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  • desipapa
  • September 13, 2015

This is my latest adventure. I am used to different sexscapdes all my life, which I shall narrate in future whenever time permits. Now I am middle aged man, 33 years old, but enjoying love life from early age of 20. This new adventure is special because it has occurred after some time interval and the first one since I put weight some time back. (I am working on my plumpness).

I have a distant cousin P who is 14 years younger to me. Till recent times she was a little girl me. Two years back I saw her in one of the weddings and had that feeling for her in me. She had grown into a fabulous girl of 17 then, beautiful, fair, tall, and slim with small but inviting boobs. I suddenly carved for her but did not proceed further. My generation in the family respects me and adores me (being eldest). I therefore decided to wait and watch. I then enquired about her and found that she was not the conservative type of girl (as in my family) and had her share of friends and used to partying and staying out late. There was also some gossip about her. I then decided to wait for an opportunity.  I then met her two / three times in family functions but did not proceed further. I hinted her in talks and spoke openly about girl and boy topics in college and how progressive I was in my college days (without giving things away). I also invited her to stay with us. She accepted to come in some vacation. I think she got to know me little (as an adult) because she stuck with me in last two functions.

My time came only last month and totally unexpected. We were at native place for Puja celebrations by one of our relative. We went there one day before. Since it was days of exams lot many relatives had opted not to come. There was less crowd. Everybody got accommodated on ground floor and the first floor was almost vacant. I always stay on first floor. P’s family was invited as they were relatives from wife side of my uncle (who had arranged the puja) but were stuck in Mumbai due to exams. P was to come alone She was supposed to come in the evening before puja but her bus got late and she arrived very late at night and was escorted from bus stand by one of my cousins. I was fast asleep by then. She was accommodated with us on first floor.

Next day everybody got up early and got ready for Puja. As always I was not interested and helped around in house, was went to bazaar and did all other chores. Everybody knew that I did not have patience to sit in Puja and will only be there only during the Aarti. When puja started I left the room on pretext that I had not taken bath (as always) and went on first floor to relax. The puja had havan and will take 3 hours before the Aarti. When I went up I noticed that P was still sleeping and she was not disturbed because she had come late and was tired by day journey. P had grown from last time. Her breast size had also increased but now and where at size of a big apple. I decided to keep patience as there was activity in the house.

I waited for some time and then went for bath. I came out wearing  white cotton towel called ‘pancha’ which is used in village side. I went to the room where my clothes were kept. P was sleeping in that room. Seeing her I got excited. I removed my towel and started wiping excess water from hair and ears, standing nude infront of her. Suddenly she turned in sleep. I jerked and ran out from the room with the towel in my hand. She noticed some movement and must have woke up for she made some noise. I entered bathroom. The excitement had made my dick stand up and was visible from the towel

I thought that if she had woken up she might come into bathroom. I could hear from below that havan had started and therefore nobody will come up for atleast one and half hour. I decided to expose myself to P when she comes to bathroom. I was not sure whether she would like my present plump body, but decided to give a try out. I started the shower and was jerking my tool to increase it further.

She entered the bathroom sooner then I expected. I was still in my towel and in jerking action. She saw that and saw the bulge in my towel. Seeing here my dick grew to fullest. I have a 8” long dick and which is sometimes 1” thick. It was that at that moment. My towel was like some cloth hanged on a hook. I thought she might turn and go away, but she smiled at my jerking action and I smiled back somewhat guiltily. She was not taking her eyes off my bulge. I asked he if she wants to use the bathroom. She said she just wanted paste and to wash her face with soap. I said the paste is above the basin stepped aside to let her through. Unknowingly I got close to the shower and got wet. I had an idea. I went near the shower and positioned myself such that my lower part got wet. The towel was light and it became transparent. My penis and pubic hair, all were visible. She suddenly turned and asked for soap. I said there is one above the basin. She said she did not want that one but the one which is kept for bathing. She was constantly staring at my dick. I asked her to take herself as I was wet and closed the shower. She came forward without letting her eyes of my dick, took the soap and started washing her face there itself at the bathroom tap. When she bent to wash her face she stared at my dick from close quarter with her one eyes till she applied soap. This sign was enough for me. I removed my towel.

When she finished washing, she again stared and found full erect dick infront of her. She was ready for this. For she stood up, faced me and smiled. I said hold it.  She with her shivering hand caught hold of my dick. Strong electric currents flew through my body. I hold her and kissed her. I took her out of the bathroom and to the room. I locked the room. She slowly started to move her hand on my dick. It cummed early due to the excitement of past ten minutes.  I then kissed her and removed her kameez. She was wearing a black bra. I removed her salwar. She was wearing a brown floral panty. I removed her bra. The nipples were gorgeous. Brown and erect and her fair and developed boobs. I slowly massaged them. She moaned in pain. I licked nipples with my tongue and they became straight and long. I then removed her panty. Her cunt was covered by perfect triangle of soft pubic hair which looked exciting against her fair body. I moved my hand over them I tangled the public hair. I started licking her pink cunt. She was moaning loudly now. She was saying fuck me fuck me please. I asked her you want me to do it. She replied that she always wanted to do it but had no daring to do it with friends. Now she wants to do it with me. My dick was now erect again. I led her hand to him. I did not make him completely erect again since she was a virgin. I parted her lips and entered her. She let out a shriek and more shrieks as I continued to pump inside her. The second time (I had cummed earlier) always lasts long and it went on for quite some time. I finally cummed inside her.

We than slept on bed speaking, my one hand on her breast and one on her pubic hairs. I asked her if she regrets doing it with me in a spate of time. She said that she wanted to do it in the family because there shall be speak of it from both sides. Also she always liked me and wanted to follow my guidelines in life. Recently when she thought of me as for sex she applied that principle to sex also. She was already looking forward to come to my place this summer. I smiled at my luck.

Well as puja was coming to close, I dressed and went down, She went for a bath. During return she faked about her tickets and came back with us. She stayed with me for two days during which we did lots of fun when everybody was out of home. She has asked me reduce my tummy and hence I am working on it. She is coming to stay this summer. And yes she might introduce some of her friends to me also, provided I shall teach her everything that I know.

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