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Kavita’s Sex With Her Boyfriend

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  • October 2, 2015

Hai desipapa readers i’m Kavita from Chennai my age is 22, i’m reading desipapa’s stories for 1 year , here is my experience with my boy friends. It happened last year when i was at my final year college, i have a close boy friend ashwin, we were very close that he even knew my menses details , my stats 33c 29 32and i also know every thing about him , at our last semester we had leave for our projects, we planned to go to kodaikanal ( a hill station in south india), we two and his another friend was there sekar ,with his girl friend her name is jaya,we 4 take my friends car and started for kodai in the early morning, we spend the day touring and in the evening we returned to sekar’s guest house there, the climate was so cool the boys planned to take liqour we girls first refused but ashwin was so compelling we agreed to take little, after dinner we returned to our rooms me and jaya in one room and the boys in the other, we were so tired we went to sleep after a hour when i wake up jaya was not there , as i expected this i went near the boys room i can hear sounds of hissing and moaning i was very tempted my sleep was gone ,so i went to terress for air.

When i went up ashwin was there we just smiled to each other, i went to the edge and leaped over the side wall after a minute he came behind me and hugged me from my back and said ‘hai’ i didn’t say a word he got it as a green signal. he came close to meand pushed me to the wall from my back, he was so warm and he started to kiss me behind my neck while he placed his on my breasts and started to caress it, he handled it like a horn squeezed it inside out with both of my balls with his both hands. i said ‘ mmmmmm softly ‘, in a minute i was at peak of my temptation i felt his penis erected and pressing my back. i turned around and he kissed my lips and i did the same to him. it was very cold out side so came to our room down , as soon as i entered in to the room he locked the door behind me, and hugged me from the front holding his arm around my hip and my hands arresting him around his neck we kissed each other he sucked my lips into his mouth and rolled his tounge inside my mouth when i tried to put my tongue in his mouth he sucked it and while that he move his hands to my back and pressed my butt and his erected penis crashed in my lower abdomen he sucked my saliva in to his mouth that was one of my best kissing experience we kissed for nearly 7-10 minutes .

Then he moved back and pulled my nighty over my head and throwed it on the floor i was in my bra and panty, he pulled his shirt out and he was in his shorts he layed me in the bed and came up over me it was my turn to get under his 70 kg body , holding both my balls in his hands he crushed like taking juice from orange,he kissed me again and said “oh moni your so sexy and he moved soon to down he pulled my bra off and holded my freed breasts in his hand and started to squeeze it hardly screwing my nipples between his thumb and index finger, the feeling i got cannot be expressed i felt drowsy
At this point he took his hands from it and put his mouth on my balls he started to suck it like a baby sucking for milk , he did that to both of my balls again and again i cant take more and while his hands already started to pulled my panties down through my legs, he rolled his tounge around my nipples , and he started to rub his fingers in my pussy cleaveage over my clitoris then he moved down and spread my legs wide he sat on his knee between it and inserted his pointing finger in to my vagina as it was aready wet it just slided in he fingered me for few minutes after it was eased, this time he put both his pointing and the middle finger inside my hole and started to fingering me again it was so good, i never felt fingering will be this much good and my pussy had already started to fill with my precum, then he pulled his finger out and put it in his mouth tasting my juice.

Then he spreaded my legs apart and started to lick my pussy, i spreaded my outer lips for him, he slided his tounge in the clevage up and down , he rolled it over my clitoris and kissed my lower lips with his lips, then he pushed his tongue into my hole and rushed it in and out with a splashing sound, i was going mad mumbling his name , ashwin……ashwin hmmmmmmmm
as i am getting hotter for each second , at one time i cant hold of it , i asked him to fuck me, he watched me begging him to fuck me, then he released his tounge and got up for action.

Then he came up over me again standing on his knees between my legs pulled his shorts off WOW!! he had a nice dick about 6” long and he placed one elbow side me for support and tried to place his penis on my hole opening with other hand, i helped him in positioning it as soon as i got it right in place i said to him ‘push it in’, he did in the first push itself it entered in to mine , half of his rod was in my hole as i felt the warmth of it in me, then he started to fuck me, pumping his piston inside , i ask him fastly, for every shot the rod get deep and deep inside me , the pleasure was raising above my level he squzwwd my breasts in between and kissed my lips frequently, i felt my head spinning i raised my hip above the bed to ease him at one time the full cock was engulped inside my hole i asked him to speed up the shots he did, i felt my orgasm nearing with a minute my body was on fire the feeing was allover me , my body jerked few times as my water peeped out of the gap i can hear the squirting sound of it i had it , i had my orgasm it lasted almost a mintue, i was feeling fainting and he was still pumping his bar inside me with a minute the pressed his hip againt me and holded it tightly i felt his jerk in his rod and the warmth of his juice inside me .
inspite of the cold we both were filled with sweat and he layed over me after few minute his penis lost it erection he pulled it out of me we both stood up the bed was full of my juice.still my body was trembling.we cleaned up ourselves and he went out of the room after an hour i also went to sleep. when i woke up early morning jaya was there i dont know when she came back ,she looked very tired , sekar must have crushed her all night.

