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  • desipapa
  • August 22, 2015

Believe it or not, its a fact. And this fact I wish to share with you… I am going to share a rather intimate incident (well, just one of them) with you. Its my first story so do comment and let me know how it is…

It happened sometime in 1999, around august, I think. I was still a student but I had my own little businesses, just for some extra cash. One of them was related to the film industry. At this point, I think it would be fair to let you know that I was in a third world country somewhere in Africa. Their film industry was nothin to write home about, being still in the early stages of development. I was responsible for the lighting and computer generated special effects. I used to think that was all I would be doing in the industry till one day, a director approached me, asking me if I would like a role in the film as they had need for a foreigner in the film. I studied the role, a short appearance of about 7 scenes, and agreed. Thus, I was initiated into acting. In my second movie, I was to go to another town for the shooting and thats where the action took place……………. I saw her, wearing a pair of shorts and a bikini top, looking sexy as hell. I kept staring at her as she stood there smoking a cigarette and chatting away. Somehow, I did not have the courage to go and talk to her. Then I noticed it. She was out of cigarettes and there was no where to buy any. Sensing a golden opportunity, I walked up to her and offered her one from my pack. She looked at me, smiled, and accepted the cigg.

Thanks to the cigarette, we had found something in common and conversation flowed easily. I learnt that she was half Liberian and her name was Alex Lopez. She had a good figure of 38-26-26. and a bad habit of displaying it. This was as far as it went on the first day, but as night came, we went to the hotel and found to our disappointment (not mine) that we were short of rooms, and had to share till more rooms were vacated. Everyone was grouped into partners leaving just me and her. We had to share a room. We went to the room, a single bed was there, and no carpet on the floor. We had no choice but to sleep in the same bed. Conversation struck up and I casually told her that I have a bad habit of hugging my pillow at night. She jokingly repiled that I can hug her and she won’t mind. I smiled, gave her a peck and went to sleep. The next two days went without any special events, but on the third day, the rest of the crew were away at the location and we were alone. I sat down beside her and casually put arm around her waist. She smiled.

I picked up some courage (from where, i don’t know, I just picked it up) and gave her a peck on the cheek. she turned to me and I kisses her on her lips. She hesitated at first but then got carried away. We started kissing like there was no tomorrow pausing only when we felt we would die for lack of air, only to start again. I had never seen such desperation in a woman before. It was like she was on fire and needed my saliva to put it out. While my tongue was busy in her mouth, my hands found a new job, explorining her body. At that moment, my hands had a mind of their own, moving wildly over here back. Gradually, I took them under her armpits and started rubbing her sides. She did not seem to mind so I moved them to her size 38 boobs. She gave a sigh and arched her back, an indication that she wanted more. I gladly obliged her by putting my hands under he shirt and gently tickling the edges under her breast. She wanted more and took off her shirt and grabbed my hands, pulling them to her breasts. I made her lie down, gently took off her bra and slowly started licking between her breasts. I kept kissing around her breasts for about five minutes till she was practically begging me to take her nipples. I took a strong mint and sucked it a little and then, slowly attacked her nipples.

The effect of the A.C. and the mint sent shock waves through her body and she screamed. She had just had an orgasm. I kept sucking and she kept screaming as I would stop occasionally to blow on her nipples, the air making them harder than ever. Eventually, her hands found my dick and started rubbing it. She took off my shirt and trousers and started stroking my dick. I wanted to make it enjoyable for the both of us so i proposed the ’69’ position. I gave her a mint and told her to keep it in her mouth while sucking. The effect was wonderful. I found her clit without any difficulty and proceeded to devour it. She came like she had never come, screaming and a tap was opened between her legs. I was showered in her cum. I then asked her to come on top. She did but said that i should not enter her as she has a personal rule never to have sex on location. I agreed and she contented herself with rubbing my dick on her pussy and clit. She had another orgasm and was havin difficlty maintaining the position and rubbibg my dick at the same time so i offered to help her out. I grabbed my dick and started rubbing it on her pussy. slowly, i put the head in and she stopped me. She looked me in the eyes and said NO. I smiled and lied that I just want to feel the head in her pussy.

She relaxed and i continued. She was getting really high now and I Grabbed her shoulders and gently pushed her downwards. AAAAAAAAAAAAHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHhh…. That was all I heard as I fully penetrated her. She wanted me out but I explained that since i was in, there was no point as I was already having sex with her. She closed her eyes and started moving up and down. Faster and faster we went till i felt her vagina contracting. She dug her nails into my chest and screamed as wave after wave of extascy sheared through her. Then we changed position, with me on top. I entered again and started ramming her. She kept screaming “More, More you bastard, can’t you move faster”. I put her legs on my shoulder, grabbed a bottle of Coke, poured a little on my dick and entered again. I entered with full force, the Coke making her clit stick to my dick and making her scream. I fucked her for about two hours, holding myself back when i was about to come. Then it was time for some ass fucking… She had never been fucked in the ass and resisted saying “When I lost my virginity, it hurt like hell. You are not going to do that to my ass”. But I was beyond explanations.

I turned her over and threw a blanket over her. That kept her busy while my dick aimed for her ass. One solid push and I was in. She screamed so much that I thought the roof would fall. Gradually, she stopped sobbing and I resumed the onslaught. She was still crying but that too stopped. We made love for a total of four hours but I never managed to release. Finally, out of exhaustion, I had to stop and she just sucked my dick. I could see her lips take my tool, then I could see no more. Seventh heaven could not describe where I was. A knock on the door stopped us and i had to leave without an ejaculation. Though I did not release, she became a worshipper of my dick and the next day, she invited me to her pussy. As I entered, it felt tighter than before. I pushed off with full speed, both of us panting in as one. Then I felt it. My balls started to contract and I screamed, “I am coming”. She told me to come inside her and just as i came, she too reached her climax. She wrapped her legs around my waist, pulling me deeper inside her.

I felt her insides flooding with a mixture of her juices as we becme one in extascy. I just slumped onto her, exhausted like never before. This session lasted just three minutes. From that day forth, we had sex atleast twice daily till the shooting was over. Then we left but maintained contact (sex) till I came back to Pakistan. This story is not meant to send you jerking off in the bathroom but just to show you a new dimension in blowjobs (mints and an AC). I hope to write more but i need your comments on this one…. My address is Guys can contact me for advice and any girls in Karachi intreseted……….. contact me. Love to All.

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