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Love To See Others Seeing My Wife’s Assets

  • desipapa
  • October 23, 2015

Hi everyone, my name is Ajay and my wife is Teena. Am like 25 year old and 5’9″ with an average built body. My wife is 24 year old, fair, 5’4″ tall. Her size being 32-26-34. We both work in a MNC in Bangalore. We recently got married a couple of months back. We both like to work hard and party harder.

Though we hardly get time to spend with each other she loves having a drink every time we hook up for lunch or dinner in near by restaurants. I usually love seeing others look at her sexy butt every time we go out as she always wear tight jeans or leggings that picturized her Mellon shaped ass. Walking through the streets with my hands on her hip makes me proud. Am sure even she enjoys those moments.

When we are in a commercial place and I realize that people are watching her I immediately stop there and light a cigarette and stand right there smoking and make her stand right in front of my eyes between me and the stranger who wants to check her out so that I can see him watching my wife’s butt as she stands facing towards me. Though it’s nothing big, this exits me. I don’t miss out to adjust the mirrors of my r15 just to see the people traveling behind us who intentionally slows down and follow us just to see my wife’s milky white butt crack half covered with her red panties under her tight jeans. Indeed I purposefully stop in signal so that they get a close view.

There was a situation that I enjoyed the most when we where stuck in traffic for more than 30 minutes and there where 2 handsome Hunk’s who where just behind us who had no other option than admiring my wife’s butt and moving as much close as possible. She was busy speaking to me , telling some stories that I was barley listening. I was watching those two guys through the mirrors. I was enjoying the moment. Suddenly the person sitting behind the person who was riding started whispering something and the rider moved even more close to us. I thought they wanted to have a close view of my wife’s butt crack.

Soon I realised their plan was to touch my wife. I could have turned back and stopped them. Something stopped me from doing so, as I was excited about their plan. I knew my wife would stare or do the needful if she realises something fishy. The person who was riding kept his left hand on the tail lamp of my bike, and later slowly moved his hand close to my wife’s ass. When his fingers where on the seat I pretended to look here and there so that they don’t realize that I knew what was happening and was exited about the same. His fingers gradually disappeared under her butt. I knew he was slowly trying to feel her ass. Since she was totally into a story that she was narrating, am sure she wouldn’t have realised it. More over she was bending and lying on my back which gave them permission to feel her till her thigh’s.

Soon he came more close as suggested by the person behind the rider. The next moment I peeped through the mirror, I was glad to see even the other person tries to touch her ass. I was excited to see two hands gently brushing my gals ass.

I moved my bike little back so that they get to feel her completely. I could see one hand gently moved little up to tough her belt. Later he tried to touch her panties. I was shocked that my stupid wife was still not realising that people where feeling her ass and she was still busy narrating some story. I knew my wife always wear low waist pants which revealed her butt crack when she sit on my bike, on the other side I also knew they wanted to penetrate their fingers deep inside her panties to feel her assets. Am sure they wanted their finger’s to follow her butt crack that disappeared under her panties that was partly visible.

As they touched her butt crack, she jerked and turned back. I didn’t know how to react as I was letting them do that, though my gal did not know that. I asked ” what happened? “. She just hugged me and said ” nothing, just got distracted” and she continued to narrate her story. That’s when I realised that she definitely enjoyed that moment and didn’t was me to know what exactly happened. We reached a restaurant which we usually visited. We ordered some drinks, starters and some green salads.

After a while she just got up to go to restroom. That was the moment when the waiter came to us with some ice cubes. The waiter was standing right opposite to her, the moment she started walking away her mobile fell down and she immediately bend her body with legs still straight to pick it up. I was shocked to see that half her butt was visible.

Immediately I saw the waiter was standing like a frozen meat with his eyes stuck on my gals half exposed butt. Though that was just a fraction of second, I knew it was quite enough for the waiter to get a clear picture of her milky white ass. She just walked away heading towards the restroom. He immediately commented, saying ” u got a lovely lady with you. Is she your gal friend? ” I said ” thanks any ways, but she is my wife”. He just smiled and went back.

The next day I took her to the same restaurant as I wanted to see the waiters expression. But unfortunately she was wearing aa a white translucent kurta with a tight angle length blue leggings. I knew there was no point in waiting for the same moment as even if she bend they cannot see her butt.

So we had couple of drinks, she was almost high. She has a habit of sitting beside me with a leg on my thigh’s than sitting right opposite.she was towards my right with her left legs on my right leg. She loves being touched in public only if no one notices us. My right hand was on her thigh feeling her on top of her leggings from knee to her hip under her Kurta. Though she was bothered about the people, she could hardly react as she was drunk. She was enjoying the touch.

I continued to touch her, my hands approached her vagina. I could feel her panties underneath. And most importantly she was wet. I immediately lifted her Kurta to have a clear view and moved her Kurta towards one side and tucked it into her leggings. I pulled the other side (her right hip) of her leggings little down her right butt exposing a part of her black panty.

She looked extremely hot in black panties which turned me on. I was about to go further n dig my hand inside her panties that’s when she dropped a spoon which was on the right most corner of the table. We did not bother to pick it up as we hardly used the spoon. The next moment I see the same waiter who had already seen my wife’s butt walking towards us. I quickly removed my hand and pretended as if I was busy sipping my drink while my wife was leaning on my shoulder as she was drunk.

He stood right next to my wife. I didn’t know how to react when he immediately bend down to find the spoon just with an intention to help us. Though my wife was still in buzz but I was in my senses and I knew for a fact that her legs where parted with one leg on mine and the other down, her pant is been pulled down exposing her black panties and her Kurta pulled to one end exposing her hip. No wonder he kept searching for the spoon for a very long time. I could see him in shock and admiring my wife’s divine body. Moreover he was lucky to get a close view as the spoon was right next to my leg and he had to literally pass his hand between her legs.

He did not miss the opportunity to drag himself close to her lower body and move his head between her legs such that her pulled down pant could literally touch his nose. I was annoyed but on the other side I was exited as this was the first time I could see some unknown person sitting right between my wife’s legs , peeping at her private parts while her pants were pulled down and trying to smell her pussy.

I continued to drink with lot of things running in my mind. He came out and placed the spoon on the table. I didn’t know how to react, so I pretended as if even I was drunk too. I thought now he would move away. But he stood right there with a blank smile on his face, stating he knew what we guys where doing. I ignored him and took a cigarette and was about to light.

But I realised I did not have a lighter. He was standing right next to my wife looking at her body. He immediately said ” Let me help you sir” he took a lighter from his pocket and tried to come more close and reach me to light my cigarette. But unfortunately the fuel in the lighter was very less, he immediately started shaking it. In the meanwhile I realised that the more he was shaking the lighter, the more he was trying to rub his leg and one hand on my drunk wife’s exposed body. Though it was hard to take it, I was enjoying the feel too..

Story will be continued

Love To See Others Seeing My Wife’s Assets

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