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Life After Death – A Lovable Son’s Duty

  • desipapa
  • October 12, 2015

Hi friends this is my another story please do leave comments

Everything we had is just vanished we are no more good we are no more a perfect family, yes we are no more proper family because head of the family my father is dead , what shall we do now without my father he is been with me all my life guiding in a proper direction he scolded me when I am wrong and corrects me he praised me when I did good things he hugs me when I am sad he shares everything that happened in his life , how can I forgot him how can I leave without him he is been always with me when I needed but he is no more.

Our family is one happy family me, my dad and my mom, he cared us like no one ever he just like friends to us his name is raghunandhan and his age is 54 , my mom name is Lakshmi her age is 40 and my name is rathode and my age is 20.


Raghu my father he is in hospital , mild heart attack gradually lead into sever heart attack doctor as said that “ we did everything but there is no chance for him , I am sorry ”. Doctor informed us that he had hole in his heart and there is no cure for this at this stage , my mom and me look at each other she cried all night and I consoled her in every way but I know how hard is to digest this because he is my dad our dearest .

About 9:00 AM I came hospital taking some medics my mother came out of the hospital room crying

Me- what mom what happened

Mom –nothing son nothing you go give the medicines to your dad

Me- ok mom

I thought doctor as said something to her that’s why she is in sad mood

Me-hey dad how are u

Dad- I am more than good, better than ever

Me- dad how come you always be happy like this

Dad- that’s how the life is my son we need to enjoy every bit of our life

Me-that’s why I like you dad , I wish everyone had dad like u

Dad- yes I wish too but not all sons are as lucky as you son( smilingly)

Me-yes dad I am really a lucky son

Dad-my boy can I ask you some thing

Me- yes dad you can

Dad- please don’t mistake me

Me- dad how can I mistake u, your my dad

Dad- I know you loves me but what I am going to say now will make you hate me

Me- dad I ashore you I will never mistake u

Dad-son in all my life I tried to kept you and your mom happy, but I think I passed with you not with your mom

Me-what’s that means dad she is also happy for being wife to u

Dad- yea she is happy but I dint gave her one thing in her life which all women needed

Me-what’s that dad

Dad- I dint gave her sex satisfaction entire life she served me she kept me happy but she didn’t said anything about her but I know interlay how much she needed that

Me- dad what are you talking with me you should not talk with me like this

Dad- boy when son grows up every dad and son are just friends they can share anything they needed

Me- so what are you trying to say me

Dad-I want your mom to have that enjoyment she needed , I want her to happy I know I will be no more in a month or two I just want her to happy, I had accident when you are 12 months baby that damaged my spinal cord from that time I lost my maleness ,but now I want her to get everything she lost

Me-dad what you , you want to marry my mother to someone

Dad- no I don’t want her to marry other person

Me- than how can she going to fulfill her enjoyment

Dad-I want you to marry her and gave everything she needed

Me-dad what are you saying

Dad- yes my son you are the only man who cares her so you need to marry her , she will never be happy if she marry other persons you are the only guy for her now

Me- dad are you crazy I am her son and she is my mother

Dad- yes she is your mother that’s why I am saying you will be the perfect for her

Dad- dad no I’ll not do this

I just came out from the hospital with angry and went my collage I could not concentrate on anything , what happened to my dad why he is saying like this suddenly I my cell starts to ring

Me- hello

Dad-son it’s me I am sorry if I hurt your feelings, I know it’s hard for you but this is my last wish , think about this bye……

I didn’t sleep whole night thinking about the dad, why my dad is doing like this what should I do now he is asking this as his last wish finally I came to some decision and went straight to hospital tomorrow.

