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  • desipapa
  • October 5, 2015

This was a real happening in my life .I am 26 year old housewife. Myself 34C-28-38 5’5” 55 kg gori cute face or you can say extremely beautiful. My husband is a engineer in central government job. Previous year he was posted at small dist town of M.P.. We live in rented house with our only son of 6 months. My hubby Vijay loves me very much. He is very fond of me. Almost daily he used to play with me physically. I am very much satisfied with my sexual life. Once he had to go chandigarh to meet his father who is seriously ill. Due to small child I was unable to go so I was alone in house . He assured that he will come within 4 days and left after a satisfying sex . During night I am very much afraid of loneliness . That was the first time after marriage that I was alone in my house. Fortunately next day a bosom friend of my hubby ( Rahul ) came to our house from Delhi without prior information. He is also familiar to me as he came earlier many times to our house . I am pleased, and told my hubby on phone that Rahul had come .

Vijay also relaxed after that and told me to tell him to stay there till he came and also talked to him on phone . He saw smilingly at me and told Vijay that don’t worry I will be here till you came. Now I relaxed Then I am busy with kitchen work ,and he took care of my son. It is great help for me. Rahul is about 35 yrs smart handsome tall and well exercised physique. He is mixing in nature, we talked much in daytime and laughed a lot on his jokes. In night it was very hot and I changed into front open sleeveless nighty . I didn’t wear brassiere for feeding my baby, so my milk filled boobs were bouncing with my movements. My hair less armpit and small portion of breast were visible . After dinner he took my son from my lap and kissed baby lips in front of me . I feel embarrassment, as if he kissed me . Looking amazingly in to my eyes Rahul smiled mischievously then went to my bedroom and laid on my bed with my son on his chest. It was around 9 pm. After finishing kitchen work I went in and told Rahul that baby want feed you please go to guest room . He put the baby on bed, stood and then in stead of going out suddenly he turned ,came near me, till I apprehend he took my face between his strong palms and took a long passionate kiss on my lips . I became stupefied as this was first kiss on my lips besides my husband . I couldn’t remove my face because of his strong grip and Rahul took full opportunity to suck my delicate lips . I became panic for apprehension of his next move . I was not willing to cheat my husband and never want to have sex with him . After some time my lip was released.

Rahul told me in excited tone that “Let we enjoy this lonely night fully Anju” ,but I told him loud to go out of room. Then with a ridicule he smiled and embraced me tightly told that we should enjoy such a marvelous chance lady. But I resisted and told how you dare to think and squirmed to come out from his grip. But he squeezed my both buttocks hard took his lips near to my mouth and rudely told me that you are so beautiful and sexy, I will fuck you thoroughly. Your body is lovely, for a long time I had not fucked any lady so it is impossible for me to control tonight and hard kissed me again . My son was crying so I want to feed him breast. I am helpless and weeping slowly now. He cuddled me , wiped my tears with his tongue’s tip, took one breast in full palm pressed it deliberately and told to feed baby and sat on bed behind me .I turned my face and started feeding my son. He was playing with my curls sometimes caressing other breast. After feeding I put the child on bed and want to go out from room, but he pulled me. I fell on him, he took me under his thigh and tweaked my cheeks, lips and embraced me . I am trying to avoid it but he over powered my resistance easily and pooled me in adjoining guest room and laid on the carpet. Rahul sat besides me , watching me lustfully he touched my lower belly over nighty and slide his hand further down . He felt the contour of love triangle and caressed it. Due to excitement I throbbed my legs ,but he parted my legs wide with both hand and came between my legs and put my thighs on his thighs . Light was full on in room.

Then he opened his t-shirt and caressed my thighs. Doing so he tweaked on labia lips indicated that very soon it will intrude by his agonizing cock. I was helpless. Slowly he removed my nightee over my head with delicacy. Looking me confused(after being half nude)he started sucking my nipples and squeezing the boobs. Watching my both bare boobs he came over me and crushed breasts by his broad hairy chest . His throbbing penis was nailing on my labia over petticoat. Rahul took kiss of my mouth . Slowly moving down, licking my belly, navel once again I pushed him and ran to bedroom , but he caught me easily and told you are twittering much , you must be fucked soon . Put on his lap he crushed my body my legs thighs meantime squeezing my breasts hard which is milking. He unknotted the lace of petticoat and threw it off and made me completely nude. My nude body is shining in mercury light He stood up opened his pant and pulled off his underwear. I saw his stiff penis about 8”. It is 2” more than my hubby much thicker also full of long pubic hairs. As Rahul was very fair in color his penis is fair with knob is moist deep pink. Long black pubic hairs on his scrotum and penis base were looking very erotic. He spread my legs wide, came between it and sat on carpet. Parted my labia wider with his thumbs he started fingering inside me and kissing on my vaginal mound and lower lips. He then put my legs on his shoulders, hence my pink vaginal hole was fairly opened I was then started melting, juice started oozing out from me. He moved further and kissed on clit nibbling it by tongue and sucking like child. Now I was in the ocean of pleasure, my resistance disappeared. I thought I can’t avoid it so it would better to enjoy than to resist him . After that I made up my mind gave space for him and widen my lower lips well by fingers, told him in heavy voice to put off the lights. He understood the situations but didn’t dim the light smiled and told we are alone here, no needs of embarrassing anju, enjoy the pleasure and tell your demands. He kissed me and then inserted middle finger in my hole and gave full tongue in my mouth. I sucked his tongue . I indicated him my willingness now by embracing him lightly. He was continuously fingering me with two fingers sometimes squeezing milking boob. Now it became uncontrollable due to ecstasy so I spread the legs and parted the labia lips well and indicated him to do enter .

