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  • August 31, 2015

I am going to tell you about a true incident which happened two years ago and which is still going on. I am a software engineer of 26year with a good physique who is working in cochin (kerala). As the rent in the city is very high I thought of staying in the outskirts of the city in one of my friends aunties house. His aunty was around 35 years with 2 kids, the youngest being 2 year old. Her husband runs a small pan shop in the city and so he leaves the house in the morning and returns by in the night. As they were a little tight financially my friend told me to stay there as a paying guest so that my rent amount would be a little relief to them financially. The aunty (Radha) was little dark in colour, fat around her stomach and big hanging boobs, which has a thunderous look. The first meeting with her made me horney and I was feeling restless from the day I met her.

The house has 2 rooms but we share the same toilet and bathroom. In the morning she used to prepare breakfast and I used to take my lunch to my office, which she prepares by then. Her first son who is in the 3rd standard goes to his school in the morning itself and comes back by 4 in the evening. The youngest son is a little mischievous one; even at this age he has not left the habit of breast-feeding. When ever his mother is doing some house hold work sitting on the floor, he used to go sit on her lap and forcefully pull her blouse up and start sucking on her boobs and after completing one he would leave it as it is and go for the other one till he empties that too. After he gets up she used to put both her boobs inside her blouse and continue her work and this is what which happens there usually. Even if I am some were around there she would not care to cover it properly when her son is feeding her breasts. The sight of her son feeding her breast makes me more horney and after ever section of my seeing it I used to go to the toilet and masturbate thinking of me sucking at her breast like her son was doing to her. Many times I had seen her son sucking on one of her breast and playing with the other while she is busy doing her work like cleaning the fish or cleaning the utensils.

On one Saturday I had my off and was having a nap in the afternoon, as usual she was also having her nap in the adjacent room to me. I got little thirsty and got up to go to the kitchen to have some water. I had to go pass her room to the kitchen, which is next to their room. When I came to the door step of their room I saw that she was lying down on the mat with a pillow on her head and with her pallu of her sari fully off her breast and that her son has kept both the breast open and had gone to sleep with one of her breast in his mouth and his hand on the other one. The sight of her open boobs with her dark areola and nipples send current through my spines. I stood there itself for a while and was enjoying the beauty of those two breasts. Without making any noise I moved close to her and slowly took his hand from her breast and kept my hand on it and started to fondle it slowly so as not to disturb her from the sleep. She would have been thinking that her son was fondling her breasts as he used to do every time. After gaining some more courage I put my lips on her nipples and sucked it and her milk started oozing into my mouth. This act has already sent my cock rock hard and it was straining beneath my shorts which I was wearing at that movement. Suddenly she woke up and caught me in the act of sucking her breast. At first she shouted at me and with shame and fear I ran to my room and laid on my bed fearing the consequence of what would happen later. After half an hour she came and knocked at my door. I was in the thought that she had come to scold me for what I had done to her in the afternoon, instead she came to me and sat near me and politely asked me – do you really love my breast so much. At first I said no then I stammered and said yes yes yes. Seeing the fear in my face she kept her hand on my cheeks and asked me to relax and then she caught my hand and kept in over her blouse and said – this is yours you can do whatever you want.

I looked into her face and she bend her head down due to shyness and said, Suresh- I am starving for you from the time I had seen you, at least now you thought of approaching me for your needs and even now its not too late, telling this she moved even closer to me and leaned her head over my chest. I was stunned and surprised and did not know what to do. I gained a little courage and said, your son will be coming now isn’t it. She said “no” there is another 1 hour for him to come and the younger one is fast asleep now. On hearing this I slowly put my hand on her blouse and started to squeeze her breast through her blouse and then slowly I slid my hand inside from under and started to squeeze it fully. Her 2 breasts were very big and it’s impossible to hold one with one hand. I really enjoyed doing this. During this act she was making sounds like ahhhhhh ahhhhhhhh ahhhhhhhhhhhhh, and I saw that milk was wetting her blouse. So I took my hand out from her blouse and then made her lye down on my bed and unhooked her blouse completely.

