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Lovely Sex In Chennai

  • desipapa
  • October 1, 2015

Hi there how are you, well I am a regular read of this section. Well I am a male 20, I am a very Romantic, Horny and Loving Person, I am from CHENNAI its in India. I had a lot of Fantasy, some Fantasy did come real to me, my Fantasy was to have Sex with a lot of different kind of people and it come true, in Chennai.

As I said I am a very Romantic and Horny Person, I was in the Chat Room and when I was chatting with some of my friends, I came a Cross a Lady who was 25 years, she was a House Wife, we chatted for some time, and I told her about myself, and we also shared a few jokes, after that she knew that I was a very Horny person, she asked me if I wanted to go up to her place, her House, it was in a place called Adyar, AND she told me that she would meet me at the Adyar Bus stand, she told me to take a Taxi and tell the Driver to drop me at Adyar Bus stand, I told her that I will be in my black Jeans and a black Cap, and she told me that she will be in a rose and White Dress. Anyway we met each other and she took me to her place, we told each other are names and then she asked me if I Drink, I said yes, she only had Vodka, I told her it will do fine, she made me a Vodka on the Rocks and I had that and had a few more Pegs, then she told me lets go to her Bed Room, she saw that my Drink was over, so she went and got me another Peg of Vodka and came and gave it to me and sat next to me on her Bed, she then slowly was massaging my back and then she got up and Stripped off in front of me, she told me that she was a very Horny Person and if I pleased her she would pay me for that. Well I told her, that I was only looking for some fun and Sex and not money, so she apologized for that.

Then she sat next to me and we started to French kiss each other, we kissed for a few minutes and then I slowly moved my hands on a Tits, my they were Big, I Loved her Tits so much, I started to Suck her Tits one by one and she slow moved her hands to my Zipper and freed my Little Brother, well he is 7 inches and she seemed to Love it, I kept on Sucking and Biting her Tits and she started to move her hands up and down my Cock, at this minute I was going mad, so I moved one of my hand slow to her Pussy, Fuck it was already Fucking Hot and Wet, I could see a few drops of her Juice coming out, so I Wet my Finger in my mouth and the slowly started to rub it on her Cunt, and as my Finger got more Wet with her Juice, I just pushed my Finger up her Wet Cunt with all my focus and she tightened a her legs on my Hands and had a Orgasm, then she told me to sit at the edge of the bed and she came on her knees and slow took my Cock in her warm mouth and started to blow me, she was using her saliva to liberate my Cock, she went on slow at first and then she took up speed, I could not hold on and told her that I was going to shoot my Cum, she said it was ok, and that was it, I shot my whole load into her mouth, I thanked her for that and told her if she wanted to have my Cock up her Cunt she will have to wait for atlest 25 minutes.

I told her don’t worry I wont let you wait till then, I slow lifted her up to me and I started to French kiss her again, then I told her to come up on the Bed and spread her legs as wide as she can, so that I can take a good look at my Indian Cunt, my she was looking so good with her legs spread so wide, I slowly went close to her and started to Finger her Juicy Cunt again, I parted her Cunt lips and moved my tung up and down her Cunt lips she was going mad and wanted me to Suck her faster, I was enjoying my self and I wanted her also to enjoy, so I moved my tung into her Cunt Hole and started to fuck her with my tung, I was sucking her G.Spot so hard that she was going to Cum and just when she was about to Cum she locked her legs on my Head and lifted her self of the bed and pushed my Head deep in to her Cunt, I could not breath and her Juice was coming out like mad, I could not lick the whole thing but I tried as much I as I could, by then my Cock was Stone Hard again, I told her its time we get down to the main show before anyone comes, she told me that she and her Hubby only stay in the House, and he wont be back till 6:00 in evening. she told me to lay down on the bed so that she will ride on me, well I did that and as she came over me and opened her Cunt Lips to let my Cock go into her Cunt, I could see and feel her Warm Cunt Juice drop on my Cock and Balls, she Slowly sat on my Cock Fuck it was like a Butter Stick going into some ones mouth, my her Cunt was so Wet that my Cock was sliding smoothly into her Cunt, she then started to move up and down, at time she would go all the way up and then with full focus she would bang back on my Cock, then we changed the position, we both lay down facing each other and she slowly took my Cock in her hands and moved forward so that my Cock was touching her Cunt and then I would slowly move in and out, she was going mad and moaning like mad, I was thinking may be some one may heare us, but she was not worried, cause her Hubby would only be back at 6:00 in the evening, after that she wanted me to come on top of her.

