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London Ka Maza

  • desipapa
  • September 11, 2015

Hi everybody. I am Ali from London. I am 28 year old, single, 5’ 9” tall and averagely build. This is my real story I am writing to this site. This actually happened to me two years.

The story goes like this. We are staying in an apartment. The flat next door had been lying vacant for quite some time. One fine day, I heard noises in the staircase of people moving some heavy luggage; I opened the door & saw that our new neighbours were moving in the flat opposite to us. She was a young lady of around 27-28 years. She looked worn out due to the shifting of the luggage I offered to help her out & she gladly accepted. During the conversation she told me that she is an Indian and her husband was out on a foreign visit (which is mostly the case) and she had to shift in his absence only due to some emergency.

From the first sight itself, I was attracted towards my new neighbour. Her name was Rani. She had a voluptuous figure of 36b-27-36 and looked like a sex bomb ready to burst any minute. I was particularly attracted towards her breasts and big ass. She was very fair and stood tall at 5-6. In a nutshell and was any man’s dream come true. Since, her husband was out for almost 15 days every months, she often used to chat with me like a good neighbour.

Gradually, I became a little close to her & shared most of my talks with her. Being with her was simply the best thing that I could ask for. Sometimes, we also used to talk about sex, but things could not progress much as I was scared to make the first move.

One day when I was at home, I had to make an urgent phone call but found that my phone was out of order. I went to Rani’s house and rang the doorbell. But, there was no answer for some time. I again rang the bell & after a while Rani opened the door. She was having a bath, due to which it took her time to open the door. In a hurry, she had come in her nighty only & had a towel wrapped around her head. Water was dripping down her wet hair & she smelled so fresh. Her breasts stood out hard against the outline of her nighty and were so tempting. She was wearing a black bra, which held the 2 melons tight & firm. I was simply stunned to see her in this condition. I regained my control & said that I wanted to make a call, to which she said- come in. I dialed the number but my mind was somewhere else. I was looking at her with a sheepish look. She was combing her hair and occasionally bent her head to comb them properly. I could see her cleavage when she bent down, I had an instant hard on and she could also make that put as I was in shorts & it was difficult to hide the monster from waking up. She went inside her room to change. After having made the call, I went to tell her that I am leaving & she should close the door. Her bedroom door was a little open. My curiosity rose in anticipation and I quietly moved towards her room. From the opening what I saw stunned me completely. She was taking off her nighty and was only in her black bra and panties. I was horny as hell and wanted to grab her & fuck her to my pleasure, but was afraid that she would resist & I would land in trouble. I watched her as she slid her payjami & suit on her body. I quickly moved out to the drawing room to avoid any suspicion. She came out and could sense the uneasiness on my face. She came and sat next to me. We started talking and I tried to behave normally.

Suddenly, she put her hand on my thighs and started massaging it. I was a little shocked & asked her – what are you doing. She said, tell me did u like what u just saw?? I was caught and tried to move away. I said sorry—it just happened to which she smiled & said that I know what u want. She further said, I also want u badly as my husband cannot satisfy me at all because of his touring job. Bells started ringing in my mind when I heard this. I immediately caught hold of her and hugged her. She responded by tightly clinging on to me. I could feel her warm & soft breasts getting pressed against my chest. It was heavenly feeling. We both stood up & hugged each other in standing position. My cock was erect by now. I placed my lips on hers & she gladly opened them. We were locked in french kiss now & exploring each other’s mouths. My hands now reached her breasts and I was caressing them from the top of her kurti. She started giving out hot breaths now. I placed my lips on her ear & started biting it slowly and also sucked it in between. She was so much turned on by this that she hugged me very tightly and I was almost out of breath. I pushed her to the wall and pressed myself on her. Then I opened the top buttons of her kurti & slid my hand inside. I caught hold of her breasts & started to squeeze them. Then I asked her to remove her kurti & started removing it in a very teasing striptease manner. I could not wait any longer & pulled it off her head. She was now in her black bra on the top. I kissed her on the navel & started sucking her navel hole giving hot breaths on the area. She was simply going mad with pleasure & pressed my head hard against her navel. After doing this for a while, I moved towards her breasts—all this while being in standing position. I pressed her breasts hard from over her bra. She moaned in pleasure. I kissed her breasts from over the bra & then started removing it with my teeth. It took a bit of effort to do this, but it was worth the wait. Her bra finally came off & her 2 melons were now free. Man, they were two missiles which sure knew how to kill the target. Rani’s breasts were so creamy. Her nipples were pink & puffy. I placed my lips on her nipple & started sucking it .She was moaning in pleasure. My hand was busy squeezing the other breast, which I was doing so strongly, and she started complaining of pain. I was simply loving sucking & squeezing her breasts. Now, she placed her hand on my dick over my shorts and started pressing it and moving it to and fro.

