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Love At First And Friends With Benefits

  • desipapa
  • October 28, 2015

Hi friends, I am rahul I am 27 years old and this story is about my first sex experience which happened with my best friend ruchika(name changed) she was one of the best bombshells in our college, guys would used to die to talk to her, I was quite lucky to sit next to her because I was her best friend, I always had feelings for her but never shared it with her because I did not wanted to ruin my relationship with her.

I was also dating a girl that time so I didn’t feel that it is appropriate to leave that girl and propose someone who has lots of options, I used to have lots of discussions with ruchika and she used to always tell me that love is a waste of time, she was a salmam khan fan so she used to always sing that song “jinne ke hain char din bakhi hain bekar din” and say love ke hain bekar din, and we used to debate a lot that love is important and one cannot live without love in life.

We used to have lots of fun mocking each others personality, I never had lust for her, I always adored her beauty but never gave compliments to her, instead I used to make fun of her personality, which made her feel that I m different to others as everyone used to give her fake compliments so that they can get close to her and I used to be very genuine with her, which she liked.

Once our friend group planned to watch a movie together, so I happen to sit next to her she touched my lap while taking the popcorn, I don’t know whether it was accidental or not I was happy,i did not react that time, this happened again and again, popcorn was over but she kept touching my lap and pretending as if there is some popcorn left, movie got over I didnt say anything, I had a bike that time so I asked her whether I can drop her home and she instantly replied with a yes, on the way I asked her whether she likes me and she replied saying she likes me as a friend, I was shocked here as I thought that she liked me as boyfriend so she was doing all those things, then she only told me that she would like to have friends with benefits kind of a relationship with me,

I asked why did you choose me, to which she replied that she wanted someone she can trust, once we reach home she asked me to come up for a coffee, I asked her whether I should get some sugar(condoms) or you have, she asked me to get it, so I went fully excited to see whether I am going to get a surprise or not, I knocked the door and she was standing in a bath rope and she was looking damn sexy I got a turn on as I looked at her, she gave me a tight hug while she was giving me a hug I removed her bathrobe and she was completely naked in front of me and her breasts were so firm and erect at that point of time,

I began to suck her right breast and massage her left breast with my left hand, she quickly removed my shirt and started moaning, I bit her breast and then spank me hard on my ass, I then pushed her on the bed and removed my jeans and my underwear in one go, she was quite happy to see a 7 inch dick ready to fuck her, I quickly jumped on her and started smooching her and slowly I started thrusting my cock against her pussy which was very tight, she was in pain as just the top of my penis got into her pussy,

Then I pushed my cock very slowly so that it does not pain a lot for her, she was crying and then I was moving it in and out slowly so that she does not asks me to stop, soon after 2 minutes I saw her enjoying and moaning very loudly so I increased my speed and I had become an animal and I was very very wild, I made sure that my complete penis is inside her, my face was right in her cleavage and I was getting the best of both of boobs and I fucked her hard for 10 mins, she was moaning a lot and then I finally came, when I asked her she told me that she had cum twice which made me feel very happy,

We fucked for 3 hours and then lied down naked caressing each other, once I requested her whether can I fuck you without condoms because I wanted to feel you completely and she was okay with it, I was in heaven when I entered my penis in her pussy, I fucked her hard for 5 mins and cummed inside her, I asked her to take ipil later and she told her that she is ready to even become a mother after such a wonderful experience, but I was not ready to be father so I made sure that she took that ipil,

From then on I never fucked anyone without condoms condoms. Without being tensed about the relationship and commitment, that day I realised that having sex with a friend is more pleasurable then having sex with your girlfriend, I have had lots of sexperience and according to me a friend in need is a friend indeed, so I always help my lady friends by satisfying them however they want, I have also performed as a stripper for my friends bachelorrette party which I enjoyed a lot and all the girls too

Till now I have had this friends with benefits kind of a relationship with many women, if any girl who stays in bangalore is interested for an amazing sexperience then they can write me a mail to

Love At First And Friends With Benefits

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