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Losing My Virginity 1

  • desipapa
  • September 4, 2015

Hi to all desipapa readers again; To my new readers, these are all real episodes of my life which commenced at the age of 16. I am REKHA (born 1980), now 30 years old, fair complexioned and medium built (5’ 5″, 36-28-38, 56 kg, long black hair up to my buttocks), married for last 8 years (2002) with no children, and a housewife staying in Kolkata. My husband is in Dubai (job) and visits me every year for a few weeks’ vacation.

I am a M.A., B.T. in English and I give private tuition in English up to Class XII in both ICSE & CBSE streams. I am staying with my parent-in-laws in their own 2-story house.

Though I was looked down upon by them till recently for not delivering an ‘heir’ to their family, & they were often hurling abuses at me, my husband was very considerate and supportive of me all through. Only last year, at my sincere behest, he undertook a medical examination which “proved beyond any doubt” that my husband was incapable of becoming a “biological father” because of his genetic imbalance. After that my in-laws attitude towards me changed 180 degrees and now they love me very much.

(It is another matter that 4 years back, once I became pregnant inadvertently (not from my husband – which you will come to know from my real-life escapades to be posted in due course) and had to go to my parents’ house for a month and secretly abort.  I was initiated into the pleasures of my own body by incestuous molestation (touching and fondling) at the tender age of 14 (unbelievable, but true) at the hands of my own “Mama” (mother’s brother). But instead of calling myself a ‘victim’ of molestation.

I think he did me a great service by initiating me to the beautiful world of my insatiable lust for sexual fantasies and desires, which has only grown since 1996 in geometric progression. What had started innocently between me and my ‘mama’ when I was 14 years has made me into what I can describe myself today as an educated, self-confessed/admitted ‘nymphomaniac’ and a ‘ever-hungry oversexed woman’. Even to this day, I am equally comfortable in both incest and other outside relationship, and always am on the lookout to seducing anyone with a cock and a slippery tongue to satisfy my physical needs.

I can vouch from my last 14 years experience that it is not necessary for a person to have an 8”+ long and 3” fat cock to satisfy a woman. Provided the circumstances & foreplay is long & sensual, a woman can reach her orgasm with a person possessing a 4” long & 2” fat male organ in less than 10 minutes. Let not those ‘fake’ authors give me a lecture about needs & sexual satisfaction of a woman as I say this as a woman myself and from self-experience. Initially my uncle started just ‘fondling’ me for nearly 2 years without ever having “real intercourse”.

I was an early ‘bloomer’ and my breasts were quite grown and visible by the time I was in class 9 (30″+) which possibly led to everyone around me, whether at our joint-family home, functions, festivals, school and neighborhood to “ogle” at me whenever they lay eyes on me. Mama’s caresses and fondling made me experience the joys of masturbation and enjoy the satisfaction of reaching an ‘orgasm’ at the tender age, so much so, that in his absence I used to search ways & means to seduce others to help me reach my orgasm, till I lost my virginity at the age of 18 (more of that in some other episodes…).

The Main Story of this episode:
Subtitle: My maiden orgasm

I was in class IX and my annual results were declared and I was scared to show the report card to my father since I had secured just pass marks in English, although I had scored pretty decent marks in all other subjects. I returned from school and found my Moni-mama had come and was having evening snacks (luchi-potol-begun bhaja) which my mother had prepared for her brother. Moni mama was around 23 just finished his MBA and got himself a decent well paying job recently at Kolkata, and was staying there in a bachelor’s mess. He was well built, very handsome (goes with the genes, since my mother was termed as a super-beauty even at her age of 38), 5’9” tall and about 62 kgs with a well toned body.

During his hostel stay he used to work out in the gym daily and he had managed to develop a 6-pack abs in his midriff, and his body was like a V-shaped from the waist upwards. I am sure any girl/woman would fall for him and he would have had his hands full, but unfortunately, Moni mama was very shy by nature, but academically brilliant. Everyone in our joint-family house at Burdwan used to give his example to all the children when it came to studies. In one way, all of us (including my brother and about 8 cousins – yes we had a big joint family with my father and his 3 brothers) hated him in one corner of our minds, since, due to his academic brilliance we were often ridiculed for our academic backwardness.

