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  • September 10, 2015

Certain secrets are alive only in memories and they are the proofs for the deep minds secrets even though known to only to them. I am Aditya currently living in London. i came to London from in the month of February 2008 and due to my work pressure could not find time to sit and narrate this one of my experience to you all.I am single aged 25 dark black hairs, slim, tall to 6ft and weighs 70 kgs and slim  looking from outside contradicting the muscles in my 40′ chest and 14′ arms as i work out daily at home and in gym. gym is my most favourite of passions.

I did my graduation in Computers from and i work here for a big financial organisation as a consultant. i am 6ft tall in height and weighs 70 kgs.until my graduation i remained very studious and down to earth and people named me a bookworm. i was so reserved and books were my only thoughts. i had always ignored other things for the same for good marks at schools and thereby had no awareness on sex. Therefor i scored very good marks in school and got my engineering seat under merit list. It was only in graduation  that i gained all knowledge about the world around and about girls. after my graduation, i came back to india and was working for a commercial organisation in Bangalore. The things i am going to narrate here is about the 3rd girl i met in my bed in india. i had had a girlfriend while i was doing my graduation and with her i enjoyed sex like anything. she is a very hot girl and we explored all in sex. Orals and fast tricks were among my favourites and so was she. she was 3 years junior to me and her vital stats is 36,27,37. she was very fair, very cute indianic homely face and voluptous curves all over with a pretty chubby smile and inviting lips. she was busty and too hot in bed.when it was time to come back to india, i was really half hearted to leave behind such a beauty. anyhow life has to go like this only and i came back to india hoping that i ll get another girl for my sexual needs. after quite sometime i came across a girl named matangi, she was a malayalee and was very stout in figure with 5′ 8 height and heavy physique that matches her height. she had wide shoulders and wide hips and thick body line to match her wide shoulders and hips. she was very fair and had a cats eyes which added glory to her looks. her vital stats were 36,29,38. For quite a few months we were dating and i fucked her in my flat. she objected for a penetration initially but as she got along with me, didnt object for penetration in subsequent fucks.But later after that she got engaged and i heard news from her that she got married in her native . Again i got lonely for quite sometime until i met this muslim girl. she was very slim, tall to 5′ 6, very fair and bore a cute smiling and really beautiful face. whoever sees her face, ll continue staring her and she was such a beauty. she was very slim but had very big swollen hanging boobs of size 35. her vital stats was 35,26,36. i met her through one of my friend and i  was surprised when i got her message on my mobile that i almost jumped in the bathroom when i got her msg. soon we got along so very nicely and closely and she was very hot jus like me and was also pretty much interested in orals and all xxx stuffs but was jus waiting for the right companion.

We really got along so fast and within one month we started sharing sexy messages and our nightly messsages started exceeding its limits so very soon. then one day we decided to explore each other and we fixed a date. on that day i took up early, made my flat ready for her. i went to a common place in my car and took her in my car to my flat. my heart was really beating fast to enjoy the moment i ll be seeing her naked and my lips sucking her beautiful boobs. as soon as i entered i hugged her passionately and made her sit on the bed and served her some soft drinks. we spoke casually for sometime and our eyes were staring at each others with lust and we were jus thinking on how to start. eventhough i had been done sex with 2 girls earlier. i slowly came near her and sat next to her while talking and was all looking into her eyes with lust. she was looking into mine and i leaned forward and kissed her lips passionately. that was a pretty long kiss and our tongues were clasped and our lips were enjoying the softness of each others. while kissing my hands went over her soft boobs and startted estimating its size fro outside the fabric. she was wearing a skirt and a tops which had buttons from top to bottom. my hands started slowly massaging her tits from above the fabric and she had closed her eyes given her lips to my lips and my other hand was strokking her right buttock from above the skirt. she was so slim and compact but very soft and hot.she seemed not having any previous experience as she was hesitant to open my zapper.

I slowly made her lie down on the bed and came sideways on her partially with my legs on her thighs while still contnuing to chew her lips passionately. after quite along time of tasting her sweet lips and tongue, i started showering kissed all over head, cheeks, ear lobes, neck and started slowin coming down to her tops.before my lips could come down, my fingers had already started opening her tops buttons one by one. she was wearing a inner and below that a bra both were black colored. her cleavage was seen very deep as she leaned over me to kiss my lips and my cock got a instant hardon.  i slowly went over her after stripping off her tops from above her shoulders. now she was in her inners and bra and her inner was very low that her bra was clearly and much of her boobs too. i plunged in between her cleavage and started shwering my kisses all over breasts. he boobs were very soft and she was moaning in my ears. while kissig her there, i slowly pulled up her black inner and now she was in her bra only and my hands by now went along the sides of her from above her skirt. she was so shpely and soft and warm. my hands went upto her boobs and i started pressing her boobs. i tool out her both boobs out of her bra and started sucking either of them alternatively while my other hand was massaging her boobs and her thighs inside her skirt. by now cock started straining beneath my pant and was hard like a rock. i felt like to rub my dick inside her cunt. i slowly started shoering kisses all over he navel area and while doing so i undid he skirt and pulled it through her legs. she was wearing a rose colored panty and her stomach was slim and her waist was widened and plump. she had a pretty good sound plump buttocks.

