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  • September 22, 2015

Hi, dear friend’s, I like to read sexy stories very much, I like many sites especially Desibaba whether I don’t know that those who right these stories is true or false but this story which I write down that’s was real story of mine. I like those ladies who have big boobs and I also want to make my boob big just normal. After this incident happened I already fucked by my father in which my mom help’s me. I don’t write that story because I like my second story in which my mom and me have been fucked by my KHALU (my Aunt’s Husband). That’s been great fucked in my life after my father fucked me. That was second men how fucked me. This was happened with me last year at 2001. Now I introduce my self and my Mom, and Uncle.

My name is Farhat. I am 21-year-old girl from Karachi Pakistan I am very sexy. Having a figure of 37,22,37. I am 5’8 tall and 45Kg of weight. I am very fair and beautiful and long hair and greenish brown eyes. I am the only daughter of my well-named parents.

My Mom name is Samina. She was 39 year old. She is very sexy then me. She has a GORGEOUS figure 38D-27-38, 5’5 tall and 54Kg of weight; smooth, fair skin; beautiful, wavy, long blond hair; brown eyes and a killer smile.

My Khalu was 40 years old his name is Abid and he is Punjabi (called SIRIKI from Rahim Yaar Khan) he lives in Karachi. He has well build like swimmer (have a height of 6’0 and weight was 55Kg). His dick size is 8’inch and little fatter.

At August last Saturday my father fucked me and my mother then a week ago my father can’t fucked me and my mom because he’s out form the city for business tour. That was 6th September at 12:47PM Khalu came home and said to mom that her wife is in hospital because she is pregnant and delivery was 10th or 11th Sep. Mom and I very upset because we can’t fuck from a week (when my Khalu came to home I got an Idea and tell to mom that why we wait for Dad why we don’t join to our Abid Uncle or give him a offer to fuck us). Mom refuses me. Khalu stayed at home for 3 hour and then he left at 3:00PM. He said I call you at night. Then I asked my mom why should we don’t… She cut my word and no talks on this topic ok. After an hour father call form Lahore that he can’t coming tonight and he spent there three days more. Then I try to my mom that why we offer uncle to fuck us and he was also alone for few days and dad is coming after three days please try to understand Mom. After a half-hour conversation mom is agreed. At night uncle mom and he asked are you coming tomorrow at hospital and he tell us the Hospital name and Room Number also we noted but then mom said to him that you wait for us at home we will be there at 11:30AM morning after this she put off telephone. Then she turns to me and said “Are you happy now”. I said, “Yes mom”. And then I hug mom and then kiss her for a min.

We went Khalu home at 11:00AM in the morning. Me wearing a tight green color Shalwar, Kameez without any Shameez and wearing red braser and red underwear. My mom wearing saree, which was, pink in color and very tight and wearing black braser and black underwear. We ring the bell and wait for someone after five-min Uncles opens the door, Mom asked, “Why are you late”.

He said, “I am sleeping”.

“You are not ready”, I said.

He said. “There is lot’s of work”.

Mom asked, “Which type of work”.

“Wash clothes clean room and make breakfast”, he replayed.

Mom said to me wash their clothes and clean the room and I make breakfast for him. I go to wash room and put out all clothes and called uncle to fill it up with water and I asked the surf, he give me then I washed there all clothes and When I finished that work then mom said to me clean the room and bathroom I said ok. Then I cleaned her room and washroom (Oh I don’t tell you that my uncle is not very rich because he was a painter. He paints at homes etc etc that’s why he has one room home and a Sahan). When I cleaning the room he watching at my boobs because he and mom are sits in that room. I finish my work Khalu give me his clothes for press. He went to bathroom and he gives me his poor dress to through in washing machine. Then mom went to Kitchen and making breakfast for uncle he makes break fast for uncle but without the tea because there is no milk. I asked uncle where is milk he said the milk is finishing then Mom said no problem there is lot’s of milk. I asked where is the milk then mom took me in the room and said to me put off your kameez now. I put off my kameez (she took a glass) and she took off my braser from my one boob and she licking my tits and put the glass down the tits. She took one glass of milk my both boobs and making the tea. I wear my kameez and react nothing then uncle called me for there clothes. I said Uncle I can’t press yet then Mom gives him a lungi (which he asked to give him a lungi form the cupboard). He went out only wearing lungi and underwear (which is transparent). I went to room and pressing his clothes and mom take breakfast for him. He finishes his breakfast and I finish my job mom gives him a cup of tea. When he finishes his tea he asks where you got the milk, Milk is finished at home. Then mom said why you asking this question, nothing just for my information. Mom said ok I will tell you but closed your eyes. He closed his eyes and mom called me and said to him, Abid open your eyes and when he opens his eye mom said to me tell him how we got milk.