Both her breast jumped out as if it was let free from bondage and She never used to wear bra as she was feeding her son. I could now see clearly how her nipples were getting stiff due to my continuous massage on her breasts. She was now not able to hold the teasing what I was doing to her. She caught hold of my head and pulled it towards her breast and asked me to suck it. suck it- suck it please don’t tease me like this – I need this to be in your mouth – please suck on it …. Please do it. On hearing her pleading I took one of her nipples into my mouth and started to suck on it, milk was oozing out from it into my mouth and was filling my mouth. I changed my mouth from one to other and here to there continuously and was feeding on both of them. When I was feeding on one I used to play and press the other and in this process her milk would spurt out and wet the bed sheet, which we were lying down. While I was doing this she used to plant kisses on my fore head and then used to fondle me tightly and press my head close to her breast as if she want to take more of it into my mouth. Now slowly she put her hand inside my trousers and caught hold of my stiff pennies and as she was doing this she put her head down in shame. I just caught hold of her face and asked her why she was ashamed of me – no it’s my first time with another man and that was her instant reply. I myself got up and pulled my shorts and underwear down and made myself naked and once again lied near her and took her hand and placed it on my tool. She instantly started to give it a nice play with her hand moving through the full length of my pennies. Slowly she bend down and took it into her mouth and started to give the best blowjob of my life. I was in heaven for the movement moving my hip up and down making my pennies go fully into her mouth. I then asked her to stop for a movement and asked her to lye with her hip towards my face so that I can taste her cunt, which was already wet by this time. As she kept her hip towards my head I pulled her petticoat up to her waist and then put my head in-between her thunder thighs and parted her cunt lips with my hand and planted a wet kiss on it.

The aroma of her cunt was driving me mad and I was almost in the brink of shooting my cum all over. As I started to taste her cunt I could feel the fluid oozing from her cunt and the more I shove my tongue into it the move the fluid came out of her cunt. She was by now making some horney noise oooohhhhhhhhhhh ohhhhhh ohhhhhhhhhhhh and was moving her hip from one side to another. I put my hand over her hip and kept my head locked into her triangle and was now licking hard like a dog and in the same time she was running her lips up and down my shaft. Suddenly without any warning I shot the full load of my cum into her mouth and my pennies was shooting it without any break, during this process I was shivering due to pleasure. She drank all the cum without even a drop missing out from her mouth. She then kept her cunt pressed into my mouth and was telling me to lap it more fast and harder. I knew that she was now going to have an orgasm in any movement, so I lapped her cunt as she commanded and by this time more of her fluid had already made my face wet. Suddenly she uttered a loud sound ooooooooohhhhhhhhhhhh oooohhhhhh and her cunt juice was spurting out like a dam with no shutters. I was hungrily lapping every thing that I can and after a few minutes she came to normal and she lye down on the bed exhausted. I also got up, cleaned my face in her petticoat itself and lied close to her embracing each other. After about 5 minutes I just whispered into her ears, aunty don’t you want my tool in your hot cunt, when I asked this she covered her face with her hand as if she was ashamed of what I had asked.

By now I was once again started playing with her boobs and milking it out with my mouth and the same time my one hand was in-between her thighs on her cunt parting it out and playing with the clioter inside it. She started to respond to my hand which was on her cunt and was getting hot and hotter. I suddenly noticed that during this process my pennies was also gaining its stiffness once again. I took hold of her hand and placed it on my pennies and asked her to make him busy. She instantly took hold of it and started to give full-length strokes and whiting 2 to 3 minutes he was as hard as a pole in her hand. When I came to feel the cunt fluid on her cunt for the second time I didn’t waste any time, I slowly climbed on top of her and parted her legs with my legs and kept my pennies on the opening of her cunt lips and then with both my hands on either side of her shoulders I gave a gentle push. At first it didn’t go in and then she took hold of my pennies and placed it properly and gave me a nod so as to push it in. I slowly once again pushed it and without much resistance it went half way inside and in the process she opened her mouth wide and was making ooohhh, slowly my dear, slowly she was uttering out from her mouth. I then withdrew it once again out a little and forcefully pushed it again and this time it went fully inside her cunt and my full pennies was buried inside her warm cunt. I lied on top of her like that for some time and then I got up and slowly at first I started to withdraw and put it into her wet wet cunt. With this I started to move my hip up and down and my prick was moving freely inside her cunt with pouch pouch … sound coming out on every stroke of my prick into her wet hole. She has closed her eyes and was biting her lips as I was pumping her continuously.

