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  • October 6, 2015

Hi Gals & Guys of desipapa. I am priyank mehta from Ahmedabad_Gujarat. I am 24 years old, 5’6″ and average body with normal looks. I am down to earth person and little bit shy too. I am coming from very reputed higher middle class hindu family. This is first time i am writing anything like this. It was my fantacy and i want to share it with u. Till i am 100%virgin. I have 2-3 girl friends but I can’t think about having sex with her because our relationship is very true,transparent and pure. my story starts from here…. My neighbor was Shalini agarawal, She was 24.. 135 cm and about 60 kgs with a small stomach. She was from Kanpur, UP. She was married for about two years but they had no kids. One day I came home and she was carrying groceries, she looked like she was having trouble so I offered my assistance and took one of them and helped her into the apartment. I put the bag on the kitchen table and while she took off her coat and she asked me if I was busy, when I said no, she asked me to stay for a while.

I agreed and she told me to go have a seat on the couch. I went into the living room and sat down. At that point every sexual feeling about her shot back into my head, every time I looked at her perky tits, every time I looked at her ass, every time I imagined her lips and tongue on my cock. It all came back at that moment. My heart started racing, the pounding of my heart was so loud that I am sure that she could have heard it if she was sitting next to me. My palms starting sweating and my hands started shaking I knew at this moment I wanted her.When she came into the room she was wearing her housecoat, it was yellow and white and with flowers. Her legs were slightly exposed and her nipples were almost visible through the material. We started talking about general things like the weather in Bangalore changing with population growth and then the conversation moved toward her relationship with her husband. She told me that I often yelled at her and I told her that I could hear it through the wall. She looked at me for a second and at that moment we established trust. We talked for a little while longer and during our conversation she said that she hardly had sex anymore.I looked at her in surprise and she just laughed. I was looking around the room to hide my embarrassment and while I was looking away she asked me why my hand was shaking. I said I was nervous, she looked at me and she asked why. I paused for what felt like eternity, and admitted that it was her. I blushed and looked down and my left leg as shaking. I then said “I am sorry if I embarrassed you Shalini ji”. She said call me Shushi. I said “Sushi”, looking into her eyes. I think I should go, and before she could answer I stood up and went toward the door, when I got there I turned around and she was still sitting on the couch looking at me with this confused look on her face.At that moment I knew that this was going to be one of those moments in your life, one of those moments that you know are going to be remembered forever, and shape the kind of person you are going to be. I turned around and gathered all of my courage and said, “aaap bahut achhi lagati hain…

I want you”. She didn’t say anything, she just smiled. I walked back to the couch and sat next to her.I raised my hand and ran it through her hair. She closed her eyes and bent her neck back. I leaned in and kissed her neck. I dragged my tongue over the area that I was kissing. I could feel her start to breathe heavier. I felt her hand on my chest, and felt the sensation as she lowered it to my cock, she initially rubbed but then she started squeezing through my jeans. I pulled her housecoat off and saw very hairy pussy, dark black curls that showed a little pink showing through. I noticed that the hairline went up to her belly button, and I laughed to myself. I brought my mouth to her pussy, it didn’t smell at all I was a bit surprised. I made circles with my tongue around her clit, but I kept getting hair in my mouth. She said that her husband doesn’t lick her pussy any more, so I kept on licking so she could really enjoy it. I took my right index finger and ran it around her pussy getting it wet. I then took it and rubbed it up against her ass. She jumped and said that she never did that before. I stopped what I was doing and move my body up. I jerked my cock a few times to make sure I was good and hard. Shalini opened her eyes and groaned in pleasure. Her cunt tingled. It oozed fuck juices.