Me-hey dad

Dad-come in son, where is your mom

Me- dad she is in home

Dad- ok come here sit with me

Me-ok dad

Dad- what did you decide

Me- dad I decided not to do this we can make moms marriage with someone we know who cares her or else we can let her have fun with someone we trust but I can’t do this dad
Dad- don’t you think I already thought about this

Me- yea but

Dad- son she will not ready to marry someone or have secret affair with someone behalf of this we don’t know if he keeps her happy her not , you are the best solution I have

Me- dad I don’t have feelings towards her she is my mother

Dad- oh you needed feelings right

Me- not like that dad

Dad- I know son , ok tell me do you have girl friend

Me- no dad

Dad- if you want your girlfriend how do you think she should be

Me-dad please

Dad- tell me you want your GF exactly like your mother right

Me-yes I like my future wife should be like my mother, but that’s not like this

Dad- I know every son wants his wife should be like her mother and every daughter finds his dad in her husband it’s human nature, now I am giving your mother as your wife accept it
Me- dad

Dad- yes son see her breasts that are enormous , she her body structure anybody can have bulge in their pants she got everything that women needs, look her as women not as your mother please son marry her

I never imagined my mother in that way but when my father described her I lost my mind imagining her body

Me- dad I you are right she is good but I need time

Dad- I’ll give you 1 hour time because I don’t have time please son

I went outside and sat in waiting hall there I saw my mom getting out from car , I just remembered the words said by dad yes she is really a beautiful sexy no man can reject her, I began to think what happens when I had sex with mom she will get satisfied I’ll get satisfied and more than that my dad will be happy it’s duty of son to obey the father I need to perform the last wish of my dad

In evening I went near do dad I said I am ready to do this

Me- dad I am ok for this

Dad- thanks my child thank u

Me- but what about mom

Dad-don’t worry she already agreed for this , I asked her first and then I approached u

Me- really mom is agreed for this

Dad- yes I already asked when I came this hospital, you know something that day you asked why are you so happy that day only she agreed for this , she take one month to agree for this

Me- I can’t believe that mom had agreed for this

Dad- son can you do one thing

Me- yes dad

Dad- discharge me from here for one day I want to see the marriage of you and your mom, that is enough for me and that is my last wish

Me- ok dad

Now I realise that why mom went out from hospital crying that day , Is she really agreed for this she just said ok for my dad satisfaction ,whatever it’s my duty to fulfil the last wish of my dad I’ll marry my mom

From that day whenever I saw my mom I always try to look her treasures wow! Really what an angel my mom is she is really sexy in all the ways she got 34DD breasts 30 vest and a big 32 size of ass , if any other man see her they will get a tent on their pants , she also looking me in seductive way , we both try to touch and brush each other whenever we walk near by .

That day I anticipated is came without my knowledge , I am in hospital that day dad ask me to do about the decision that are you willing to do with your mom

Me- yes I dad I am ready

Dad- then this the day you both should get marry and I want see that go and ask the permission of doctor for 2 days

Me- dad but doctors not going to discharge u

Dad- ask him that I am too frustrated here he need some fresh air like that

I went to doctors I got permission me and my mom took him to home

Dad- lakshmi are you ready

Mom- yes ( hesitatingly)

Dad-rathode are you ready

Me- yes dad(happily)

Dad- than come with me

Dad took us in front of god , he already planned and arranged some of the items from the workers , he asked us to put the garland each other and to tie a mangalasutra on her neck he also order me to remove the old one

Dad- here onwards I am pronouncing you two husband and wife , long live and have healthy babies , make this family to an heaven

We both blushed as my own dad asking us to fuck and make babies knowing that she is his wife and myself is his son, he already made arrangement of our first night room.

I am waiting for my mom in the room I just take a look at the room their I saw cameras in all the sides of room now I totally understand that my dad is peeking us in the other room , he going to watch every wonderful moment that a mother and son going to spend tonight.