I was holding on to her and we slow rolled over, I was on top of her, she wanted me to make her Cum and wanted me also to Cum in to her, I started to move slowly at first but she wanted it fast and hard so I started to give it long and fast strokes so that when I was going back into her I would give it to her hard, we went on like this for about 35 to 40 minutes and she already Cumed about three times with my Cock in her, then I could not hold on to my self anymore and I also Cumed in to her Juicy Cunt like mad, we could not breath so we lay on each other for a few minutes and then we got up and went to the Shower. As she was walking I could see both of our Cum rolling down her Crack and on to her legs, we were having a Warm Water Shower, she was cleaning me and I was cleaning her, we were in the Shower for about 30 minutes and as we were cleaning each other my Cock was hard again, she had a nice Ass, but she was scared that it may hurt if I was going to Fuck her in her Ass, I told her not to worry, it may not pain for long, but that she will enjoy it, she said ok that she will give it a try, so we had the Shower running and we were kissing and sucking each other, I was sucking her Wet Cunt aging and then each time I licked her Cunt lips I would also lick her Asshole Crack, so that it would become Wet and Warm, I shoved my finger up her Asshole.

As I did this she told me that it was paining, I told please don’t worry it wont be for long and I started to move three fingers in and out of her Asshole, then I saw that she had some Body lotion in the Shower, so I told to stand up bend down full, as soon as she did this, I took the lotion and shoved the tip of the Cap Bottle in her Asshole and pressed the Bottle hard, as I pressed the Bottle she told me that she was feeling nice and cold, she could feel the lotion nice and cold, I took out the Bottle and I could see that some of the lotion was coming out, I told her to tighten her Asshole so that the lotion wont come out, and then I went and sat on the Pot and told her to come over and sit on my Cock, she moved towards me slowly so that the lotion does not come out, as soon as she came close to me I made her spread her legs over mine and sit on my Cock Slowly, she spread her leg and sat on my Cock, I felt the tip on my Cock touching her Creamy Asshole, I told her to press her self slowly on my Cock, she did but my Cock was a bit too big, I told her try once aging and she soon as she sat on my Cock I put my hands on her Shoulders and pushed her down, she gave out a scream of pain and I told her to hold on for a few minutes and soon it will be ok, she cold down a bit and then I slow told her to go up and down my Cock, my, my Cock was Red and like stone, at first it was going in very hard into her Asshole, then as she was going up and coming down I would ram my Cock upwards to her Asshole, it was so good, I started to Love my Indian Women more, soon she was going faster and faster and she also started to tighten her Asshole on my Cock, so that it will make me and her Cum fast, each time she came down I was ramming her back and soon I was going to Cum and I felt her tighten her Asshole so hard.

I knew that she also was going to Cum, and soon we both Cumed, we sat like that for a few minutes and when she got off my Cock it made a funny noise, like a Cock popping out of a Bottle, she got up and I saw all our Juice running down her Asshole Crack, we had a Shower and called it a day. we both landed up having Sex from 10:00 a.m. in the evening to 3:00 p.m. in the evening, after that she took my Tel. no. but did not give me her Tel. no, cause she was scared that if I call and if her Husband took the Phone she may get into trouble, I gave her my Tel. No. , and after a month , she calls me some time, mostly in the nights, and some times when I send her some nice PHOTOS and Chocolates. Tell me what turns you on more, do you think I pleased this Lady and Satisfied her, well I like to meet different kind of People and have Sex with them. I cannot forget that sexual encounter with that lady, really indian girls are the best. Indian Rules ! whatever I hope you enjoyed my true story. Any ladies or young girls or widows want to satisfy their needs can contact me without any hesitations. And we will definitely keep this matter very confidential. You can mail me at : BYE AND TAKE CARE.

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