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Kashmira Parmar

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  • September 9, 2015

My son got admission in medical college after passing 12th with flying colors and clearing entrance exam in merit. We didnt know how to control our joy. My husband proposed to celebrate the occasion at a beach resort. We all agreed. My husband booked a holiday home managed by his company on a nearby famous beach resort. We headed for the beach resort on Saturday afternoon. By four oclock in the evening we were at the resort. We were lodged in to big spacious bungalow. It was big enough for three of us.

A big living room, three separate bedrooms, big bathrooms with full size tubs, beautiful garden and a badminton court. A kitchen with all utensils and a cook was also there. After having tea we all changed in to beachwear and headed to the beach. A table was placed under the beach umbrella. Big bottle of champagne was waiting for us. After showering almost all of champagne on my son we had a taste of it. My husband fixed a drink for me as well as for himself. I opted for gin with lemon and he preferred rum with thumbs up. My son declined our offer for a drink. Of course we didnt force him. Soon my husband began watching seabirds through his binoculars. I lighted a cigarette and sipped my drink. I noticed my son was looking at my body through corner of his eyes. I was alarmed. I was wearing just a short pant and a small blouse only. I was reluctant to be in such few cloths but my husband insisted me to wear those before coming out on beach. I had objected. My dear, this beach is not our private property! Other people will be there! They will notice a half naked woman! I had argued. Exactly thats what I want. My husband had replied. I want your beauty to be seen and appreciated by others.

Honey, I am proud of your beauty. I want to see that flicker of envy in other peoples eyes. Let me enjoy that envy. Dont deprive me of that joy! Okay, but what about our son? I had argued further. Even he will see his mother half naked. And mind you, our son is not a child anymore. I had warned. Yes thats true. My husband had replied. He is growing up. Let him face the challenges. There will be many more challenges on his way to his manhood. Let us prepare him for future. Darling, isnt it our duty to prepare our son for future? I became wordless. I was asked to wear a micro mini short pant and a small blouse. These shorts were smaller than my regular panty! And blouse had a very low neckline. Fortunately I was slim, fit and in perfect shape thanks to my regular routine of gym. I could very well carry myself in such reveling costume. At the age of 36, I was hot and sexy as per opinion of my close friends. I was sipping my drink and enjoying secret looks of my young son. He was just 17. He was tall and grown up. Even he was in shorts only. His bare chest was magnetic. He plays football and other field sports regularly. His body was strongly built like an athlete. Even I was looking at his manly breast and dark brown nipples every now and than. A thought appeared and went by: how his nipple would taste if at all I had a chance to suck it? I felt ashamed of myself. He was none other than my own son. I had given him birth and here I was fantasying him to be naked in my arms and me sucking at his breast! Mom, shall we play football? My son suggested and I agreed. My husband opted to be a spectator only. We went to play football on the beach.

My son is an expert footballer. He plays for his school. He also plays for a local club. He had played a major role in winning many trophies for his school and his club in recent time. We began playing. He pushed the ball to me and I kicked back to him. While playing I kept looking at his naked thighs. Soon I began fantasizing how it would feel like touching and kissing his naked thighs. I wanted to sit in his lap very badly. I began drawing him away from my husband. I wanted him to be with me in privacy. Once I came close to my dream. I an attempt to capture the football my son tried to stop me physically. In that process he literary stopped me holding me by my waist and pushed me aside! How I wished he should have held me for some more time! Some how I could have encouraged him to push his hands upward and touch my breasts! To tell you the truth, I got two chances but I failed to enchase those. Once, in an attempt to get hold of football, I caught him from his waist from behind and pushed my hands upward to touch his breast. But he was quick and powerful. He jerked me off and captured the ball and ran away with it. In my second chance, I got him in my arms and pulled him close. I pressed his body with my breasts but again he was quicker. He escaped. He had no idea how hot and wet I was by then. Honey, your drink! My husband called me. We had a little break. My husband made me sit in lap. He kissed my neck. He said in my ears, sweetheart, you look terrific in this outfit, too hot, too sexy! Really? I was pleased. I wish I could fuck you right here right now! he said. I was surprised and shocked. My husband had never said such words loudly and that to when our son was around. Shall we go in? I offered. As it is I was all wet by thinking too much of my son. No. My husband said, It wont look nice. Also our son will have ideas. Better you continue with your play.