As I was doing this I was experiencing a new kind of pleasure that was running through out my body. As I increased my speed after a few minutes, she held me with both her hands around my back and her legs wrapped around me and was morning with pleasure ooohhhhhh, ooooooohhh, please fuck me harder, more harder oooohhhhhh aaaahhhhh, aaahhh, I am going to cum fuck me harder aaahhhh and with that I could feel her cunt getting flooded and at this time she held me tight in her clasp and held me like that motion less for a few minutes. I could feel the heat generating out in my pennies from her cunt and the amount of cum she had oozed. After she came to normal , I once again began to bang her cunt with my tool and it was now moving in and out very smoothly due to her cum and within 2 minutes after that I too shot my full load into her awaiting cunt. I plunged my tool as hard as possible into her cunt and spurted all my loads after loads into the awaiting hole. We were both exhausted by now I lay over her like that with my still hard tool in her wet cunt. I could now feel the tool getting small and limp and so I pulled it out and lay beside her for a while. I saw that my tool was smeared with cum and my semen and it was glistering in the low light of that room. As it was now time for her first son to return from school, we both kissed each other and got up from bed and went to the bathroom and washed each others body and came back to the room and put on our cloths. She once again hugged me and thanked me for the happiest time she had in her life. After half an hour or so her son reached home from school and he hurriedly went out to play after changing his cloths. Radha also went to the kitchen to cook for the dinner, and everything was going as usual after that great fuck I had with radha. After half an hour she called my name and told me that my tea was ready and asked me to come in to have some evening snacks. I went to the kitchen and I saw radha cooking with her ass towards me.

I slowly went near her from behind without her knowledge and then suddenly kept my hands on that two mould of the buttocks and instantaneously she jerked and turned around and said to me that she got a shock when I did that. I then told her that I want to bite her butt and she told that “ you can do that tomorrow” and not now as her son is playing outside. I told that I want it now itself and started to disturb her continuously. She at last agreed and told me to come to the bathroom, but I said that I want to do it here itself. She then said no no, I then went to the hall and closed the door of the hall so that her son could not come in without knocking it during our act. I then came to the kitchen and found her once again busy in cooking. I went near her from her back and put both my hands under her arms and massaged her big boobs through the material of her blouse and after a short time I went in front of her and then sat on the floor and looked at her face, she was having a smile in her face knowing what I was about to do. I slowly lifted her sari and petticoat and put my head inside it and moved my face to the lovely triangle of her and started to lick it. As her legs were kept together I was not able to lick the inside of her cunt. I came out of the petticoat and asked her to sit in the chair that was in the kitchen that she did at the instance, as she was hot by the action which I was doing. I pulled her sari and petticoat up and spread her legs and plunged my head in-between the bush and parted the cunt lips with my tongue and started to lap it. The cunt juice started to flow and was wetting my face, and she started to give a low ooooooohhhhhhhh oooohhhhhhh, sound and was pulling my face towards her cunt. After 5 minutes she reached the climax and spurted loads and loads of cum into my face. I without leaving a drop of it drank all of it and licked it clean and came out of the spot more satisfied.

From then on whenever we have a change I used to fuck her and enjoy her and even used to play some fast tricks when her husband is in the house (like pressing her boobs, sucking milk from her milk pots, licking her cunt…). For all these she would help me out. When she is feeding her child and when he has completed it she would come close to me when her husband is in the bedroom or in the toilet and trust her breast into my mouth and I would have a very fast breast feeding section or else if I would like to lick her cunt I would send a signal to her that I want to lick her cunt and then she would become ready. I after watching carefully where her husband is would make a quick move and in that time she would go to the corner of the kitchen and lift her sari and petticoat and stand ready for me. I would go fast and give her sweet cunt a fast lap and slip away from her before her husband comes in. now that its almost 5 years we are having a very good relation like this and now she is pregnant expecting her 3rd child and she claims that its my child which she is carrying now. Till her 6 the month of pregnancy I played all safe sex game with her and now that she had gone to her mothers house for the pregnancy I have to wait for another 6 months for her to return to this house with my child.

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