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Lovely Sonam Ke Saath Sex Ke Maje

  • desipapa
  • September 14, 2015

This is a cool, handsome guy from the heart of the country – Delhi, India I won’t waste any time & come straight to my story. This is about a girl called Sonam who used to reside in my neighborhood. She was in 12th Standard at that time (1 yr back form now). Sonam was tall—5-5″ and had a sexy figure of 34-26-36. I had my eyes on her ever since she had shifted in my neighborhood. I would watch her ass wriggle in between the skirt, which she wore to her school. Her breasts were always held tightly against her white shirt. Simply put she looked awesome in her school dress & was a bombshell ready to explode at any time. However, I could merely fantasize about her, as I was afraid to make any move, she being my neighbour. Her Mom was a regular visitor to my house & one day she asked me to help out Sonam with some problem in Accounts. I offered to help her gladly & thought that this could well be my chance to lay my hands on her. Sonam started coming to my house during the evenings. However, nothing happened for a couple of days & only taught her Accounting & nothing more. One day her mother had to go to a relative’s place due to some urgency & she left the keys of her home at our place.

Sonam came back from her school in the afternoon. Luckily, my mom was also not at home that day & I was all alone. Finding her home locked, she came to my house to ask for the keys. I offered her to come in. She sat on the sofa & I offered her water. Her shirt was a little wet from the sweat & her tits were partially visible. I offered her to come & sit in the A/C in the bedroom. She was a bit reluctant first, but then she agreed. We went to my room & sat in the A/c. I asked her to sit comfortably on the bed. We started talking about things in general & then suddenly she asked me if I had a girlfriend. I said NO which as the fact. She was sounding a little different from her usual self & I could sense there was probably some opportunity coming my way. The topic slowly drifted towards physical relations & she said that she had never even kissed anybody so far. To this I said it’s not possible- You are such a sexy girl & you haven’t even kissed yet. She just blushed a little. Then I asked her if she wanted to kiss anybody. She remained quite. I switched off the light & went & sat just next to her. She was a little scared & I said don’t worry- I won’t do anything if you don’t want it. She kept mum. I gently placed my lips on her cheeks & gave her a brush on. Shivers went down her body & she said I want to leave pls. I held her hand as she started to leave & hugged her. She resisted a bit, but my hold was strong enough for her. I hugged her tightly & put my arms around her back. She let go of her reluctance & responded back. We were now locked in an embrace. I could feel her warm & big tits against my chest. Man- it was a wonderful feeling.

I continued hugging her for a while & my dick which was rock hard by now started making movements. I gently nibbled on her ears, leaving out warm breaths. Slowly, but surely she was losing control. I then placed my lips against hers & we smooched for a couple of minutes. Now, my hands went to her tits from the top of her shirt. I started to squeeze them . She started moaning in pleasure. There was no stopping now. I slid my hand in between her legs above her thighs. I really liked her in the skirt. I slid the skirt upwards & her black panty was visible to me now. It was already a little wet by now- bcoz of her love juices. I again focused my attention to the melons. I unbuttoned her shirt slowly & she now only had her white bra to hide her breasts. I kissed & sucked her tits from over the bra only & then with my teeth clutched her bra. I managed to remove her bra with my teeth after a little bit of struggle. She was now topless in front of me. She covered her tits with her palms and slowly started to move her tiny palms on the heavy globes. It is a fantastic sight. I just cannot contain myself, so I moved my hand down and start to squeeze my erect prick and balls. She was standing in front of me and playing with her tits. I now started squeezing them and twisting the nipples with my

thumbs and forefingers & I get up and go closer to her and her nipples are erect and long, the areolas are big and I am very tempted to hold them and feel them. After a while I undid her skirt and slowly let it slide down. With lightning spped, I removed her black panty also.Her pussy is visible in all its glory. It was without any hair & bald. She then sat down on the bed and opened her legs and I started to finger her pussy.

