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Lata Interview Sex

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  • October 5, 2015

Lata Singh had gone to bed early the previous evening to ensure a good nights sleep in preparation for her interview the following day. She slept well; she was afraid that she would not and when the alarm woke her, she felt quite refreshed. She chose a pretty pink blouse to go with her gray sari. Looking at herself in the mirror, she felt quite pleased with her appearance, wearing her hair up like that made her look very business-like.

She completed the look with a couple of small silver earrings and rather than wear her contacts, she thought the wire-framed spectacles would make her look more like an ideal office worker. Arriving with 10 minutes to spare, she waited for five minutes before reporting to reception. The girl there told her to sit down and that Mr. Saleem would be with her shortly. Mr. Saleem turned out to be a balding middle-aged man in a gray suit. He greeted Lata warmly and politely and led her to his office. As they went in, he told his secretary, Miss Rekha, that he was not to be disturbed. Inside, he offered Lata a chair, taking a seat opposite her behind a large oaken desk. He smiled gently at her and Lata felt a little more comfortable. ‘Would you like some tea or coffee, Miss Singh?’, he asked. ‘No, thank you.’ replied Lata, still a little nervous. She straightened a little in her chair, which had the effect of pushing her breasts out. She thought she caught Mr. Saleem eyeing her figure. ‘That can’t do any harm’, she thought, swiveling her upper body, just a little, for effect. ‘I can see from your resume that you have all the credentials we need.’ said Mr. Saleem , thinking to himself how pretty the young woman looked. Under the cover of the desk, he brushed his hand over the front of his trousers. ‘I wonder .’, he thought. ‘Thank you’ said Lata, feeling more confident.

She crossed her legs, angling herself in the chair to give Mr. Saleem a better view of her figure, of which she was justly proud. ‘Perhaps you’d like to tell me something about yourself and why you are interested in this job?’, he said, smiling. He noticed that she was willing to tease. Perhaps .? ‘Well,’ said Lata, ‘I have been working out of town for Johnson’s in their offices for the last 5 years. The work has been mainly clerical, with some secretarial duties. I have been happy there, but I felt that the work did not really challenge me, so I have been studying evenings.’ As Mr. Saleem watched and listened to Lata, he became aware of just how attractive she was. ‘And not afraid to use that, either’, he thought. Behind the cover of his desk, he eased down the zip on his trousers. The cool air on his hardening member felt good and it was certainly more comfortable now it had room to stiffen further. ‘I enjoyed the coursework’, continued Lata, unaware of how she was affecting Mr. Saleem beneath the oaken desk, ‘and, as you can see from my grades, I did well and I am very keen to put it to practise.’ Lata paused. Mr. Saleem smiled at her to go on. One of his hands was beneath the desk and, for a moment, Lata had a disturbing thought. But no .surely not? ‘So I have been looking around for some work experience and the opportunity to put what I have learnt to good use. I have heard good things about your company and being able to work locally will be useful to me. Especially, since my mother is not too well at present.’ ‘I am sorry to hear that.

So you are keen to get this position?’ ‘Oh yes! I am sure I can satisfy all your requirements and I will try so hard to please you.’ Replied Lata, then hesitated – was that perhaps a little too eager? She became aware of a growing sexual tension, which she was probably encouraging. The thought both alarmed and excited her. ‘I like my staff eager to please. Are you eager to please me, Miss Singh?’ Mr. Saleem felt his erection suddenly grow painfully hard, the young woman was obviously aware of his thoughts. ‘Of course, Sir.’ The response was almost automatic. Lata was keen to please and other implications of the situation were temporarily lost to her. ‘What about right now, Miss Singh?’ ‘O My God!’ thought Lata, ‘What does that mean? This could be getting out of control.’ Unsure of exactly how to react, but not wishing to show any unwillingness (‘I do need this job’), she smiled sweetly. ‘You have a pretty face, my dear, and a lovely smile.’ ‘Thank you!’, Lata blushed slightly and wondered why Mr. Saleem seemed to be wandering off topic. ‘I am sure you would do fine meeting and dealing with our clients. I can tell they would warm to you.’ ‘Oh yes.’ Said Lata. ‘I like dealing with people.’ ‘This is really going rather well.’, she thought. ‘Perhaps you would be willing to try a little aptitude test?’ ‘Of course, Sir. If it will help’ Mr. Saleem stood up behind the desk allowing his trousers to drop to the floor. His underpants were already pulled down in front to allow his full erection to obscenely jut out. Lata thought it was probably between 6 and 7 inches, but her eyes were transfixed by the thick purple swollen head with it’s wicked looking single hole from which leaked a drop of clear fluid. She remained speechless, unsure of what to say or do, as Mr. Saleem stepped out of his trousers and moved around the desk towards her. ‘So how do you think you might please me, my dear?’ ‘Mister Saleem !’, she said, indignantly, suddenly finding her voice, but not the words. ‘You have a pretty mouth, Lata’ said Mr. Saleem leaning back against the desk, his right hand stroking his length inches from her face, ‘I can’t help thinking of those lovely lips around my lund sucking on it.’ ‘No! This isn’t right! You can’t treat me like this!’ Lata protested.