Two fingers swirled and pumped inside the tight pussy hole. Wide open, her pussy was red and swollen as it was stroked inside out. A thumb pressed against her clit and chills of lust rushed up and down her spine. Gyrating her hips, she cried, “Ohhh . . . ohhh, chodo..aur jor se..! Ohhh, Priyank., fuck me . . . fuck me . . . fuck meee! Uuuhhh . . . ohhh, so good . . . aaahhh, damn you . . . pump my cunt! Fuck it good!”I chuckled and kept finger-fucking her. The fingers fucked faster. They pumped hard and deep, then ground from side to side. Spreading in a wide V, I pulled Shalini’s pussy hole wide open. The fingers then quickly snapped together and fucked into her pussy once again. With each pump, Shalini gasped in desire and spread her legs as her cunt hole was forced to open. She wanted it, needed it, badly.”Fuck! Fuck! Fuck! Uhhh . . . uhhh, fuck me . . . ohhh, baby . . . meri choot chodo! Meri boor phad dalo..Frig my clit! Nnnn . . . nnnhhh. . . ohhh, yes . . . oh, yes . . . that’s it, honey. . . fuck me! Ohhh, Priyank. . . do it faster . . . harder!” Her hips ground wildly from side to side.I smiled again and kept fucking her young her pussy. Sensing how good it was for Shalini, I finger-fucked her harder. Swiftly, I jerked the two fingers back and made another one stiffen next to them. Then, without a pause, I fucked deeply into her cunt.”Uuuggghhh!” gasped Shalini, her legs jerking wider.A grimace of temporary pain crossed her sweet face. Closing her eyes, Shalini threw her head back. The pain was quickly overcome by pleasure as her virgin cunt expanded and it throbbed. More of her slippery juices oozed out to lube the pumping fingers and her large, fleshy clit was engorged and reddened. Each pass of My thumb across it squeezed a groan from Shalini’s throat. Wanting more, Shalini grabbed her cunt lips and pulled. Like the petals of a flower, her pussy lips separated as her cunt opened wide. My fingers sank in a little deeper as they pumped and swirled inside the open red cunt gash.”Yeahhh, baby! That’s it, honey . . . open your cunt . . . keep that pussy hole open for me,” I whispered . “You like it, don’t ya? You like having my fingers in your pussy, don’t ya, Shalini?””Ohhh, yesss! Ohhh, yesss, I . . . I do! Finger-fuck me!” groaned Shalini.

I leaned closer. “What? What did you say, you little bitch? I didn’t hear you, Shalini. I said, you like getting finger-fucked, don’t you?””Yes! Yes! Oh, yes!” she moaned, louder than before. “Fuck me, damn you!”Steadily, my fingers fucked in and out. Shalini could feel her inner cunt flesh dragging back and forth pleasurably, the friction driving her crazy. In and out, in and out, every time the fingers drove in deep, her cunt expanded wide to fit over them and a groan shot out as her pussy narrowed. Every time my thumb frigged her aching clit, Shalini groaned once more.She tossed her head back. Her hips gyrated. Her body was flushed. A thin sheen of sweat glistened on her smooth flesh, her ripening tits rising and falling in passion. Her breath came in gasps of lust. Even as she thought it, she could feel the lust building to a climax. Inhaling deeply, Shalini felt the tremors beginning in her toes. The explosion made the air rush out of her lungs and fuck juice gush out of her cunt.”Nnnnnn! Nnnnnhhhhh! Nnnhhhhhhhh! Ohhhhhh . . . ohhhh . . . shit! I’m cum – fuck . . . fuck . . . fuck! I’m cumming . . . Cumming . . . cumming! Fuck me, whore . . . nnnggghhh . . . nnn . . . nnnggghhh!”Her muscles trembled and goose bumps flashed over her body. Her legs kicked out as spasms took over her pussy. Her cunt hole convulsed, juices spurting out, hot and sticky. Shalini was still young, slender and almost hairless except the thin patch between her legs. Her head was small and pretty. Soft black hair, parted on the left side, flowed down just below her ears. Her eyes were glowing with life and lust. Her nose was fine, her chin daintily formed, her cheekbones high. But her mouth was a sight to behold. As I gazed at her, I decided that I wanted Shalini to service my hard cock with her mouth. I stared hungrily at her and, getting up, I spread my legs wide and straddled Shalini’s upturned face.

