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Khala In Law & Farheen

  • desipapa
  • September 4, 2015

Hello friends it’s me Ali again. This is my fourth story, in first three stories I told u that how I am able to fuck my Khalas in law (Shaiza and Shahina). In this story I will tell u that how I am able to fuck the nand of Shahina with the help of her.

Let me start from the very beginning. My sexual life with my wife is going perfect along with my wife I used to fuck her two Khalas, which my wife does not know. My one Khala in law (Shaiza) is a house wife and second Khala in law (Shahina) is doctor and a widow living with her in laws. I fuck my Khalas in law at Shaiza’s home, when her husband is out of station or goes to his office.

One day I am at Shaiza’s home and fucking her, she is under me and I am pushing my 8 inch lund in her choot and she is moaning with pleasure and saying “Oh my jano fuck me, fuck me hard, I love ur fucking, meri choot bohat gram hai zoor say is may apna lund dalo” we both totally lost in our fucking when suddenly the door bell ring, we both ignore the bell but the person who is at the door keep ringing the bell. I asked Shaiza that “let me see who is at the door” Shaiza says no I will check it who is such a stupid person disturbing us in our fucking, Shaiza goes to check it while I am still lying naked in Shaiza’s bedroom. After 2 mins Shaiza comes in hand with hand along with Shahina, I jump to see Shahina and caught both Shahina and Shaiza in my arms and start kissing Shahina.

Shahina saw me naked smiled and said “hey you both two are enjoying good time, auray Shazi tu tu bohat bari gashti hay teri choot her waqat ek lund magti hay pur koi baht nahi Ali ka lora hi isa hay jo ek bar is say choot marwa lay us ka dil her waqat is ka lund choot may lenay ko karta hay.

On hearing these words from Shahina I say that janu lets fuck together we all three but Shahina say that I am here to told both of u one very important thing. Shazia say no Shahina first I will be fucked from Ali after that we will listen to your important thing, as now I am too hot and my pudhi wants a long and strong lund. You either join us or go out of the room or even stay here and watch us fucking. Shahina says don’t worry about myself u both two carry on your game, saying that Shahina goes out of the room and I grabbed again Shaiza and start licking her beasts. Shaiza start moaning with pleasure after 5 mins of breast sucking I start licking Shaiza’s choot after 5 mins of Choot licking I became fully nude before her showing my erect hard LUND. I said to her…….”Beautiful, Shaiza Khala…..really beautiful……you really have a gorgeous body….ssssooo sexy boobs (choochiyan) and wow…uuuuffff….what a pair of sexy inviting pair of hips you have love Khala……!!!!!!……” I said.

She got up from the bed and came near me while looking at my erect Lund. I smiled naughtily and said, ” Go ahead my sexy darling Khala in law……… hold it……hold my LUND……caress it…..She came to me took my LUND (hard and erect) caressed it for quite some time and admired me for having such a LUND…….I asked her…….Shaiza jana I now suck me off……..would you please suck it… sexy hot Khala in law…..would you suck my LUND…..I know Jana you want it ….the way you are caressing pressing my LUND you seem to do so Khala….oooo my darling………….I know what a sexy Khala in law wants to do with the LUND of a nephew in law…..yes my Khala ……..a sexy Jana always wants to suck it…..and you are really going to do it to my LUND my dear Khala in law……”

Shaiza was in her sexiest mood. Her hand moved to my erect hard Lund smoothly……… sexily….. With a lust in her eyes……..and oooohhhhh she really took it into her soft hand and began to rub it. Her hand pumped my thick organ up and down. “Well my Khala what are you waiting for…… come on Shaiza…….oooo Shazi……suck it Jana……..” I taunted. In need of no further encouragement. Shaiza Khala moved into a kneeling position bringing her face near the swollen prick (my LUND) with both my balls jutting up between my legs. Her lips moved down and kissed the tip of my erect hard Lund. UUUUfffffff…..what a pleasure it was…. Her lips ovaled and stretched wide and encircled mine Lund head hungrily with her warm lips, trying to capture its entire length in her eagerly salivating mouth. “Mmmmmm” she purred, ” Mmmmmmm! Mmmmm” Shaiza sucked my LUND deeply into her throat……a hot saliva filled her mouth that had nearly choked her throat, but she twisted her head enough to catch her breath, then began feverishly running her tongue up and down the soft underside of mine Lund and felt it throb and pulse to her touch.

