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Love Making Is An Art

  • desipapa
  • September 24, 2015

Lovemaking is an art. Since the creation of this world, the sexual relationship between a male and women is quite a natural ambition. Every human on this earth requires fulfillment of his or her desires, as it is the out-let of the powerful feelings. I am a Psychologist from Islamabad, 40 years old, having acute interest in exploring the human beings in their true sense. Every girl or a woman has the inherent desire to be fucked by a dominant male.

Now I will tell you that woman of 30-40, or girl of 16 has the same desire to take the cock inside with close eyes, with early slow rhythmic ins and outs, then fast ramming into the pussy, in the sexy voice of moaning. I was 25 when I came across a woman of Islamabad. Her husband was a businessman and was in abroad. Her name was Mrs Khan. She was 41. She has two grown-up kids, Fareeha and Imran. The son was studying in a hostel at Lahore and Fareeha was studying in a local English school . Both mother and daughter are very smart in their respective age group. I met Mrs Khan in a hotel , she sitting alone in the lobby and reading a magazine. She seemed to be very sober and dashing with tight Shalwaar Kamiz. I came to her and sit on sofa near to her. After a moment , I asked her whether she is waiting for somebody or otherwise. She told me that her daughter Fareeha is attending a function in this hotel , and she is waiting for her She speculated that, still one hour more to sit there. So that was a good time to pass, as friend was also not in his room , for I came there to meet. After a little chit chat, she was a bit relaxed and starting discussing her life events. She said that she is a rich lady but not having good terms with her husband, as he is fond of other women.

She also disclosed that her husband never satisfied her. Her gloomy face was getting red while revealing these disclosures. She was 5′ 7′ with 36-28-36 figure . I could watch her revealing half-globes from the upper side of the qamiz when she unconsciously, bends a little. It is an arousing phenomenon. I also took notice of her mischievous stare towards the growing bulge in pants. On inquiring a psychologist (me), she said that for last one year, she was badly needs sexual satisfaction, but the society is the main hindrance in the fulfillment of her desires. In the main while her daughter Fareeha came out of the hall with an exotic perfume . Oh , she was wearing tights. Tall like mom, with D shaped breasts , which start dancing when she walks. Pink lips, shoulder-cut hairs and tight T-shirt make me crazy to watch. However, her mother Mrs. Khan introduced me as her friend. Before leaving she requested me to come to her house tomorrow in the morning as wanna discuss certain psychological problems. She felt that I have done a very good voice therapy. Next day I went her house, it was a luxurious house, She allowed me to enter her huge drawing room. I sit there .

I think nobody was in the house except a chowkidar on the gate , may be she herself not allowed anybody to enter. She sits besides me . I asked her , what are the problems , you wanna discuss with me. She revealed that she frustrated she needs sex ” Mujhe apka Lora Chahye” . I maintained , sex does mean to put the cock inside the pussy. She must get the lesson of lovemaking. She said ” whatever”. Then She left the room and return with a loose dress. And sits besides me . I said just lay down and relax. I start kissing her toes and foot-fingers, one by one. To kiss the toes are the first important act to teach the lesson of satisfaction. Slowly, slowly, I moved up to her ankles and joints in moving way. Her breathe gets faster and faster. She was laying on the carpet now. Slowly, slowly I un-buttoned her dress and then start kissing her neck and chin then ears, little chew on the lobes, then the lips. Lips are the most important organ in the body. When I kiss, I always take more than 30 to 40 minutes. First I take her upper lip in my mouth and start sucking it slowly, like a sweet. After ten minutes her mouth opened, I put my tongue in her mouth and start playing dummy tongue fuck .

Then I took her lower lip in my mouth and start sucking, while put my hands on her beautiful breasts. I always touch breasts gently, as it is the ignition of a female. The women and girls always love to be touched here. In slow movement I started encircling the tips of the breasts. No doubt, every girl or women could imagine that my hands turned the tips into the iron-buds. After completion of the lips-kissing, I moved her throat , then slowly slowly , I start kissing the breasts tips hold them like flowers, playing and massaging them , rubbing them , she starts moaning. Then I start sucking the left breast like a mango, but never hurt it. Sucking a breast –is an art too , the best way is to suck with variety without any harm. Now as I expected , she hold my hand and forcibly put it on the vagina lips and said ” Please meri choot to kuch karo”. Then I go to her naval for kissing. It looks good when she forcibly put my head to her choot-lips.

They were really foamy, soft, too steamy and red hot now. A small clitoris , was glistening with moisture of choot wetness. After kissing , rubbing , sucking the choot lips I gave her lip-fuck. She was holding my head and moving it up and down, legs apart , it’s a fantastic view for a male to watch a wet, red hot choot. Then I un-zip my pants and asked her to open eye. She was amazed to see—–Oh its too hard-looking, the veins on it, with mush-room tip, Oh my God, I think 8 inch plus too fat—–, seems to be juicy;;;;She put my huge lora into her mouth and start sucking like a hungry kid. Oh , I hold her hairs , and manage her ins and outs. She was tasting my lora like a lolly pop. Her mouth lips were about to tear due to its fatness. But she is managing. I takes 25 minutes—–Oh OhHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH. I cum with thrusting flood of semen in her mouth and she dried it up . I kept my body on the carpet for 15 minutes. Then again , I feel her hand on My Lora , now again it starts growing and became an iron– Don’t fuck the woman after blow-job , you must wait for 15 to 20 minutes. Now she started saying absurdities. ” OH Lora dae do, merae under Dalo, Meri choot kub se pyasi hae, tum choot per sawaar ho jao , apna lun se meri choot pharr do, meri choot tumharae lun ko pukkar rahi hae. She was holding my Lora very tightly. Then She said “Meri choot ko iss tara maro ke toofaan aa jae aaaaaaaaaaaaaaah aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaah fuck! I put my Lora tip on her choot lips. And then started rubbing them. Don’t go fast when you wanna enter in a choot . Always give pleasure to the lady.

The orgasm after the orgasm you feel that a lady will get mammoth pleasure. Then Suddenly I pushed my huge Lora into her choot but I felt the tightness of her choot, coz she was un-fucked for last one year. Slowly , slowly I started in an out. Its really fantastic to watch the eyes of the lady open mouth with ohh ohh , legs are tightened up on my waist her choot gets wetter. She was holding my hips and trying to get herself stick to her choot mound. After 20 minutes, I increased the pace. I moan at each thrust for her vaginal walls are pushing hard against my stiff meat. The tip is being pushed against by her walls, as well as being pushed back as to stop any further advancement.

I push again and again, I feel my orgasm approach. The sensations are powerful, she can feel her orgasm beginning to grow in her cunt and nipples. She grip my cock tighter and tighter in her cunt as she ride me. Its sensational her choot lips were moving along my Lora. OH oHHH HHHHHH oHHHHHHH OHHHHHHHH, AHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH, Its gooooooooooooooooooood , She was ramming now, we both cum together with thrusting flow of liquids. The lady needs cum at the same time with male. So its fair to cum with lady when she cum. So ladies, don’t be gloomy, if you need any voice theraphy, cyber therapy or needs warmth of emotions, don’t worry , I am here in Islamabad/ Rawalpindi , secrecy is more important. Add my e-mail and chat. Next time I will guide the teen aged girls how to satisfy yourself with my huge Lora. The fucking experience with Fareeha will be your guide-line.

I prefer secrecy in the relationship. If any teen age, mature, house wife or any girl -student have sexo-psycological problem or certain depression , can mail me at

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