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Little Behna My Wife

  • desipapa
  • September 24, 2015

Hi friends is Kamal living in Gujarat. I love the undergarments of any female of any age. I wore used panty. . I am shearing my sexual story with you. Hope u like it.

One of my earliest fantasies occurred when I was 8 years old my sis who was 6 at that time were hiding n a clothes closet and playing Chupan chupai then I pulled down her panties and show my dick to her. At that time it was 3” long with out hardness. My sis and I play many sexual games Doctor & Patient, Husband & Wife and we had ample opportunity, since our parents worked. And we are only brother& sister .We would fight and hate each other when our parent were at home. We both examined each other body. She has a flush pussy at that time. We continued this till I was 10. Feeling hardness on my dick. All though we shear one bedroom but its stops.

When I got the job in Gujarat my parent send my little sister for her graduation with me. We live in small village of UP, as there is no any collage in our area. Eash is 4 years younger she was 19 years at that time. As by nature I am very-very shy and cannot talk with any female till now. Directly. But I had many fantasy with female. I had one bedroom apartment and we use to sleep in same bedroom but in different coats. With some walking distance on coats. She has very good figure in child hood we play many games not such type of game but… On one Sunday when I was taking bath I notice a pile of her cloth in the Conner of bathroom. I find her bra, panty, salwar & kameez. The bra & panty is light pink in color with yellow flower. Oh my god what a … which I lave I love it suck it and within one second I have a hard on. The small of her panty oh…. So good and I wore it oh it was unable to cover my cock. It’s too small. I was playing and rubbing this to my … her bra was on my moth and I was sucking the cup. I shot my load …. What a great feeling. So long time oh… yaaaa.

After taking the bath I came out in the afternoon I fix a S.S Pipe rod in the bathroom for hang to our small cloth in the bathroom for drying. It was tell to Eash.

Nothing will happen in one month and I was enjoying with her cloth in bathroom.

Day by day I feel she very frank with me and she started wore modern dress .One Day my uncle and aunt to came to stay with me for one night. So we will give our bedroom to him and sleep in our drawing room on the floor. In one cotton mattress. I could not sleep due to the sweet smell of her body.

In the midnight I found that her nightly was up to her west her back is toward me and her ass was under her black panty which was not able to cover hell full nice cute ass. Looking that I got full tension in my hood. I feel nervous and decide to touch her ass. Slowly I move my hand on her panty oh … ya its feel so good what a softness of her ass. I move my hand all over her ass nearly 5-10 minute suddenly she change the position and sleep with her back. Her nighty was still above her panty. I was again trying to insert my finger in her panty but it was tight. And I cannot find the path. So I move my hand in her pussy area over the panty. I feel silky. She made some noise and moves her body I remove her hand. She wakeup and go to toilet she came back and sleep again. Soon she changes the position and put her one hand to my chest and her left leg to my thigh. My left hand was below her leg and her thigh was pressing it. This action of her made me craze I feel nervousness also I Can’t control my self and move further enter my left hand between her thighs I feel some wetness in her thighs may be it was her pee. Its make me crazy I was so hot that I can not write…. then I move further I feel some thing hairy to my great surprise she was not wearing her panty, she open & drop it at bathroom after the piss. And my hand was on her pussy she has a hairy cunt. My dream cunt a hairy pussy … now I was conform she also wants some fun with her bib brother so she open it for her brother oh My God My little sis wants some thing with me.

When my finger touch her pussy she hug shift and me downward my face was near her boobs and my hand was on her pussy. She was still in her sleep and enjoying the things. I could feel her nipple my cock was in my short. I put my right hand over her and hug her. We both are hot It was really terrifying both was enjoying but who will take the first steep. Who will broke the ice. So I decided to make the move … My mid was not in my control I kissed on her lips what a soft lips her juicy was now in my lips then again a hard kiss she pierced her juicy tongue in my moth our tongues fighting hard. I put my right hand on her bobs and press hard her soft bobs. And whispered to her kiss me Eash and Move my finger to press her cilt. She start moaning very low her eyes was closed. Then I start to rub her cilt she moan a bit louder ahhh oh my bhiya…that what I wants…

I fell her hairy cunt was full of her cum…. I lick my finger her butter was really deliciously I move down and kiss on her pussy it was emitting a sweet love scent. I took my tongue out and started her cunt she put both her hand on my head and press my head to her pussy. After giving her a nice wash with my tongue. I move towards her bobs. Took her both boobs out from her bra and start sucking now she open her eyes she sat down on floor, put my head on her lap and guide my mouth to her boos. I was sucking like a baby. And she was feeding me like a mother. This was a great surprise to me I wish … Eash she stop me and said oh baby finish your milk.. Mama will beat u if u not finishes the milk. I finish her milk with her both boobs one by one.

After some time she puts her boobs on her bra, she turn to me and give me a French kiss and said.” MUJHE MALUM THA KI TUM MERA SUBKUTCH NIHARTHA HOO. ESLIYA MAIN SOCHA KI KUTCH TUM KO DIKA HI DU…

I also know that what u will do with my panty and bra in bathroom.

Her hand was on my fly. She downs her armpit it was also hairy and I start sucking it We Play all the night with each other. When we wake in the morning we give a smile to each other.

When I return from railway station after drop to my uncle. She opens the door she was wearing a red sari and make up just like a new bride. She took my hand and took me to the bedroom our bed was convert in a double bed it was covered with floored. Today is our golden night .I kiss her. After a long deep kissing, I took off her Blouse and her bra. The two beautiful boobs of a teenager girl, who is my own sister, were before me. They were not very small and not very large rather they were perfect sized boobs. The nipples were pink. I sucked one nipple in my mouth and pressed other with my hand. She moaned and sighed, “Ah, Ah, Ah, Kamal Bhai, Chuso Aur Kheloo Meray Mummay.” After sucking her boobs, I started to lick her beautiful white body. Then I put off her Sari & Paticoat. She was not wearing any panty, and now her sweet pussy was before me. She was having hair on her pussy. My sweet little sister was virgin. Her cunt lips were pinkish and they were joined. The pussy was wet. I inserted my finger in it and she screamed, then I started licking it and she cum. After she took my cock in her mouth and started sucking it, she enjoyed the taste of my pre-cum. She did all of this because she had read about it in my story and the scene of the movie was now of oral sex. She put my cock deep into her mouth and shoved it again and again. She pulled my dick from her mouth and looked at me. She put my dick between her tits. “I love you”, she told me. “I love you too.” I replied. I felt pressure in my testicles and told her that I was Cumming. But she said, “Mere Mouth Main Chorna, Main Ise Peena Chahti Hoon”. I ejaculated all my semen deep into her mouth and to my surprise she swallowed all of it without dripping it .Its Fun for both of us. I fucked my little sister many times

She is married now This was continue for three years and no one know it till now when she come to my place we live like a husband & wife. We play many games in three years durations. She also likes many more things. Any female wants mail friendship with sweet and dirty game most well come .we both chat till now. We wants more fun with any age of female …… AND Male foe Email Chat Then For …Rest is fine u can mail us at our Email ID –

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