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Love With Mamaya Wife

  • desipapa
  • October 12, 2015

Hi guys!! This is shankar from Chennai. I would like to share my personal experience with you which happened few Years back. Post your comments on Actual appreciation of a story is guys cock should get hard and cum before the End of story. Girls pussy should be wet and cum should ooze like anything.

Hope my experience will fulfill you and satisfy you.If you wanna know how to start such a relationship with your family members. Mail me I will help you to open the love door between you. Now let me introduce my lovely lover. Her name is priya. She got married at 18 I was 19. She was perfect ripped apple. Every one was busy in there marriage work. I was thinking how my mamaya is going to Fuck her in the first night…

My mamaya is too fat and she is perfect to Fuck. My mamaya was very happy to marry her. Lust started develop in me towards priya. Two years after she gave birth to a boy baby. There is change in her measurements. I completed my engineering. Her house is 2kms away from my place.

Evenings I use to go their place to play with the baby. One day I got a chance to see her milky boobs once she was breastfeeding the baby. Milk is oozing out. She caught me. Didn’t say a word. She covered with her pallu and turned other side.He got grownup. They even started to plan for second child. Meanwhile u got breakup with my gf.

Me and my gf use to enjoy lot on bed. Me and my bed miss her lot. Eventually last on periya started developing. I Wanna make a move also feared about family members if anything goes wrong. I’m fired from home. Lot of things running in my mind. At last with lot of hints from iss I made my move

I wantedly sent a savita bhabhi pic whatsapp to one of my friend. She use to see my whatsapp chat whether in chatting with any girl.

Later she opened that pic and returned my mobile. I acted like as if it’s a mistake. For few days we didn’t speak

Later I called her to terrors. She came I asked sorry. She said Okay. It’s common of our age. I just blushed and said ya.. I said you are married and you are enjoying with your husband. I have to see such video and satisfy myself. She said not enjoying. It is common in married life. She said you also marry soon and start enjoying.. I have to get settled before marriage. From the we started to talk open

She asked me whether I have any gf. I said I had. Now we got breakup. Priya asked did I kiss her?? I said many times.. Did you try anything with her? In return I asked her do you have any affair before marriage? First disclose yours then I week tell mine I said.priya disclosed everything that she lost her virgin to school watchman. I was shocked.

thatsy she got married my mamaya at 16. Due to family pressure. Now im free to tell everything to her

said about my affairs. She didn’t say anything.

Priya: did you impregnate her?

Me: I play safe with her. How about you with the watchman??

Priya : I was…. Later I did abortion. How many times did you Fuck her

Me: many times. How is my mamaya on bed??

P: he has small cock. He never licks sucking the cock. It had been years I sucked cock.

(Guys girls will be very open if they start talking)

I said I like when my gf sucks my cock. In fact I force her to suck it.. Priya gave a naughty smile. She starting calling me from her land line

We had crazy talks. One day she asked What’s your length? I replied 8.5 inch. She said wow. Hearing it she said will I get a chance to lick?? I was surprised.. Sure but how. Next week my birthday is coming you wait at your home. I will come to your place. I was waiting at home. She came mom prepared lunch for us. After Lunch me and priya watching TV. Mom and priya son went sleep. Priya came closer to me. We went to other room and started kissing. She started biting my lips. My lips was bleeding. She was licking even that.

Then I started to squeeze her boobs over dress. She was enjoying. I removed the Bottom directly due to less time. Lot of bushes covering her love hole. She asked me lick. I tried. Her hair was going in my mouth. She promised that she will shave next time. I place my cock in her mouth she was happy. She said she is sucking a cock after 6 years. She sucked even better than my gf. I put my cock at her pussy entrance she asked to put it in. But I was reading her. Her pussy is looser than my gf. I was enjoying. She gave a gentle moan ah. Slowly I started increasing the speed. Her moan also increased from ah.. To aahhhh. Aahhh…

Then I cumed in her pussy. She was happy. She went to her home. She called me and asked my experience. I said your better than my gf.i said our family reputation will spoil if anybody knows about this. She also agreed for this. She said let’s enjoy one whole day and end this relationship

She arranged everything. Even shaved her pussy.She said afternoon aunt will be sleeping you come from other gate. She turned on a/c and was waiting for me. I went and saw her. This time she was in saree. Completely waxed and removed her hair too for me. Mamaya wife is doing things for me. I couldn’t believe. Then I slowly removed her pallu. Started remove blouse and play with her boobs.spat on her boobs licked it. Meanwhile she removed my cock and playing with it

I removed her langa. (Bottom part of saree)

Was happy to see a clean shaved white pussy. Then I kissed her vertical lips (pussy) she moaned. Then we went to 69 position and licked each other

We drank each other cum. It’s salty and we loved it. We relaxed for some time. Hugging each other tightly. She was holding my cock. When it is ready to shoot. I positioned and fucked her. We enjoyed thrice in 4 hours. We were tired. Dressed ourself and hugged each other. I left the place.. Till now no body knows. Only we know. Even now when we meet we crack naughty jokes. This is my wonderful experience with my darling priya. Hope you also enjoyed it.

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