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Lost Virginity To Married Lady

  • desipapa
  • September 10, 2015

This is the first time i am writing my real story that happened five years back hope you all enjoy and get excited by my story. Let me introduce my self i am ravish with 5.9ft height, good physic and with 8″ cock staying in Andheri, Mumbai. Lets move to my story…..this incident happened when i was studying in 12th std my age was 19. Next to my house there was house with to-let board. The house owner was my friend so he told me to find a family to stay in his house for rent.i tried but i couldn’t find. After few days i saw a family in that house. The house owner called me and introduced to them and told that they can seek any help from me as they were new to the we talked to each other for a time and left the place. Let me tell about them they were newly married couple there name was shwetha and kumar. Shwetha was dam sexy and hot her age was around 20.. Her figure 34-28-32 her boobs were big and sexy. I used to masterbate thinking of her.her husband was working as sales manager in an mnc. So he used to travel regularly. Within few days i became very close to day kumar called me to there house and told that he will be going for a long trip for about one month so he told to takecare of his wife as she was new to the place . I said ok and left the place.

After two days…. I came back early from the college as the there was strike in college. It was boring so i went to shwetha house and rang the bell she opened the door and greeted me with her smile.she was wearing a pink color nighty which was transprent her bra and panty was visible to me…

I sat on the sofa. She went to the kitchen while she was walking i saw her back it was damm sexy her ass cheeks was making me crazy. She return with an tea and gave to me. She asked me “do you have any girl friend”. I said no again after few minutes she asked “how you had sex” i said “no still i am virgen” by listening this she gave a smile and then she came and sat near to me. Now i was feeling her thighs touching me.she came very close to my ears and said “will you loose your virgin to me ” i was shocked by hearing that. She din’t even waited for my answer she hold my face started to kiss all my face. I din’t respond to her as in shock and excitement after some time i started responding i kissed on her head and than to eyes and then to cheeks and to the lips which was waiting for me. I kissed her very hard meanwhile my both hand was playing with her boobs her boobs was very soft and sexy to touch . I kissed for 15-20 minutes in the same position. After that she hold hand and took me to her bed room her bed room was big.

I removed her pink nighty and she was standing in front of me with her black bra and pink panty. I made her to lay on bed and i started to play with her boobs i was squessing it very hard she was moaning hmmmmmmmm….. Ohhhhhh….yess rajjjjjj preeeeeeeee itttttt harrrrrrrrd that made me more horny now i unhooked her bra from back side. And she laying only with her panty.. She removed my t-shirt and my pant and i was in my underwear. She told me suck her nipples i sucked her boobs nipple very hard it was great feeling for me. I sucked both boobs very hard later i moved to her navel it was sexy .then i moved down to her panty and i removed it.

Her pussy was cleanly shaven and it was already became wet she told me to lick the pussy i slowly started to lick her pussy now she was moaning loudly hmmmmmmmmmmmmmm…. Fuckkkkkkkkkkkk meeee rajjjjjj…. This made more horny… My cock was became very hard. I fucked her slowly with my tongue slowly i started my speed suddenly she hold my head pressed me towards her pussy. Load of cum came from her pussy i drank all it was good taste. Again slowly i inserted my index finger into her pussy and slowly moved up and down this was great feeling for me after few minutes again she cummed. I licked all her cum. Then she made me to stand and she removed my underwear my 8″ cock came out. She was happy to see my 8″ cock she bended her head and kissed cock with her lips.i was feeling great as it was my first experience

Then slowly she started suck my cock only half size of cock went inside her mouth. I holded her head and pressed towards my cock now she took my full cock inside her mouth. She started sucking my cock fast and fast. I was about to cum. I removed my cock from her mouth but she told me to cum in her mouth. I loaded my cum in her mouth she licked all the cum. It was a great blowjob.

Now she said to fuck her i made her lay on the bed and stretched her legs i slowly placed my tip my cock to her pussy and inserted it in her pussy she was moaning fuckkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkk meeeeeeeeeeee raaajjjjjjjjjjjjjjjjjj i am urs fuccccckkkkkkkkkk mememeeeeeeee. Now i inserted my full cock inside her pussy i was feeling some pain as it was my first fuck.. Slowly i moved in and out now i too was enjoying it….. I started to fuck faster and harder she was shouting loudly as my cock was bigger and thicker than her husband. I fucked for 30 minutes and finally i loaded my cum in her pussy.mean while she cum three times. We both were tiered and slept for an hour

After that we both went to bathroom and cleaned our body and came back to the bed. She again took my cock in her hand and was playing with it. Again my cock became harder. Now i told that i want to fuck her ass. She was happy to listen this words because her husband never fucked her ass as he doesn’t like i made her bend in doogy style and slowly started to inserted my cock in her ass but it was tight and was very difficult for my cock to enter so i applied some oil on my cock and some on her ass. And i inserted my cock with force slowly it started to move inside. Her ass was tight and hot. Now inserted my full cock inside her ass. She was crying as it was paining. Now i started to move in and out. She was moaning hmmmmm ohhhhhhh. I started to fuck faster and after 20 minutes i loaded my cum in her ass and slept on her back my cock was still in her ass. We slept for a while and i got up and took my clothes and dressed and left the place.

After that our fucking session continued we had great fun whenever her husband went for trip and shwetha introduced some friends who are married that sex encounter was very different… To know that please send me your feedback to

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