He kept caressing my naked thighs. He fixed me a large drink. Mom, shall we go back to play? My son reminded me and went dribbling the ball away. Go. My husband patted me on my ass. I gulped my drink in one shot and went back to play. And then it happened. My son kicked the ball hard. I followed the ball to capture it. The ball went far away in water and disappeared behind the rocks! I went behind the rocks and bent down to lift it. Suddenly I felt a touch of a male hand on my waist. Before I could understand his hands slide upward and touched my breasts! I didnt know my son had followed me behind the rocks. He pressed my breasts hard! I shouted, My son! What are you doing? I caught his hands and tried to jerk his hands off my body but he was powerful. He tore open my small blouse in one shot and there came out my breasts flying like free birds! He cupped my breasts in his palms and started fondling with them. Baby! Dont do this to me! I tried to stop him. In fact, these were the moments I was waiting for! These were the moments I was dreaming for! And all of a sudden mother inside me had popped her head strongly. No! I shouted again loudly. I kicked his belly with my elbow using power. His grip was loosened. I turned back and slapped his face hard. I pushed him back using force. He lost his balance. He fell down in water. Quickly I covered my naked breasts with my palms. Baby! Remember, I am your mother and not your lover! He just kept staring at me. Without looking back at him I started running toward shore. No one was there to see what has happened behind the rocks. No one was there under the umbrella. I could not spot my husband anywhere. I was just in shorts. I went inside the bungalow covering my breasts with my hands. No servant was there to find me naked. I headed for the bathroom straightaway. I turned on the tap of shower. For nearly half an hour I was standing under the shower. It cooled me down considerably. After putting on fresh bra and panty I changed in to jeans and t-shirt. Human mind is so complex. All evening I was dreaming for my son making love to me. And when in reality it was happening, I was shocked. I knew it was wrong. Thank God I stopped him. I didnt saw my son till dinnertime. No one spoke to each other on dinner table. We all eat too less. My husband tried to begin some conversation but failed miserably. After smoking cigarettes while taking walk in verandah, we retired to our bedroom. Once inside the four walls, my husband asked me, Is something bothering you, honey? I told him what has happened on the beach behind the rocks.

Our son molested me, his own mother! My husband laughed! He laughed so loudly on my face! Is it funny? I was annoyed. Poor boy! He tried to control his laugh. What did he do? He just pulled your blouse away and touched your breasts? Thats all? Isnt it enough? I said. No. This is nothing. He said, you know, what I would have done? I kept staring at him. He said, I would have raped my mother if she was half sexy as you! I was stunned. I couldnt speak for some time. I said, you mean what he did was not wrong at all? And how should I have reacted? Should I allow him to fuck me? Or would you be happy if I go and fuck my son? He stopped laughing. After some time he said, that will be incest. I will not appreciate it. Its wrong. I will kill you if at all you indulge in sex with him! I didnt know what to say. I changed in to shirt and pajama. I went to sleep. I didnt felt like talking to my husband. He tried to play with my body but I pushed him away and covered my body from toe to head with bed sheet and closed my eyes tightly. I didnt know how much time was lapsed. My husband asked me, honey, are you awakened? I didnt reply. He said, Go, say sorry to him. That poor kid is crying like hell! I got up. How do you know? I just saw him crying in his pillow! I lighted a cigarette. After inhaling few puffs I said, he should say sorry to me. He has misbehaved. All right. He called our son on intercom and asked him to come to our bedroom. He came after knocking at the door. He stood like an accused in front of us. My husband asked, Sonny, is it true that today in the evening you have misbehaved with your mother at the beach? Yes.” He replied in a low voice facing the floor. “You should be ashamed of yourself. Say sorry to your mother. His father ordered him, “I am sorry Mom. My son knelt down and touched my feet. Please forgive me. He was apologizing from his heart. I could understand that. My poor kid! I pulled him close to me. I hugged him tightly and patted him lovingly. Its okay my son. I said. He started crying. I am sorry Mom. This will not happen again. He said. Yes I know. I said. I kissed his forehead. Go, make him sleep.

My husband told me, go to his room and make him sleep. All right. I got up. My husband had no idea but I would have gone myself with my son “to make him sleep.” I put my hand around my sons neck and escorted him to his bedroom. Once inside, I bolted the door from inside. I climbed on his bed. I sat with my back taking support of the wall. I spread my hands and invited him, Come sweetie, and sleep in my lap. He obeyed. He came close to me and placed his head in my lap. I started moving my fingers in his hairs. Sleep my child. I said. Finally, my dream boy was in my hands. I had created perfect atmosphere. My husband will never doubt my intentions. He only sent me with my son. I noticed he was wearing full sleeve shirt and pajama. Beta, you sleep fully clothed? I asked. No. He replied, I will undress after you go. You want me to go? I asked. No! He said hurriedly, please stay for some more time. He kissed palms of my hand. All right, but at least remove your shirt. I pulled his shirt. Okay. He sat up. He removed his shirt and threw away on the floor. He came back to me and slept with his back to me in my lap. He once again kissed my hand and closed his eyes. I started caressing his naked back. I was instantly aroused. I lost my patients and pulled him close and twisted his body so that I can look at his naked breast. I placed my hand on his breast. Slowly my finger began making circles around his nipple. I hold his nipple between my thumb and first finger. I squeezed his nipple. Ahhaaaaa! He cried. Like it? I asked in a soft voice. Yes Mom. He held my hand and pressed it hard against his breast. I pulled him more close to me. I passed both my hands from under his armpits and began squeezing both his nipples. He was enjoying it. I was thrilled. My nipples got hard on. I didnt know when I unbuttoned my shirt and removed it. I pressed his head between my breasts. He was frightened.

