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Lovely Day With Cousin

  • desipapa
  • August 30, 2015

Hey all the desipapa readers and I am roman from Hyderabad this is my first posting to and that is true one. I am only a son to my parents and well built height 5.11 good looking and my age is 23.

I have had my share of sex experiences in my life which I am going to narrate here. I would love to hear your comments and compliments on me at my email

This story is about me and my sister cousin as we live in Hyderbad from chd and this story is 2 years since she has passed class 10th exam and there was summer vacation in her school. She was very young at that time and there was also marriage ceremony one of my cousins.

All my family members went to my cousin house on day of ceremony at morning time. I was also busy in shopping and other things and my sweet sister cousin has to attend school because of some function which is held in school and all was busy in shopping and other stuff.

My uncle calls on my phone and told to pick her from school at evening time around 2 pm. I told him and I will do it in the evening time around 2 pm. I walked towards school to pick her .her school is near to my house just few minutes distance I gone to her school and she is standing with her friends when she saw me she came towards me ask about her dad.

I replied he is busy in arrangement of ceremony he told me to pick you and she sat on my bike and move toward my house and she ask me where we are going and I told her and I have to take some clothes from my house. I have to take some clothes and take shower.

I’m making a plan to seduce her while riding a bike and she is very fair and her asset was 32 28 30 because no one is there in my house that time while I riding a bike thinking about to seduce her and fuck her and we reached home and I open the gate and came inside and park my bike inside and lock the gate.

She ask me why you lock the gate from inside so I reply her and I have to take shower if was in bathroom any one came what you will do I told I went inside toward my house and she sit in veranda of house while seeing the people outside. I got a plan how you seduce her and fuck her and so I came to my room and turn on my pc and I have some xxx movie cd.

I insert cd and I was watching that and I got very horny and hot. I was naked and I am think about my sister cousin and masturbating. I was very hot and call her name Sara name changed she ask what happen and I told come here and I hide myself behind door and the movie was playing.

She came inside room and search for me and call my name and she saw on pc xxx movie was playing she saw and shocked for few mint and stand there only and watching the movie after sometime she also got horny and think because of her actions and I came towards her and touched her.

She shocked and told what is all this and I replied I want to make love with you that’s why I have done all this and she told this is not right you are my brother. I replied I am not your own brother and we can do you will enjoy it but she refuse to do.

I grab her with my hands and kiss her on cheeks and she refuse to take kiss and shakes their head like a to and fro motion with my right hand I grip hers face and with left hand grabs both the hands of her and now I can easily kiss her first.

I kiss her on cheeks then eyes and then on lips her lips like a orange. I kissed her with passionately suck her upper lips after kissing some time she also responding to my kiss. I became mad and wild kissing her and I bite her lips and chewed her lips for 15 minutes and we exchange our tongue and saliva.

She became hot and horny now I take her in my arms while kissing to my bed and slowly land her to bed and I was kissing and one of my hand touched her right boobs what a feel it was soft and smooth pressing her badly she is moaning madly.

I removed my t shirt and her kameez now she was in black strips of bra from bra only I was pressing and kissing her and I removed her bra hooks and press her both boobs with both hands and nipples was very hard and she was moaning loudly ahhhhhh.

I call her darling I want to suck those mangoes she reply do whatever you want do it today I am all yours and I love what she told and became wild and suck his mangoes and lick her nipples and making circle around with my tongue .

I got a idea and gone to kitchen and bring some honey .and open the bottle and drops of honey on breast and nipples and I suck and lick all that honey from her nipple and breast and now one of my hand was on her pussy and I was rubbing on her and she spread her legs and I remove her salwar

And she was wearing a black panty and I slowly removed that panty and throw it a side and turn her back side and I was on her and kissing on her back side and slowly with finger making lines on back she was hot and telling fuck me and making noises uhhhh slowly.

I went near her pussy and licking there and she spread her legs and moaning loudly ahhh she takes his hand and press my head toward her pussy with force. I was widely licking her pussy was pink and insert my middle finer inside her and making in and out she was moaning loudly do fast fast make some more speed to my luck she was virgin the pussy was very tight.

I remove my fingers from her pussy and lying on her slowly pressing her breast and kissing her kissing her neck all over her and then sucking her boobs kissing on stomach then slowly inserting my 9 inches cock into her pussy she was crying and moaning loudly and saying.

I will die don’t do please I told just wait for few mint then you will good and you will enjoy just handle it for few minutes for few minutes you will get pain after that you will be in heaven believe me she agree for that and I make force and push inside but I was too tight to go inside and I slowly push inside and in one force.

I pushed it half of my cock inside and blood was coming out from her pussy and she was crying taken out my cock and take clothe and clean her pussy and my cock from blood then after 5 minutes and I insert my rod inside her slowly doing in and out and she was crying and moaning also after 10 minutes.

I increase my speed and doing faster and faster she was screaming and moaning loudly after doing in missionary position I do side by side position while pressing her boobs and kissing her and fucking very speed after sum time.

I am cuming so I told her and I am cuming what should to sum inside or outside and she replied I want to taste that one then taken out and keep my rod inside her mouth and doing deep throat after few minutes and I cum inside her mouth she taste all my sperm

And told it was salty and tasty and we lie naked for 10 to 15 minutes then we take bath while bathing we do one more session that will be continue in another story that I will narrate in next story please reply me your feedback on

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