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losing My Virginity With My Servant

  • desipapa
  • August 27, 2015

I’m a 21 year old gay guy, staying in Delhi. What I’m going to tell you, however, happened when 5 years ago, when I was 16 years old and all of it is true. I have not added anything extra since the story itself is erotic enough. I lost my virginity to a servant who worked for us then and still works for us now. I lived with my mother and father, and we had a full-time servant who stayed with us. His name was Ramesh Thakur. He cooked, cleaned, and he also served as a masseur for the family.

I had always been a horny boy. Since I spent a couple of years in boarding school, I was aware about sex and also actively watched porn. I loved porn, and I loved masturbation. I had realized by then that I wasn’t attracted to girls. I didn’t have any idea about gay porn then so I just used to stare at the guys’ cocks in straight porn movies. Slowly I discovered gay porn and once I did, my mind began to wander, thinking of all the possibilities, all the things that I wanted to do. I used to fantasize about getting intimate with a couple of friends, but nothing more.

My friends and I used to be pretty open about sex. We used to talk about which girls they find hot, what they’d like to do to them and how. One day we were talking generally when I heard one boy mention that our servant was quite notorious for sleeping with women, that he had quite an appetite for sex. He was around 35 years old then and his family lived in Bihar, so I understood that he must need release every now and then. That day, for the first time I properly looked at my servant. He’d been around for over a year but I had never “checked him out”, so to speak. Now that I looked at him, I was quite happy with what I saw. He was wearing trousers and a shirt with the top 3 buttons open. He was around 5’10” tall,;had short, tousled and messy hair. Very dark skin, the colour of black coffee. A sharply-angled face with a light stubble and a longish nose.

He was slim, must have had a waist of around 30 inches. His arms were different from his slim body: they were thick and muscled with stubby fingers. He had a little bit of hair on his arms and chest. All in all, I liked what I saw. Come to think of it, he was quite handsome. I could understand why many ladies would be willing to sleep with him; I definitely would!

The first time the idea of seducing him came to mind when he was giving me a massage one day. He’d lightly brush his hand against my penis while massaging my legs. I thought it was a mistake the first few times but it seemed more deliberate after every touch. I ignored it, however. A few days later when I was talking to my friends, I casually brought up the topic of my servant bedding women. He said, “Yes, he’s had sex with practically every single woman in the neighbourhood, even a few married ones! I saw the nearby shopkeer’s wife coming out of his room yesterday afternoon, fixing her sari as she came out.

Ramesh bhai is so horny that he’ll even do a guy if he gets the chance.” Now I began to think that there was a real chance of me getting lucky with this handsome desi stud! I began to think of how I’d slowly unzip his trousers, suck his cock and then drink all his sperm. But I had to come up with a way to break the ice, to get him to have sex with me. I was worried he’d shy away from a gay experience.

So after a lot of thinking, I figured that he’d love porn since he loves sex so much so I downloaded some porn on my laptop. Most of it straight and a little bit of bisexual porn. One evening, when mom and dad were out, I called him into my room. My laptop was on my bed with porn ready to play. I’d made a playlist so that after a few porn clips, the bisexual part would come on. I showed him the porn and asked him if he’d like to see. He looked really awkward for a second but then he grinned and said, “Aap ye sab bhi dekhte ho sahib?” I was nervous, stammering and didn’t really know what to do. So I just stood there while he sat on the bed and watched the porn. Then the bisexual video came on and I was looking at him for his reaction. He didn’t react at first, and then exclaimed in wonder, “Ladka log bhi aisa karta hai, ek doosre ke saath!” But then he kept watching. By now I wasn’t thinking much.

