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Komal Ki Mast Chudai

  • desipapa
  • August 19, 2015

This story is dedicated to you . I am Sajid 22 M from (Hyderabad) India . This is a fantasy for all Girls who read this site . If you like this site then you are worth being my friend . So this is my first time ever I am writing something for my friends . Please tell me if it makes you hot as I am hot too . Please tell me what you liked and what you didnt . And Please take it Lightly as I dont think this is going to practically happen between us . So Relax yourself . Please remove your clothes and finger your pussy as you used to do . Feel me in front of you foddling your heavy boobs .

So here it goes. Assume we are net friends . I have been mailing you since last 6 months . Your name is Komal and is 18 and lives in Hyderabad We are very good friends for the last 6 months. We both were interested to meet each other you for so long. Actually we both were in love while chatting. This seems to be very strange but we were very serious about each other you, even without meeting in person. We had already exchanged our pics. I had once taken your tel no for emergency . I had no work as I was at home whole day so I called you on your phone number immediately. You was on the line and when I told you that I was at home and was free whole day you yelled out with happiness. Then I asked you about where do you stay. You were very intelligent and genius. And you suggested me that you are coming to my home as everyone is out of station from my house. You promised that you will be meeting me at about 7.30 in the evening and we will have dinner together. I was waiting and took a bath and made a cup of coffee. It was 7.00 PM now and I was desperately waiting for you.

This was your first ever visit to my house. You came exactly 7.30. This was the first instance that we were meeting each other in person in our life. As I opened the door you was standing in front of me, I asked you to come inside, you came and closed the door behind you. I hugged you in my arms so tightly. you also put you arms around me. I hugged you more and more tightly. And kissed you on you lips…you arms tightened around me. We had missed each other very much. We both were so happy to be so close now. We started talking. It was not raining outside but the weather was very cloudy and cool air was flowing. Overall the weather was very romantic. We sat in the bed besides each other. I had taken you hand in my hands. It was feeling so nice. you was just smiling all the time. you smile meant a life to me. you stands 5’5” tall with long neck and long lovely legs. you boobs were not very big but also not that small either. Just as in the pic you send me . I liked medium sized boobs and you was there with them.

Over all you was very beautiful and moreover we both were in love with each other. While we were talking, I put my right hand around you shoulder and pulled you more close to me. you smiled and I kissed you again. you responded me fully. After a few minutes of kissing I asked you “Honey..Will u like to have beer ?” you told me that you had taken beer only a couple of times before that with you female friends and now you will do anything for my happiness, so you responded positively. I ordered three beers from nearby stall . The boy served us beers in the room along with some light snacks. We started enjoying chilled beer. After finishing the beer I orders the dinner, you choiced dinner. We finished the dinner. I was hoping that you would leave for you home after the dinner. I asked you about your father and chirag , you told me that you father was out of station for a week and will come back only after 7 days and chirag has gone for trip with his friends . And you was alone at you home these days. I was so happy to hear this. So I offered you to stay with me that night at my house , you agreed after some hesitation. you was wearing a tight pant and a skin tight T-shirt. (As in your pic).

So at 10.00 in the night I changed my dress to a nightdress. A knickers and a t-shirt. you had nothing to change to loosen you tight clothes. We both were enjoying talking with each other. And more, we were so happy to see each other for the first time. We both wanted that this should be a memorable meeting for both of us. It had started raining heavily outside now and the weather became a bit cold. I told you “Aaj to main apni honey to apni bahon mein laker sona chahta hoon.” you replied, “I’m all yours, Aapko roka kisne hai.” So I pulled you in my arms on the bed. you also put you arms around my neck and started kissing my face, my lips, my eyes, my nose, and my forehead…all of my face. Our legs were entangled with each other. you hard boobs were pinching in my chest. I was getting my hard on striking somewhere in-between you legs. you was also feeling my hardness. you was just smiling all the time. We both sat down again on the bed. I asked you to remove you tight clothes to feel easy but you only smiled. I asked you again to change you clothes but you smiled again. you did not say anything but raised you arms above and smiled. I got you point and put my hands on you T-shirt and pull it upwards. WOW!!!!!! What a beautiful pair of boobs you had. Perfect pair. I just touched you boobs from above you bra and caressed you all around you body. you was getting aroused and still smiling. you put you face in my chest. Feeling a bit shy. I hug you with me.Then I pulled down you tight jeans. And you stood tyoue in front of me in just a bra and panties. you had beautiful CHIKNI long legs. you asked me with shyness.”You also remove your clothes now.” We both were feeling so much embarrassed now. This was the fact that we both were doing it for the first time in real life with eachother . I asked you to help me in removing my clothes.

