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Lost Virginity To Aunty Who Wanted It Like Hell

  • desipapa
  • November 6, 2015

Hi Desipapa Readers ! I am Sam from Mumbai. I am 25 years of age and currently doing masters.This is a story that happened 1 year back.My aunt is a mother of 2 and she is one of the most sexiest lady I have ever seen. Her stats are 34d-30-36.She looks like an angel but she eyed me for a very long time.Any lady from Mumbai divorced or married who needs sexual satisfaction can contact me on sexyguuyforsex3@gmail.Com

She is a housewife and her husband used to stay in Dubai.Now she has moved on with him to Dubai and I am all alone hungry for sex.She is 5’4″ and I am 5’6″. She mostly wears saree and salwar kameez and she looks like a young slut of 24 years of age.Her actual age is 32 years.

Coming to the story now.It all started when I use to go for my classes at around 3 pm in the afternoon and she used to come at the same time in the lift to drop her daughter to her nursery school.We never talked earlier but on this day she wished me and asked me what my mom does and all. So I answer her and then she asked me what do I do.

So I reply and we started chatting daily in the lift.One fine day we entered the lift and when it stopped on 10th floor some 6 men came in and the life was overcrowded with no space.The situation was such that she took her daughter in front of her so that she is safe and not crushed and she came in front of me and then there were men in front of her daughter and to our sides.As the lift started movements caused her to move back and forth and man she accidentally touched her back to me.Her ass was touching my cock and I was beginning to be hard at that moment itself.This happened thrice and then we got out.

I was shocked but to my surprise she behaved as if nothing had happened and she left saying good buy.I was disappointed.The same thing happened 2 days later but this time there was something for me.The life was not that crowded but she still choose to stand in front of me and she touched my cock again.This time I responded and I went a bit closer and when she came back my hard cock was touching her ass pointing her asshole.She stayed in this position for 2 sec and then moved forward and left. I was disappointed again.

Three days later she asked my mom if she could send me to help her daughter with her studies and my mom said yes.I went happily and sat on the sofa.She bought me juice and said that her daughter just slept.I asked her then why did she call me? To which she replied that I feel very lonely and I wanted to chat with you.I said its okz and gave her my number so that she can call me and chat with me on social sites whenever she wants. I was smart see!She started her conversation with her pain that her husband is out from 2 years and she is very stressed and feels left out and etc. I calmed her down and said I am there she can always find help with me.

Then she asked me if I had any gf and I said no I never had any gf.She was surprised and said it is not possible.Guys I go to the gym and hence I have a very decent gym toned body.She said girls would love to have a boyfriend like me and that I am lying.I said no I am single and I am also very sad that I dont have any gf.To my surprise she then mocked at me and said are you gay? I said no! I love girls.

She started here.She asked me what do I love in girls.I said their looks and the way they talk and show love and etc.She asked what do you love in girls body if I am not gay.I said I love their boobs and ass.She was wearing a red saree that day and she then bent and said what about her boobs do I like them? I said I have never seen them in real.She smiled and pulled her pallu down and then came close and said in my ears see if you like them. I can show you heaven on earth.

I immediately grabbed her boobs and I was pinching her nipples.She laughed loudly and said typical virgin.I was shy and disappointed in my own eyes.She them caught my hairs and pulled me towards her face and man she kissed me like a hungry vampire.She forced her tongue in my mouth and I was loving this new experience.I also responded by sucking her tongue and kissing back.We kissed for almost 15 mins and the she broke the kiss and said come lets go to heaven.

She took me to the bedroom and threw me on the bed.Man she was looking like a dominant lady.She then asked me to remove the tees.While I was removing the tees she got a dupatta and then asked me to keep both my hands back.I was confused but I agreed to her as she was controlling me and my thoughts.She pushed me on to the bed and pounced on me like a tigress.I could not believe what happened next.She tied my hand to the metal rod of her bed and then said I know you bitch you purposely touched my ass crack that day in the lift and I was waiting for this moment.

From now on wards you are my personal sex toy.I was scared but she was not. She pulled my pants down in one go and then caught my dick from above the underwear and said I like your size.She then started biting my dick and sucking it with the underwear and finally removed the underwear and took the entire 5.5″ cock in her mouth.I was hard and I was in heaven I wanted to move but she had tied me.She was sucking my dick like a pro and she sucked on it for about 5 mins.I said I am about to come and she said u cannot and pulled my balls tightly.It hurt and I shouted at her to which she laughed and said shout.I will rape you today in my way.

Then she removed her saree and bra and panty.She then came right towards my face and held it with her firm hands and forced my mouth to her clean shaven pussy.Her aroma was that of a sweat and initially I didnt like it but I had no option and she commanded me to suck it eat it and tongue fuck it. As I was doing this she was giving bad words to her husband and said now I will fulfill all my fantasies with you sam.She was moaning very loudly like aaahh! Hmm! Ohhh!! Suck it bitch !! Chat meri chut !! I was turned on and I tongue fucked her.

She then said that I am not hard and she wants me hard.I thought she will suck my dick but to my surprise she lifted my legs and started playing with my asshole and started spitting on it and licking.I was in heaven and I was moaning and she said raand chilla. Mai teri gaand kha jaongi.

She then got some oil and started to apply into my ass crack and inserted one finger in it.My ass crack was too tight and she shouted me to loosen it but I begged her not to do it and she said it will be pleasure don’t worry. I said no to which she bite my cock and said loosen it. I had no option but to loosen it and she inserted one finger in it.It was painful and she was finger fucking me.I was hard by this time and she said see you are ready now and she jumped on my cock and inserted it in her pussy.She was jumping up and down and was making lot of noises.I was in heaven and I was thrusting with more and more force.

After 10 minutes I came in her and she sad thank you.I begged her to untie me which she did but she took a promise of not to tell anyone and that I have to come regularly.From that day I bunked many classes and fucked her in various positions and even in my car.Now she is in dubai and I an all alone searching for some hungry women who needs sexual pleasure

Lost Virginity To Aunty Who Wanted It Like Hell

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