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  • October 2, 2015

I am reading these pages from the last one-year. I like it very much because this very easy way to express ones heart’s secret to the world.

I am a 33 years old lady married from last 14 years but still without a child. As my husband has some problems. Without exaggeration I am quite right to write that I am a very gorgeous body tall 5’.6’. My complexion is white and has a big wide ass and has a pair of firm tight breast. My figures are husband is enough than me and he never satisfied my sexual desires. But I have no any way to satisfy my these desires.

Anyhow this another story. My husband had gone to a long business visit. As I was alone at home so I went to my elder sister home. She was living in joint family and her husband was in Middle East from last 10 years, he only come once after two years. I used to sleep with my sister room as she has no husband and she used her room alone. She was in her 43 years, but as our family inheritance she had also got a gorgeous body like me. Although she has mother of two married daughters but she never looks. I think that we both sisters have the same figures as she often give me her bras as her husband brought for her. But it seems me that she has little fat than me and her was also little wide and fleshy. She was looking very sexy.

One night I noted that my sister was talking with her husband younger nephew so secret. I became suspicious and was thinking that what they are discussing so secret. But I ignore it. But I don’t know why I didn’t use my sleeping pills that night which I usually used. As she knew that I used the sleeping pills. We were in the room and she was thinking that I have slept but unfortunately I was not sleeping as it was nearly 12.30 am when the door of the room opened slowly and as it was the cold season so we had wore a hot blanket. I feared that who could come the room at this time so I didn’t moved. But there was nothing happened from my sister side she was also kept quite. And I noted that the person came in the room went to my sister bed and climbed in the bed. I became stroked with amazement that what is going this. Anyhow I was keep quite and thinking. After a few movement there were stared a whispering, as my sister was saying that you couldn’t wait a few days I have told you that my sister is there and we can not continue it. The other voice said no I have told you at the night that I can not wait more and I will come in any cast. And I identify the voice of her husband nephew. They were whispering and after that some movement were also coming from there. Now I understood the whole episode. They were fucking. I was now fully attentive to listen them. Now as there was a complete silence due to night, so I was now hearing and understood all their whispering. My sister was saying him talk and move slow you rake, lascivious, my sister is sleeping. You taught me these all my darling sweet whore. But she didn’t know that I was listening all of their talking and movements. Now my sister was saying him don’t try to fuck me I will discharge you in my hand and you play with this. I didn’t understood that what her meant by “this” tit or cunt. He whispered no let me fuck your pussy I have not been fucking from that your this sexy sister has came. Oh he is also thinking about me as sexy, I thought. Now a strange sounds were coming from there like two animals are growling. He was fucking her now very hard and they have no any care of my presence. My sister was moaning now and asking for more hard. I listen him saying that your sister is sleeping there. She replied don’t care now about her this no time to care her. If she got a wake she has also a big thirsty cunt which needed hard dick I know best. He said if she has really I would like to fuck her hard. She is too sexy, she has a very sexy ass. I think that she will eat the cock in her pussy. And now there was really has itch in my pussy. My hand was reached to my pussy and I started fingering in my pussy. I was rubbing my boobs, they were now in their high emotions. And suddenly they went calm, it means they finished. But now I was restless. I was in great embarrassment what should I do now? I was still slowly fingering my pussy slowly and was imaging their fucking. There was now again whispering as he was trying to fuck my sister again and she was trying to stop it now, but he was not listening her. They were kissing again and my sister said him you are very hot. You got ready only in 15 minuets while I am an old woman and can not afford it as soon. Now I intended in my heart to show them that I am not sleeping. My heart was beating fast to leave my place. But I couldn’t control myself more because I was burning now and I really needed a hard rock in my pussy. So I decided and raised noiselessly and moved slowly towards my sister bed and I whispered her and call her Appi this I am and asked her are you sleeping? She replied me in sleepy voice what is the problem dilshad ? I suddenly climbed in bed and said that I fear and want to sleep with you. She was now very confused but she had no word to say. And I told her that I know what is going there. She was now feeling much a shamed and bashfully said me dilshad that she was not interested but this juned is blackmailing me. But I console her and said her this is not so bad at least you have an emotions. And then I asked juned where are you gone. You were a lion just before a minuet. And I asked him come between us as he was on the other side of the bed. I asked my sister Appi from when and how