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Lila Gave Me The Ultimate Pleasure

  • desipapa
  • August 27, 2015

Hi to all readers of stories, I am from Kolkata and I too have been a reader of this site for quite some and now I think it is time I shared a true story with all. It all started when my wife was out of town for a month.

The maid whose name is Lila used to come in the morning to do the morning chores and again in the afternoon for cooking. One day, in the morning she was sweeping the floor in my bedroom and I was reading the newspaper on the bed.

I lowered the newspaper and stretched myself to collect my cigarette pack, my eyes fell on Lila and I saw her cleavage (as she was wearing a low cut blouse). Lila is about 23 yr old and had ripe boobs. My eyes got stuck at the sight but Lila did not pay any heed to it and went on with her work.

After completing her work, she came and asked if I .needed anything to which I replied in the negative. She then walked up to me and asked for Rs.500/- as an advance and again I denied by saying that I do not give advances.

Lila then sounded a bit desperate and said she needs the money very badly to buy medicines for her mother, but again I refused. By then Lila had tears in her eyes and bluntly said she has seen me looking at her boobs and is willing to do anything that I wanted but she wanted the money.

Now that sounded interesting and I felt a stir between my legs and as my wife was not there my desire for having sex also responded. I asked her to come in front of me and said “I will give you Rs.1000/-, but you need to fulfil my desires as per my wish.

She nodded and stood in front of me with her eyes down. I playfully pulled her Pallu down and her cleavage was again visible. Now I gathered some courage and told her that I need a massage. She asked me lie down on my stomach and started massaging my neck, then my legs and then my bums,

I was in my shorts, she was massaging me over my shorts but at the touch of her hand my cock had grown hard. Now she asked me to turn over and what a sight it was, a upright tent between my legs, she hesitated a bit and then started to massage my arms but I could feel her shivering.

I stopped Lila and held her arms and looked straight into her eyes and softly said,” take off your clothes and she smiled and stepped back. With a smile she first took off her sari and then her blouse, then she hesitated a bit and said you take off the rest.

I was lying the strings of her petticoat were at arm’s length and in one pull it opened and the petticoat went down and she had no panties. Now her juicy pussy with very little hairs was in front of my eyes, I took my right hand and touched her pussy, it was damp.

I stroked it a couple of times and then asked her to turn around as she turned round, I got up to open her bra strap and I took no time to unsnap it and in one movement took the bra and threw it off then I stood up and cupped her boobs with both hands and embraced her from behind.

My cock was rock hard and it moved in between her ass cheeks. I left her and went back to lie down on the bed and asked her to continue with her massage. Lila started back from my legs and to do so she had her back facing me and my eyes got stuck at the sight of her beautiful ass.

The big round mounds of flesh were too inviting and I put my left hand and started feeling the soft and smooth ass, after a while as Lila came up to my thighs and gave me with a questioning look and without waiting for me to respond she pulled my shorts down and out came my hard cock.

Lila froze for a moment and without a warning planted a kiss on my cock, it gave me an electric shock and my hand moved from her ass cheeks to her pussy. Now the heat was too much, she took the cock in her mouth and stared sucking and moved one of her hand.

And started playing with my nipples and I stopped her for a moment and moved her in such a way that now her ass cheeks were in front of me, Lila went back to her sucking and I started playing with her ass cheeks and suddenly I felt like feeling her ass hole also.

I parted her ass cheeks and pulled her towards my face and my GOD her pink puckered ass hole was in front of my eyes, I tried putting in a finger but it was so tight that I could not push my finger in, Lila immediately tried to move away and said Do not do that I said,” why not Lila replied it is dirty.

I said no problem” and I again tried to put in my finger in her asshole and again I got stuck because of the tightness again Lila tried to move away and this time she turned around and said you are a dirty man, what do you want?

I said I want to finger your ass she said wait and walked out of the room swaying her beautiful ass on her way out. Lila returned back in a minute with some mustard oil in a cup and said now put some oil and lubricate my asshole like a small boy.

I immediate dipped 2 fingers into the cup and asked her to turn around and as she turned around, I pushed one finger full of oil into her inviting asshole and a little of my finger slipped in. Lila immediately contracted her asshole and made a hissing sound and turned her head towards me.

And gave a naughty smile but I was too busy, I tried pushing a bit more but my finger did not go in, so I slowly I took out my finger and again pushed it, this time it went in quite easily and Lila also relaxes her asshole is it hurting.

I asked Lila, she just shook her head and said no carry on”, I increased my tempo and was practically finger fucking her asshole, Lila started shaking and was making wonderful noises. I stopped for a moment and took out my finger from her asshole and brought it up to my nose and smelt my finger,

Wow, what a smell, Lila immediately turned towards me and took away my finger from my nose and said dirty fellow and I looked at her and embraced her and we started to kiss. It was a long kiss and we exchanged saliva from each other and allowed our hands to roam all over our naked bodies.

Now what she asked, without answering I pulled her head towards my hard cock and she took it willingly into her mouth and started sucking. I was feeling the pleasure on my cock and was enjoying it, Lila while sucking, slowing shifted her ass towards me.

And now I had her ass in front of my eyes once again, I put my hands on her bums and started playing with them and occasionally slipped a finger in her pussy, man, she was dripping, I took some of her cum and started lubricating her asshole very slowly and then inserted a finger.

Lila stopped for a moment to allow me to slide in my finger properly and again started sucking my hard cock, as I increased my fingering she also increased her sucking speed and gradually I could feel I was coming and I placed one hand on the head.

She understood and I started shooting in her mouth. After I stopped cuming she licked me dry and turned her head and looked and asked happy”, I said, 50%, she looked a bit surprised and said why what else do you want to make it 100%.

I pulled her up and she cuddled in my arms and I started playing with her soft boobs and said I wish to put my cock in your ass and fuck your ass and she was playing with my soft cock and said not today. How I fucked her asshole will be in the next episode and please give me your feedback.

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