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Landlord’s Daughter

  • desipapa
  • September 4, 2015

Hi this is Vijay from Mumbai. I was posted in Surat and was living in a rented premises where the landlord and his family were my neighbors. The family consisted of the landlord, his wife, daughter and son. This was the first occasion where I have enjoyed sex with both the mother and the daughter on different occasions.

This was not preplanned, but as the opportunity presented itself, I took it. I had already fucked the landlady on Holi day. However since that day no opportunity to meet her alone had presented itself. However I got a chance with the daughter. This is how it happened.

The landlord’s daughter whose name was Priya was eighteen years old. She studied in College and was quite modern in her outlook and dressing style. She had long coltish legs and walked like models walk on the ramp. She had a wheatish complexion and a pretty (not exactly beautiful) face, whose most outstanding feature were her beautiful eyes.

She had medium sized breasts, small waist and a cute ass. I had a computer in my apartment that I used to surf the net, send mails and write my office and personal correspondence. Once when Priya came to my apartment to deliver the mail, she saw me using the computer. She asked my permission to occasionally use my computer to complete her college assignments.

She promised to use it during the day time when I was away for work. I gave her my permission. A duplicate key to my apartment was always lying with the landlord and she was to use that key for access to my apartment in my absence. From then on many a time I would smell her perfume when I came home. This told me she had been using my computer during the day.

I also found out she had been using the computer to surf the net. Initially she surfed the news and information sites. But gradually she started to surf sex sites on the net. I found this out from the surfing history of the computer.

One day as usual I dressed up and left for work. However I had to come back as I had a splitting headache. So I came back home and took a pain killer tablet. After changing my clothes I lay down on the bed and fell asleep. When my eyes opened I realized it was past noon. I got up, washed my face and as I was walking out to the living room I realized there was someone in the living room.

I peeked out and saw Priya using the computer. She must not have known that I had come back early and since I was sleeping in the bedroom she was not aware of my presence in the house. There is very little furniture in the living room. Just the computer table and a chair. She was sitting on the chair with her back towards me.

She was wearing a sleeveless cotton blouse buttoned up on the front and a flowing cotton printed skirt which came just below her knees. I walked up and stood behind her. She did not notice me as she was busy reading an e-mail sent by some net friend of hers. It was a long letter describing what he would do to Priya when he met her alone in a dark and lonely place.

The description of his intended actions were quite graphic and detailed. Priya was sitting reading the mail with her skirt pulled up and bunched up around her waist and her legs spread wide. She had one hand inside her red nylon panties, rubbing her pussy quite excitedly, while her other hand was fondling her breasts through her cotton blouse.

She was breathing hard and raggedly from her mouth. I could see her breasts rise and fall with each breath. I thought to myself “ Well this is a chance god had thrown my way and I should take it.”. I took a step forward and put both my hands on her twin breasts. Taking hold of them I squeezed them lightly saying “ here let me help you”.

Priya was so surprised and shocked that she sat there with her mouth open trying to say something, but not a word came out. She was frozen in place, one hand still inside her panties until I had given her breasts about five squeezes. Then she got up and bolted towards the door, but stopped when I called to her.

I told her I have known about her surfing habits all along and if she came back I had something to show her. By now she had recovered her poise and was smiling at me flirtatiously from near the door. I asked her if she had ever seen a `XXX porno” film. She said she hadn’t. I again asked her if she was interested in seeing a `XXX porno’ film.

I could see from the expressions on her face that she was very interested but her brain was telling her it was not such a good idea. So I nonchalantly took out the CD that I kept locked in my table drawer and ran it on the CD Drive of the computer. I was sitting on the chair in front of the computer and she came and stood next to me and started to watch the movie.

Soon she was engrossed in watching the movie. I observed her from the corner of my eyes. She definitely looked excited. She was breathing hard and her breasts were rising and falling with each breath. She had one hand in the pocket of her skirt and it looked like she was using her hand to rub either her thighs or her pussy through the pocket of her skirt.

We continued to watch the movie this way for about 10 minutes. After some time I told her there was no point in her watching the whole movie standing. I put my hand around her waist and pulling her towards me I made her sit in my lap. She did not object to my actions. In fact she made herself comfortable on my lap and resumed watching the movie.

I had my arms wrapped around her stomach while her back was leaning against my chest. I was now watching the movie over her shoulder. I moved my hands around on her stomach, caressing her, until I was lightly touching the underside of her breasts. I pushed my nose into her hair and neck and breathed in her musky body aroma deeply.

She was using some kind of floral perfume. I was totally turned on by the situation and I am sure she must have felt the proof of my excitement pushing into her ass. However she did not indicate she had noticed anything amiss.
On the screen the plumber was fucking the bored housewife. She was avidly watching the action on the screen. I whispered into her ear, asking her how she would like someone to do the same to her. She did not give any reply. I then kissed her on the side of her neck and taking the lobe of her left ear in my mouth started sucking it. There was no reaction from her.

I bit on the lobe of her ear lightly. Simultaneously I move both my hands upwards and cupping both her breasts in them, squeezed them lightly. She did not stop me but turned her face towards me and looked me in the eyes with a glazed look. I gave her a light kiss on her lips. She turned her face away and resumed watching the movie.