She was aware of an emotional paradox building inside her. ‘I want him to,’ She thought, ‘but I really can’t let him treat me like this!’ ‘You can’t get away with this!’ (Lata was rather excited that Mr. Saleem obviously thought that he could.) Mr. Saleem reached over onto his desk and flipped a switch on his intercom, ‘Miss Rekha, can you come in here a minute, please?’ Lata turned to look at the door. Mr. Saleem seemed so confident that she thought she knew what was about to happen. The door opened and Miss Rekha walked in. Lata had hardly glanced at the woman when she had entered the office, but now she could see that Miss Rekha was slight of build, probably in her late 50’s with graying hair. Miss Rekha was obviously shocked initially, seeing her boss fully exposed and masturbating in front of her, but she quickly composed herself. ‘Yes, Sir?’ ‘Can you see anything improper going on her, Miss Rekha?’ Miss Rekha paused, obviously considering her response to her boss’s question … and her position as his employee. ‘No, Sir. Everything seems quite proper. Will that be all, Sir?’ ‘Yes, thank you, Miss Rekha. Please shut the door behind you and see we are not disturbed. I would hate anyone to walk in while Miss Singh was sucking me off.’ Lata flushed. She felt degraded, ‘He obviously enjoys shocking people like this’, she thought, ‘how could he talk to his secretary, like that, in front of me, about me sucking his dick’. ‘Of course, Sir.’ said Miss Rekha, as she left, closing the door behind her. ‘Well,’ said Mr. Saleem , ‘I don’t think any complaints by you are going to be taken very seriously, do you?’ ‘You Bastard!’ ‘Spirit too, I like that!’, Mr. Saleem smiled, ‘But I think you had better start getting down to the business of sucking my lund, if you want that job.’ Lata reached out and put her hand around his shaft feeling the veins running along the length pressing into her palm. It seemed much larger now she was holding it up to her face. Moving her lips towards the tip she looked up into Mr. Saleem ‘s face. ‘If I do,’ she said, ‘I will get the job, won’t I?’ ‘Why should I not want someone so willing to please?’ said Mr. Saleem , ‘Give it your best and the job is yours.’ Feeling strangely happy, Lata licked the precum from the tip and then slowly moved her mouth down over the lundhead allowing the purple knob to push open her lips. It tasted salty and there was also a trace of her lipstick that had come off onto it as her lips had smoothly welcomed it into her mouth. As her lips closed around his glans, she felt the swollen bulb filling her mouth like a large plum.

Her tongue licked the underside pressing it up against the roof of her mouth. She held it there and sucked on it while her hand moved up and down his shaft. Mr. Saleem put his hand on Lata’s head, ‘that’s it my girl’, he said smiling, enjoying the sensations that her mouth was giving to his lund. Lata’s head started bobbing up and done and Mr. Saleem gasped as he felt his lund moving between her lips. He started making small thrusting movements watching his thick shaft sliding in and out of Lata’s mouth. Lata could feel Mr. Saleem ‘s lund nudging the back of her throat. Her eyes were closed and she was concentrating upon the sensation of the lund fucking her mouth. She felt pleased with herself that she seemed to have got the job and she felt that she had a clear idea of exactly what Mr. Saleem ‘s priorities were. She knew she could handle that. The situation she had got herself into was so disgusting, she was amazed that she could behave like this. The more she thought about how depraved she felt, the more heated she became and she was enjoying the hot wet feeling growing between her legs. In fact Lata was thinking so much about it that Mr. Saleem coming into her mouth took her by surprise and it was the taste of his hot salty cream that made her realise that he had started to pump his semen into her mouth and down her throat. She pulled back, partly in disgust, but wanting to see, so that as she removed his lund from her mouth she saw the single eye at the tip open up as hot globules of white spunk spurted out into her face, some landing on the lenses of her spectacles. She stood up, her hand still stroking and looked Mr. Saleem in the face knowing that he could see his cum stickily moving down one side of her nose.

She smiled, thinking of how she must look to him standing in front of her, his Lund wet and sticky in her hand, his semen on her face. To be continued If anyone in Hyderabad want to have sex pls. mail me at

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