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Love To Neighbour

  • desipapa
  • August 22, 2015

Hello all you readers out there. Let me describe my numero uno incidence that brought me into this man’s world . Well this took place last year and whenever I close my eyes it comes back to me . Well I am a young lad of 20 who stands 5’11” tall with a pretty reasonable built . Not wasting much time let me share my golden moment with all you guys. One day I was at home killing time when I recieved a phone call from my friend’s mom who stayed in the neighbourhood .

She asked me to spend the night at her place as her son , who was my childhood friend had to leave town due to some important work and she felt insecured alone somewhat in the gala huge apartment of hers . I had known their family since childhood as her son and I were in the same class and practically best of friends , so I said Ok to her . I took a couple of my journals which I had to complete and took my haversack with my nightdress and was at her place in no time as she stayed in the neighbouring buliding. I was greeted by a very warm smile and she asked me to make myself comfortable. I changed into night dress which consisted of shorts and vest . I got down to my work and I had never actually seen this gorgeous lady from a sexual point of view. It was a couple of hrs when she got up and made coffee for both of us and as she was serving the coffee she bent down a lil and i could see her clevage through her low neck loose nighty which she was wearing .

I could not help not noticing that and felt an immediate movement in my shorts and at the same time felt wrotten about all this cause she was after all my friend’s mom . Anyways she sat down opposite me and as we sipped onto out coffee we got talking on various topics and I soon forgot about what had happened . Soon enough we hit upon the topic of sex and she wanted to know how young people were taking it in my generation. Soon enough out of no ill feelings towards her asked her how it was to be at that age and what sex meant to her . Over this she lost a lil color of her pink cheeks as tear rolled down her for I knew I had done something terrible . It reminded her of her husband who has passed away a couple of years back and I guess she was deprived of it. I had to do something so I went and hugged her , and she hugged me back and I whispered everything was going to be ok and i stood in that position as she slowly held her tears back . At that time something so terrible happened which I guess shouldnt have happened or was it right ….guess you guys should decide !!! As I stood there hugging her , it was not long before I realised that the grip had tightened , unknowingly and her firm breasts were pressing on my chest as she lay her head on my shoulder. This was too much to take and I got and immediate erection when I felt those fleshy soft cups against my chest and I couldnt help myself . I was stuck in position from which I could not escape .

It would be only by some miracle that she wouldnt notice for I thougth she would throw me out and it would end up being a big scene and would jeapordise my entire life….well thats what I thought at that moment ….all of this with my erect DICK… She did notice the budge in my pants coz I could tell by her sticking to me more especially at the groin . As she broke the hug , she whispered into my ear ” Don’t hold back if you want it ” . I didnt know how to react , a million thoughts passed my head , here I was for the first time at a position where I would have a chance to loose my virginity to someone who mus’tve mastered this art . I thougth to myself that I wouldnt get a better chance than this and so gathering up all my courage , I moved slowly towards her as she was moving backwards to the room giving me a look that would tempt the devil himself. Althought a lady of 42 , she looked nothing above 30 , and the all mighty mustve been the only one who knew the secret to this . As I moved towards her I could feel my eyes locked in with her , the desire in me multiplying every millionth of a second .

My heart beating faster with every step I took and beauty pouring from her as if a Greek goddess herself had come down upon this earth and was standing in front of my very eyes , speaking with her eyes to give her all the pleasure which she was deprived of . Soon enough we were in the bedroom and I pulled her towards me and kissed her red pouting lips which were burning with passion , I dont know what meade me do that , guess natural instincts coz I had never kissed a girl before.My tounge touched hers and we were deeply engrossed in that very hot moment that I never realised when we had hit the bed and i was all over her . Our breaths got heavier as we kissed more passionately and we broke apart and she pulled my vest out . She got rid of her nighty in no time and was down to her bare neccesities . Her Breasts were pouting out of her wonderful designed bra . Her breasts were milk fair and seemed to be prisoners wanting to be released from jail , they seemed fair soft and heavy and would easily measure 35 and my guess was that the cup size was C . I could not move my eyes off her lovely assets and my hand slid over her black panty carressing her over which she seemed to enjoy as she lift a slight moan .I moved forward and kissed her over her breasts and pulled her bra apart using my teeth .Her boobs stared at me in the eye with those lovely shaped light pink tits . They were the most beautiful things I had ever seen in my life .

Though her breasts being heavy , seemed great in shape and also they were firm .I moved my palms all over them ocassionaly kissing them and gettiing a could feel of them .I sucked on to her pink tits which were erect by now . This feeling was heavenly and I wished I would lay like this for ever . This went on for 5 mins and then she just said with a stern voice ” Enough , I want it in me now ” . I knew she meant business and it would be my pleasure to carry out her instructions .She pulled down her panties and spread her legs . To loosed her up I slid my finger in her cunt which was wet with the fluids that were flowing and was burning hot . I slid my fingers in and out and she let out soft moans , her eyes were closed and her expressions showed that she was carressed to the fullest and she was enjoying the moment .I slowly pulled my fingers out and smelled them . That smell was intoxicating and it almost made me cum I positioned my dick and slowly inserted it into her cunt and she guided it with her hand . With a slight push it went straight in and again she let out a moan which killed me then and there itself .She wrapped her legs around me and I started the motion slowly.With every push her face seemed to lighten more . Soon enough the pace increased and I saw myself pushing faster and faster . Her groans got louder and louder and my hand went on her mouth to lower her voice , her ecstatic scream of pleasure would surely wake up someone.

The other hand was on her breast feeling them and pressing them . It was getting impossible now and i was humping her with great pressure and speed . We were both ecstatic with pleasure and were not bothered what was happening . her moans got louder and louder and that in turn increased my speed. Sweat tricked down our bodies and the smell was intoxicating .The motion, the screams, the fellings everything seemed in perfect harmony and then I felt a shock in my body from the bottom of my foot to the brain and I exploded into her . It seemed to come out like never before , nothing like the hand , and much much more and I deposited every bit of cum inside her and she let out a final groan . I guess she came the same time coz both our bodies shivered and we fell down to the bed , our bodies sweating from the ecstatic experience . She thanked me for the wonderful experinced and told said “I Love you ” and she gave me a peck on my cheek and continued “…you were amazing ,which really boosted my confidence , that it had come from someone who was much experienced in that field .

Well we did it again before I went home the next day and we have done it many many more times than that ,whenever we would get a chance . However lately we havent seen each other as she thougth that we didnt have a future and that our love had no place in this society and that I should seek someone who was my age and who would suit me as per the rules of this world . We swore to keep our relationship secret but it was OK even by her to publish this story here as our identities wont be reveled and it would send a message to all you guys out there , IF YOU WANT IT , GO GET IT !!!

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