He took away his head. He seemed worried. My darling! My baby! What happened? He kept staring at my breasts. I was still wearing bra. I removed it with swift move behind my back. I began playing with my fully developed breasts in front my young son. Come baby! I said. Is it all right? He asked. He looked puzzled. I mean, wont you be angry with me? “No sweet heart. I wont be angry with you. Come, all these are yours. I show him both my tits. He came closer. I rubbed his head in between my breasts. I kissed him on his cheeks, eyes, nose, ears, neck and finally on lips. He kissed me everywhere. He went on moving his hand on my body everywhere. I became naked. I placed his hand on my pussy. I told him to rub it slowly in the beginning. I helped him to get naked. I saw his long, erect and swollen cock. It was a beautiful piece of art created by god. I took it in my hand. I kissed it. I began playing it with. Holding his big cock in my hand I kissed on lower lips for unending hours. I took my son to the land of love. I guided him in the prohibited zone. I taught him how to please a woman. I gave him the pleasure which a woman gives to her man. Both of us reached the climax at the same time. I was in heaven. Lately my husband was using me as a sleeping pill. Now here I was with my son, my lover who has given me the joy of being myself. I am now proud of myself. After some time we went to balcony without bothering about our nakedness.

 It was dark and nobody was there to watch us. I made him sit in my lap. I lighted a cigarette. My son asked, But Mom isnt it wrong? I mean I am your son and you are my mother. We are not lovers! Yes my darling, it is wrong when one of the two parties is not ready. It is absolutely right and okay if both are willing and ready! Tell me; were you not interested in having fun with me? He smiled. Mom I was dying to have fun with you. After a while my son, my sweet heart asked, I think its called incest, am I right Mom? Yes dear. I said. Its taboo. Its not allowed. Sexual relationship between a mother and a son is not allowed in any society. Your father has warned me against it. He will kill me if he found out about us. But my piece of heart, now I am ready to die. After making love to you, after getting loved by you, my son, and all my wishes are fulfilled. Dad will have to kill me first if he wants to kill you. Mom, I love you! Oh my love! I kissed him wherever I could. I too love you my son! We went inside. After making love one more time we lost our consciousness. We slept for hours. Our bodies entangled in each other. We didnt know how much time was lapsed. We didnt know when the dawn was broken. We were awakened by continuous knocks and big shouts at the door by my husband. Somehow we both regained our senses. “Mom! What now? My son was frightened to death. Dont worry my darling, I can handle this. Just put on your underwear.

I helped him spot his underwear. I put on my panty inside out in haste. I opened the door while buttoning the shirt. My husband stormed in. How much time you need to open the door? Were you both dead drunk? He asked me, how much time you need to make him sleep? I didnt know what to reply. All the time I was worried about him finding out some clue which might give away my adventure in the night. Worst come worst, if I had to confess the truth, a line came to my mind: “I was preparing my son for his future.” I fall in sleep before him. I said. It was half true. But my husband didnt need any reply. He was exited about something else. Great news! He shouted at the top of his voice. Reason to celebrate again! “Whats that? I asked feeling little safe. I got double promotion! He displayed some message in his cell phone. I am promoted to the post of General Manger- Sales! He was so exited he didnt notice I was just in panty and an unbuttoned shirt displaying my full breasts. I had forgotten to put on my pajama. This too in front of my 17 years old son. We shall get a big home, new chauffer driven car and lot of perks! He was so happy. He added, moreover, I will be visiting entire Europe and other countries every now and then for promoting business! You mean you will be away from home every now and then? I managed to seem sad. I couldnt resist myself from giving a look at my lover, my son who was still in just underwear. Yes darling, we have to give away something to gain something. He said philosophically. Excuse me but I have to rush back to my office in the town. You two can catch up with your remaining sleep. He pulled the door back and disappeared!

I went back to bed. My son was sitting at the edge of the bed. I unbuttoned my shirt. I pulled his head and pressed in between my breasts. I stuffed my left breast in his mouth. He began sucking the nipple of my breast. Slowly his hands started pulling my panty down. I saw a balloon growing bigger and bigger in his underwear. Kashmira Parmar requests you to mail your feedback at:

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