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Loving Son Force Innocent Mom

  • desipapa
  • October 12, 2015

Hi dear friend its your “king of sex” again with another story so friends please do reply and give comments please and thanks in advance the second part will be coming up soon

For those who dont know me im vinay krish aka king of sex from chennai adayar a rich rotten kid seeking for sex adventures with mature ladies so ladies can contact me @ king identity will be confidential.

Hi friends, this is my third story ever in Indian sex stories so please bear with any mistakes only name has been changed for identity purpose.First let me introduce myself Vinay(name changed) a 23 year old teenage boy finished my bachelors in cse from a well reputed college in chennai lives in adyar looking after my dads business and live with my family.I myself call as the “king of sex” no offense due to my high appetite of sex because I started to watch porn cos the school I studied its cv (chettinad vidhyashram) and the students over there and I was spoiled by my friends over there.I am a fan of iss for the past 8 years

I regularly go for rowing and swimming so have a pretty fit body with 6 feet height fair complexion and a decent size cock of 7 inches length and 3 inches thick.Any unsatisfied,lonely or widowed aunties and girls from adayar annanagar and allover chennai can contact me @kingofsex569@gmail.Com for a secrete private and an awesome heavenly relation ship and identity will b confidential.I hope that’s enough for introduction now lets come to the story

This story is not about mine but of my reader who asked me to write on behalf of him so here I start from his point of view

Hi friends I am sonny 20 year old guy I am not a very good looking but look average as girls will like me.I do sports and gym regularly so look physically fit I live in roorkeee with my mom and dad im my only son to my parents .I started watching porn from the age 16 by my friends borrowed me cd and sex books I study engineering in a well reputed college in south

I have a decent size cock of 6 inches which is fair and 3 inch thick I masturbate regularly by watching porn I felt so desperate for sex so decided to try for real but I was so scared to go to hookers due to STDs so I thought whom shall I try then I turned my focus on my mom who is so innocent and fair as I have great desire to fuck my mom for a long time the problem is that my mom is very innocent and will never agrees for incest sex

My dad is 44 years old and my mom parul is 43 years old she looks so hot and sexy even in this age she will look like 34 years only no one will say she is a mother of 20 year old by her looks when we go on streets all the guys will take a second look at her 36 dd boobs and 40 inch huge ass

My favorite is her ass only wen she wears nighty at home her ass will jiggle like anything which will make my 6 inch dick stand straight and she will wear saree below her 34 inch hip so that her navel will be visible which is sooo deep and will make me more hot so I planned to some how have sex with my mom as she is innocent and doesnt have an active sex life with dad

So when I was about to get my vacation I planned to get in bed with my mom parul some how .I decided the only way is to force her for sex but I was really scared as hell to do it

But my lust took over my fear .Finally my vacations arrived I reached home and was with my parents for the first 10 days nothing happened as dad was there with us all the time

Afternoon when dad is at office she sleeps besides me all I do is watch her big ass and masturbate which I will shoot a huge load of cum.

One day dad came from office and he said that he needs to go delhi for an official tour for 5 days I thought that was my chance and to use this opportunity well.So the day comes and then dad left in the morning at 5 am so I decided to use the same day.

I woke up at 10 am and searched for my mom and my mom was in still in nighty in the kitchen and was preparing food I was in my shorts only no inner so I suddenly went behind her grab her waist tightly and started kissing her neck like anything without showing any mercy and was squeezing her boobs in one hand and was lifting her nighty in other hand and found that she was not wearing her panty and started fingering her pussy well but she was resisting but I put more power and removed my shorts and took my 6 inch cock and ram it inside her pussy in one shot tears roll from her eyes I tear her nighty and made her nude completely she keeps on crying.

Then I carry her in my arms take her to bedroom and throw her on bed and started licking her pussy for few mins as she have never experienced the licking then her resistance got slow and then I make her to turn then insert my thick cock in her ass and started to fuck her ass like a horse with full power then she was not able to stand up she almost passes out.

Finally she submits herself to be my sex slave as there is no other go and starts enjoying my fuck I was fucking her ass and was pressing her boobs in other hands and was fingering her pussy with my other hand she was moaning like ahhhh ahhhhh faster dear faster dear hmmm….. Ahhhh ….. Yesss tear my ass im all yours ahh yeasss make my assss bleed like that she was shouting than after a vigorous fucking for 20 minutes I shot my huge load inside her ass then we both laid and hugged each other then we slept for an hour then she woke me up and said ill be your sex slave for ever

Now when ever my dad is sleeping we fuck in bathroom and whenever he is on tour we fuck day and night.Now we are planning to get married soon

And that’s all friends thank you for now

And that’s all for now readers t and,unsatisfied,widowed divorced aunties from chennai contact me @ kingofsex569@gmail.Com for a heavenly relation ship and please do comments for me to post further secrecy and privacy will be maintained among the ladies

Loving Son Force Innocent Mom

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