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  • desipapa
  • September 25, 2015

I reached Kerela and I went to my house with my Mom and Dad. It was almost 5:30 pm when I reached and that was the perfect time to move around in Kerela coz that is the time when u would see beautiful girls going to the temple to get the blessings of God. I told my Dad I would get down here and coz I wanted to see the green land all around my house. He asked me to be careful of snakes. I came out of the car and waited for my dad to move ahead. As soon as he was went past me, I jumped to the other side of the road towards the temple where I could see girls of all ages, big boobs, small boobs, shaking buttocks, beautiful structure.

I waited near the temple till I was fully satisfied. I thought it was time to go back to my house coz it was getting dark and I have not visited this place for years. I moved to the other side of the road and started walking towards my house. After a few minutes walk I wanted to piss. I kept walking till I found a stack of hay. I moved around the hay and was surprised to see a woman with her saree up till her hip using her finger. She was taken by surprise and ran off without even picking her panties. The way she ran I could make out her age was somewhere around 35 and she had a beautiful round buttocks. I went to my house and slept peacefully away from the tension of Mumbai. I waked up early in the morning and went for a walk. On my way back I heard some loud noises from the house which was adjacent to mine. I peeped through the small hole and found was surprised to find the same woman who was totally naked was fighting with here husband who was wearing an underwear. Now it was sure that she was either not having sex or was not enjoying having it with her hubby.

I was hit by an excellent idea. At around 9:30 am I went to her house and knocked the door. She opened the door and was surprised to see me. I told her that I was her neighbour and had come from Mumbai. She took me to her house and asked me to sit. She said she would be back in 5 mins. I waited but there was no sign of her. I went towards the curtain to see what was happening inside. She was changing her clothes. She was looking beautiful, fair, good amount of flesh round her hip, round buttocks. I wanted to have sex with her. I could not resist myself. I saw her turning, I moved back to where I was sitting. She was wearing a pink saree and her cuts were clearly visible. I would have fucked her if she agreed but then I was her neighbour. I asked her “could I use ur bathroom”. She showed me the way. I went to the bathroom stood there for couple of minutes with my 8 incher in my hand, sudeenly I heard a knock on the door and a voice “Are u ok”? I pulled opened the door to see my neighbour standing with her mouth open and eyes fixed to my manhood, which I had forgot to put in due to nervousness. I hurriedly turned aside and pulled my zip over it. The zip was over the skin and I felt the pain. My neighbour slowly went down on her knees, took my manhood in her hand and slowly removed the zip. She was a rough customer and I knew it the way she handled my manhood. She suddenly started moving her hands over it till it stood like an iron rod. She gently moved her hands up and down. I could not control myself any longer. She took my LUND in her mouth and started rolling her tounge all over it. She moved her lips over the head of my LUND, she tried to take the whole of my LUND into her mouth, she started biting my LUND with her teeth. I was hot and wet. She sucked me till I was about to cum. I said auntie I am cumming.

She asked me to fill her mouth with my hot cum. I filled her mouth with my hot cum. She started moaning with pleasure. I washed off my LUND and was leaving the house when she took me from the back. She said it was only one hole u have explored and there are many more, which u need to explore. Whenever your LUND gets zipped do not hesitate to come to my house. She bent down, kissed my LUND, and asked me to come at the same time the next day. The next day I was waitng for the clock to touch the 9:30 mark. And as soon as it did I knocked the door of my sexy auntie. She opened the door as if she knew I would come for more exploration. She pulled me inside her house and closed the door. She took me to her bedroom, which was beautifully lit with a bottle of Rum, some cigarette, choclates and honey. The pillow was sky blue in color and the bedsheet was black. She sat beside me and told me that she usually wants sex everyday and her husband is incapable of giving that to her. Her husband has a very small dick and cannot satisfy her whenver he has sex with her. She kept her hands on my thigs and started moving her hands up and down. Slowly she reached my LUND and and moved her hands over my LUND. She took my hands to her breast and rubbed it with force. She was taking full control over me. She made me stand near the bed and slowly opened the zip of my pant with her teeth (I was without underwear.) My LUND thrusted out like a bullet from the shot gun. She touched my LUND with her hands and took it in her mouth. She started sucking it again as if she was seeing a LUND for the first time inher life.

