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Last Night With My Wife

  • desipapa
  • September 11, 2015

Hi, I’m Rana. A 30 aged married person. It had been 2 years since I’ve married. My wife is Sumi. She is slim, erotic figured, measured 36-26-36. The days we left behind was very much pleasurable. We used to play sex game every night. Though she was not so active, I enjoyed her very much. I was sitting in the balcony alone, cause yesterday exactly after 2 years of our marriage, I came to know that my wife is in love with anyone else! I don’t know who he is, but he must be someone very rich.

Without asking her anything, I divorced Sumi moments before. She was expecting it. I saw happiness in her eyes when I was announcing “Talaq”. With a very rude voice, I cursed her to go away tomorrow morning before I wake up. Now she is trying to sleep. She just lied on bed after packing up some of her clothes and goods. A thought peeped inside my mind. I had never tasted a girl but Sumi. I really loved her. But she dishonored my love. So she have to be punished. I stood up and went to her bed. Reaching near to her from the back, I touched her. She surprised and looked at me. There was a big quistion on her face. I ignored. In a straight voice I said, “I will have you for the last time.” “You devil!”, she blusted out, “You’ve no rights on me anymore, you gave talaq to me.” “Who cares, I loved you but you dishonored. Now you have to pay for that.” I let her no chance to talk anything. I shut her mouth with my hand.

She was wearing sari. With some quick moves with my other hand, the sari was almost off of her body. She was in blouse and skirt then. I remembered she doesn’t wear undergarments at night. I tore off her blouse. Her big and beautiful tits exposed before me. Oh, how sweet they are! I loved to suck them. She was trying to escape from me. I tightly held her hands against the bad so she couldn’t move. I found my nose is digging her soft breasts. I was sucking her tits like a cat sucks milk from a bowl. I had many tricks on it. As she was trying to escape from me, I started using these tricks. Sometime I bite hard her nipple, sometime sucked very soft, sometime circled her nipple by my finger and so on. Doing these around 5 minutes I noticed she wasn’t resisting much as she was resisting before. To have a more ffecting result I sucked her 2 more minutes. Deliberately, I was rubbing my thighs on her pussy over the skirt she wore.

I came down toward her navel. I kissed on her belly and here & there. She was then slightly trembling. Her face was crying, though I saw no tear in her eyes. In fact, she was looking so good what made my level up. I was kissing her more passionately. Surprisingly, all on a sudden she passed off me with her total strength, which made me angry. I made a new decision. Sumi never gave me a blowjob. But every time I would expect it with a manly hunger. I get off of her, set on her breasts and did the worst thing. I pressed her nose so she couldn’t breathe and opened her mouth. Quickly I inserted my large dick inside her mouth. “Suck it bitch!”, I groaned. But she didn’t, moreover she started crying. I started moving my dick up and down through her lips. Oh god! It was so heavenly that I can’t even express it. I moaned “Ooooohhh…” and buried the full length of it. She was gagging. After doing this 3/4 minutes, I came in her warm mouth. Oh my heaven, I never did orgasm like a flood like that time ever before. A wave of intolerable ecstasy blown over me. I didn’t let any chance to spit my cum outside. Actually I kept my dick inside her lips even after orgasm. Slowly all of the cum she swallowed. Its now my turn. I went down and took her skirt off. She was crying but not resisting anymore. Her crotch area was sweating. I found its smell highly erotic. Her pussy was already wet.

Tightly holding her thighs with my hands, I dived in the juices of her love-hole. This pink pussy always attracts me. Very passionately, smoothly and softly I sucked her clit. Within seconds she couldn’t help responding back. She grabbed my hair and pushed more violently toward her pussy. “That’s it”, I thought. Lovingly I gave her a good oral sex for around 5 minutes. Within this time she did orgasm at least 3 times. She was then moaning. I stopped sucking her and sat between her legs. Meanwhile, my dick was erect again. I begun to rub her pussy with my dick. I saw an amazing scene, that Sumi is dying to have my pecker inside her. I kept rubbing to see the view more. She couldn’t bear it. She begged me “Please enter it, please don’t stop.”. But I still kept playing. She couldn’t hold it anymore. She grabbed my waist as a cat paws on mice. “Please, please…I can’t..anymore.” Her words were broken, but it wa a request.

I understood. I didn’t seemed that I heard it. Kept rubbing. She made a quick move and within a fracture of a second, bent before me and took my dick in her mouth again. She sucked it hard. Chopping sounds made me feel death from ecstasy. A minute later I grabbed Sumi and hold her tightly against the bed. Her legs were up and bent over my shoulders. I entered her. “Ooooh….” both of us moaned. I paused a second while my dick is fully inserted inside her cunt to feel the warm. Then I started pumping. In this position pumping is quite easy and can be done at a great speed. I took this advantage. I penetrated her as if there is no tomorrow. Sumi’s big boobs were popping, she was graunting loudly. We became wild. Fucking her like this about 5 minutes, I rolled her over and made bent on her knees. Now it is a doggy style, my favorite. I set my dick to her pussy and taking a big breath stroked and buried full length inside.

She cried out from pain. I showed no care, continued big strokes. I was cupping her tits from the back. I squeezed tightly, fucked wildly, everything was giving her pain. But also pleasure indeed. A new idea raised. Before she could understood anything I took my penis out and suddenly inserted in the asshole. Half of the length it went inside, Sumi shouted out with severe pain. I paused a while. She was saying “No…no…please…” I didn’t hear. With one more stroke I fully inserted my dick. I thought Sumi died since she shouted again dangerously. Her upper body fell down on the bed, hands were trying to grab the air. For that I cared a bit. Slowing down stroked her asswhole. Oh man it was so tight. My dick was feeling heaven, I forgot to move- such a pleasure it was. For this high pleasure I felt I am gonna cum soon. I embraced So tightly. A flood was traveling through. What a manly feeling it was! I came inside her. And fell on her fully exhausted. My cum was dripping out of her hole. I fell in a little asleep. When wake up, it was morning and Sumi was nowhere. She left away. That was the last night with my wife ever

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