Then I put off my kameez and mom took a glass again and removes one side braser and licking my nipples and the milk fell into glass. When I took my kameez off my Khalu was in shock and surprise and he happy also. She started again to licking my tits and feeding my milk. Then mom said there we got the milk, understand. Then I removed mom saree and she is only in his braser and petticoat and me also in Shalwar and one side boob is closed and other one is out from the braser. Khalu is watching both of us and asked to mom what are you doing. I said that, “What’s the matter with you the two beautiful women stands in front of you with there naked body and you are saying that what happened, Are you not interested to have sex with us”. He smiled like a happy man and he said, Yes I am interested to have sex with both of you but I am scared. Why you are scared and then mom and I went to near uncle and take him up and starts kissing to him and he reply us. He puts one hand to mom boob and other one on my boob and pressing very hard. And start licking form our juicy tits and those was covered with braser (my one boob is covered and one is behind the braser and mom are behind the braser) and he felt very excited. Mom and I moaning with this voice oh..… oh.aha..… aha.aha.aha. After doing this Khalu helps mom and me to remove our braser and mom petticoat and my Shalwar and mom was black underwear and me was in red underwear. Then he again starts to lick ours tits like an honorary man. After few minutes I went down to remove his lungi and he wearing underwear only. We sat him on sofa and kissing him all over the body and pressing his cock very softly. Mom and I remove his underwear, then his cock out from the underwear me and mom was shock that was really a big cock then my father, and it was 2’inches bigger then my father. Mom and me very happy, and sucking and kissing his cock. After 10 min mom went off and I sucking his cock. Mom went to uncle and kisses him and put off his underwear and took his cock near the Khalu lips.

He started to lick mom viginal walls and moms moaning like ahahaaaaahaaaaaa .. oohh ahahaa aaaohaa, and me sucking Khalu cock and enjoying the situation and also enjoying the first part of sex. His cock was erect by now it was so greasy with my saliva and mom felt like getting fucked up first. Then we got up and it was mom turn first to enjoy the fuck. So she laid down on the sofa and I was on top of her head mom was licking my vagina and I was pressing my boobs and hers even, an from the other end Khalu was ready to pump his cock inside Mom’s sweet hole. He slowly inserted it and Mom was in real pain and I was pressing her boobs and mom licking my vagina and mom was screaming loudly….aaaaahhhhhhh aaahh h uuuuu aa a a a a a a fuck me Abid. …just fuck like an whore..eeeeeeehhhh uuuu aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa…ooooooooooodon’t stops just go on fucking me…..harder hader…a aaaaaaa hhhhhhhhhhhhhhh…….. Khalu Abid was really fucking her madly. We were getting fucked up like mad people as if we were sex maniacs. Abid took his penis and told me to come in front of him…I was damn excited to get fucked up with my own khalu cock…he said that he will fuck me in the doggy style…and was even more excited…I came down the from the sofa and held to the sofa and he came in back of me…and inserted his penis from behind and Mom was just lying on the bed fingering her vagina…. he was fucking me really hard and I could stop my loud cries and I busted out…. As he was fucking me hard I started moaning very loudly…fuck me khalu….fuck me……. aaaaaaaa hhhhhhhh…. ooooshit…. just fuck me hard…Fuck me like your wife finish me don’t you drink your mom Milk fuck me and kill me…. aaaaaaaa uuuuuuuuu…..aha hhhhhah ahahaha…… eeeeeemmmmm maybe like a bitch fuck….bastured….Put your cock inside in me…aaaaaaaa aaaaaa aaaaaaa aaaaaaaaaa…….eeeeeeeeeemmm mmmmm mmmm…

He fucked my like that for 15-20 mins…..then he called Mom and he started fucking his own Sister-in-law (my mom) in the same position and she was little fat then me that is why she was looking great in the position….it was looking great…seeing Mom having sex…Abid caught her hair from behind and started fucking her more hard…by one hand Khalu was pulling her hair and with another hand he was holding her butts….she was really enjoying that position….and she was moaning loudly…..and pak pak noise was coming from every blow …it was even more arousing. I was standing beside them and was pressing my boobs and fingering my cunts. Then Abid went on the bottom of the room and slept straight…with his cock standing erected. I went and facing towards Khalu sat over his penis inserting into my vagina….and slowly I was kerning myself off and my boob was just jumping and moving left and right…seeing that Khalu was really turned on…and from behind Mom came and started pressing my boobs very hardly and I am moaning not to loudly and we started smooching each other….and at the same time I was riding his cock…soon Khalu was about to cum…he said it is going to cum…I tasted only my father cum so I never wanted to miss this opportunity…and Mom wanted over her face ….Khalu ejaculated his sperms into my mouth …it seems that the sperms were endless it going on flowing….Mom face was full with sperms even her hair got bit of the taste….my mouth was even full with it….I swallowed few drops of it….and rest was all dripping out my mouth…and seen was really lustful.

