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  • August 30, 2015

Hello reader. This is my first time ever of narrating my sex experience on web or any where. I live in Lahore, Pakistan and a self employed consultant. My e mail address is

I am also in “facebook” Now moving to the story, this a very true story, with names changed, rather an episode of it, which I am sharing as persuaded by the writer on this site to which I like very much as it enables the individual to share and to get together if desired for. My name is Suhail, 6 feet height smart figure, I have a very close friend and we both are married with 3 kids

I usually visit his house once or twice a month, since long time we are very free with each other and in the past we many time did joint sex, in year 2005 once I visited his house at about 10 pm I particularly noted that he is trying his wife to get in discussion with me and for this purpose he twice left us alone, though I have no hesitation by talking with her but that was some thing else.

I came home after two hours thinking the same and purposely visited him again after few days and it again happened so, then one day he came to my office and after chatting for few minutes I asked him that I have noted that you are trying to get your wife close to me and at this he openly said yes you are right why did not you guess this first.

Then he said that he has grown too old and is unable to satisfy her sexual desires and as I love her very much so I want that she should not suffer and in this regard we had long discussions and she said that that she like me very much, so I persuaded her to go for what ever she can or she want. I warned him that doesn’t destroy your married life, on which he said that he don’t want to listen and I should join his wife what ever the way she want.

After few days he came to my office with his wife named fozia, they sat in front of me I served them with tea and then the subject of sex appeared on surface, as per plan, which my friend suggested as he was managing both of us to get the target, so I offered her friendship and she said she want a decent friend ship, I said does the decent friendship include the sex on which she got shy and asked me is sex a necessary part of friendship

I replied without sex I don’t think so that a relation is bonded, readers I believe that sex is very important for a healthy human and those who cant have it for any reason are quite abnormal in their behavior and particularly women their behavior and attitude is totally changed if they are starving with this natural hunger and those who negate my words I believe they lie and then

I stood up from my chair and approached her and took her to my sofa and started kissing her and fondling her breast. let me describe Fozia, she is a 5.7 in height, her figure is 36-32-38, she is a working lady teaching in a well reputed school of the city, and my friend waleed is even 18 years elder to me, soon after she started responding my act, and waleed was watching us sitting on the chair,

I lifted her shirt and removed her bra, to which she resisted a lot but having compelled by her husband hairs on them. During the breast sucking I took my cock out of prison and put it in her handI did not listened her and so I started sucking her melons which were a real piece of erotica, and she was too hot that her nipples have lot of which is 7 inches and hard as steel rod, and she started playing with it,

She lost her control and I removed her shalwar and then the panties and started stroking her already wet choot with my index finger and her moans become loud and loud and then waleed joined her on the sofa and started caressing her hairs and kissing her forhead and was saying “meri jan khob maza karo aur khob apni choot aur jism ki pyass bujahaoo then she got her first orgasm and all my fingers were wet with her choot flud,

Then she took my lun in her mouth and started sucking it like loly pop and was moaning “oh Suhail I was dying for this rod its very hot give me this for ever and then I spread her on the bed and there was no need to apply saliva on her choot as it was wet like a newly digged well, so I put my cock in her dripping hot hell like choot and she gave a bid moaning cry when it entered into her depth I paused a little and her tight choot tightly held my cock and got her orgasm and

I started pumping hard n hard to which she was responding in equal frequency with her eyes closed I fucked her for 20 min and then her husband and my friend said “let her ride you now” so she jumped over me and started fucking me with her face towards me and friends it was killing she was discharging like a tap and my cock was getting more horny by her cum then I asked her to turn her back towards me and she did and I started giving hard jerks and she was moaning loudly fuck me s fuck me

I am hungry your friend could not do sex with me on which I gave a filthy abuse to him and said behnchod take your cock out and let this Fozia play with it “ he did so and it was just a 4 inch cock which melted just when Fozia gave a few strokes to it, and started breathing heavily till then abt 60 min have passed with my cock in that tight hole. Once my cock got out of her choot and I asked waleed to put it in his wife’s choot which he happily agreed and after giving it 2/3 strokes put it back,

Till then she was exhausted and was now wanting me to finish this session and said that she is not use to of having such a long sex and that two with this much wild cock, her cunt and all the vigiana openings were swollen and she was feeling pain, and further said that waleed could only do this for 2 to 3 minutes but I was in no mood of it I turned her face towards me and again started pumping from below and while making stroke

I just slipped my cock and pushed it in her gand which was pulsating she gave a cry “ohhhhh suhail gand be phar de your friend has made me a bitch in sex” and started enjoying the wild strokes in her hot gand and after 20 min more stroking I came in her ass hole oh what a sensation it was after few minutes my cocked was popped out her gand and was smeared with my cum then she started liking all of my body and my nipples after that waleed embraced her and

I asked her is she happy she said oh your friend is a great fucker and has a very good stamina and wild cock and then we dressed up and took some cold drinks and they both left my office. She kissed me and stroked my cock too before leaving since then we are doing this when ever there is possibility at her home or at my office but in the month of Jan 08 this episode was in continuance but then she had surgery of uterus and is stopped by the doctor to remain way from cock for at least a year.

I am in contact and in visiting terms with her and have very good relations sharing jokes and sexy winks, she likes me very much and many times said to me that main quality in me is that I never do any thing which could apprehend her social respect and honor, as she has grownup kids and a well reputed family, and waled allowed me to whatever I want. I like sex but with a woman who is deep and passionate and can keep the secret to herself only as

I am at a such a place that its very important for me to remain under the cover. It is one of a memorable experience of my life and I want your kind and sexy comments any woman interested may contact me via my email address, I assure that their secret will never ever be disclosed. I hope this sex experience of mine has pleased the minimal inside you all. There is lot more in my vault but it depends upon the response. Thanks. Has reading this story made you horny? Girls add me love you all

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