I started showering kisses all over her while i inserted my hand and moved her panty line. I slowly kissed her from head to breasts and to navel and slowly came down to her love triangle. i removed her panty and her pussy so cute. it was looking small closed and very cute and it was a;ready slippery. I fingered her pussy for while and came inbetween her thighs and started licking her pussy. she didnt expect it so she jerked a bit and was looking at me strange but gradually she started getting normal. i started lickign her cunt driving my tongue to the full length of her pussy and the more i showed my tongue the more she uttered precum and that cum was wetting my mouth and face. she was smelling really great.i lapped her cunt slowly and passionately at the beginning and gradually increased the pace and licked her cunt harder and harder and she started moaning closing and her eyes and her facial expressions were showing that she was enjoying every moment of it as she bit and licked her own tongue and held my hands so tight which was inturn holding her inner thighs still more tight and was massaging them. i started lapping her cunt as hard as i can and as times goes by she could n’t withstand the pleasure and she was moving her head either sides with pleasurely pain all over her face and was terribly mewling on the mattress. at one point she leaned forward while lying on the bed and her right hand reached forward to my head and she held by head hairs and started pushing my head on her cunt more and more. i was lapping her cunt for a long time, by slowling down at the beginning, gradually iincreasing the speed, then later after lapped her cunt hardly bit her cunt lips and pulled her clitoral walls and then shook my head up give a break and then again slowly start it again and repeat the whole thing again and again. she cummed couple of times and her juice were smelling excellent. by then i got very much into mood. i inserted one of my finger into her cunt but it was very tight she was feeling lot of pain. i applied saliva along with her precum and inserted my finger and this time it went in but she was showing signs of pain but i didnt care. i took my finger and this time in inserted two of my fingers and slowly started fingering her cunt. by now her cunt got used to taking in my fingers and i was doing that for a long time. she had closed her eyes and was enjoying my fingering while i could see her face enjoying the pleasure along with lil pain.

With that i mounted on her and parted her thighs and placed my hard cock at the hole of her cunt. she opened her eyes and was looking into my eyes anticipation was filled in her eyes which i could clearly see. i gently tried to push my cock inside her cunt and hers was so tight that it only went partially in. I applied some more saliva to my cock and her cunt and placed my cock at the hole and pushed it in. she uttered a loud aaaaaahhhhhhh sound and i closed her mouth so that her sound doesnt hear outside. It took a couple of pushes more and finally my cock went in fully and she gasped loudly when it went in full. i kept my cock inside her cunt for sometime and then slowly i started pumping her . she gradually came normal after her cunt bleeded a bit and i started pumping her hole slowly at first and gradually increasing the speed. she had kept her thighs wide open and she was enjoying my cock rubbing her inner cunt walls. i slowly increased the speed and she started enjoying the pumping. i pumped her for quite long, in which, i was slow aat first and then i gradually increased the pumps and after pumping her fast, i took my cock fully out and then again placed my cock at her hole entrance and then pushed it in, then took it fully out, then pushed in and alternating the two way. i dont know how long i was pumping like this but it was too long and when i was pumping my hard cock inside her cunt fast, i felt i was about to cum.

I took my cock out and showered my cum all over her thighs and navel. some of my cum spilt over her pussy crack too. i felt on her and we hugged each other tight and was in each others arms hugging and playing with each others genitals. i badly wanted her to suck my dick that day but she said she was a bit shy to do it that time and that she ll do the next time. after sometime, i again got the hardness in my cock 2 more times on the same day and i fucked her twice after that on the same day. she was having some problems in walking to home and i dropper her at her place in my car and she fulfilled her promise to lick my cock on the subsequent times of our fucking sessions and we were regularly fucking each other until the day i flew to london. so thats my fucking experience with her in my bed and currently i am living in LONDON, UNITED KINGDOM. i am living alone here hoping that i ll get a girl soon here in london for my sexual needs. any girls or married womens interested to share their experience with that of mine or interested for a secret sex relationship please email or message me at

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