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Left Virgin By A Cousin But Lost It To Aunty

  • desipapa
  • August 30, 2015

I’m Vyom Shah from Ahemdabad, Gujarat and this incident which changed my whole life happened on end of Nov 2011 at my age of 20 with my aunty (around 5 years elder than me) her name is Dipal, I many a times used to imagine about her and masturbate and I was a lot sure on my luck that I would never get such a great chance to complete my dreams.

Being my first story their might be many mistakes so please neglect it. It is a lot tragic story and without boring you guy’s more let us move towards the story…I was for a vacation to my native place somewhere in Gujarat, though we are much literate family but still an orthodox one i.e. in simpler words we are necessary to keep respect to our elders, mind our words etc. My aunt Dipal was in mid of her masters that time and also was a part time dance teacher, she was a bit fat with a figure is 34 28 36 but her big boobs and butt can make any ones tool hard and that was usual with me.

She was of much friendly nature and used to play and take care of kids, many a times when I was there I used to help her. She was very frank with me about her boyfriend and many a times told me about lack of anxiety in him, which I took it to be in an obvious sense. One noon she was singing a lory for my cousin younger brother to make him sleep I went in her room and found that she was only in a bra on her top. It a cup bra to stiffen her boobs having pink colour on her boobs and its most part was transparent. I suddenly got a hard on and also felt a bit embarrassed whereas she was calm and gave me a sexy smile and bid me in. One side of her was my younger brother and other side me trying to hide my hard on we started chatting but many a times my eyes would go to her bra searching a area to peep in it and she caught me on many incidents.

After a while our chatting was on i found her hand on my thighs near my tool, as soon as I looked down she kept her hand on my tool and gave me a kiss on my lips. Though I had seen many blue films that time and had few girl friends but it was my first kiss and was unaware of what to do. Her tongue moved inside my whole mouth and I was feeling her saliva and then I started playing with her tongue. On the other hand she made her bra move up making her boobs roam out and kept my hand on it and also her hand was on my hand teaching me to press it. And her hand unzipped my pant and made my tool come out of the trouser and started masturbating it. Being my first time I released a lot of loads on her hand which she swallowed. She left my mouth, stood up closed the door and made herself naked in front of me due to which I was feeling a bit embarrassed. She grabbed my hand, made me stand up, removed my clothes holed me in her hand in a Salsa position and started dancing with me. This all happened without a word between us. When we got rhythm in our dance (that time I regained my hard on again), she asked me “Did you have kissed or have sex with anyone?”

Muttering to which I replied “No”

“That’s why you are so rude kisser” (My tool was on its full length touching her public hairs)

“A..a..a Teach me how to be a good kisser..!”

“Sure I will make u a master in sex. Just remember to enjoy the most never be sex starved have a good feeling for your partner.”

She than started kissing me whole over the body and told me to do the same, to which I followed her order. She then took my cock in her mouth and gave me a nice blow job. She then sat on the bed and told me to suck her pussy and also taught me many different ways for that. She cum a lot a bit sour juice which she ordered me to drink it. We were then ready for a fucking session with her in a doggy style and heard the knocking of the door. We wore our clothe and after that i pretended to sleep and she opened the door.

The whole day I was finding one or the other way to kiss her or press her boobs which made intention clear to her, to which she with a naughty smile replied “Stay calm honey u r going to have more fun tonight..” leaving a suspense for me which troubled me the whole evening. I was to sleep with Dipal, my younger brother (cousin) and another cousin sister (Pooja) of the same age of Dipal.
My brother slept early I was moving my hand on butts of Dipal but she was facing the opposite side to me and was also not giving me any kind of response. I raised a bit high and to my surprise saw Pooja and Dipal were kissing each other.

As soon as they saw me Pooja jumped to me and started giving me a kiss on my lip, after a while of surprise I also gave her a good company and Dipal was playing with my tool. Pooja told me “Dipal have made you a perfect kisser”

I ”Yes. Did she taught you also?”

Pooja “She has made around 6 boys lose their virginity to her and also have around 3 to 4 virgin lesbo relations. Also 3 experienced boyfriends and also have a group sex with them i.e. 3 men on Dipal at a time”

Dipal “Don’t worry bitch you get Vyoms(mine) virginity today”

Pooja “Thank you”

I was sitting down up was Dipal whose cunt I was sucking and with me was Pooja with my tool in her mouth after some time these ladies changed their position.

Dipal “I have trained many boys to be a cunt sucker but you the best among them” hearing this Pooja got excited and she pushed her cunt on my face before I could say anything.

Pooja “WOW!! SUCKER BOY… go on eat it..”

Dipal “A perfect name for you SUCKER BOY”

She came in my mouth 2 times and was a lot excited and so was me being my 1st sex day and getting jerked of 5 times was more for me.

Dipal “M sleeping I had a great fucking session in evening with one of my bf and hence m a lot tired so you guys do enjoy”

We decided to lie down for a while and gain our energy. We also kissed each other I pressed her boobs and also sucked her whole body and she kept murmuring “Go on Sucker Boy.. go on”

Time was their for fucking she holded my cock and guided me to her love hole but I wasn’t able to make in… We tried many positions but nothing worked to which she got frustrated and went away to sleep leaving me a virgin yet. I don’t know what curse she gave me I never ever then got a chance to fuck a lady except Dipal but then she got married and do call me only to eat her cunt and doesn’t allows me to fuck her anymore. But arranges her few family ladies or friends but all come out soon after I eat their cunt and no one allows me to fuck them.

She told me to write our story on ISS to which she is a regular reader. Their are many such incidents left to tell you guys yet. So any lady interested in a safe and as desired way from this SUCKER BOY mail me out at and also those guys interested in pointing my mistakes can also mail me.. Have a nice sexual life to all my readers.

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