I open her pussy lips with my finger and look at her with a mischievous smile on her face. I then lay her on the bed with her partly fold legs keep apart. Her pussy is now clear visible and I went on the bed, and slowly move my head in between her legs and I hold her legs up on my shoulders and start to kiss her pussy. I lick the puffy lips and the entire cunt and slowly I start to lick all over with my tongue and I even force my tongue into Sonam’s cunt. Wow! It is great, it is soft and tender, at time I also slightly bite the puffy lips on their sides. Her cunt is very soft and I sucked for a long time until she came, there is hell lot of pussy juice flowing. The smell is strange and nice and I enjoy every bit of it and I know that even she was enjoying. After a while she got up and stood behind me and put her hands on my shoulders and pressed her massive tits on my back, and she even kissed my cheek and say a few loving words. I was thrilled and excited at the prospect of touching her tits. As I was enjoying her touch, she just stood back and pressed her bare tits on my neck. Each tit is on either side on my neck nudging my ears and lower cheeks. It is really very fantastic. I put my hands on them from the sides and start to caress

them. She slowly moved her hands down unbuttoning my shirt and started to caress my chest. Slowly she moved her hands down to my crotch and start to run and squeeze my erect prick and balls. I just cannot take it any more. I get up and hug her harder and her tits are crushing against my chest. I take charge and kiss her on her lips. My thirsty tongue was into her mouth and created a fantastic sensation. I am now in the heaven and go and sit on the bed. I lifted her left tit with my left hand and squeeze the juicy and creamy tit with my right hand. With my other hand I get hold of her right tit and start to squeeze it. I shift sucking and licking her tits from one to another, and I keep biting the flesh all over the luscious globes and the nipple. The nipples become harder as I keep sucking and biting them. It is too good to stop. In the mean time she moved her hand in my shorts and found my erect prick and kept holding it and stroking it. After a whole both of us are very excited and she start to shove my prick very fast. I just cannot take it anymore and explode into a fantastic orgasm. After that I continue to play with her tits and she was just stroking my hair and back, we both enjoy it for a long time.

Suddenly she moved down, pulled my shorts and took my prick in her hand and start to slowly lick the head. She slowly started to lick and nibble and in between give a few light sucks. She made it wet by licking it all over. She gave me a fantastic blowjob and sucked me until I came and she again took my prick in her mouth and started to lick and suck it and I just hug her. She kissed me on my lips and I am rubbing her tits and ass and pussy. She licked my erect prick and balls and take it in her moth and blow it for a while. I leaned on her body so I am covering her body with mine. With my free hands I take my cock and begin to guide it towards her cunt. As I reach her entrance I paused and touched her entrance with the tip of the cock. I could feel shivers along my spine as I had my part in union with her. I can not wait any longer and I pushed forward. My dick entered her cunt .I pushed even harder and I heard her gasp and cry a little as I push inside her completely and I then hold there for a whole enjoying with my darling I withdraw my dick a bit and push forward again. I draw back again this time to be out of her and thrust back again, she gasped. Then I settled to a steadier rhythm and my cock is inside her vagina and I am fucking Sonam. I am squeezing her beautiful breasts very hard at the same time. After few minutes, I feel my balls exploding gobs of semen that I have been storing for her. I hump on to her vigorously before I cum I cannot help to stop but gasp as I shoot my load into her. I can feel my semen flooding her vagina as I reached my climax. I could feel her body pushing mine from downwards I felt shivers and heard cries of her and hot flowing juices inside, she told me that she had an orgasm.

Our sexual act is completed. I lay on my wonderful darling Sonam and fulfilled and gasping for my breath. Our naked bodies still connected together with my chest firmly pressing her boobs. My cock by now starts getting limp but still inside her transferring the last remains of my semen. I hope u must have liked my story. Any girl or married women or divorced lady or wonderful mom who are unsatisfied and want this type of sex in their life can mail me at

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