I wanted you to touch every part of my body. you responded by removing my shirt and then you caressed my chest with you lovely fingers. I was feeling myself in heaven. Then you opened my knickers and there I stood stood naked in front of you. you hid you face again in my chest not looking at my so hard dick by your shyness. I asked you not to feel shy. But you kept on smiling. Then I took you hand in my hands and put it on my dick. you held my penis in you hands. It felt so wonderful to me. It was getting hard and hard in you hands. you started massaging my dick and my balls. When I tried to open you bra, you asked me to switch off the lights, but I insisted you that I wanted to see you full body. So I opened you bra. And took you boobs in my hands. I started playing with them. Then I put my lips on you nipples. you screamed and held my penis very tightly. I started kissing you boobs one by one. you was also feeling so much pleasure. We were still standing. After a few mins of kissing all you body, I pulled down you panties too. We both were naked now. you was in my arms. I was feeling you warmth. Our bodies were in constant touch with each other. You was still holding my dick in you hands. Then I picked you up in my arms and placed you gently on the bed. And I started kissing you from you forehead, kissed you lips, you cheeks, you eyes, you nose, you ears, you lips again, you neck, down to you boobs, sucked you nipples, down to you belly, and then I moved further down and kissed you pussy lips. you was moaning softly. Then I kissed you thighs. And then I fell on top of you and you embraced me in you arms.

My penis was striking somewhere between you legs. you was trying to hold my penis in you hands. you was also aroused so much. Then you whispered in my ear “Prashant , I love you very much”. And you started kissing me we starting rolling over the bed in each other’s arms. Then you got up. you switched off the lights youself and held my penis in you hands and started kissing my lips, my face, my neck, my chest then and you moved onto my penis. you kissed the head of my penis and I asked you to suck my penis, you smiled at first and then you took my penis in you lovely lips and started moving up and down while you was holding my penis from the base. I started moaning like …aaaaahhh hhhhhhhh………..owwwwwww wwww…….I told Komal …”Honey I love you so much..You are so nice. Your are so beautiful, you are so loving. “ you kept sucking my penis and kissed my balls too. My dick was throbbing in you mouth. It was just a marvelous feeling. After a few minutes, I laid you down on the bed and asked you to spread you legs. you did. I climbed in-between you legs. I put my penis at the entrance of you pussy. you said to me “Prashant , please be careful, this is my first time.” I told you..”Don’t worry honey, I love u and I will be so gentle. I won’t hurt u.” you was satisfied with my words. I had a pack of condoms which i had puchased for this special occation . I asked you to put this thing on my penis . You put it like a professional . You first took my penis in your mouth . Put a bit of saliva on it .

And then put that condom on my penis Hats off for you for this . I try first with a little force but was unable to enter you pussy. Then I asked you to hold my penis and guide it to you pussy. you held my penis and put the head of my penis on the entrance of you pussy. I pushed a bit harder and only the head of my penis entered you pussy. “Ahhhhhhhhhhhhhh” you screamed and felt pain inside of you. you told me to pull out b’coz it was so painful. I assured you “Komal..Please bear it, it’s a one time pain and it will vanish soon.” I could see tears in you eyes. you bite you lips but said nothing to me. I also did not push further and lay on top of you and started sucking you boobs and nipples and kissed you lips. In a few minutes, you was feeling pleasure. Pain was being replaced with pleasure. you put you arms around me very tightly. And I understood that pain was finishing. So I pushed a bit again and my penis started moving inside you tight pussy. you was moaning with pleasure now. you whispered in my ears “Prashant, I’m all for you, Its your right, you can do anything with me. Please make this night a memorable one. We will remember this night forever.” Now my entire penis was so deep in you tight pussy, measuring the depth of you pussy. you was smiling again. I was feeling myself in paradise.

Then I pulled my penis a little out and pushed again in you. you screamed “aaaahhhhhhhaaaaa” with pleasure and kissed me full on my lips. Then I started moving in and out of you pussy slowly and slowly. you was also enjoying it now. you was caressing my body. Sometime you put you hands on my ass and pulled me down to you. I started moving in and out of you pussy a little faster. We both were enjoying it. After a few minutes. I felt my semen boiling inside me. I removed my cock . And Condom Tore . And you held me more tightly. In a few thrusts I blasted my load and fell on top of you. you wrapped me in you arms very tightly. you seemed to be satisfied with the pleasure. I was also feeling very happy. You pulled my penis and cleaned it with a cloth. We slept in each other’s arms naked then. It was really a memorable night for both of us. In the morning when I woke up, I found my penis in your hand, you was jerking it. you was already awake and was feeling my penis in you hands. We both smiled at each other, you pulled me towards you and kissed my lips.

I asked you “Did you enjoy the night Komal ?” you simply smiled again and pulled me more tightly to you. I climbed on top of you again and you spread you legs for me and I inserted my penis in you pussy and we had another round this time without condoms .We enjoyed more this time. Then we took bath together and after the breakfast you went back to you home and told me that you will come to me in the evening again and we will sleep together tonight. May god bless both of us. I pray to god that we both enjoy many sexual experiences in personal life . I shall tell more in the next sequel to this – horny housewives, single girls reach out for me – mail me at . I can assure you that u will enjoy my company.. A girl or a guy who hasn’t had a sex has really missed something in life. Girls if you are Virgin then also it will do ..

Please do mail me and tell me about your Fantisies or your real Life Experiences . If you too are Lonely or Require some Fun in Life Do mail me . Please tell me your real name, email and telephone number (for friend ship and ……………..) my e-mail add is . I need a Girl for Friendship who thinks same as me , whose likes and dislikes are as same as me .

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