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  • September 14, 2015

My name’s Mark and I am currently 24 yrs old. It was during my summer holidays after my 12th standard exams (I was 17 then) when I went over with my sister to my uncle’s place in the US. My father was a bit hard on us as our mom died 2 yrs ago and we studied in different hostels and went to school. My sister, Nora, and I felt we were being cheated out of our fun, so we goofed off every chance we had. There was a small stream that ran close by my uncle’s house, and every chance we could manage, we would strip to our undies and dive in.

Nora was a few years older than I, so I would try not to stare at the furry mat between her legs when her panties would get wet and cushion against her mound. I stared a little too long one day as we were playing in the water, and suddenly, I felt my cock start to swell. I had a pretty big cock that was fairly thick and was hard to hide. It was hard to hide even limp when I wore certain pants. My sister made some crack about me being part horse, and I retorted with something. Before long we were pushing each other and the pushing turned into shoving, and then we were wrestling in the water. I ran out to a grassy knoll, and I thought we were through horsing around.

But Nora wasn’t, and she climbed on top of me as she pinned my arms to the grass. Her wet panties were resting atop my pelvis, and I could feel the warm moons of her ass rest on my pelvis as we lay there panting from the horsing around in the water. There was a moment as we both relaxed when she straddled my waist that I became very conscious that my hard-on under my shorts was positioned straight up between her ass buns and pussy. The head of my cock was resting on my navel. I was so comfortable that I didn’t realize that the head of my cock was hard and throbbing above the waistline of my shorts until my sister looked down between us. I thought it was her panty hem that was bruising the head of my throbbing cock, and that’s why I hadn’t noticed my exposed cock. As I looked down between us, I raised myself up and Nora looked, too. She said something like, “Oh, no,” and then it was an entirely different thing altogether. We locked eyes for a moment, and then my sister started rocking her body on top of me and sliding her ass and pussy all along the length of my cock. For a moment I had a guilty feeling, but I looked up from our pubic areas to her eyes and I saw that they were closed as she rocked her head in lusty circles. My cock was being scraped raw by the panty cloth and hem and the top of my waistband. I tried to free my hands from her grip, but she was too strong.

My blood circulation was being cut as I felt my arms going numb. Nora wasn’t saying a word (and neither was I) were just dry-fucking each other over our underclothes. When my sister started going faster, I was the first one that spoke up. I said, “You’re bruising my cock with your panties.” She stopped, and we both looked down between us. The elastic waistband of my shorts was rolled down, and her panties were very wet as her hand reached between us to touch my curved, fiery-red cock. Without a word, Nora lifted up and shoved the panty crotch cover aside, and she placed my cockhead on her furry pussy. I didn’t know a damned thing about fucking so I just started humping up. I felt my cock hit a hot, tight, resisting wedge, and it felt so good that I gave it an extra-hard shove. I felt a little tightness, and then it parted, and my cock went partway into a very hot, tight place. She said, “Yikes,” or something, and I broke my hands loose from her grip. I grabbed my sister around the waist and turned into a wild animal, as my cock wedged deeper into her. I felt her pussy tighten around my cock as I kept digging into her.

She flattened her body on top of me, and I just drove my cock in as deep as I could. I don’t know if she rolled me on top of her, or I rolled on top, but I suddenly found myself on top of her, and then I started spurting and gushing inside of her, over and over, as we both groaned and moaned. My sister had her arms around my neck, and I swear I thought she was going to break it, she was gasping so hard. My spurts and gushes started to slow down, and I just lay on top of her as she eventually went limp. I started to relax so much that I was almost asleep when she shook me and told me to get off of her. My cock made a wet, sucking noise as it came out of her tight young pussy hole. I could see my semen trickling out of her twit and running onto her assehole. This site really turned me on. Well, it wasn’t a second more before I could pin her down and do her a second time. Well, there’s so much more to tell you guys about but I am running short of space here. I guess I’ll say bye for now.

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