I figured I’ve gone through with this much, might as well go through with it completely. So I came closer to him and kept my hand on his crotch area. I said, “Dikhaao na mujhe apna.” He didn’t even seem to hesitate for a second and stood up, unzipped his fly and took out his cock. I was mesmerised, I was feeling slightly dizzy and light-headed, like I was drunk. I didn’t even notice properly what it looked like. I took it in my hand and I vaguely remember saying “Kitna bada hai yaar!” Then after just holding it in my hand for a few seconds, I knelt down. He asked me, “Chusoge kya abhi?” I didn’t reply and just put it in my mouth. I didn’t know what to expect so I just let his meat stay in mouth for some time. It felt unimagineably erotic, having my servant’s penis between my lips and on my tongue. It was pretty much tasteless, but the feeling was heavenly! Then when I took his hard rod out of my mouth, I stood up and he said, “Abhi sahib aa jaayenge, kal karte hain.” And then he just left.

The next day I was unable to concentrate in school. My mind kept drifting to my servant and his rod. As soon as school finished, I literally ran home and then waited impatiently to see if we would be alone at home. My dad called in saying he’d be late and mom soon left to go shopping. We were alone again, and my heart was pounding. I didn’t know how to bring it up again with Ramesh, but I needn’t have worried. The moment mom left, he entered my room asking me, “Abhi kijiyega sir?” I just nodded, and stammered a weak yes.

He came in, sat on a chair and unzipped his fly. He pulled out his cock and now I got a really good look. It was just as dark as his skin, a very dark brown, almost black. His penis was circumsized. I could just about get my fingers around it, it was pretty thick, around 2.5 inches in diameter. It was around 6 inches long, poking out from his bush of pubic hair with a nice mushroom head. I asked him, nervously, if he could take off his trousers. He willingly got up and took them off. I saw these huge balls hanging between his thighs! I was hard instantly and the next moment, he was on the chair and I was on my knees trying to swallow his balls. I could only take one in my mouth at a time. There was a slight musky smell around his crotch and it turned me on even more.

I took off the shorts I was wearing and started jerking off in between while burying my face in his scrotum. After getting my fill of his balls, I took his shaft in my mouth again. This time I really enjoyed his cock’s round and smooth head. The feel of a hard rod with silky ebony skin over it sliding on my tongue, with the slight bump of a vein occasionally. I started sucking now, bobbing my head up and down on his cock. I was in heaven, again feeling slightly dizzy as if drunk. His cock soon became wet with my saliva. I started to get a warm, thick liquid occasionally on my tongue, which I later realized was precum. I was really enjoying it and slowly sucking on his cock, when suddenly he put his hand behind my head, interlocked his fingers and pushed my head down on his cock. The hard rod slid in and poked my throat, where it hurt slightly. I was uncomfortable but he grabbed my head and started pushing my head up and down at a pretty fast rate. I was choking in between and gasping for air, but he continued. I was beginning to panic now. I could hear the squishing and squelching as his cock flew between my lips, into my mouth and tried to go down my throat too. Mercifully he stopped. I pulled his cock out and just knelt between his legs, taking deep breaths, my own saliva mixed with his precum dripping in long strands from my mouth. His cock stood hard in front of me glistening wet after brutally fucking my mouth. He was panting and looking grim.

I wasn’t prepared for this animalistic sexual behaviour and didn’t know how to react, but I gess I had little choice. He suddenly leaned down and asked me softly, “Gaand doge kya? Zyaada mazaa aayega, aapko bhi.” I was scared, unsure of what would happen and immediately refused, and got back to sucking him. He persisted and asked me a few more times to try it once. I finally got too horny and once he suggested it, I couldn’t get the idea out of my head of having this rustic, desi man fuck me like he fucked all the other girls. Now all I wanted was to have his meat pushing in and out of my ass, to be in his power, to be his slave, to have him break my ass in. I agreed and he lit up. He asked me to get on all fours, which I did. He spat in his hand and rubbed it on his throbbing pole, obviously too horny to get some other lubricant. He placed his cock head on my asshole and pushed with all his might. His cock popped in and GOD! The horrible pain made me cry out, scream and immediately move forward to get his cock out. I blacked out for a few seconds and I couldn’t even breathe normally for some time, the pain was so bad. I gasped, “Nahi, nahi hoga, bahut dard ho raha hai yaar.” He just said, “Pehli baar hota hai, phir dekhna kitna mazaa aaega sir.” I refused to believe him. I was still coming to my senses, I didn’t notice him go and get some oil from the kitchen. He rubbed it on his black cock and I must admit, his cock looked really sexy. Black, thick and covered in oil, I just wanted it inside me right then. I got on all fours again and he tried pushing it in.