Seeing me arrive from school he just shouted at me, “Hello Rekha, come, come have some hot puri and bhaji”. I tried to avoid him and walked straight passed him climbed the stairs to my 2nd floor bedroom. It was an old 3 story mansion built by my great-grandpa with at least 30 rooms, and I was given a separate room since past one year which was at the far end of the 2nd floor balcony. I had changed my uniform to my house skirt and loose shirt and was sitting at the edge of the bed thinking how I will break the news to my family about my disastrous English marks on my annual report card, Moni mama walked into my room quite anxiously:

What’s the matter with you Rekha-sona, why didn’t you acknowledge my wishes? You know, it is bad manners not to reply to someone when they address you!!

Me: It’s nothing mama (I kept my head bent).

No no, I can’t believe it, something must have happened at school or maybe at the house this morning. Has didi or jamaibabu (my father) scolded you in any way?

Or did you have a fight with Ronit (my brother)?

Me: No, it’s nothing like that, I’m Ok.

No you’re not Ok, and don’t lie to me my dear ‘Bhagni’ (niece).

Me: It’s nothing mama, I am just sad (still bowing my head I started convulsing and couldn’t stop the tears rolling on to my cheeks). Moni mama got really worried and came to me, and tried to raise my face with his palm, but I kept my head firmly facing the floor. Then he took my face with both his palms and started consoling me “Now come my sona-rani, tell me what happened? I promise not to tell anyone and if it’s within my powers I will solve the problem. Darling, you have to trust your Mama”. Saying this he firmly raised my face to look at him and gave me a short kiss on my forehead. I couldn’t take it anymore and I just buried my tear-drenched face in his chest thereby soaking his shirt, and my “kajol” (type of black eyeliner) dripped on to his shirt making black spots in many places. I couldn’t stop my convulsions and in the process I embraced him tightly with both my hands.

I was crying as well as feeling my well developed boobs pressing against his chest. As informed in my introduction “about the author”, at that tender age of 19, I had already 30”+ boobs. On one side I had the fear of my English marks, and on the other I was feeling another beautiful sensation through my body because of my mama’s tight embrace. The feeling is impossible to describe in words, and although after a few minutes my crying & tears had stopped completely, unknowingly I hugged on to Monimama as I didn’t want to end the sensuous feeling so quickly.

I felt my legs cemented to the ground and my both hands became heavy like stone, unable to come out of the embrace. When I think of it now, I sense that I was experiencing the 1st sexual arousal that every girl feels once in their lifetime when they come out of adolescence and enter the age of youthful exuberance. I don’t know how long I had held on to Monimama, till he moved his hand and lifted my chin and stared at me straight in the eye and asked me again what was the reason of my crying. I told him about my English marks and my fear to face my father. Without letting me out of his embrace he started comforting me and assured me that he would handle the situation.

He started telling me about the importance of proper knowledge in English. He informed that since now he had got a job in Kolkata, and he had to attend office for just half day on Saturday, he would come to our house (1.30 hours by train) straight after office, and attend work Monday morning straight from Burdwan by catching an early morning fast-local train. He would coach me in English and this way, in my Board exams in 10th standard, I will surely get better marks in English. Neither of us realized that while talking and reassuring me his right hand was resting on my left breast. Since we were still locked in an embrace, his right hand was firmly pressing my left tit.

When he realized he quickly removed his hand and left the room saying that he is going downstairs to inform my mother casually about the situation and somehow to tackle my father. During the next 1 year, at my mother’s insistence he started coming regularly on weekends to teach me English. He convinced my mother that the more one speaks in English, reads English story books, and sees English movies the quicker it will be for me to pick up the language, as he had only 1 year to prepare me for my Board exams. My father also supported his theory and permitted him to take me to the cinema hall for watching English movie.