She cupped mine big balls affectionately in the soft palms of her hands while tiny explosions of lust burst insanely in her brain, and she moved her head up and down, up and down, in and out of her face in a lewd and lustful delight. I placed mine hand on her soft hair and moved her head up and down on my Lund. I “I said to her…..”….OOOOO my Khala….go on…..suck it….yaahhh…suck my LUND like that it’s too good my sexy Khala……aaaaahhhhhhhhhh……my Khala……suck it……. “She swirled her tongue in a clockwise manner about the throbbing head wanting to suck that Lund dry. She sucked mine Lund to please me and… To please herself too. She tried to take it deep until the swollen head of mine Lund met with the resistance of her gullet. I stopped her sucking and came to her. I started sucking her nipples and pressing her sexy breasts….round tight boobs…… She was moaning…… I kissed her round heavy wide hips all over. I kissed her choot. I kissed her thighs…..I kissed her navel… triangle at the joint of her sexy thighs…. I fingered Shaiza Khala’s choot in standing position itself. Her breath quickened excitedly and she forgot everything as abruptly as I pushed my thick finger fully into her tight vagina.

Then Shaiza (my Khala in law) told me…..”…dear Ali Jano….please don’t waste time now…..I am too hot……..I am too much aroused…..I want fucking from you… loving nephew in law…….Please take me to bed and screw me alike anything…..yaah Ali…….now fuck me……

I took Shazi Khala to her cozy bed and came over her….kissed her boobs (choochi)….licked it….sucked her hard nipples…….I kissed her sexy silky smooth thighs ….rubbed my mouth over there…….and then I got up to my knees …….I parted her smooth sexy thighs and adjusted myself between them and pushed my LUND into her hot wet CHOOt…….She was ready to receive me…….She moaned deliciously…….sexily…….in three pushes I was fully inside her… erect hard LUND was inside Shaiza Khala.s sexy hot wet CHOOt. I was now fucking her gently…….. Once again when I pushed mine fat LUND into her wetting pussy ……..I began to work it in unison with my beefy long LUND in her ass hole. Now I began to fuck her smoothly…….She was making all sexy low sounds —-whispers —- encouraging me all the time……….oooooohhhh what a sexy hot woman she was…… I was stroking her….a smooth rhythmic motion it was that had maddened her as my hard prick was going and coming in and out of her CHOOT lips.

I was fucking her in pleasure…..that was for both of us….both of us were in our full excitement……she was cooperating me in all my strokes, my movements, my pushes as a very sexy hot woman do……..she seemed to be an expert in fucking. I was so excited with the realization that she was taking more and more of my LUND between her tender clasping lips of her CHOOT as she was making all encouraging sexy low sounds. Now she was telling me …”….OOOhhh dear ….fuck me hard……fast…..ooohh…my dear…..fuck me hard……come on fuck me fast…… is too good my dear nephew …….fuck me hard…….”. And I was now really fucking her hard……fast… the engine if a train ……my piston was making smooth fast strokes into her CHOOT……..I was romping fast……..OOhhh it was too exciting fucking her….and she …..oooohhh………..she was making the movements of her ass….her hips……I got up to my knees and held her round smooth hips with my hands and was fucking Shaiza Khala hard….more and more………and she was all the time whispering sexily……..”….oooohh…yes… dear janu…..fuck me….aaaaaaaahhhhhh………..iiiiiiiiiiiissshhhhhh……oooohhhh oooooohhh…. uuuuuuuiiiimmmmmmmmmaaaaahhhhhhhhhhhh………you are too good Ali……you are fucking like an expert……..oooofffff………you are an expert…..aaaaahhhhh……yaaaahhh….fuck me more….fuck me more…….. I was fucking my khala in law in full excitement… full speed……… The was about to ejaculate……I said to her …”…Khala……it is coming….now I am about to ejaculate…..”…. My Khala in law told me “….oooohh Ali… it inside me….yaaahhh ejaculate into my CHOOT janu…” And I was now ejaculating in to her CHOOT. She was getting stirred. Finally we both exhausted. We lay there for quite some time fully spent.

After a short while when I get up from the bed to go to wash room I saw that shahina (my second Khala in law) was sitting in front of us and she was half naked, her shalwar is down to her knees and she is rubbing her wet choot really hard and rough. When she saw me getting up from the bed She said: “Oh Ali by seeing your and shazi fucking made me really hot and now I also want to get fucked right now”. On listening this I said “but Nina khala (nick name of Shahina) u are here to tell me and Shazi some important thing” She said “ignore that important thing just fuck me here hard, please janu will you fuck me now I beg you just fuck me I am in desperate need of a strong and long lund deep and deep inside my choot, please I beg you.” I get up from the bed goes near to Shahina and hug her tight and kisses her lips and said “you know that I love you and Shazia too much not only physically but also mentally, so why you say that I beg you; no my love there is no need of begging, you need me, I am always there to fulfill your and Shaiza’s any desire which is in my power”.