I was afraid of the pain, and I was right to be. The moment he entered me, I started screaming. “Aaaaahhh, nikaal yaar, maarega kya,” I screamed but to no avail. This time, he had grabbed my hips and wasn’t about to let me go anywhere. I was seeing stars in front of my eyes when I felt him pull my hips backward with a jerk. I was completely impaled on his black pole and I felt that rod slide up my ass. I felt the burning pain, as his desi cock pushed in, sliding along my rectum, opening my hole wider as it went in. I started thrashing about, the pain was so bad. He must have gotten annoyed since he pulled out then. I was relieved, but only for a moment. He immediately flipped me over on my back in one fluid motion and without warning, jabbed at my ass with his cock. His aim must have been good, because I completely FREAKED OUT! His whole cock, all 6 thick inches went in at once and I literally began crying, screaming like a woman in labour. I had tears running down my eyes, but he was just looking at his rod the whole time, watching it slide into my ass. He slowly pulled out, bent over and roughly pushed his tongue into my mouth. I suppose that was my first kiss. He held still for a while and I began to feel better during that time. But he didn’t let that feeling last. He broke the ‘kiss’, took my ankles in his hands and spread my legs. He pulled out and started pumping his cock in and out. He was fucking me slowly, but it was still hurting like hell. It felt like my ass was on fire, stretched like it had never been stretched before. After a few pumps, he increased his pace. I started crying anew, tears not stopping. I said to him, between sobs, “Please yaar, bahut zyada dard ho raha hai, baad mein karenge, abhi please chhod de.” He ignored me and kept on fucking me ruthlessly. I screamed everytime his cock pushed in.

I once again pleaded for him to stop, and he said, “Saali randi, itna maza aa raha hai, ab poora karne de.” I again began thrashing around and he finally withdrew. He must have been displeased because without even waiting for me to get up, he brought his cock close to my mouth and pushed my head towards it slightly with one hand. I wiped his cock with a cloth and gratefully noticed no shit. Just a little bit of oil and some blood which I assume, came from ass after his rough entry. I started sucking and he once again put his hands behind my head and fucked my mouth. I was gasping for air soon, but I decided that this was still better than having that thick meat in my ass. Soon he started breathing heavily, I heard him say, “Aaaahhh, choos mere lund ko, le muh me.” I figured he was about to come, so I tried to pull away. He didn’t let me, he pushed my head onto his cock and at the same time, thrust his pelvis forward to push his cock deep. The result was that he started shooting his load down my throat. I began to choke and cough and he pulled out, sperm still shooting from his rod. It all landed on my tongue, in my mouth.

It had a salty, bitter sort of taste and I had no choice but to swallow it. Although I didn’t like all the roughness, it no doubt felt incredibly erotic and arousing. He kept his cock inside my mouth until it went flaccid and then pulled out. He put on his trousers and said, “Mazaa aa gaya aaj toh.” I looked at him, lost for words, feeling really weird. He said, “Jab ye lund aapke gaand mein jaayega na sir, tab aayega asli mazaa.” I was unsure how to respond so I pulled on my shorts and went to the washroom to clean up. I was surprised at how sore my asshole was, I even had trouble walking.

After this incident, I started experimenting with my anus. Playing around with it, pushing a finger in, slowly two and I started getting more comfortable with it. I was prepared the next time Ramesh and I had sex, and that was a much more pleasurable experience for me. However, that’s a story for another time. This was my first story guys, and I’d appreciate ant feedback.

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