Opening her eyes, Shalini looked up as the glow in her body subsided. What she saw reignited the fires of her desire. I was standing over her, a foot planted on either side of her head. Shalini moaned softly, her eyes roving up and down my rock hard fuck pole..My sparsely haired cock was hovering very invitingly over her face. Even as she looked, the cock began to descend and she dreamily heard my voice.”Suck it, Shalini,” I ordered . “Whimpering, Shalini opened her mouth. The heat of throbbing cock burned into her nostrils and lust filled her brain once again. She wanted to smell it some more, she wanted to see it close up, she wanted to taste it. She wanted it planted on her mouth while she licked hic cock inside out. Shalini licked her lips and held out her tongue in invitation. As she whimpered for it, I accepted, my hot dick flesh settling down firmly on Shalini’s mouth.”Mmmmmmm . . . mmmmm . . . ohhh, M-Priyank. . . mmmppphhh . . . g-good . . . tumhara lund kitana mota aur bada hai.. . . . mmmppphhh! “‘ Shalini slurped.While I obligingly held my cock on her face, Shalini hungrily kissed my swollen tool square between the lips. The hard flesh was warm and smooth and her lips slid over the glistering cock meat easily. Her tongue snaked out and she began lashing it back and forth. The hotrod seared her tongue with its goodness and, as the taste of pre cum washed into her mouth, Shalini licked eagerly my red cock head. I reared my head back in pleasure, groaning, “Yeah, Shalini. That’s it, baby! Suck my lund . . jor se chooso . . . mouth it, honey. . . suck my cock! Uuuuhhh. . . ohhh, yesss . . . mouth it! Oh, use your mouth, you whore! ” “Oh, you fucking whore! Ohhh. . . suck my dick, damn you! Lick it, Shalini. . . ohh, please . . . lelo poora ka poora aapane munh mein..! Suck it . . . ohhh, please, suck it, Shalini! Uuuhhh, I want it, baby! I can’t take it . . . ohhh, please suck my cock . . nowww!”But Shalini had no intention of saying no. The rough treatment she was receiving only served to heighten her lust.

Her tongue spiraled in, poking at the center of my cock head, Shalini fastened her lips tightly around kis lund and sucked. Her tongue got closer and closer, then made contact. Her mouth went to work, licking and sucking madly.She swirled her tongue around the swollen hard meat, treating the entire shaft a wonderful tongue-massage. Then Shalini started sucking back and forth teasingly, dragging the entire length of my oozing dick. Then she pulled her tongue back. My screams of lust made Shalini glow in satisfaction.”Ohhh . . . ooohhh . . . fuck fuck, Shalini ooohhh, it feels good, baby oh, yes oh, yesss! ..! Ohhh . . . yeahhh, baby, Oh, goddamn, you suck my cock so good, baby! Ohhh, oh . . . ohhh . . . oh!” Shalini could feel the heat of my cock pulsing inside her mouth. She closed her eyes as she ate my dick, swirling her tongue all around in hunger. “Uuuhhh . . . uuuhhh! Ohhh . . . You damn . . . whore..tum fucking rundi..! Uuuhhh . . . Uh . . . uh! Nnnggghhh . . . ooohhh, shit . . .main aa raha hoon..aapana munh kholo.. I¹m c-cumming! Aaahhhhh . . . Aaahhhh . . . uuunanggghhh!”I gripped Shalini’s head, roughly pulling it between my wide open legs. Out of her head, I mashed my throbbing cock into Shalini’s lips. Her lips mashed and numbed, Shalini did her best to keep licking and sucking for all I was worth.She struggled to keep her nose free to breathe as I went crazy. Wet, sticky white cream gushed out of my cock and into Shalini’s mouth. Its smell was in Shalini’s nostrils. Its taste filled her mouth. It cascaded all over her face, its warmth good to her lips and tongue. Excited by the taste, and smell, Shalini worked her tongue furiously on my cock. She sucked and licked for all I was worth until, with a giant heave, my body went slack.The girl was breathing hard, her face relaxed, her mind thoroughly blown. For a moment, she stayed in position over Shalini’s face, her pussy licked clean inside out.

Then she collapsed onto the bed beside her friend. She lay there, silently recovering with her eyes closed.Shalini didn’t speak, content to be there next to me. Her cheeks and chin and lips were gleaming with spent fuck juice. She licked up what she could reach with her tongue. Sensuously, I kissed her… my tongue slithered into Shalini’s mouth, then began swirling around her lips. in ever-widening circles, I licked over Shalini’s chin, then cleaned up her cheeks. When she was finished, Shalini’s face was sparkling clean. Glowing with satisfaction, I lay back down. “Whew! Damn . . . that was good, baby. Fuck, tu to jabardast lund choosati ho are a great cock sucker.., Shalini,” I purred.Shalini, too, was glowing with pleasure and her cunt was again glowing with lust, her asshole tingling with desire because it had been several days since she had fingered herself there. Even as she thought about it, an intense horniness filled her smooth young body. She wanted something stuffed up her asshole!She looked around the room. Her asshole wanted something inside it and a finger was just not enough. She wanted something more, something bigger, something harder, longer. With me looking on, Shalini got up and went to her dresser. She picked up a Vaseline bottle and handed over to me.”isaka kya karana hai meri jaan.. what do you want me to do with this, Shalini?” I asked, a knowing gleam in my. “Tell me, baby . . . what do you want me to do with it? “Shalini purred, “You know . . . put it in me.” She ran her hands over her ass cheeks and up her sides. “meri gand ko lubricate karo..aur aapane lund ko bhi taiyar karo..I want you to fuck me in my ass!”Her heart beating wildly, Shalini knelt. Lowering her head almost to the floor, she reached back for her ass cheeks. With a handful of butt in each hand, she pulled and her ass cheeks separated and spread. Her asshole bulged, brown and hairless, quivering in desire. The thought of having my hard cock deep inside her ass made her shiver.