I took this as a green signal. I continued to fondle her breasts quite blatantly, simultaneously licking her ear lobes turn by turn. Her breasts were just the right size and fit right into my palms. They were firm and heavy to the touch. After fondling her breasts for a few minutes, I started to unbutton her blouse.

Starting from the bottom I stopped after opening each button waiting and gauging her reaction. Finding no opposition at all I moved on to next button. Ultimately the blouse lay open from top to bottom. I rubbed the naked skin of her stomach and found it smooth and baby soft. She had a flat washboard stomach.
I moved my hands upwards and taking possession of her bra clad breasts fondled them. Her erect nipples were poking out the cotton material of her bra and felt hard like pebbles as I pinched them through the bra. Only now did Priya let out a low moan. I realized that she was getting hot in her pants.

I was in a hurry to see her naked breasts and therefore I hooked my fingers under the elastic band of the bra and pulled them up and over her breasts. Her naked breasts came into plain view in all their glory. I cupped her naked breasts in both my hands and squeezed them hard. I then took both the nipples between the forefinger and thumb of each hand and rolled and pinched them.

This brought out a loud moan from Priya as she continued to watch the movie. I fondled and squeezed both her breasts for quite some time. I then decided it was time for further action. I pulled up her skirt with my left hand and placed my palm on her knee. Getting no reaction from her I started to caress her knee and thigh.
I moved my palm to her inner thigh and caressed the soft creamy flesh I found there. I was caressing and stroking her thigh from her knee upwards. On each stroke I was moving my hand a little more under her skirt towards her pussy. My right hand was still busy petting and squeezing her breasts turn by turn.

By now Priya was moaning deeply in her chest and breathing raggedly with her mouth wide open. As the fingers of my left hand came near her pussy I could feel the heat radiating out of the core of her body. She further separated her legs to facilitate access of her body to my probing fingers. Finally when my fingers reached her pussy I found she had soaked the crotch of her panties.

I rubbed her pussy over the wet crotch of her panties. This brought out a loud grunt from her. Despite all the hot reactions she was giving she had continued to watch the movie with unwavering attention as the action unfolded on the computer screen.

Moving my hand upwards I found the elastic waistband of her panties. I pushed it aside and inserted my hand into her panties. I immediately encountered a bush of hair which was silky soft. Her bush was damp from all the juices she had emitted. I rubbed her pussy lips which were already slick and slippery and then inserted my middle finger into her pussy.

She was so hot and ready that my entire finger slipped into her pussy quite easily. Now this was too much for Priya to take quietly. The reaction I got for the penetration of her pussy was immediate. She turned on her side and taking my head in her hands she pushed my face between her breasts and held it there.

I could hear her moaning and breathing deeply in her chest. I could also feel her heart against my cheeks, beating like a drum against her chest. I tried to pull my head out of her fierce grip, but she held on with one hand. With the other hand she lifted her left breast and guided the hard swollen nipple to my mouth. I immediately latched on to it and started sucking it deeply.

The hand I had placed on her pussy was still busy frigging her. I had located her clitoris with my thumb and was lightly rubbing it. She started swaying in my lap holding my head in her arms making a soothing sound deep in her throat. Alternating between her nipples I looked up at her face while continuing to suck her nipple.

She was avidly watching the movie on the computer screen while rocking me, holding my head to her breast as if she was feeding a child. She moved one hand behind her, took hold of my erect cock which was all this time rubbing against her backside and started giving it light squeezes.

Very soon Priya could take it no more and started opening and closing her legs and rubbing them together.. She moved her hand under the skirt and took hold of my hand that was caressing her pussy urging it to move faster and deeper. When she was about to come she almost jumped off my legs. Her body stiffened and she came with a loud grunt.

She brought her legs together trapping my hand between them. I could feel her palpitating pussy pump out its juices even as she used her pussy muscles to clutch on to the fingers inside her pussy. Priya lay back languidly, exhausted from her intense orgasm and continued to watch the movie as it neared its ending. I resumed fondling and caressing her breasts.

We just sat like that till the end of the movie. After the movie finished, she immediately got up and pulled off her blouse which was hanging from her shoulder. She also unclipped her bra and threw it aside. She also opened the clip of her skirt and letting it fall to the ground stepped out of it. She was now standing naked in front of me except for the panties she was wearing.

Taking my hand she pulled me out of the chair and led me into the bedroom. There she made me sit on the edge of the bed. She then hooked her fingers into the waistband of my shorts and indicating to me with her eyes to lift my backside. As I lifted my ass she pulled down my shorts along with my underwear and threw it to the floor.

My erect cock jumped out standing straight up, swollen and ready for action. She took hold of the shaft of my cock and pulled back the skin exposing the swollen glans. She leaned forward and licked the drop of moisture that had accumulated on the tip of the cock head. Taking hold of the shaft firmly she licked all round the head of the cock and then along the length of the shaft using her tongue expertly.

