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Karishma Ke Sath Sex Ke Maze

  • desipapa
  • August 22, 2015

I am Karishma By my junior year in college, I had to live off campus. On campus housing was not guaranteed past the sophomore year and I had failed to win a dorm room in the lottery. Despite having a half scholarship, I could not afford an apartment. I found a family that was renting out a room near campus. They live in a slightly run down area and were apparently just making ends meet themselves. But the price was right, 1300.00 a month. I had to share a bathroom and eat on campus but it was livable. I figured I would be at school or work most of the time anyway so I would only be using it to sleep.

The couple, Jai Parkash and Luxmi, were in there late thirties. They had two children, Kamal who was 16 and Kavita who was 14. Jai Parkash worked as a Milk man and looked like he sampled his wares often (big gut). He was big (6′ 4″} all over and quite loud and cocky. Luxmi was in sharp contrast to her husband, small and frail looking almost anemic. She was quiet and meek always deferring to Jai Parkash. I must admit that Jai Parkash scared me little bit and it disturbed me the way he looked at me and seemed to hang around me a lot. The first semester past and I did not have any troubles at the house. As I expected, I spent little time during the day there, usually leaving by eight in the morning and rarely returning before ten at night. I only seemed to see the family during the weekends between working my jobs. My troubles started in late December. With final exams, I had to cut back on my work. Because I was under so much stress with exams, I caught a flu bug that kept me in bed for two weeks after exams were finished. Then, one of my tution fee was late so I had to arrange money. My meager resources had been stretched beyond the breaking point. I did not have enough money to buy books for my classes or to pay the rent. I thought I might be able to get enough to pay for my books by getting an advance from my jobs. I would just have to get an extension on paying my rent.

Jai Parkash was up that evening when I got home(He usually went to bed early as he had to start work at 5:00 AM but Thursday night was his bowling night). He was in the front room watching TV drinking a beer. I sat down on a chair and told him I needed to talk to him about the rent. He said that he had wanted to talk to me too since I was already a week overdue. I explained to him about the grant being late and that I would not be able to pay the rent until it arrived. He stared at me and did not say a thing for a long minute. Then he said that it was unacceptable and that my personal problems didn’t concern him. I was shocked because I had expected him to listen to reason. I was trying to think of which one of my friends I could stay with for a little while. Since the new semester didn’t start for another week, they were all at home for the break. Jai Parkash looked at me kind of funny like he was enjoying making me squirm. His ego may have needed to make me feel bad to make him feel good. I thought maybe if I played on that, he might let me stay. I used my best poor helpless female voice and said that I didn’t know what I was going to do if he kicked me out. Jai Parkash said that he still wanted “compensation” but maybe we could work something out. I suggested that maybe I could help with the housework. He said that Luxmi already did that and didn’t need any help. He said that there might still be a way.

I knew he was hinting at something but that he wanted me to suggest it. I couldn’t figure out what though (I was still pretty naive in those days). He seemed frustrated that I couldn’t come up with it. Finally, he got up and walked down the hall to my room saying that if nothing could be worked out, he guessed he would have to pack my stuff up and set me out. I was near tears at this point as I followed him down the hall and into my small room. He had opened my closet and was taking my bags out and setting them on the bed. He reached into the top drawer of the dresser and took my clothes out and set them in the bag. I said that I would do anything if he just wouldn’t kick me out (helpless hadn’t worked, maybe begging would). That may have not been the magic words but they were close enough. Jai Parkash stopped on the second drawer and turned around and faced me. He asked me if I really meant it. I said yes. He said that for a pretty girl like you, a way could be worked out. The way he said that sent a chill down my spine. Now I new what he wanted. He said that he had certain “needs” that Luxmi wasn’t always capable of fulfilling and that if I did, he would consider this month’s rent paid. He was looking very intently at me waiting for my response. I did not move as I considered my options. I really didn’t have any. I could get kicked out onto the street in the middle of the cold winter night and walk around the streets with all my possessions ( a hotel room was out of the question as I only had 350 in cash).