you know that I have a big pussy and it needed hard cock? She was now little bold and said me that every woman who has an old hubby or her hubby is not needed it. Now she said to juned come between us. And juned came between both sisters. I asked him I have not only a sexy ass but also have a sexy pussy. Now they were laughing and Appi asked me have you heard all our talking? I told her yes all your whispering. I wanted to some fun with them now. I moved my face a little to juned and he kissed me on my lips. And Appi opened knot of my shilwar saying that this should not be there. She dragged it from my legs. She put her hand on my pussy and said dilshad it is bigger than me and then said to juned you chick it and said true who has big. He put his hand on my pussy and now he was really in sky and was flying that he has between two thirsty mature women. He was rubbing my pussy and I hold his cock and it was really big and thick one. It was probably more than 8’’. I became very glad to fell it. And I said Appi you have got rely big one you are too lucky. They laughed. I was massaging his cock. It was now got a hard. He said to my sister chahi your sister has very good boobs but you didn’t open them as you pulled her shilwar . Please ask your sister to raise her qamiz. Appi said him now you are free to her you should do it yourselves. And Appi raised my qamiz and bra. My breast were now open to them and they both were playing with them and my sister asked me to take her breast. Juned was now inserted one of his fingers in my cunt hole and was caressing it. His cock was hard now like cock and Appi said him in naughty style that this is not the game of finger you have put my sister in great excitation now you should cool her. She took his cock and said ok this right she asked him to come over me and he came between my legs. My sister spread my legs little wide and she her self pointed his cock on my pussy hole and spread my pussy lips. She asked him to push. She pushed and as my cunt was too wet his big long cock went straight in me. I screamed slowly as it was too big for me first time in my life. I have felt cock like it big and hard. Now my sister said to him be care and go slowly she was treating me like am I a small baby. She was now eating my breast her self. She also playing h is ball and my ass. I was now fell very nice and wanted him deep in me. H started deep long strokes slowly at first, and soon he picked up speed and thrusting deeper, harder, and faster inside of my pussy, clenching his hard on my pussy responded stroke to stroke. He said to my sister Chaci your sister has best pussy than you. Oh you rake my sister pussy is best, but she is a guest. And I will never let you to my chest. You enjoyed yourself always on my pussy she was in mood of humor and now you are attributing her pussy. Then my sister said to me dilshad you are really best and she asked me to eat her tit. She gave her tit in my month .My sister was Gavin him instructions and she herself playing with my ass, she inserted her finger in my ass hole and it was giving me more pleasure. I asked her to play right it. juned was pumping me harder and tearing my pussy. It was the great pleasure moment I was eating my own elder sister tits my sister was playing in my ass hole, juned cock in my pussy hole. Now juned kissed me passionately and sucked my nipples. I was moaning and my sister asking him to fuck me hard, fast she I hearing her words that she was saying him fuck my little sister as she is thirsty and at last she is a guest. Tonight we give to her you have been fucked me at least 6 years. She said me dilshad this little is fucking me from last 6 years. I Appy are he fucks you every night. She said nearly that very night we fuck. I said her Appi you are lucky that you have cock like this and juned fucks you every night. I was moaning and requesting him to fuck me hard as my Appi and your Chchi ordered you. He was trying his best at least he was a young of 21 years. He was pumping me hard. And whenever his tool met with my pussy a strange noise were coming from there like puch uech. Now I was near to cum and I asked him .I’m going to cum please fuck me hard ahh. I was screaming come on come on. And I came with a great orgasm. Juned was still fucking me my sister said him oh juned you may not come in her cunt in be care. You should come out of her pussy. He asked why Chachi I always come in you. She said I have took my pills for you rake but she has not. Ok it is right but you will take my cock in your mouth Chahi. He said and she agreed. After some time he pulled out his cock from my pussy and asked my sister to take it in her mouth and Appi took immediately it in her mouth and sucked it vigorously and he file Appi mouth, And she drink all his sperms. I was too tired now. We all lay in bed and chatting. After half an hour he was once again ready as we both sisters were trying to excite him. By this time he fucked both of sisters one by one and he satisfied both of us.

He went to his room nearly 4 o clock. And we both sisters lay in one bed and slept soundless.

At morning we got up we were first shying from each other but Appi said me for get the last night, and think for the coming night. We took the bath and on the dinning table juned was also there and treated us like usual. He never tried to be frank with me in his mother presence. And day was become too long for me as I was still in heaven and waiting for night to take that big cock in to me. And all the rest night I was there we spent the same.

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