One day he took my parent’s permission and took me to see an English movie on Sunday afternoon and Mama got two balcony seats. I noticed that the seats allotted were aisle seats and a staircase was separating our seats with the wall. The movie started and after sometime the scene started to get a little romantic where the Hero was embracing the girl tightly. It soon reminded me of my feelings the day my Class IX results were declared and by chance I and mama had got into a tight embrace, just like in the movie. I started having a peculiar feeling in my stomach and my heart started throbbing.

I told Monimama I was feeling unwell and he enquired ‘what happened’? I told him softly of my situation and he asked where I was feeling uneasy.  I was sitting in the aisle seat, as there was another man sitting on the 3rd seat from the aisle with his girlfriend, and they were busy groping each other in the dark cinema hall. By this time after a month of coaching we had become more like friends, since we were only 9 years apart in age.

Monimama was sitting on my left, and I took his left hand and placed it over my left tit. I had already started wearing bra at that age due to my hard but protruding breasts. He started slowly massaging my left chest trying to comfort me. The uneasiness subsided but since I was feeling nice and aroused I didn’t tell him when he enquired in a soft voice if the pain had subsided. Suddenly another intimate scene was being shown on the screen. I felt a sudden rush of pain inside me and my heartbeats increased. I caught my Mama’s wrist with my left hand, and one swift motion of my right hand I opened the 2 buttons of my shirt and pushed his hand inside my shirt. I lifted my black bra and placed his palms on my bare breast pleading “ektu dabiye dao lokkhiti mama; amar shorirta kemon jeno korche”

(please massage me dear mama; I am feeling very uneasy). He then started skilfully massaging my in circular motion over my left breast. Then he put his right-hand around my shoulders and pulled my shirt slightly to the side and started massaging my right breast also. This continued till interval when mama took out his hand and went out to the lobby during the interval. He came back with a packet of popcorn and two glasses of coke. Acting as if nothing happened he looked straight at me and enquired how I was feeling. I informed him that I am feeling much better.

He explained to me that since I was growing up, I will feel many kinds of new sensations & uneasiness in my body, which were hitherto unknown to me. He assured me that I needn’t worry as these feelings are normal and every girl has to undergo them. He then asked me how my breasts were so much grown and whether I had started my periods. I was shocked to hear the question coming from my Mama. I had started my periods 2 years ago, and my mother had informed me that this is a “girly” thing which even she has to undergo once every 4 weeks, and that I should never discuss this with any man. I informed him about my period. He said “hmmmm” and smiled and the picture started again.

This time even though there were no romantic scenes, he placed his hand around my shoulder and with his right hand started unbuttoning my shirt. I could not resist as I had placed the popcorn ‘cone’ in between my thighs and had a few popcorn in my right hand, and I was holding the coke glass with my left hand. He then put his fingers under the bra of my right tit and lifted them to expose the same and started pressing. Then he whispered in my ear to feed him a few popcorns, I took my right hand towards him and put the popcorn in his mouth.

After a few minutes, again a romantic scene came and this time it was an intense love-making scene where the woman had removed her dress and was lying in the bed with her lover embracing and kissing her passionately.  The scene lasted maximum 10 seconds, but when I remember it today it seems that back then it seemed to last for ages, as so many things happened in those 10 small seconds.

(i) My body just froze and I felt a warm gush of liquid rise from my stomach and up to my throat and get stuck there.

(ii) Mama’s hand left my tit and rested on my thighs above my skirt.

(iii) My thighs parted unknowingly and the popcorn cone (container) fell to the floor.

(iv) Mama’s upper arm increased its pressure on my shoulders pulling me close to him and I automatically turned to face him, and saw his face coming down towards me.