Oh, it was going to be good!As Shalini opened her butt, I took out generous Vaseline cream in my fingers and started to rum in her ass..lubbing it good with my fingers..occasionally fingering her tight ass to make it bit loose..ohhh..she was so tight… my eyes widened as I stared at her tiny little asshole. I had thought Shalini wanted it in the pussy, but now I was happy to learn otherwise. Shalini loved getting her assholes fingered. I peered closer, growing hungry for Shalini’s twitching asshole.”Come on, Priyank! What’re you waiting for..mujhe tumhara lund chahiye ..pelo na…ohhhh.., damn you?”I chuckled, “He-heh, you hot little whore! You want me to fuck your ass ..? “Oh, c’mon ..I am your slut I want it . . …mujhe tukhara lund chahiye…. I want it in the . . . in the ass! ” she blurted. “Please do it, Priyank! Fuck me in the ass! Now, damn you . . . do it now!, Please!”I got up. Magnetically, I was drawn to her girl friend’s upturned ass. Falling to my knees, I reached for the sweet, creamy ass cheeks. I grabbed them as my cock started to grow harder. I could not help myself… my face was drawn down between Shalini’s ass cheeks. I squeezed Shalini’s ass cheeks hard before my hands began smoothly gliding around and over her spread little butt. I began feverishly kissing and nibbling the girl’s ass cheeks.Shalini groaned, “Oooohhh . . . yesss, Priyank. Ohhh, it feels . bahut achcha lag raha hai mere raja… . good, baby!”Her pussy was on fire. Her asshole was tingling unbearably. The little nibbles and kisses were sending chills up and down her spine. She could feel my hot breath burning between her legs. She was on fire with lust and her asshole was filled with need. It throbbed powerfully and excitedly, sending pulses of want to her brain. When she felt my tongue sliding down her ass crack and she moaned louder. Arching her back, she spread her ass wider, loving it.”Ohhh, yes! Ohhh, yes! Lick my ass, Priyank. . . eat it!”I chuckled knowingly, then bent down to her task with relish.Shalini’s body was tingling all over with anticipation. At last, she felt her friend’s tongue nearing her asshole. The hot tongue glided down her crack, then slid around the bulging hole. Sensuously, it circled her asshole. Shalini purred, feeling the tongue swirling inwardly.

Just as she felt that she couldn’t take it any more, my tongue slid right to the inviting brown target.A volcano of pleasure erupted in Shalini’s brain. The hot, wet softness teased her sensitive asshole. Squeaking her enjoyment, she tried to open her butt even more. Gyrating in little circles, she pressed against her friend’s mouth. Obligingly, I stiffened my tongue and poked it into the little asshole.Shalini moaned as the tongue quickly went to work. It snaked from side to side, opening the lips of her asshole. It began poking in and out firmly. Shalini relaxed her asshole and made it open. I put my thumbs on either side of the hole and helped. Gratefully, Shalini felt my tongue slithering into her open shit hole. “Nnnhhh . . . nnnhhh . . . ohhh, baby . . . Baby . . . baby!” she cried, in ecstasy. “Ohhh, goddamn . . . fuck . . . it’s good . . . so good! That’s it, baby . . . tongue-fuck my . . . my ass!”I eagerly did as I was told. Nodding my head up and down and from side to side, I hungrily ate Shalini’s asshole. I spread my thumbs apart, making the hole gape open. Backing off, I stared into the brown tight ass hole. Then, whimpering, I quickly buried my face between Shalini’s ass cheeks. I worked my tongue into the hole and pushed it as deeply as I could. my mouth was full of the taste of young asshole. my brain was full of butt lust. As the taste of butt hole washed over my taste buds, I began lustily fucking her in the ass with her tongue.Shalini tossed her head and pushed back against my face. Her pussy was burning. Cream oozed from between her swollen cunt lips. Her clit was throbbing in excitement. Her asshole was bulging outwards. Wide open, it happily received my eager tongue inside it, repeatedly.The pleasure kept building as her friend’s tongue swirled inside her asshole.

