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Looking At The Cleavage

  • desipapa
  • October 14, 2015

I was in sixth standard studying in co-education school, so I was having both girls and boys as my friends. I was a good boy in the class as I was the class leader and having no bad intention. One of my friend who was keen about science fiction movies, was disclosing the detail of a new science fiction movie species. To prove it is a good he had brought the news paper with him to class and was revealing the story of the movie. I was drawn by the way he explained the story and thought of watching it.

In the evening I forced my dad to buy me the tickets for the movie and for which my dad bought only 1 ticket and asked me to go alone as he was busy at work. I was excited and took the ticket and went early to the theatre and sat inside the theatre, there were only few people around me. The movie started and was excitingly watching it, suddenly there was a scene were a girl is removing her dress and for the first time I saw the boobs in a big screen. My eyes were totally wide open and after that the hero started kissing the girl with the lip lock which drove me crazy.

It was the moment where my feelings was aroused and some kind thrilled chillness was passing through out my body. The feeling was very new to me and I was feeling happy without any reason.

There was a scene in the movie where the girl in supermarket bends down and the cleavage is shoot in a closeup which made me excited and my pants were tighten.

I was totally in a shock to see my tool in erect position making a bulge and tightening my pants.

I controlled myself and was sit ting quietly and watching the movie. The ending scene of the movie where the hero and heroine both start kissing each other and then they both start loving each other, my pants started getting wet which then without wasting any time the theatre I ran away to toilet and saw my pant was filled with some sticky liquid. I was in fear and started worrying that some disease is attacked me and need to consult a doctor. I left the theatre and went to home and slept quietly without telling to anyone.

Next day morning mummy woke me up early morning at 6 and forced me to study and as usual I was in sleepy mood went to bathroom and brushed my teeth and came in our courtyard and started studying.

I was thinking about the movie and feeling that felt for first time, suddenly I heard a gate sound opening when I looked it was my neighbor house gate which opposite it to us, the aunty was good looking and she was sweeping the floor and I was not thrilled to see it.

Suddenly my eyes caught her cleavage which made my eyes wide open and was kept looking it. For the first time in my life I was thrilled to see her cleavage, her boobs were big in size like a small watermelon, my pants were bulged in no time and the feeling in me was at the most and then the aunty started sprinkling water and again sweeping it, her saree was little down and I could see her blouse hooks, the boobs were about to come out and watching this made me thrilled.

After that I went out of my house still the aunty was sweeping. When went out of the gate aunty saw me and wished me good morning, I was silent and just kept quite and looking at her cleavage. Aunty called me near to her asked me what are you doing outside so early, I said simply. Her cleavage was driving me crazy, her eyes were totally covered by her cleavage.

The swearing that were flowing on her boobs, the small way like canal which was between the boobs were making me excited and thrilled. Each time aunty bends made her boobs dive out more, I could see her skin around her boobs which were wet with sweat and wanted to touch it badly, suddenly aunty saw me looking at her cleavage and adjusted her saree where I was distracted and then she was looking angry and drawing rangoli on the floor. I went back to my house and looking at her from the window, I was again lucky to see her cleavage and then i heard one more gate sound and went see who it was.

My neighbour aunty brought a bucket of wayer to draw rangoli, by looking at this situation to get a better view i ran to the roof and made myself comfortable and waiting for her bend down and i was lucky enough to see her fair cleavage was astonished to see her boobs in full view which were bigger like a football and saw her black bra as aunty was wearing nightie.

I was peeping to see aunty’s boobs and saw her boobs covered with black bra which were hanging and the bra was too small to cover her boobs, suddenly she scratched her boobs with her hands which made me horny and then aunty saw on the sides of the road and inserted her hand inside her nightie from the neck and started scratching her boobs, this was the moment which made me to touch my penis and was thrilled too much.

After that aunty removed her hand and started to sweep the floor, I was peeping on her cleavage and was astonished to see the small round mark little bit dark and wanted to see it more. Aunty again stood and inserted her hand inside her nightie and was scratching for sometime and then she went inside the house. My mood got off and was waiting to see her cleavage.

After five minutes aunty came out and started sprinkling water and then took the broom to sweep the floor and saw her fair boobs without the bra, my eyes and mouth were wide opened and just wanted to touch and feel her boobs. Aunty boobs were so big and fair i noticed a small round mark with a small tent on it which was her nipple, it was good view of her complete boobs withe the nipple made me excited to the core my penis was in terrible pain and with full thrill I went to bathroom and just removed my pant suddenly my sperms splashed out which gave me full enjoyment to the core and eased my pain.

I was very much excited and happy to see myself with showering pleasures of masturbate.

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