My mom opened the door and come nearer to me and offered me a glass of milk , I drank that and move towards to mom for a kiss suddenly get backwards I said I need to talk to u
Me- yes mom we can

Mom- son I am just doing this for your dad, I am not at all interested in all this

Me- me too mom , I am doing for this for the sake of my dad

Mom- as you tied mangalasutra on my neck you become official husband of mine but you will always remains as my son

Me- yea I know what’s going on your mind

Mom- thanks son for understanding me now you can have me

By saying like that she herself opened her saree pallu, her enormous breast is in front of me her breathing and sweating makes the look even sexy

Mom- baby go on press that

Me-ok mom

I grabbed her melons in my hand they are so big I massaged her breast for about 5 min then I hugged her and disclose her blouse from backwards , her flowers fragrance in her hair made me more romantic , I again went towards her breast and opened her bra hook from my mouth she suddenly uttered a sound “ shh aha” by hearing that sound I became mad at her I grabbed her melons and took my mouth towards her breast , my mouth is full of water by just seeing that sight, I made her to rest on her back we both going really crazy I went on sucking and licking her breast where as she supporting me by giving her hand and pushing towards herself.

And now I concentrate towards her bottom part I removed her knot of petticoat with my mouth itself and become naked myself , during unclothing she stairs at me by biting her lower lips and I am so eager I can’t hold for few seconds also disclosing my cloth took like a year for me , when I am freed a just jumped on her licking whole her body , I like to say most exiting and sexy part of her body is her navel part I always get hard on by seeing her navel part.

Now I widened her legs she become too shy to do that , my mom opening her legs for me my birthplace my gate to happiness my holy place is just in front of me ( mothers vagina is holy place of every son and sons pennies is holy devote for mom) I went towards her pussy and spread some flowers on moms pussy, the fragrance made me flattened and I put my tongue in her vagina and start to lick

Mom- oh o sonny your style of love making is so good

Me- no mom its your body that making me to do this

Mom- is it then make this body more happy by inserting your pennies I can’t control

Me- I’ll mom this just for you

I then went towards her and try to kiss her but suddenly I got some hesitation to kiss, but my mom came up and grabbed my back and kiss me with her lips slowly that kiss went to French kiss

Me – wow! That was a great…..

Mom- you kiss well also come make me happy

Now I inserted my boy in her vagina she suddenly start to moan

Mom-“ahh haa aaa hah oh son “

I inserted and just gave her a stroke my boy reached his half way with another powerful stroke it reached its destination , after that we got fluency and we both started to enjoyed her bangles sound and fragrance of flower made just like my first night with my wife but only thing is she is not my wife she is my mother.

We fucked about 45 minutes that day and we both collapsed on each other and I am dam shore that my dad got enjoyed this show and he also had jealous on me.

In morning when I woke up I saw that bed mattress is spoiled our clothes is spread everywhere our love juices stain is on the bed sheet totally whole bed room is meshed up, my mother is sleeping like a baby beside me she is completely naked we had blanket on us , she is sleeping facing her ass towards me then I just put my one leg on her leg , put my hands on her right breast and started to kiss on her neck , squeezing her bare breast grabbing her from backwards completely.

When she wake up she saw the situation and she too got her mood and we completed another session , when we came out from room dad already ordered some food from outside we had coffee and had our breakfast.

Dad- how was your first night son

Me- dad please

Dad- I am friend of yours tell me

Me- beautiful dad

Dad- you both had wonderful chemistry my boy

Me- how do you know( I know that dad got cameras on our room but I don’t want to disclose that in front of my dad)

Dad- I know everything son now I am so happy

Now again we admitted my dad to hospital he always lesion the stories of our sex in hospital , suddenly one day the sorrow news came that my dad is no more.


Now it’s been almost three years after my death of dad my mom accepted me as her husband , one fine night during our sex she said that she is no more doing this because of my father she truly in love with me I also confessed my love towards her and we decided to make our family, we have two children one boy and one girl , as dad said I have healthy babies and we raised a family and now family is heaven , even heaven can’t beat this enjoyment this is only happens when a son marries his mother, I still even miss my dad( god bless every son to have dad like mine)


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