Her whole body was glowing as I cleaned the inside of her sensitive butt hole with my tongue. The tongue cleaning felt damn good but she needed more. She wanted my cock up her ass!”Oh, oh . . . Priyank! Fuck me . . .aab der mat karo..chodo mujhe..pel do aapana lund meri gand mein..oh, fuck me!” she exclaimed, shaking her butt. “Stick it in me, honey . . . fuck me in the ass! “”He-heh,” I chuckled . “Okay, ya little whore. Your asshole’s gonna get what it wants… tumhari gaand ko mera mota lamba lund chahiye..main aabhi tumhari gaand pharata hoon.. I’m gonna butt-fuck ya!”I took my now rock hard cock in her one hand and positioned it on Shalini’s ass hole.. and examined it in the light. The hard pink head cock gleamed smoothly and menacingly. Smiling to himself, I aimed it between her butt cheeks..Shalini’s body was on fire as the cock head pressed between her cunt and her asshole. She opened her ass cheeks wider and waited.The cock slid down and tickled her cunt. After going up one cunt lip and back down the other, the knob centered on her pink hole. A slight push and her pussy lips separated, slimy pussy juices seeping out. I quickly moved my cock up and down a little bit in either direction. Then, swiftly centering on the hole, I jammed deep into her cunt.Shalini’s pussy instantly split open. A long, low groan shot from Shalini’s throat as she took the 8” rock hard pole as deep as it could go.”Uuuuuunnnnnhhhhh!”She braced herself on her hands and knees. The penis dug hard and deep for a split second and her cunt pulsed along its entire length. Then before she had time to think, I snapped back and again rammed all the way into her cunt. Shalini closed her eyes and I began fucking her hard and fast with my 8: hard cock..”Oh! Oh! Ohhhhhh! Ohhhhhh! Ohhhh! Oooohhh . . . Priyank. . . ooohhh, yes! Oh, yes! Oh, yeah, baby. . . fuck me!” Her thick, slippery cunt-juices were flooding out, coating the dick good. As a result, it slided in her cunt effortlessly. Still, her inner cunt flesh was pulled roughly in and out.

That was what made it feel so goddamn good. The good feeling was driving her crazy with desire. But it wasn’t what she wanted-she wanted to get fucked in the ass!”Please, Priyank. . . butt-fuck me! Mere gaand mein pelo na.. lund chahiye tumhara ..Stick it in my ass . . . oh, do it!”My eyed her slicked asshole. It glistened invitingly. As I watched, it puckered up and then relaxed. Twice more, I watched it twitch. I then decided it was time.”Keep your ass cheeks pulled wide open.. chuttar ko aur oopar karo..!” I commanded.Whimpering, Shalini kept her ass cheeks spread wide. I swiftly pulled my cock out of her cunt. Her pussy burned and her asshole quivered in lust as the cock head centered on it and pressed firmly. The cock was smeared thickly with glistening cunt juice.”Open your asshole, whore!” I ordered.Shalini, breathing hard, concentrated and her asshole relaxed. The fuck pole pressed in and her tight asshole stretched. All at once, the asshole opened completely, my dick slowly but firmly driving up her butt to the hilt. Shalini, groaned loudly as she took it up the ass.”Aaahhh!” she cried, not knowing which she felt more pain or pleasure.She arched her back and thrust her ass out. She opened her ass cheeks wider to take all of the 7” and I started slowly butt-fucking her.I smiled, resting my unoccupied hand on Shalini’s ass. Looking at her asshole, I firmly butt-fucked her. I watched closely as Shalini’s asshole yawned open and my cock drove deeply into her. I was excited to see the soft asshole flesh closing and bulging as I pulled my cock out. Shalini’s mind, too, was floating in pleasure. The constant, rhythmic fucking into her asshole sent rushes of goodness up and down her spine. She could feel the asshole expanding and contracting. Sometimes she clenched it tightly shut around the cock, then opened it all the way to take it in deep. At other times, she stayed relaxed and let her asshole remain open while the lund stroked its inner walls in a mind blowing massage.

