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  • August 30, 2015

Hello all readers of DesiPapa and this is Rahul here from pune! This is my first ever story in DesiPapa. About me, I am a 26 year old guy working and have good looks and athletic body. Well coming to the story. I have been staying in Pune for almost 6 years but used to change house almost every 2 years in different parts of the city. This incident happened when I shifted to a new place in outer Pune.

I stay in a township, so there are lot many families and bachelors staying in the neighbourhood. I had a family staying next to my flat only husband and wife in the family in their 30’s I guessed(at first sight) with no kids for the few days I don’t noticed anything about them as I was busy in my own work. Sometimes while moving in and out of the flat the husband or the wife used to cross by so even I used to give a smile and was returned with the same.

Gradually they started talking with me and than i came to know the wife’s name. It was Sanjana. Let me tell about Sanjana. 5’7 was the height. 36-30-32 was her figure and cute looking face for few days I had no intentions of getting laid with her. We all just used to talk like a good friends. The husband was working in an I.T company and his name was Rakesh. Rakesh became a good friend of mine.

Many a time on Saturday evenings they used to come at my place or I visited their place and we used to have few drinks and dinner. Sanjana was a great drinker even better than Rakesh. Rakesh only used to have a couple or 3 pegs but slowly to give us company where as Sanjana and me used to have 6 to 7 pegs but sometimes I noticed that she used to get horny after having drinks which I ignored at first. This continued for few months and we were like close friends.

One day on Wednesday morning I was leaving for work and Rakesh met me in the parking a bit tensed. I asked him is anything wrong. He told me that he is getting promoted but he will have to go for training to Hyderabad for 4 months. I said that it’s great news what’s to be tensed about it. He said that he wanted to take Sanjana along but being a period for 4 months no one will give them a place on rent in Hyderabad and hence he will have to stay alone in company’s hostel. ‘

I said that send Sanjana to her mother’s place or to his parents till that time. He said that both their families stay in village where she can’t stay for much longer time else people would start talking about their relation. Rakesh told me that Sanjana will be staying here in Pune but being a good friend of them I need to take care of hers. I agreed to it. Rakesh told me that his flight is on Sunday evening so he will be giving a party on Saturday of his promotion on Sunday.

I took Rakesh and Sanjana in my car to the airport for his departure on our way back to home Sanjana was looking a little relaxed. I asked her that why she is looking so relaxed. To my surprise she said that she is a free bird for 4 months. She was not happy with the marriage as it was not of her choice and also Rakesh was not much interested in her and she started sharing all her thoughts to me. She asked me about my girlfriend which I said that we had a break off a year ago when we reached home she invited me for the dinner.

All the while that day having dinner all her thoughts were going in my mind and that day I felt attracted to her by her words. Almost a week passed and we used to meet in the evening for few minutes on Friday evening she came to my place uninvited. She asked me that now as it’s a weekend she wanted to have a party. I said that I wanted to go out with my friends so can we do it tomorrow. She seemed upset about it and left.

I thought that being alone and not having much friends she must have got bored so I called up my friends and cancelled the program. I went to a wine shop and got a good whiskey. I knocked her door and as she opened it I was shocked. She was in a nighty and her cleavage and her legs were so beautiful. I saw her for the first time in those clothes and to my surprise she was not ashamed of me.

She asked me about my schedule to which is said that I cancelled it and got a bottle of whiskey for her and she was happy and told me that she will be at my place in 10 minutes when she came at my place she was wearing a tight t shirt and a short knickers (almost like my boxer) she was looking damn hot and sexy (a perfect sex goddess) I told her to sit and wait till I change even I decided to dress same so I wore a t shirt and a boxer and came out.

We started having our booze while drinking she said that today she want to drink a lot and want to enjoy a lot. Now all the dirty intentions started coming in my mind. We almost had the bottle emptied but now she was not in a state to walk properly (which I realised) I hold her up in my arms and was about to take her to her home but suddenly she grasped me tightly and gave me a smooch. That was the movement I was waiting. I lifted her in my arms took a deep smooch of her and started licking her neck which turned her wild.

She was getting so horny that she tore away my t-shirt and started licking my chest. I took her to my bedroom and took off her clothes with care and love. I started licking her pussy first and she was moaning loud while licking she got her first climax. I than went up and sucked her boobies which were huge. I pressed it gently and kept sucking them. She was turning wild with my each move. Suddenly she pushed me on the bed and went down and started sucking my cock.

She sucked it till I came in her mouth and I loaded her mouth with my cum which she swallowed completely. We kept licking each other till I got prepared for the next move. I had few condoms with me which I took out for precautions. She again pushed me and sat on me and took my dick in her pussy and started giving me the ride of woman on top and after few minutes I got behind her and started fucking her in the doggy style which she enjoyed a lot.

After giving her a good fuck we both slept nude till morning. This continued every weekend and sometimes in weekdays too till Rakesh came back. Now a days we do it in the evening time whenever we get time before Rakesh comes from the office. Let me know how you liked my story and also if ladies from Pune want to get the same enjoyment write me at

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