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Losing Virginity To Mama

  • desipapa
  • August 27, 2015

Losing virginity to mama! Thanks for great response for my first story (Mama fucked Bhanji in front of her Brother…..). Menu she is my elder sister having good figure 32-26-34 with height 5.6 ft, fair and long hair. She got hard fuck with my mama (viju mama with great look, 24 aged) and by the chance I seen both of them during their fucking season.. Next day I noticed that menu is not able to walk properly and mama was left for office early. At the time of breakfast I was alone and nobody was at home… I don’t have idea what should I do now.

I asked menu where are all..? She told me that nana and nana has left for temple which is around 30 km far from house and mama left to office early. Then I asked how do u feel? “What do u mean, raj” menu asked me in shocked state. I told the “dear don’t wary I saw everything last night… there is nothing to hide with me…”

After lesion this she was in shocked… I pulled her to sit near me… and with hard grip I looked in her eyes and ask again… why sis?? Why are you doing this…?” She about to cry and told me “Raj I have to do all this… there was no other way…….. I know this is wrong but I have no other choice…?

Why do you have no other choice…? I asked…. She told me “this is a long story…” then we have enough time I told… “Ok raj if you want to lesion then lesion…. It all started when 4 months back mama visited our village. As I was very close to him I took him to our firm, garden and near by places. That time you were out of town for few days. After 2-3 days we decided to visit a picnic place nearby our village where water falls have. We left our house in morning and plan to return by evening as we don’t have plan to bath or something like we didn’t took cloths. We took bike from father and I sit behind.

After cross the village boundary mama told me to caught him tight due to bad road. I did so. Bike got too jerks and with every jerk my breast rubs on his back. After we reach there we sit near by a tree which is not far enough to waterfall. Suddenly mamas got a spider and trying to afraid me and try to slip that spider in my kurta. That day I was wore white kurta and red pajama, with red duppta. I stand up and run some how I know that he is just joking and he will not do anything like…. But he followed me and caught me from the behind. I was laughing and enjoying. Then mama took my duppta and dropped aside… I took this also in joke.. he challenged me that he is going to slip that spider in my kurta… I made a joke of him and told if you have dared than do this.

He took this challenge and he slip his hand in my kurta from neck line… I feel tickled and also first time touch of any man to my upper breast… then he opened her palm and released spider on cleavage. And moved out his hand. I was shocked and frightened.. I asked him for the help… he is laughing as told me to remove cloths and jump in pool.. I was so frightened I was not able to think a bit and I did the same… I was nude in pool and my milky breast is up on pool … mama sharing at my pink nipple which was erected due to cold water of pool.

I realized that I made a mistake … so hide my self I try to cover my breast with hand… I saw mama removed his shirt and pent … get nude and… he was holding his huge dick and come forward to me… I want to hide / run away but there’s no place for that… also I was nude to run…. He come near to me and sit by the side… place his hand on my back and plant some kisses on back and neck… I feel his warm breaths and I feel amazing… he massage my back and make me feel secure in his arm… I was feeling first time man touch… My head was on his hairy chest.. His palm playing with back and my breast now touching his chest… my inner will to get hard suck… my lips, nipples and even pussy.

He rise my face and touch my lips with his and start kissing gently… my body is shivering due to mix feeling of cold water and hot touches of viju… his dick is touching my thighs … my lips are sucking by his and he now forcedly entre his tongue to my mouth.. our tongue feels each others… his had caring my breasts he pressing hard and pinching the nipples… I feeling sweet pain… he is not willing to stop neither I. He told me to stand up I hesitate but he made me to stand with back of rock…. Now in this situation my pussy was facing his mouth… I can feel his warm breath near my pussy area.

Now I got idea what was in his mind… I was full excited by thinking what will be next…. He gently touches my pussy with his hand and slowly press with his palm …. Touch his tongue over …. I was on high horse… I slowly give a way to my love hole by sparing my thighs …. Now he gets deep excess of my love hole… he started to rub his finger near my love hole…. That made me crazy…. I was fingering his hair and pushing toward my pussy… he entered his finger and start to and fro motion… I was feeling good…. Meanwhile he touches pussy with tongue also…. After few minute I was about to come so I hold him hard.

He understand that I was about to come he remove the finger and start licking deeply… his tongue entered deeply… suddenly I push his head hardly toward my pussy and sacked my hips up and down… my posy was deflated with pussy juice …. He drank all the juice… I was feeling light and satisfied… he told me minu… how was this … I’m shy and said great… then he told me minu please make me also feel great … I was not understood so I ask how… he told me to do blow job… I denied as I didn’t did earlier… but he force me to do as I also not did earlier wt we did now.

I told him ok I will do for few minutes … I hold my hand and put on his dick… first time I saw closely it was brownish black with swallow head….. Around 2.5-3 inch thick and 8 inch long… slowly I put my lips on his dickhead … and touch with tongue… he hold my head and showed me to do up and down to make him feel good… I stared the doing…. Dick head entered in deep throat when he pushes inward…. So I hold his dick and only swelling dick head… after few minutes he push harder and say come on fast..Fast … and he unload his load in my mouth… that was sour in test.

He hugged me tight and hold me for some time…. We both head feeling of satisfaction….. so we moved to water fall and getting bath together …. We both was hugged and water falling from upside… he sit on a rock and make me to sit on his leap…. His dick was in between my bottom… I feel he is again getting hot… I a have same feeling… now I want to get real fun….. Minu wants some real fun??? He asked to me… I smiled and he got the signal…. He again lowered my head and I got idea wt to do… I start oral and minute his dick stand rock.

He told me to go to sand bed for comfortable action… I lied nearby sandy place and I sit near my legs … he spared my legs and sit in between… then he put my legs on his thighs and put some salvia on his cock and pussy…He starts rubbing my pussy with his hand and dick head… that made me horny again…. I wraps my leg around him… he put his dick on my pussy hold and thrust to inside…. I felt pain and about to cry…. He put his hand over my mouth… and again push hard to inside… his half cock was inside me.

He stare thrush forward and backward motion…. With every forward motion… his dicks enter a little more deep inside…. After few stroke he entered completely and removed his hand…. He put his lip and giving good lip kiss to me….. we doing good smooch and meanwhile he again stared stroking … this time I was enjoying…. I also move my hips up and down to match his speed…. He his kissing my madly with fucking….. Around 25 minutes he unloaded his load inside me… we both got good climax…. After that we relax some time I cleaned my self and we dress and backed. By listing her story. it made me damn horny and feeling badly to unload my load.

My dick was in full erection….. I put it out and look to minu…. She looked me at and put his hand on my cock…. I feel soft touch of her and she moved up and down to make me feel great….. I raise my hand to feel her breast but she told me don’t …. After few minutes I unload my load on her hand… she got up and clean her hand… I clean my self and moved…..Hope you like this one also…!

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