She badly wanted to feel it in her hands now & could not wait any more. She herself untied my shorts and I was now in my underwear & T-shirt. The underwear was pulled ahead due to the pressure of my 6.5″ cock. She placed her hand in my undies & released the prisoner. I just cannot explain in words what a heavenly feeling it was. I was in seventh heaven. She kissed the tip of my cock and started stroking it. Her fingers got sticky due to the pre-cum, however she continued her act. I was simultaneously pressing her ass cheeks were one hand & her breast with the other. Sometime later, I was about to cum & asked her to stop as I did not want to waste the precious liquid in her hands. I undid the string of her salwar & down it went to the ground exposing her silky white thighs & black lacy panties. She removed my T-Shirt. I was totally nude now & she was only in her panties. I took my dick in my hand and rubbed against her panty. We were both going crazy for each other. Then, she took `my dick in her hand & put it inside her panty against her pussy. We could feel each other’s most private parts hitting against each other. My cock was now a prisoner in her panty held up against her pussy. In rhythm we started moving up & down and my cock was rubbing hard against her pussy now. After some time, I asked her to turn around & stand with her face towards the wall. Now, her ass was facing me. I pulled off her panties in one go & could now see her bare ass cheeks in front of me. I stroked my dick against her buttocks & slapped them in between. We were getting tired of standing by now & decided to move to her room now. Once, inside I threw her on the bed & lied down on top of her. We lied down in 69 positions. She took my dick in her mouth & started sucking it moving her tongue around the tip and the shaft. I was enjoying every moment of it. Meanwhile, I started kissing her bald pussy and licked the inside of her thighs. She gave me the best blowjob of her life & I shot a full load of cum in her mouth. She really liked the taste of it I could also taste her juices and her pussy was on fire. My cock was back to life in no time and ready for action. We were having oral sex for the last 30-40 mnts and she said that her maid would come within the next half hour.

So, we didn’t have much time on hands and she wanted the whole thing there & then only and so did I. Though, I wanted to suck her breasts for some more time she placed my hand on her pussy. I slid a finger inside it & she let out a shriek with pleasure. I started moving my finger to and fro and then placed 2 fingers inside her pussy, which was flooded with her love juices. She held my hair in pleasure & started saying all sorts of loose talks to me in hindi. I guess she enjoyed doing this. She reached her orgasm with a thud & all this while she was holding my head against her breasts. Now, we got down to the final act. She took out a pack of condoms from her almirah & gave it to me. I placed the condom on my erect dick and asked her to spread her legs. It was going to be my first experience. I placed the tip of my dick against her pussy lips. I gave a thrust, but failed to enter as she was really tight. She hadn’t been fucked enough during the course of her 2-year marriage. I tried again & this time I was able to penetrate a little. One more push and my cock was half inside. She held my back tightly and pressed her nails against my back. With the final push, I was inside her now in totality and she could feel my member in her. We were mad with ecstasy and still wanted more. With gentle strokes, my cock reached the unexplored areas of her pussy. Side by side, I was squeezing her breasts and playing with her nipples. After some time, I could not hold back any longer and shot my entire load in her. She also cummed simultaneously. We were both feeling a little exhausted after our maiden sex venture.  We lay together for a while.

After about 30 minutes, I started kissing her again and my cock was got hard in no times she was rubbing it. I asked her that I want to fuck her again. She replied. Yes why not. She said but this time from backside. I asked her what you mean by backside. She replied in my ass. I want to give some gift different. But I have no any experience of that. Have you any? She said no I have not but i have heard one of my friend said that it is not bad. She said that I knew that I had very big and shapely bottoms. I remembered those hundreds of eyes that used to stare my bottoms greedily. I don’t know how many of them used to masturbate thinking of my big ass. She asked me fucked my ass but keep care and do this without hurting me. She got up and applied mustard oil on my dick and made herself rest on her four limbs like a dog, she asked me came behind me and apply oil on my ass hole. I did that and bent on her as to kiss it that it was so nice and beautiful.

Her ass was too big, soft fair and wide. Now she holds my dick and asked me to open her buttocks and inserted my dick in her ass hole slowly. I opened her buttocks and I wondered how such a big rod would get into her small asshole. She put my dick on her ass hole and pushed it to her ass hole, while she was also pushing her ass towards my dick. But as the tip of my cock entered in her ass, she closed her eyes due to the pain and said to stop it. I said if you are fallen paining we can leave this, but I now really wanted it because it was more pleasurable hole than her pussy hole. But she shaken her head and asked me to apply more mustard oil on my dick. I applied much of oil on my dick now she was ready to accommodate whole of my dick. I inserted my cock in her ass hole and at this time it my whole dick went in her asshole. We started rubbing each other and my dick was feeling tight ass hole. I caught her tits under her armpits and started to rub them. By thus time she asked me to rub my pussy. So I moved one my hand to her cunt and started rubbing her clitoris and inserted one of my fingers in her pussy hole that made her exited more. She was enjoying it more than first. She started pushing her hips toward me with full power. I fucked her more then 20 minutes. I said her after 20 minutes. Rani I cannot stop my self-more I am coming. She asked come in my ass. I discharged all my cum in her ass and she also cum with me at the same time as I was fingering her cunt. She was still in that doggy position so I laid on her for some time and then I dressed up and went back home. We shared many good times together in the absence of her husband. Now she has lift for India due to her husband job, but I am still missing her. Any female married or unmarried from London wanting a discreet relationship for pleasure can Email me at Only female callers will be entertained and secrecy is assured and expected.

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