(v) He placed his lips on mine and before I knew what was happening I parted my lips and he shoved his long pointed tongue inside my mouth. (vi) Trying to unsuccessfully save the popcorn cone from falling off his hand had gone between my thighs and since my body was frozen tightly, his hand was firmly embedded over my pubic area. (vii) Since I was facing the person sitting next to Mama, I saw in the darkness through the screen-light that he had bared his girlfriends tits and lowered his head towards her (ignoring our presence) and was sucking on her bare tits and making a strange noise. And when I saw through the corner of my right eye that the intimate scene had passed in the movie, I had already started sucking my Monimama’s tongue sweetly but firmly. It was a boon that the coke glass was nearly finished and nothing was being spilled on to my skirt. After about 10 minutes of intense French kissing we saw a Man was coming up the aisle and we quickly sat properly and I readjusted my bra & buttoned up my shirt.

We finished our coke and Monimama took my empty glass and placed it underneath the seat. When the man crossed us and went to his seat, mama again placed his hands on my thighs and pulled me towards him. I did not object as the feeling inside me was that of an unknown pleasure and his hands seemed so nice and comforting. Slowly he started rubbing my skirt above my thighs and I felt that he was slowly pulling my skirt upwards. He pulled my skirt all the way till the upper thighs and placed his palm on my silk panties.

Whenever I used to go to a function or some nice place I used to wear one of my 3 silk panties which my “pishima” (fathers sister), who stays in UK, presented me during her last visit. The rubbing of the vagina over my silk panties increased my pleasure and my body started shivering, and my eyes closed automatically and I lost all clue of the movie which was going on in the screen. I started moaning softly ‘ooo issshhhh aaaaaa uuuuuu issssssh’ as his rubbing increased and his fingers started entering my tender pussy covered with my panty.

I was oozing my pre-cum fluids and felt my panties getting wet when I lowered my hand to try to stop my uncle from rubbing the pussy so vigorously. But all I could do was to cover my uncle’s palm with mine and it felt that I was guiding his every movement. As my moaning increased Monimama brought his left hand and held my face and towards him. I opened my eyes for an instant and saw my uncle’s eyes staring at me with his tongue jutting out of his mouth. Instinctively I parted my lips and he entered his long snaky tongue in my mouth and I started sucking them like a wild animal.

At this instance he inserted his one finger inside the panty from my groin pulling the side elastic and started rubbing the slippery sticky juices on my bare pussy. I closed my eyes again savoring every bit of the ecstasy which was going through my entire body, while my Monimama expertly found the g-spot inside my clitoris and started playing his finger like a ‘Sitarist’ plucking the cords of his instrument.  It was a sensation which took me to the height of erotic pleasure and I could feel my body convulsing again (like the result declaration day) only this time instead of crying ‘tears of joy & exquisite pleasure” rolled down my cheeks and I reached my orgasm for the very first time in my life. It was a sensation which a girl possibly feels thousands of time in her lifetime, but the 1st time feeling is something unique and beyond my ability to express in black & white at this juncture.

My body shuddered as I reached my climax and unloaded all my fluids on my mama’s palm and he quickly took out his handkerchief with his left hand and wiped my pussy clean and also his right hand. I lay back on the seat devoid of any strength to sit upright, and mama gave me a soft hug and said ‘don’t tell this to anyone sona; what happened here between us is our secret and will stay forever, Ok?’ I could not answer but just managed to nod my head and said “hmm”. He bent towards me and just like the other day, he placed a soft kiss on my forehead and took my hand in his and we sat out the rest of the movie.
I remember just before the movie ended there was another passionate scene, and Monimama increased his pressure on my hand, but I was so exhausted that all I could do was to turn my head towards him and smile. He understood and bent over and placed a quick kiss on my lips.  This was the beginning of our secret relationship which continued for two years before I finally coerced him to take my virginity before his departure to Australia, but that is another story (real-life episode) which you will get to read in my later parts of submissions to desipapa.

I would appreciate your feedback at Since I am Not  a professional writer, and your critical appreciation / suggestion will help me with my ‘story narration’ in my future posts. I will also try to acknowledge all the emails written to me and answer any queries you may have to the best of my ability and honestly. Till we meet again, my dear readers…..take care and stay well

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