Mom then took the cock into her mouth and started sucking it again….I was very impressed seeing her. And I went to near uncle and he started licking my hole I am moaning and some pain and mom sucking his cock. After some time doing this we were ready to fucking. Khalu took mom and laid him into to the sofa and then he took there both legs into his own shoulders and put his cock into mom vagina hole he started very slowly and mom is moaning aaaaaaaa hhhhhhhh…. ooooshit….come on fuck me …..fuck….me…..…. aaaaaaaa uuuuuuuuu…..aha hhhhhah ahahaha…… eeeeeemmmmm. He start faster and mom said pleas…e…..eeeeeee slow……..fuck me….eeeeee…..slowwwwww……….. He is enjoying and fucking faster. And I am fingering my cunt and pressing my boobs. Khalu called me and took me and lay down me to mom and he now entered his cock inside my vagina hole, which he already fucked. He fucking me faster and I have much pain but he can’t slow and I am moaning loudly Aaaaaaaaaaaaa aaaaaaaaaaaaa hhhhhhh hhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh…… and saying this uuuuuuuuuiiiiiiiiiii mmmmmmmmmmaaaaaaaaa nnnnnnnn!! Fuck……. Meeeeeeee.. slow…w….. I have much pain but he refused and me moaning aahaaaaahannhnnn!! He can’t stop he still fuck faster then faster. After few shots on mom and me he again was about to cum…he said it is going to cum and mom and me took his cock and liking his cock and drink all it’s juice.

It was 4:00Pm and we have three hours left so what we mom and I thinking what we do now. At the same time khalu said to both of us, “We already have sex but I don’t fuck you from the behind (it’s mean he want to fuck Mom and my Gaand)”. Then mom and I agreed that but one by one first he fucked Mom and then he fucked me and we all are agree. We rest for 15 minutes after then my mom sucking his cock and he is sucking mom back hole. He is ready to fuck mom from the behind. He put mom to doggie style and she held the sofa and he came in back of mom…and inserted his penis very slowly mom make noise because of pain he inserted very slowly and when he inset half mom is moaning HUUUUMMMMMM!!!!!!!!!!! HAAAAAAAAAAANNNNNNNNN!!!!!!!! AAAAABBI DDDDDDDDDDD PLEASE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! He started faster and increase his speed mom enjoying she shouted with joy AAAAAAAAAAAAAAAA HHHHHHHHHHHH !!!!!!!!!!!! MMIRRR!!!!! MAIN AAAAAA HHHHHHHHHHHHHHH!!!!!!!!!! AAAAAAAAAA AAAAAAA HHHHHHHHHHHHH HHHHHH now but when he increases more speed after 6 min he said he cumming and shot his load at his gaand after that she give him a French kiss. After that both was taking breath heavily.

Then I said to Khalu I have an idea why we taking over fuck in bathroom. Mom said it’s your turn what ever you do I don’t mind because that was enough today for me and after that’s I ordered to khalu to come in bath room where I opened shower and started taking bath beneath it and when my whole body becomes wet I ordered to khalu come under it when all khalu body becomes wet I stated applying soap on khalu body when I completed my task I ordered khalu to-do so. So khalu applied soap in my whole body and on my gaand also and after it I applied olive oil at khalu cock now khalu stand towards wall and my back is in front of him.

I ordered khalu to, “fuck me form her ass it gift for you and don’t goes on my pain only care for your pleasure. What ever I asked you don’t have to listen to me”, ok said khalu. I Open my sexy gaand and fix khalu cock on it which was covered with a lot of olive oil which that bight applied on it .He started pressing it slowly but it also opened at one and entered fully with sudden jerks I cried with pain I am going to die Please!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Khalu Take him away from my gaand it’s lot’s of pain but according to my ordered khalu not listen to my word’s and starred pumping faster AAAAAHHHH!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! HHOOOOOOOUUUUUMMMMMM!!!!!!!!!! Oh god AAHHHHHHH. I was shouting with pain AAAAAHHHHHH!!!!!!!!!!! AAMMMMIIRRR!!!!!! AAAAAHHHHHHHH! AHHHHHHHHH!!!! SHHHHHHHHAAA!!!!!!! HHIIIIIIIII!!!!! But he was enjoying it all After 15 minutes khalu said to me, “See Saima now it’s cumming PLEASEE!!!!! Now stop I said carry on I said fasten your speed and don’t stop and after few minutes khalu khalu loads of his hot sperms filled my gaand. After it khalu call mom and tell her that he fill my gaand with his money. Mom said no problem. After that mom asked a bath together and we take bath for half an hour and then we wearing our dress and eat lunch together and went to hospitals.

After sex with uncle at home, we together again after a week at Hawks Bay and father is also joining to us, I tell you that story but I don’t … like…

Whether I don’t know that you guys or girls (anyone) believe me or not but this is my true story and I have really enjoy it. I have lots of sex last year until. If any one want Mom and me welcome but… Mom and me like sex with old people or those who are builders and etc and chat with me at my email address .I was waiting for your replay.

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