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Lost My Virginity To Elder Sister

  • desipapa
  • September 11, 2015

I am Vikram 37 years old , born in a village at Madurai district southern part of India. I am not a fairy skinned man but Some of my body features made me attractive for girls I had a Well built body, brown colored skin, Big attractive sharp eyes. I would like to share my sexual adventures with you, which came to me without much of efforts. Most of my sexual adventures are incestuous and are between close relatives.My first sex experience happened with my elder sister who was 4 years elder to me. At that time we were in Chennai city. My father was working in Army & use to visit us once in a year. We were staying with my mother, and my step mother (My father’s second wife), I was aged 18 and my sister aged 23& has just completed her college exam & was on vacation. I use to fantasize about my sister during that age even though I didn’t have full knowledge about sex or intercourse but some thing made me arousing about the opposite sex. Whenever my sister comes out of bathroom after bath, I will enter inside and examine her innerwear, The sight of her used, unwashed, moist panties will arouse me I will run her panties all over my face, the pungent smell of her panties will make all my glands to secrete fluids.One day both my moms had left for a marriage ceremony of a relative leaving my sister in home to receive me from my school. That was my last exam, I returned home with full of joy about the following vacation holidays. I threw away all my school bag and refreshed myself with the snacks & milk that my akka (elder sister) gave me. I went to bathroom to ease up myself. When I was in the bathroom I thought of having a bath. I noticed that the bath soap was in the other bathroom. I covered myself with a towel & moved to the other bathroom and barged open the door. I was shocked to see my akka under the shower; she did not latch the door, as it was very tight. Her body was covered with a towel; she was applying soap on her face. Even though my akka was not a fairy beautiful lady, that light brown figure with sufficient fat deposits on her body looked more than attractive to me. I closed the door silently. My legs started trembling with anxiety and unknown feeling. I sat on a table nearby. My akka probably would have guessed what happened on hearing the door sound. There was a bit of silent in the bathroom for a minute. After a moment she opened the door little bit and called me inside. I was very anxious & walked to the bathroom with trembling feet with no clue on why she calls me.

I entered the bathroom my akka closed the door of bathroom behind me. Now I could see the almost bare body of my akka. She asked me to help her to apply the soap on her back. Obeying my akka’s command I took the sandal soap from the soapbox & moved to my sister. Akka bent her back to me by sitting on the floor and asked me to apply soap at the back.I started applying soap on her back and spread the froth to her neck and shoulder parts, from shoulder I started scrubbing her back & massaged, slowly moved my hand to her arms and then to her palm. Started to massage gently on her palm and all her fingers. This action should have aroused my akka, I felt her palms trembling. She held my palms in to her shivering palm tightly and squeezed it. Then I moved my other hand to her back and loosened the towel around my akka’s body. Then I moved my hand from her shoulder to the armpit and rubbed there, her hairy armpit made the soap water to release more foam. I briskly started spreading the foams in to the loosened towel. I saw my akka in a mesmerized position offering completely no resistance to my action. This made me to advance more without hesitation. I slowly released the grip of the towel entirely from her body and threw it to the corner.

Now I could see the bare chest of my akka lying down with her last bit of cloth an old black colored panties covering her pussy. The sight of her brownish fatty thigh made me pulsating. I could not control myself I opened my mouth and started sucking her tight breast. While my mouth still working on her breast & nipples, I ran my hand all over her chest, stomach, and slowly to her waist. Slowly I got hold of her black panties & started pulling it down since it was an old pantie with worn off elastic it moved down easily. At last removed that last bit of cloth from my akka’s body. Slowly I lifted my head from her breast and headed down to have a look of her pussy. The first sight of it was stunning. It is only from my Akka, I came to know that there would be hair growth on the matured pussy. I slowly moved my face towards the hairy pussy and started smelling that. It was a mixture of the soap and pungent smell that made me more arousing. I started to move my nose up and down on my akka’s hairy pussy. My sister became uncontrollable by this action of mine, she held my head tightly against her pussy and in one stroke she pulled the towel around my waist and threw it away & started to moan. I saw my sister totally surrendered to me lying beside me. I was very much aroused to see my akka totally surrendered to me, who normally will command me with angry face. My cock was throbbing hard. Slowly I climbed on my Akka’s body and mounted myself on the top of her ,kissed on her cheek, ear, neck,& all over her face. She also reciprocated with kisses on my face and moaning near my ear ‘Vikram super da’. That comment from my ever commanding angry faced sister aroused me. My cock was touching hard on her hairy pussy. Since it was my first experience on sex and was too young to handle a girl , I didn’t know what to do after that. My akka held my body tightly against her and slowly she came to the upper position. Soon I was lying down & my akka came on top of me. She kissed me on my lip and inserted her tongue in to my mouth and started sucking. I felt like she was sucking out the life out of my body, it was such a tremendous feeling. While she was sucking me out, I hugged my akka towards me and ran my hand on her back and her buttocks. My cock was pulsating against my sister’s pussy, which was mounted on my cock. While my akka and I were sucking each other’s mouth, slowly my akka started to move her buttocks up and down. I felt my cock was sliding slowly in to my sister’s hairy pussy inch by inch with each movement of my Akka. I felt the fleshy, greasy & warm pussy of my sister engulfing my cock slowly in to it. The feeling that my own elder sister & me in a fucking position was very thrilling to me. At one point I felt that my entire cock was buried deep in to my Sister’s pussy. It was an incredible experience as I felt the tightness & warmness of my sister’s pussy around my cock.

By this time my akka started moving her buttocks up & down more vigorously. As both of our naked body was fully wet with soapy water that was dripping from my sisters body on me, each and every movement of my sister made a noise. The pace of movement of my sister started increasing; at one point she screamed little louder and squeezed me tighter against her. I felt some warm fluid secretion from inside her pussy gushing out against by cock that was sister’s orgasmic fluid. On sensing the warm fluid of my sister, my cock started pulsating and I myself started hitting my cock against akka’s pussy from below. I felt like something was gushing out from my cock deep in to my akka’s pussy with great speed. We both shouted and held each other tightly at that time.That was my first sex experience in which my akka and myself lost our virginity to each other. It is only after that incident me and my sister became very kind, close understanding, & considerate to each other, which are very important for any brother sister relationship.

We never felt guilty for that incident. The act of sex is nothing but an expression of love. So according to me it is not right to restrict this expression of love on the basis of relationship. Because it is a natural form of expression of love to the opposite sex. God has created each of us with that feeling, but it is only the man made system that prohibited sex with some people while allowing it with some other people based on their relationship. Now my sister is married with kids and a family of her own leading her own life. If these social systems were not there probably me & my sister would have married and led a still happier life.Nothing should be considered taboo, if it is to increase love and affection to our fellow human beings.I will post my other experiences after receiving the comments from readers.

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