Next day we went out again we returned to room in the afternoon ,they had lunch , i just took juice, after that i went to take a bath it was a nice warm shower.i came out dressed and went to boys room to meet ashwin but he was not there sekar was there lying on the bed.when i asked him he said that ashwin and jaya went for shopping , i understood the situation,today is sekar’s term .i waited there sitting in a chair reading a book after nearly 15 minutes , sekar was sleeping i was not sure whether he is really sleeping or pretending to sleep,i went to his bed and sat aside him,and slowly slided my hand over his penis it was already half erected ,when i touched it ,it started to grow up under his lungi.i was shocked to feel its size it was huge my heart trembled to see it so i lifted his lungi and saw it it was almost at size of a 500ml pepsi bottle about 8” long, then i saw sekar watching me . he asked me that” do u like it “,i said “yes” , i holded it in my hands it was so thick i cannot hold it completely , i feared that this will surely tear mine,he stood up and that was poining toward me like a cannon. i sat at the edge of the bed and he stood on the floor before me , i removed his lungi and slided down and pulled my nighty we both were naked , i holded his cock in my hand pushed its foreskin back ,the glans poped out.

I hold the bottom of the rod and put its head in my mouth and started to suck it, while my hands shaked it giving and combined hand and a blow job , he holded my head in his hands and pulled it back and forth fucking in my mouth, as the cock was huge it is not possible for me to move more then 3 inch inside my mouth after few minutes he exploded in my mouth, his hot sperms filled my mouth as he pumped in his rod, it overflowed through my chins droping on my thighs, then he pulled it out it started to loose its temper , he pushed me to the bed and lay me on my back with my body on the bes up to my hips and the legs hanging down. he came in between my legs and bent down and kissed my lips sucking my saliva and a little of his semen still in my mouth, he moved down kissing through my neck came to my boobs, he kissed in between them holding both in his hands then he moved to the left one and kissed it in the nipples and rolled his tounge over the dark region around the nipple, he sucked it hardly while his other hand crushed my right one , in a minute he changed the sides and done the same but the time his hands were down at my groin and carressing it ,he moved his fingers in my cleavage and rubbed my clitoris , raising my passion to a upper limit then he move down a little and started to kiss my navel region, he rolled his tounge in my belly button and inserted his finger in my hole , then he slided his tounge over my lower abdomen and reached the pussy , he played his tounge with my clitoris while his fingers in my hole. the pleasure waves rippled all over my body , my pussy was watering now he drank every drop of water flowed out of it , then he stood up for the final match.

He stand on the floor with me lying at the edge of the bed , i lifted my legs and put it over his shoulder, he placed his cannon on the opening of my vagina ad pushed it in , i felt the pain of it and shouted “ouch” he drived his piston in to my hole and started to pump each time he increased its speed , it was so tight the my lower lips rolled in when he pushed it in and rolled out when he pulled it out, the rythem of his pumping was heaven , i rubbed my clitoris while his penis pumped inside my hole and he pressed my boobs simultaniously the pleasure was unbearable, by all the time he pushed it in and in , it dashed on the iner edge of my hole and still 1.5 inch of his was not able to get in he was maximm for me, after 6-7 minutes of pumping he stopped for a while and pressed his cock tightly in , for few seconds he got his orgasm , knowing that i’m still not come up he continously pumped his rod , it was still not loosed its temper, with in a couple of minutes i got my orgasm , my whole body shivered and jerked for 2 minutes , my juice and his juice mixed and peeped out through the gap he pulled out his large penis , and the juices folw out of my hole freely, he bent down and sucked my pussy drinking all the remaining juices flowing out , and when he finished i cleaned his penis tip with my mouth.

Then i got dressed at that night we left for chennai as we have to report to the project industry, this was one of my best experiences in my life , its nice to share with all of u , any body wanna comment mailme
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