more milk than required by her child.

Since uncle was there he would be there drink it. Now he was not there in town so she was feeling uncomfotable. I asked her if i massage her boobs will help her. She asked me to help out. Saying so i sat next to her put one arm around her to the other boob and in both hand i started massaging her boobs. God it was heavenly. It was like a dream come true. I was always wanting to place my hands on her bare boobs and now only a thin layer of fabric was in between it. I massaged for around five minutes and asked how she was feeling. She replied she still has pain. Then i suggested that maybe if the extra milk is being sucked out from the boobs should help her. I obliged if i can drink She first hesitated but then gave in. This was my oppurtinity. I asked her to sit relaxed oon the sofa. Then i got in front of her kneeling down. I removed the pallu. Then i proceede to open her blouse button by button. After removing all the button i moved the blouse material away. It was my dream come true. Just before me were two beautiful globes waiting to be sucked. Those two boobs were not suffi cient enough to hold in two hands. two more hand to hold on. I immediatrely put my lips on one of the erect nipple while in the other hand i was massaging the other boob. I did not start sucking immeadtiely. I teased her nipple a bit. She gave out sigh and pressed my head on to her boobs and asked me to suck it. I then stated to suck it. I sucked the left boob and then the right boob until both of then were drained of the milk from them. I saw a sign of relief on her face and she was relaxing back on the sofa. After sucking i was massaging her boobs and they were erect and i knew she was enjoying it. Later i sat next her on the sofa and asked her how she felt now. She said she is feeling much better now and said thank U for helping her out. I said I dont want that in words, saying so i led her to my erect pole which was ready like a flag post making tent in the lungi. She touched and exclaimed at size and thickness of it. She started feeling and masturbating it with her hand. I asked her to get down in front of me and suck it. She got down in front of me and moved the lungi away. She gasped at the size. I asked why she gasped. She said that all the while she had seen only a small size pole of u r uncle. I never knew it would so large. Saying so she started licking the tip. And engulfed the whole cock in her mouth. She was moving her tounge around my cock for some time. And started her blow job. It was real thrill to watch my cock go in and out of her mouth.While she was taking my cock in her mouth, i had one hand playing thru her hair and pressing her head towards my cock to take in more and more of it while with the other hand i was playing with her left boob pressing and twiching the nipple. After some time i asked her to stop and come up a litte bit. Her two large boobs were just dangling in front of my cock. I then took her boobs and pressed it together and inserted my cock in between the feeling was heavenly. I asked her to hold her tits in position and move it up and down giving me tit fuck. She was doing this for a while and i was about to come. I asked her to take the cum in her mouth, she immeditely responded by engulfing my cock in her mouth. Moments i shot a whole load of cum in her mouth. She drank all the cum and licked my cock clean. Throughly satified she sat on my lap cudling me. A litle while later she said she is going to her room. I excalimd what. We are not finished yet. Lets go to our room. She followed me without saying a word. Once inside the room i hugged her tightly and removed all her dress and laid her on the bed.

Now the beauty was lying in front of me fully naked.I removed all my dress and laid on her and started kissing her lips, earlobes her neck. She was enjoying the pleasure she was getting. I kissed one by one at all her parts. I reached he G-pot and gave her a good lick. I once again reached her top and started sucking her boobs. While my other hand was busy massaging the other boob. By this time her hand was feeling my hardness. Her pussy was well shaven with a small bunch of hairs above. I felt the heat from her pussy and my fingers stopped massaging her boobs and started exploring her wet cunt. Her cunt lips looked tight and the inside of her pussy was pink. Gently, I inserted half of my middle finger in her wet pussy and with my thumb, I started massaging her clitoris. Shanthi’s body shook and trembled. She screamed OHHHHHHHHHHHH PLEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEASE DON’T STOPPPPPPPPPPPPP. She then pushed herself forward to have my middle finger fully inside her wet and flowing choot. She tried moving her body to get some rhythms but was finding it very difficult. Her body was now sweating and her cunt juice smell made me go crazy. Her moans were getting wilder and wilder and I judged that she was close I kept finger-fucking her and went close to her for a good-deep kiss. I could tell that she was close to the edge. I mmediately, I moved towards here pussy and stared licking and as I speeded up the tempo of my lapping, a low moarning came from deep inside her throat, indicating that her orgasm was filling her belly. which quickly turned into a Roar and she came. Her choot erupted as if a volcano was erupting lava. It almost made my fae wet and made a big patch on the Bed-Sheet. After she finished a massive orgasm she smiled which meant that She Wanted To Give My Cock Some Personalized Oral Attention. I wasn’t disappointed, because in a matter of seconds she switched places and started sucking my dick. My hard cock bobbed up and down in front of her hungry mouth “Ohhh ” she said softly, “I’ve been waiting for this moment for so long” Her mouth, eager and alive, engulfed my manhood and sucked it like it was to be the last time she ever would have a cock in her mouth. She was getting more and more desperate to take my whole cock inside her mouth and in-between her sucking she was looking up, straight in my eyes, observing my reactions bearing a satisfying and horny smile on her face. In-Between all this I was about to come and had a massive explosion in her mouth. She gulped most of it and said ” It tastes great” Now I wanted to fuck her desperately. She was sleeping on the bed with her legs apart which was an invitation for me fuck her pussy. Lying on the bed, She took my dick in her hand, Guided it towards her Love-hole. I inserted my tool inside her pussy. It went very easily due to her cum and mine but her hole was tight as uncles dick is very small. I mean very tight. The initial jerks were quite slow and whenever I used to insert my whole tool inside her she would slightly moan” OH YEAHHHHHH……….. IT FEELS NICEEE… OHHH GIVEEEE MEEEE….YES YEAAHHNHHHH YYY ” Then I started banging her furiously. Her body along with the bed was trembling and shaking due to the furious strokes. My balls were banging against her pussy lips.. She shouted loudly ” Yeahhh Yeahhhh Ohhhhhhhh Donttt Stoppppp. Pleeaseee Dont stoppppppppp…. Its pleasure…………… Tear mee Apartttt.. I am ourss Yeahh yeahhh I am Cumminnngggg…. Oh make me cuuummmmm.. I increased my thrusts. Her massive boobs were swaying bcoz of the strokes that I was giving her. The time came. I was also about to come… I gave her the final shorts and we almost came at the same time. We both were tired now bcoz of the excess cumming and were just lying on the bed. But I wanted to fuck her once more and that too in her million-dollar ASS. By looking at her beautiful body my dick again started responding. I got up after 5 minutes and again started sucking her nipples and started fingering her choootttt. I slowly mutterrred her to turn around and get into the doggy. She got in to doggy style. God it was graet when i got at her back and seeing the ass by cock was all set for the most peasureable fuck of my life. I inserted my tool in her and hardly around 3-4 inches went inside she growled ” This is Painful, But I started banging her more wildly then before. She seemed to enjoy it noww and was moaninggg….. .I was fucking her in her ass and my hands were busy crushing the big melons. After sometime of hard fucking I unloaded my cum inside her and now we both were literally not able to move bcoz of the tiredness. She smiled and again gave me a nice passionate kiss. It was already 4pm in the evening . She just slept on me in her room. After this incident I used to bang her every day and every day i used to get my quotta of my milk. I came to know that since she started feeding me, she had stopped feeding uncle saying that now the milkless. I used to go home early from office and bang her until unlce came from office. Oh god she is a real sex machine. I am still banging her now everyday except those restricted days. I had sex with her in every possible position and in every place in the house. Once i even fucked her mouth when she was feeding her baby.


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