When she reached my balls she applied her tongue licking them thoroughly. She massaged my cock with a firm hand and placing the head of the cock on her tongue took it into the warmth of her mouth. She was sucking my cock hard using her tongue especially on the ultra sensitive underside of the cock head.
While sucking the cock head she was using both her hands to massage the shaft as well as fondle my testicles tenderly. I was half lying back on the bed supported by my elbows tremendously enjoying the blow job being given to me. Soon I was ready to come. I sat up and taking hold of her hair pushed her face downwards intending to achieve greater penetration of her mouth.

She did not resist. Relaxing her throat muscles she took my entire cock into her mouth. I fucked her mouth, with my hand controlling the rhythm and speed of the strokes. She sensed that I was about to lose control and before I could stop her she took me out of her mouth and started giving me a high speed hand job. Her other hand was lightly squeezing my balls.

I could not hold back any more. I ejected a jet of juice, all over her face and upper body. She giggled as I was ejecting spurt after spurt of juice all over her. With my orgasm finished I lay back on the bed exhausted, feeling very lazy. I watched her as she picked up a few drops of my come with her fingers and tentatively licked and tasted it. Apparently she liked the taste.

She collected more of my come and put it into her mouth. The remaining she rubbed on her breasts and stomach. She stood up and pulled down her panties. The bush on her pussy was quite thick. Getting on top of me she straddled my chest with her smooth sexy thighs on either side of my face. Then leaning forward she positioned her pussy right in front of my face.

I could see her glistened pussy lips from which she was already dripping her juices. She took hold of my head and guided my mouth towards her pussy. I lapped up the juice that was dripping down her thighs. I could also smell the perfume that she had applied to her pussy. I grabbed her ass cheeks, squeezing them lovingly, used it to control the positioning of her pussy over my mouth.

I lapped her pussy and the surrounding skin right up to her ass hole with long strokes of my tongue. She sat up with her eyes closed, concentrating on achieving her big climax, allowing me to control the movement of her lower body. She had taken both her breasts in her palms and was pinching the nipples. I located her clitoris and tickled it with my tongue.

She grunted loudly and I was rewarded with a spurt of pussy juice. I relentlessly worked her pussy and clitoris till she reached the peak of her desire. I lapped up the fountain of fluid that gushed forth on her climax. I held on to her as she thrashed around till she calmed down. I continued to lick and suck her clitoris even after she had climaxed.

Very soon the tempo built up and she was ready for her next eruption. I could feel the muscles of her thighs and ass trembling from the sensations that were traveling around her body at high speed. She was moving her ass, rubbing her pussy over my face from my chin to my nose. I held on to her ass cheeks trying to control her movements.

She was grunting and moaning with each movement. I inserted first one, then two and finally three fingers in her pussy and frigged her, while my tongue was giving a lashing to her clitoris. My hands and fingers were slippery from the all the juices she had spurted and it was very difficult to hold on to her.

I inserted the middle finger of my free hand into her asshole and moved it around massaging her prostate. This pushed her over the edge. She froze in place bent backwards like a bow and had a massive climax. She was screaming silently with her mouth open, but no noise came out of it. I could feel her pussy muscles clutching and releasing my fingers which were still inside her.

Her pussy was palpitating and spurting huge quantities of fluid. I was almost drowned in her juices and I tried to drink as much as I could. I could feel her juices dripping down the side of my face and neck. When it was finally over she collapsed on top of me. During all this action I had developed a massive erection.
As she lay on top of me I caressed my rock hard penis and decided now it was my turn. I turned on my side and put her on the bed on her back. I knelt between her legs and pushed her knees upwards towards her chest. She was watching me as I was positioning myself for my first assault on her little fortress.
As I leaned over her she took my penis in her hands and guided me into her pussy. As I gave a small push I could feel my cock head enter her pussy with a small pop. As I braced my self and was on the verge of giving her a hard shot she told me to be gentle with her. She put her arms around my neck and kissed me on the lips.
Pulling my tongue into her mouth she started to suck on it. I pushed my erect penis into her pussy and got into rhythm pretty fast giving her long and easy strokes. She was also moving her hips for each stroke that I gave her. We moved well together. The room was echoing with the wet squishing and slurping sound as I pushed in and pulled out my cock from her pussy.

She reached her climax first. I however continued to fuck her as I was yet to come. I increased the speed of my strokes. After I fucked her at a very fast pace for a few minutes I felt her take my testicles in her hand and massage and squeeze them. This brought on my climax. I pulled my cock out of her pussy just as I was about to come.

I spurted jet after jet of fluid all over her pussy, stomach and chest. She went to the bathroom and brought a wet towel. She wiped clean my body very tenderly. As she did this I could see tears build up in her eyes. I asked her what the matter was. She said they were tears of happiness and I had been the first to fuck her.
I was confused as I couldn’t quite remember popping her cherry and I told her so. She said that actually I had taken her virginity, but the cherry she had popped long ago with the help of a cucumber. This was the first of many encounters. We spent many such idyllic afternoons indulging in prolonged sessions of unfettered sex.

We actually watched XXX porno movies on my computer and then tried to emulate the various positions that we had seen on the screen. I have never met a person more willing to experiment with sex than Priya. And to think it all started off with a headache. I was very lucky.


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