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Kolkata Rasgulla

  • desipapa
  • September 28, 2015

What I loved a lot about kolkata was sensuous, sexy bodies. I had a lot of girl friends but the Bodi used to tingle my cock more than anything. Their soft, round big MOOME(Boobs) covered in tight blouse with their low tight saree’s give the bulge to my COCK, I still remember. We used to go specially to Garihat to come back in buses in the evening clinging to tight round Asses of Bodi grinding our Hard rock cock deep. this story is about my first fuck of a Bodi, I could never forget. I used to go to Maiden for playing soccer.

One evening I was tired after playing and took a Mini Bus and sat on the seat right behind the driver. As it starts from their it was empty with very few people in it. I was tired and took off my jacket and put on my lap and closed my eyes. After some time I heard a lovely voice asking me Apni boshte debain. i.e Will you let me sit. I opened my eyes and saw a stunning Body, around early 30’s wearing a blue tight saree with black blouse. I was so mesmerised that instead of getting in towards the window, I put my legs outside and let her go in to sit towards the window. She rushed and took the seat saying Thanabad(Thank you). I didn’t say anything as I was just watching her beauty. She got embarrassed and started to look outside. I also sit straight and put my jacket again on my lap as my COCK was starting to twitch. My full body was touched by her body and with the jerking of the bus, my elbow was hitting her mounds. But she was not trying to get away from me. So I becoming more and more hot.

I folded my elbow in such a way to touch her Mound on the blouse and with the next jerk I pressed it hard that she gave out Aah from her mouth but she didn’t pull out. That gave me so much encouragement that I dropped my hand on her lap. Instead of complaining she put her shawl in such a way to cover my hand. This gave me courage to move my fingers on her crouch feeling the wetness of the hot well under the saree. I started moving my fingers hard and also put my left hand under the shawl over her round MOOME(BOOB) and started pressing it. It was so soft but stiff that my cock started to pre cum. Suddenly I found bodi’s hand on my lap under my jacket and she started stroking the length of my COCK on my pants. OH god that was so much fun that I put my mouth near her and said Body GOODH Debe, Bhabhi will you give me Pussy. While saying so I pressed her nipples, squeezing the 38DD boobs. But to my surprised I got the answer, Amake Bada chai( I need your COCK too) squeezing hard my COCK which was going to make my pants dirty. But I told her Lake Jabe(Let’s go to Dhakuria Lake). It was a place where you can do anything in open in the garden near a lake. She said Jabo(I’ll go). I asked her to get down as it was near. She also got up and we got down from he bus at Lake. She after getting down asked Tumhi Ki karo(What u do?) I said I’m Taran and doing CA.

She said her name is Paromita and she is married to a Markting Executive. She said she has not been fucked for a week. She took me to a corner around the pool, it was total dark there. She put her shawl on the grass and sat on it. I sat beside her and pounced on her like a hungry lion. I kissed her long on her lips putting my tongue in it. She sucked on my tongue circulating giving me kicks. my hands opened her blouse and took out the MOOME from the nylon Bra. There were beauties At 38DD these were round and hard. I started sucking on the dark nipples. while squeezing the other BOOB. She took out my COCK hard like Iron ROD of my pants and stroking it slowly exposing the red Knob. She said Tumar Ki Bardo Bada(Your is quite large COCK). I said Tumar MOOMe bhi to ki bardo(Your BOOBs is also too BIG) and with that I bit on them, She moaned said Joor diya TIppo (Press them Hard). I pressing with all my might squeezing them like sponge balls. She bent down and put her mouth on my COCK and started to SUCK. I was in heaven blurring Body choose lo. while jerking into her mouth. My hands lifted her saree exposing her Wet GOODH(CUNT). It was so rasbhari(Fille dwith juices) that my fingers went in without any friction. and I pumping with multiple finger and put my mouth on it. OOOOOOOOOOH it smells so Good. I started licking and she said Kee Chato tumhi Joor se chato na (How you lick, lick with force). I forced my tongue in the juices well licking the walls of the GOODH(Cunt).

I stiffed my tongue and started pumping it hard in to her GOODH(CUNT). She was saying Taran ama ke chood jeeb diya chod de, Joor se chod de. I was so charged up that I turned her around and ask her to come on my lap lifting her saree. Her GOODh(CUNT) was so wet that My Bada(COCK) went right into her GOODH(CUNT) without any friction and got stuck. She moaned with joy. I said Paromita Body tumhi choodo amar Bada. and she started jumping up and down moaning OH AH. I started jerking from bottom also bending her a little. I held her MOOME(BooB) and while squeezing them and dark nipples I pumped my ROCK HARD BADA(COCK) up her GOODH(CUNT). She was started trembling and so do I. I said Paromita Body, Ami Aschi(I’m CUMMIng). She replied Ami Aaschi(I’m CUMMIng too), Ammar bhitre Aascho(Cum inside me). But not taking any risk I took out my BADA(COCK) and spurted my HOT HOT CUM all over her ASS. She came also and came back on my BADA(COCK). Her ASS hole was filled with my CUM and MY BADA hit it and Whoooooo It just fit in. MY RED KNOB of my COCK was all inside her ASS Hole. She felt pain. But instead of taking it out. She put more pressure on my COCK to let it go deep inside. I said Paromita Body, Eta ki Hoche(What’s Happening). She without saying anything took my hand and started rubbing on her MOOME(BOOBS). Saying Taran aja amar pacha chood de(FUCK my ASS). Ami tumar Rand(I’m your slut).

That gave my going down COCK another life and I also jerked it it. It was so tight and it was stuck but I put my fingers in her wet pussy and brought some juices and applied on my COCK and her ASS hole. I gave a strong jerk and It went almost half in. She started pushing hard on my COCK. Which made more and more into her small hole. She was excited saying Taran aj ke ki Chodcho, Ami to tumar Randi ho gachi Tumi ki chodo Tumar Bada ki motto Amar Gand to Fate Jabe. I said. Paromita Body, Tumar Gande Bhosra Banabo, Aj ke to Gand fada debo. Saying so I pumped hard shoving all of my COCK up her ASS Hole but couldn’t last long and spit all my hot CUM inside her. She also CUmmed right on my COCK. We stayed in that posture for some time. Then Kissed each other. She said Taran tumi Ki Bhalo Choodo Ama Ke ki rooj chodbe(What a nice fucker you are Taran, Will you fuck me daily. I said Ranu Body, Ami to tumar Pet ho ghachi, Tumar GOODH, MOOMe aur Gand Choode bina to Ratre Nind Aschbe Naa.(I’ve become your pet, without fucking your CUNT, BOOBS and ASS I won’t be able to sleep at night. SO she gave me her Tel. Number. I had so good time with her and her friends. Which I tell you later. email at

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