She would say words in between like pls satisfy me, I want more, mujhe pura nanga kar ke yeh LUND andar dalo na. Mein itna bada LUND andar lena chahti houn. I removed her saree from the top and and moved my fingers on her back. I unzipped the buttons of her blouse all the while keeping my LUND in her mouth. She stood up from the bed and made me sit. I took her breast in both my hands and rubbed it hard till her pinkish red niples were tight. I suked her nipples and she thrusted her breast full in my mouth. It was perfectly round and large with very small nipples. I removed her saree, she was wearing a black color panty. Her fair body and round buttocks was just fitting into the panty. I started moving my fingers between her thigs, she took me in her arms and squeezed me hard till I was unable to breath. She made me sleep on the bed and started moving her tounge from the toe, moved up and reached my thigs, rolled her tongue over my head of my LUND. She came further up and sucked my bottom lips thursting her upper lips inot my mouth. We sucked each other. Then she took her hands towards my Dick and slowly guided it into her. She started moaning with pain and pleasure, give me more, put every part of ur body into this small hole. I want it all push — push me harder—.

I rolled her over the bed and went down to her CHUT, which was wet and red by now. I licked around her Chut and she said DE NA MUJHE, AUR MATH TADPA, APNI PURI LUND MERE CHUT MEIN DAL DE, AAJ MEIN PHIR SE JEENA CHAHATI HOUN. I pushed my tongue into her Chut and moved it up and down. She wanted it more, she cried for more. I slowly put my finger into her Chut and saw that her eyes were closed, and started moving it up and down. She asked me slowly TUMHARA LUND ITNA CHOTTA KAISE HO GAYA. I said AUNITE ABHI TO LUND ANDAR GAYA HI NAHI YEH TO SIRF MERI UNGLI HAI. I went up and took both her lips into my mouth. Came down and sucked her breast again. She slowly said to me AB RAHA NAHI JAAT APANA LUND MERE CHUT MEIN DALO NA, MERE CHUT TUMHARE LUND KE LIYE TADAP RAHA HAI. I knew this time she wanted it and very badly I kept her legs wide open and pushed the head of my LUND into her CHUT, She shouted in pain OOOHHH…. KITNA BADA HAI…… AAAHHH….. DUKHTA HAI…… I pushed my Lund a little more inside but slowly. I started pushing my LUND into her CHUT slowly, and then pushed it harder and harder. She was moaning with pain AAAHHHHH… MERI CHUT AAJ PHAT JAYEGI….. TUMHARA LUND KITNA BAD HAI…… BAHUT MAJA AAA RAHA HAI…. AAJ TAK MUJHE KISI NE AISE NAHI CHODA…… TUMHARE LUND MEIN BAHUT DAM HAI….. TUM MERI CHUT SE PURA PAANI NIKAL DO….. AUR MARO…. AUR MARO….. MERA CHUT BAHUT MERI CHUT BAHUT DINO SE PYAASI HAI, I pushed harder and harder. I took my Lund out from her CHUT, She grabbed me from my back and asked me not to stop. I asked her to turn around. She turned around with her legs slightly apart and her hips slightly bent. I took my LUND in my hand and guided it towards her CHUT. I took her hip in my hand and started bititng her back leaving marks of my pleasureable moments with her. MAINE APNI ZINDAGI MEIN AISE KISI KO NAHI CHODDA THA. SHE SAI TUMAHRA LUND MILNE KE BAAD HI MUJHE PATA CHAL KI MAJA KYA HOTA HAI, AUR MARO….. ITNA MARO KI MERI CHUT PHAT JAYE…BAHUT MAJA AA RAH HAI….AAHHHHH…..AUR DO NA……. AHHHAAA…..She wanted more of it till I came. I told her I am cumming and she asked me to fill her CHUT with my hot cum. PURA PAANI ERE CHUT MEIN DAL DO…. BHAR DO MERI CHUT KO……I released my hot cum inside her CHUT. She was very pleased. I slept near her for 10-15 minutes playing with her boobs. We did not talk with each other for 10-15 mins.

Slowly I got up and went to the bathroom, she followed me. She opened the shower for me and washed me with her hands. She bent down and kissed my LUND. Till then we did not talk with each other. She asked me for how long will I stay in the village. I said I would be there for 2-3 weeks. She was very happy to hear that. She asked me will u come to my house everyday. I did not say anything but I knew that I would not be able to resist myself. I visited her house everyday and even during nights till I was there in Kerela.

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