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Love Making In Lucknow

  • desipapa
  • August 30, 2015

Hey girls and guys this is Aditya again with a smoking and sizzling story that will send tremors and shivers running down your spine. Girls looking for a casual relationship in Delhi or Lucknow may reach to me at Your privacy will be taken care of. This story is about Shwetha (name changed for obvious reasons).

I met her through DesiPapa only. I had posted a story “Hot Sex in Lucknow” to which corresponded and mailed me. She was a second year BBA student studying at Amity University. In her email she said that she wanted to be friends with me. I replied that I didn’t want just friends, wanted something more. Anyways we chatted on gtalk and soon we became very close friends with each other. One day I asked her to share her Facebook ID with me and she readily accepted. I added her as friend and believe me guys when I saw her pics she was nothing short of an angel. It was as if I was thunderstruck. Even she liked my pics and soon our friendship graduated further. We exchanged numbers and had late night conversations for a week before we finally admitted our lust for each other. We decided to meet and shared our location with each other.

We both were a bit surprised that we both were living in close vicinity to each other. We decided to meet for a cup of coffee at Costa Coffee at Wave Mall. I dressed up simply for the occasion, just a jeans and a formal shirt. When we finally met each other on that pleasant February Sunday morning I was awestruck by her beauty. She was like 38-28-36, a bit heavy in the breast department, though I prefer skinny girls. She was white in complexion, and had a beautiful smile that lit up everything it fell upon. Her eyes were large and brown in color. She sweated lust and had a very pleasing odour about her.

She was wearing a white skin hugging cut sleeve top and brown shorts that went well with her beautiful legs. I gave her a quick hug and introduced myself. We started short talk and had a pleasant time. The coffee was superb and the company I had was even better. We both knew where we were heading towards. There was a bit of kissing involved in the close alleys of the mall and some really heavy petting that we had. We shared the same Baskin&Robin ice cream and ended our mall visit with a deep kiss. While kissing her i casually cupped her breasts and got a positive response from her. Then we parted for the day. Soon I got a little busy with my job and she with her papers. Though we still exchanged late night talks but could not meet that much due to our engagements. Soon we both started craving each other and decided to meet again but this time for something more.

She invited me to her place for lunch. She was staying at a rental, and had a room to herself. I reached her place with a wine bottle and some chocolates. Little did I know she had something else in her mind. She was wearing a low-cut pink top and a mini skirt that would put all mini’s to shame. She was wearing no bra and her nipples her poking from her pink top. While climbing the stairs I rested my hands on her beautiful ass and she gave me a naughty smile. I gave a spank on her butt and she turned and gave me a hooch. She showed me some of her painting that I had heard so much about and they were really good. I asked her to teach me how to paint as i genuinely sucked at it. She said OK. Soon we made ourselves comfortable on her bed and were watching Basic Instincts on her laptop. Then a hot scene came with Sharon Stone in a nude scene. She cuddled around me and I pressed my raging hard on at her ass.

We both knew what we wanted and started kissing each other passionately. Slowly I reached for her big boobs and started cupping them hard. She started moaning like anything and I was afraid that the neighbours would hear her. I shoved my index finger into her mouth and she started to suck on it. I also started dry humping her and mauled her breasts like anything. I slowly whispered in her ear “I Want You” and that was enough to make a crazy. She removed her clothes and also made me strip in no time. It was like crazy and all the hormone pumping made us lavish each other’s bodies. I was gently licking her pussy and she was doing my cock in 69 position. Slowly i flipped her and started gently chewing her pink nipples. She started mewing like a kitten from the pleasure and had an orgasm. I believe that very few girls orgasm from foreplay itself. I continued taunting her body and gently inserted one finger in her love hole. My finger came across a barrier and i realised she was a virgin. I began to gently stroke her pussy lips and like her breasts and fondled them like ripe mangoes. I could feel her vaginal walls contracting and realised that she was having an orgasm again from the foreplay. This time I could feel her whole body shudder by the force of the orgasm and her almost jumped from the bed and wrapped her thighs around my hand. I for first time realised that mine and her bodies completely complemented each other. Our bodies fitted together perfectly as if we were made for each other. I hugged her like anything and she also recovered from her orgasm. All she said to me was “Do Me Now”. Those three words were like magic and in no time I entered her virgin hole. I gently caressed and smooched her and before she realised her seal was broken. She was in heat and so was I.

I slowly picked up my pace and started fucking her furiously until she was banging against the headboard. This went for about twenty minutes and she had orgasm three more time. I could feel her pussy pulling my cock inside her. I have never seen any woman orgasm like that in such a short time span. What we did was not casual sex but deep love-making. I was about to cummed and told her “ Baby I am about to come”. She replied “come inside me sweetheart”. I didn’t need any second invitation and cummed buckets inside her. It flooded from her tight pussy and started dripping on the bed.

She gathered all the juices with her fingers and licked them off. We both had another session of passion after that. We fell asleep in each other’s arms after three hours of lovemaking. All the time we lay nude and cuddled up with each other. The love we experienced was simply out of the world. I woke up to see her gently playing with my cock and it was paining so hard that I wanted to have a go with her again. We thought better and realised we had the entire evening with us. So we ordered some pizzas and watched another movie cuddled each other. I spent the night with her and had an out of the world love-making session with her that I will always remember. We had some real fun with paints and colours later where we body painted each other. If you want to read about that then mail me. Looking forward to your comments. Any hot and smoking girls who want to have a casual relationship in Lucknow or Delhi can mail me at

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