I start kissing Shahina and undrees her fully and make her strake naked Shahina was so bold a lady that she herself aroused me again even I just fucked her sister Shaiza (my first Khala in law). She asked me to suck her nipples and offered me to do so. I did it to her boobs and nipples one by one. Then she asked me …..”….Ali……is you tired…?” I said “…no, why?”…She told me “….please then do it to me what u just done with Shazi. In the mean while Shaiza get up from the bed and “I know nina that you are watching us fucking and I also know that u will fuck Ali after our fucking session” On listening this Shahina said “Yes my lovely sister I also very hungry for a fuck and I hope so that you don’t mind if I get fucked from Ali right in front of you” Shaiza laugh and said no my darling young sister I will not mind just go on”. Shahina said fuck me Ali… are so good…….I want fucking from you now………” I kissed her from tip to toe. Shahina caressed my LUND lustfully with her sexy look into my eyes.

I said to her …”…Shahina your look is so encouraging and enticing…….now I can’t wait anymore……” I asked her to get up. I make her standing. I took her to the dining table in the dining room. Then I asked her to lean forward with the help of the dining table. I started kissing her back. I kissed her round sexy inviting smooth soft hips all over. She was getting aroused. She was feeling much excitement by that. The she caressed my LUND.
I pushed my hard erect LUND into her CHOOT from behind standing behind her holding her lovely sexy inviting HIPS. I was fully inside her. I started making to and fro movement of my torso and my erect hard LUND was going in and coming out her CHOOT smoothly. I was fucking Shahina in that posture. She was making her hip’s movement rhythmically with my strokes as if she was receiving my LUND in to her CHOOT every time. It was great. She started whispering sexily. She was encouraging me with each of my strokes of my LUND into her CHOOT in a sexy low voice …”……..ooooohhhh…. my nephew in law…. aaaaaahhhhh….yyyaaaahhhh…. that is fine….aaaahhhh…..uuuuuhhhh………Ali…..yaaah fuck me like that…….my jana….you are great…….. And I was fucking her smoothly. We were enjoying the act too much. The excitement was on both sides.

She was co-operating me like a real hot sexy bitch in heat…….. Shahina was giving me full pleasure with her cooperation…..movements…. …encouragements…..

She asked me to fuck her fast…”….oooohh Ali….fuck me….aaahhh fuck me fast……..aaaaaaahhhhhhhhh……..Ali…..fuck me fast…….fuck me hard….yaahhhhhh.

And we were again exhausted. I took her to the bed. We took rest again. After one hour of rest we three (me, Shaiza and Shahina) took bath together. I fucked both Khalas in law in bathroom also under the shower. That was great. After bath we again slept for quite some time. I had no hurry to go back to my home as Shaiza’s hubby was on tour. Shaiza and Shahina went to Kitchen to prepare food (dinner) for three of us —- bread and egg curry. We took our food. I was sitting in the drawing room in sofa (long one). Shaiza and Shahina arranged her kitchen and came to me, sat beside me in the sofa.

Then I asked Shahina that what was the important matter that you want to discuss with me and Shaiza. Shahina told that “last when we three fucked one week before after fucking Shaiza went to kitchen to prepare lunch while me (Shahina) and Ali remain in the room and start kissing again and during the kisses we both go wild and bite each other. So in the process I (Shahaina) get a mark of love bite on the upper part of my left breast. When I (Shahina) go to my home and changing the cloths suddenly Farheen (nand of Shahina) comes in my bed room (as I forget to lock the door). Farheen saw the mark of love bite on the upper side of my left breast. She (Farheen) caught me (Shahina) and asked from where I get the mark of love bite. Farheen asked me to tell her the truth otherwise she will tell this thing to her parents (Shahina’s in laws). So I was (Shahina) trapped and start weeping, on this Farheen comes close to me (Shahina) and kisses me and asked babhi tell me the truth I (fraheen ) promise that if you tell me the truth I will not tell this thing to anyone. So I (Shahina) told her (farheen) about the affair of both (Shaiza and Shahina) of us with Ali.

When Farheen knew that I (shahina) and you (shaiza) get regularly fucked by Ali she get hot and start fingering her choot and asked me (Shahina) please bahbhi I also want to be fucked as at the age of 26 I am still unmarried. So Please Bhabhi (Shahina) takes me to Shaiza’ home and ask Ali to fuck me as he fucked you and Shaiza please bhabhi please.

So this is the important thing which I want to tell both (ALI and Shaiza) of u. On listening this entire thing me and shaiza laugh and say to Shahina don’t worry jaan. Tomorrow as Shaiza hubby is still on tour outside city you (Shahina) bring your hot nand (Farheen) and I (Ali) will satisfy the bith. On listening this Shahina get too much relaxed and start kissing me and saying “oh my jaan you so nice I love both of you (Ali and shaiza).

Dear readers the fucking episode of Farheen I will tell you in next part of my story Up till now Bye. Your comments and suggestions are welcomed on I am waiting for your comments and suggestions.


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