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Latha My Neighbor

  • desipapa
  • August 31, 2015

Hi! i’m Arun 22 avid reader of desi stories, but never got a chance in real and had imagined are these stories real or just a fantasy,but realised these are very much happening in the world.this happened to me an year ago. well i’m a normal guy, not heavy or lean this all started with my neighbour gal named latha aged 20 quite a good figure, i’ve always dreamed of talking to her ut never got the courage or opportunity to talk to her. this all happened one day i joined the computer class and we had to take the same bus as her college was on the same way to my computer class. but during the first two days we never talked. some how i gathered my courage i slowly walked toward her and introduced myself ‘hi i’m arun’ ‘which college r ‘ studying?’ she was hesitant in replying, but i just i wanted to have a friendship with u. but she didn’t speak a word and by the time the bus came and we had to leave.

I was very much ashamed of this incidence and didn’t smile at her for the next 2 days, on a day she came to me and said ‘hi’ how ru? i said i’m fine how ru? she apologized for not responding on the other day as her relatives where also with her. from that day we became nice friends. i used to come 15min earlier and spent time with her talking about her college life and my class. she said most of her friends had bfs she didn’t have one before me and she is happy that i’ve found her.. with a blush. this continued for 2 months and after that my computer class got over, and couldn’t meet, so we made an arrangement to meet in cafe. it was nice in the evening, the climate was very romantic. as we were chatting, she asked “what i liked in her?”, i said “ur smile and ur eyes”. “is that the only thing what u like in me” she again pressed with a naughty smile.. i can’t figure out what had happened. but said yes.. i asked the same question to her she said ” ur smile” by that it was around 7pm and we left the cafe.. as we had to walk to our house about 3kms she came close to me and held my hand and said ‘i like u’ and ‘i need u now’ i was totally astonished and looked at her eyes she said ‘u come in my dreams and make me wet.

I can’t no longer wait please take me’, since it was around 730pm and was very late we had no chance so we left to the home.. those words were in my minds and that night I masturbated twice imagining her. after a week she told she had a special gift for me, on saturday afternoon at 2pm to her friends place and she had made arrangements for the first fuck we were about. she was wearing a red salwar, and with flower on her hair made the room very exotic and i was in my t shirt and jean. we were no longer able to control ourselves, we hugged each other.. she whispered ‘arun fuck mee.. i need u badly’ i kissed her lips and tasted her tounge, wooww she was very sweet and both were sweating and ver hot since it was our first encounter. It was hot, I could feel the blood flowing in her lips, I kissed her even more passionately, by inserting my tongue into her mouth, and she responded by exploring my mouth with her soft tongue. It was nice to feel her tongue touching my throat. She started kissing all over my lips and ears and behind my neck, and her hands where grabbing my buttocks. i took in my hands and placed on the bed and i knelt down beside her, and cupped her boobs and it was becoming firm and i helped her remove her salwar and she too undressed me. she was in her bra and panties and i was in my brief, she smiled at my cock which was 7inches and i was like a tent.. she slowly moved her hands on my cock inside my brief as we were kissing each other.. the aroma of our sweat filled the entire room.

I jumped on her and started sucking her boobs and she started to moan..ahhh..’suck it hard’ and i was squeezing her other boob, pressing hard and making circles around the nipples, it was becoming like a cherry.. and i sucked it so hard.. and slowly i left my one hand move toward her virign pussy, ohh iwas becoming wet and moist. it was very bushy.. and inserted my one finger in her clit.. she gave a great moan ”’aaaaahhhh..usrhhh’ and she was still holding my head of my cock and moving its foreskin.. i kissed her belly and moved my head into her love triangle, it was the heaven in the world..mmmm it was very salty,, as i started to lick it she started to wiggle her hips and wasshaking and held the pillow unable to control.. and i let her legs spread apart she could no longer control and i let her first orgsm and drank her love juice which was flowing around her thighs.. she wanted to fuck me now, i put my legs on my shoulder and started to enter her, but since it was our first fuck it her cunt was very tight, she started screaming but i entered slowly and she was giving moans, and with a sudden thurst i entered her.. and she started to shout.. and slowly i began to move back and forth after 6times we were both enjoying.. and i was also moaning”lathhaaa,. u asshole i love u.. u have a wonderful cunt..’ she aslo”u are a great fuker .. fuck me hard’ my cock was very much lubricated by her cunt juice and after 10min we were on the verge on shooting.. we both started to move faster and with a push i cummed in her.. i just landed on her after that shoot, and we both were relaxed since we were able to satisfy our needs. we were nude in that room and she went to prepare some coffee for us.. as i went in the kitchen i saw her ass swaying..i pressed her ass and i cupped her tits from behind and my cock was getting harder again..

I entered my middle finger in her ass and slowly she speard her legs and i fingered her she was using her other hand on her pussy and was making ready for the next round and i made her sat on the kitchen table i licked her once again.. this time i wanted to suck my cock, she gave me a smile and held that little manhood on her hand and it started becoming like a giant and started obeying her, she gave a kiss on the tip and sucked the pre cum juices and the cunt juices that were sticking on it..oohhh i was feeling the electric shock in my body flowing through li started to move my cock deep in her throat and i held her head and pushed it to the fullest extent and she was enjoyingit like a bitch…’lathaaaa…mmm dry me out … ‘ mmm.. u bithc lathaa.. she was enjoying those dirty words.. and mader her sucking faster and my cock was getting loaded faster….and i was about to shoot my cum i said whether she wanted, she nodded her head in acceptance and i held head and she sucked like a little baby sucking the lolly pop. oohh it was a very great pleasure. on that day we fuked in all different positions and i’ll write back again. imagining those days it making me hot now.. it was the greatest fuck till now in my life. any body wanna experince to be shared, or any gal, aunty, housewife in chennai wanna satisfy them mail me at all mails will be strictly kept confidential.

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