My love hole was soggy, he came over me placed his swollen knob on my juicy feminine hole and started pushing. Now I embraced him hard and pulled his hips down, arched my hips upward for deeper penetration. I feel his thick rod slide deeper inch by inch and stretched my tunnel wall . I let out a strangled cry of his name in pleasure. He took my body in his firm grip and started strokes slowly ins and outs. Soon his tempo of fucking me increased, and increased . Violent session of body game was going on . I was moaning freely as it became my habit ,due to my crying he was wild on me and showing no mercy in hard pushing . Now I caught his head and pressed against my boobs, He looked at me and then turned on his back and took me on his chest , I got freedom and positioned my vagina just over his rock hard penis started pressing, smoothly his cock head parted my labia and made his entry. He gently eased cock inside vagina feeling tight resistance of muscles. His hands fell to my bare ass grabbing them tightly. He looked at me deeply, breathing heavily. “Take it Anju, take me more”, he told. his eyes were now wide with animal passion he hungrily licked my face staring deep into my opens eyes whilst helping me thrust into me deeply. Became bold I looked directly in Rahul’s eye and further pushed my hips downward and smiled. He pulled my hips more and inserted entire penis . In excitement I squeezed vaginal muscles over him . He kissed me and sucked my tongue tip. I did few slow movements of quick in outs. After some time my thrusts varied to slow but deep penetrating long ones , our moans being stifled by our glued together lips. Suddenly he cried hold my juice I am discharging and embracing me hard he started ejaculating boiling semen in jets inside my womb which I felt well. I gripped his vomiting penis with my tighten vaginal muscles and collapsed on him. His sperm flooded my tunnel . His cock was still in my sheath I rested for a while kissing him and rubbing my body against him . We both drenched in sweats . For the first time I was fucked by the man with a huge penis who is not my husband. I was fully satisfied and exhausted due to his size and stamina . After some time I went in bedroom ,he also followed me then I slept with him nude in his close embraces beside my son.

I was sleeping well for about 4 hours after fully satisfied in sex. Around 4AM my son woke up, in half sleepy I gave milk bottle in his mouth and turned myself another side. Then I kissed his lips and trying to enter my tongue in his mouth. This is my style to tell my husband Vijay that I want now to be loved physically . At once I remembered that he is not my husband but Rahul , I want to move myself but Rahul woke-up and encircle me in his arm put his leg over my thigh and kissed me passionately . We both were still nude . Rahul pulled me towards him hence my both breasts were pasted with his chest and his erect penis poking for penetrating me. He caressed me well , fondled both breasts, nipples, hips, squeezed labia and inserted fingers in vagina.

As I am operated cesarean for child birth , tightness of my vagina is still noticeable. When he was trying to insert three fingers at a time I cried in pleasure and pain both , stopped him to do so and caught his hand . Then he gave his penis in my hand and told me to stroke it with firm grip. By that time I became quite bold due to heavy fuck so I took it in my grip, it was very thick and warm .Smoothly I stroked it and fondled the scrotum. In ecstasy he cut my chick with teeth and come over me without spreading my legs . My both legs are between his legs and his hot and hard 8” cock was over my clitoris . I kissed him on lips and put my tongue in his mouth . We played with our tongues but he was powerful ,captured me and for 2-3 minutes he fucked my mouth vigorous by his tongue and filled it with his saliva meantime kneading both boobs . I was erotically stroking his penis and eagerly waiting for penetration and he did it without spreading my legs somehow forcefully. As my house is far from other houses no one can hear our noises so I was moaning freely in intense pleasure. Rahul tied me with his both arms and gave his tongue in my mouth. His rhythms were slow, of full lengths and with pressure. He was taking his full penis out from vagina and then inserted again with force .

My hands were on his hips pulling him downwards. In every thrust I wide opened my mouth with loud moaning sound that making him hornier. He was squeezing both my breasts with full palms . It was milking when squeezed. After some time he increased his speed, sound (fuch-fuch) from vagina was coming in each stroke as it was filled with my secretion . After some more fast strokes suddenly he was looking directly in my eyes stopped the jerks He after inserting full penis in my vagina upto its hilt pressed further hard and told me that he was just to discharge load . Expecting his discharge I also grabbed his penis with my vaginal muscles and took his lip in mouth for sucking. Aha he was ejaculating hot semen deep in my body in spurts, I felt orgasm ,grasp him hard and showered kisses on his face . Rahul collapsed on me ,after some time I turned him ,now I was on his chest , gossiping very dirty words playing with his penis tips, nipples and scrotum . Sometimes putting my fingers is his mouth which was soaked with our juices. He didn’t hesitate and sucked it. He requested me repeatedly for giving him oral but I naughtily avoided for latter on.

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