Repeatedly, she tossed her head in pleasure, groaning.Intense pleasure radiated steadily from Shalini’s opened butt hole. Chills rushed through her spine and took over her brain. She became an animal, a mindless, lustful animal. She became an animal controlled only by instinct, the instinct, the need, to get fucked and to feel good, to have an orgasm. And right now me fucking deeply into her asshole was making her feel damn good indeedHer asshole pulsed again and again and she was filled with pleasure beyond the ordinary. It was a pleasure one could only experience by getting fucked in the ass. When she started fingering her dripping pussy, the pleasure multiplied. She was vibrating all over with the good feelings spreading out from between her legs.She tickled her cunt lips, then slid two fingers up and down her slit. Her pussy lips separated and her fingers sank in between them. They slid up and down some more, then probed her cunt hole. After swirling in just a little bit, she pulled them back and slid them to her clit. Her clit was pulsing in want, swollen and reddened. Shalini massaged around it, getting closer to the center each time.Finally, she reached it. Her fingers danced across it several times, then began circling it once again. Wanting still more, she pushed two fingers from her other hand into her pussy. Without waiting, she started finger-fucking herself while she frantically frigged her clit.”Ooohhh . . . oh, shit! Uuuhhh, it’s . . . it’s so good . . . so good, baby, oh, yesss! ” she purred.I chortled, between grunts of my own pleasure, “Yeah, baby . . . ya like it, don’t ya . . .bolo ki aur jor se chodoon..beg me to fuck your tight fucking ass..tumako gaand marana achcha lagata hai na.. bolo rundi,, you fucking bitch..main tumhari gaand aaj phar dalunga.. you like getting butt-fucked, you. . . hot . . . little . . . whore!” Aaahhh!” Shalini leaned down and rested her head and shoulders on the floor.

Getting with it, she pumped her fingers in and out of her cunt. Frantically, she frigged her clit. In great pleasure, she clenched and relaxed her asshole. In just moments, the pleasure became too good. The tingling between her legs grew in intensity. A powerful trembling began at her toes and spread through the length of her young body. Goodness filled her from head to toe. Her smooth body tensed as pleasure took over her brain and made her forget everything she had ever known. With a loud groan, she came.”Aaannnggghhh . . . nnnhhh . . . Nnnhhh . . . uuummmppphhh! Fuck me . . . fuck me . . . fuck me, baby . . . fuck me, baby! Ohhhh . . . Nnnggghhh . . . Fuck me haaarrrdddd!”Her muscles convulsed powerfully. Her asshole clamped tight and released. Her cunt muscles contracted, forcing hot fuck juice out of the hole and all over her hand. Her clit throbbed mightily, making her jerk uncontrollably. Her eyes were squeezed shut as blackness filled her mind. Pleasure washed through her young body in great, powerful pulses of climax.I butt-fucked herbb furiously. I rammed deeply up her ass. Working it firmly from side to side, I snapped it back. Quickly, I fucked the girl’s asshole hard and fast, again and again. Even as I watched Shalini spasming in uncontrollable orgasm, I felt my own climax building up. “Uhhhhh! Uhhhhh! Uhhhh! Uhhhh! Oh! Ooohhh . . . aahh . . . aahh . . . aaahhhnnnggghhh!//main tumhari gaand mein aa raha hoon Shalini..ohhh baby.. your fucking ass is squeezing my cock..”

Her tender cunt lips were swollen to twice their normal size and they gaped open, their redness proof of her arousal. I slid my cock out of Shalini’s butt hole she melted to the floor in exhaustion. They lay there together, content.After resting a while on the floor, they gazed into each others’ eyes. Pleasure and friendship shone between them and they smiled, satiated for the time being.”Oh, Priyank,” sighed Shalini, “bahut achcha lag raha hai..I feel a helluva lot better, don’t you?””Yeah,” said Priyank. “Aww, fuck, nujhe bhi bahut achcha lag raha hai..I feel good.”Shalini yawned, for it was getting a little late. “Let’s get in bed,” she suggested. “I’m tired, aren’t you?””Yeah,” giggled Priyank. “tum thak gayee hogi itani chudai ke baad..You should be tired after that workout. Satisfied?””Hell, yeah. You oughta know, you stud!” Giggling happily, they got into Shalini’s double bed and pulled up the sheets. Falling into each other’s arms, they pulled each other close and snuggled up. Their breath intermingled as they drifted off to sleep. Any lonley ladies, divorsed females, married but not satasfied female, girls who want to have fun with sex and all ladies/women & broad minded couples who want a man in their act or another couples, from gujarat can contact me for healthy & sexual relationship. The relation will be considered strictly confidential. My e-mail is

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