College was closed so I couldn’t even hang out at the library or somewhere else on campus. All my friends were home for the break so there was no one to call. I really wasn’t looking forward to doing anything with Jai Parkash as he was big and had a gut and certainly wasn’t going be very concerned about me. Not my first choice for the fourth man I would go to bed with (The first two were boyfriends back from my high school days and I had only one boyfriend my sophomore year but that had ended). But what choice did I have? I said “Just tonight, right?”, He signalled yes. “And the month is paid off?”, Again he said yes. 1300.00 for an evening of unpleasantness wasn’t too bad (especially for someone as poor as I was). “What about your family?”, I was looking for an escape. Closing the door to my bedroom Jai Parkash said, “They are all asleep in the other part of the house. As long as you don’t scream, we should be alright.” I slowly said “O-kay” and he broke into a big grin. He responded “O-kay! Boy, I have always wanted to see those tits, so hurry up!” As I said, Jai Parkash was crude. I slowly pulled my outer sweater over my head and set it on the bed.

He quickly moved the bags onto the floor and sat down on the bed. I un-tucked my turtle neck from my jeans and pulled that over my head too. He was practically drooling looking at me standing before him in my bra. I reached down and started to unbutton my jeans. He said “forget that for now, I want to see those tits!” I stopped and hesitated (no reprieve from the governor!). He said “come on now.” I reached back and unhooked the bra. I lowered the straps and removed it. Jai Parkash whistled softly. “I knew that were big but they are absolutely gorgeous!” I was turning twenty shades of red standing in front of him topless. He said, “Bring those babies over here so I can get a closer look. I stepped in front of him at the edge of the bed. As I did, his hands came up and grabbed my breasts. He tried to take the whole thing into his hands but could not cover them up. He took the nipples between his thumb and his finger and began to tweak them. Though I was still disgusted with the thought of what I was going to have to do to pay rent, my nipples responded and hardened. He bent his head over and took one of the nipples in his mouth. He sucked it, then bit down on it (subtle he wasn’t). I pulled back slightly and he released and put his mouth on the other. After he pulled off he said, “You certainly put Luxmi to shame!” (She is slight and almost flat chested) He played with my breasts a few more minutes, licking and fondling them, resting his head in my cleavage. Jai Parkash said, “Boy this is heaven.

A guy could get lost in here!” Finally, he pulled back and looked up at me. “O-kay, lets see the rest of you.” I stepped back and slipped my shoes off. I bent over and pulled both socks off. Then, I unbuttoned my jeans and put them on the bed with the rest of my clothes. Jai Parkash was breathing noticeably heavier and I could see a bulge in his pants. I pulled down my panties and threw them with the rest of my clothes. I was now standing naked in front of Jai Parkash. He looked appreciatively up and down me. He gave me a hand signal to spin around. I turned slowly and he let out another whistle. “You are some piece of work. Come here.” I steeped back to in front of him and his hands reached behind me and fell on my bottom. He squeezed each bun and stared at my pussy. Finally, his right hand left my bottom and came to the front. He slid his hand threw my pubic hair and a finger entered my vagina. A second joined it and he felt all around my insides. “Nice”, he purred. He pulled his hand out and patted the bed next to him. I picked up my clothes from the bed and set them on the dresser. Jai Parkash quickly pulled his bowling shirt off and kicked his shoe off. As I turned back to the bed, he was lowering his slacks and undershorts together. He had a prominent beer gut and was quite hairy. He had a small thin penis (about four inches). He sat back on the bed and I sat stiffly next to him. Jai Parkash reached down and stroked his cock. “Why don’t you kiss it?”, more an order than a request.

I wasn’t very experienced in oral sex and his smallish cock hardly looked appetizing. I bent over and took the tip in my mouth and sucked with my lips. He roughly grabbed the back of my head and pushed me down on his cock. My nose was in his pubic hair and I could feel his balls on my chin. His hands were in my hair and he pulled and pushed. He was basically masturbating himself with my mouth. After about three minutes, he moaned and pulled my head down hard and would not let me escape. He started to shoot in my mouth and I had no choice but to swallow. He tasted bitter. Jai Parkash said, “Now lick it clean like a good little girl.” I licked halfheartedly and took his dick out of my mouth. Atleast he didn’t have much staying power and now it was over. But it wasn’t. Jai Parkash told me, “Lie back and get ready for the ride of your life.” I laid on my bed and got ready for what was to come. He had not really regained his erection yet but that wasn’t going to stop him. He climbed on top of me and I could fell all his weight. I could barely breath. He reached back and grabbed his dick. No preliminaries or anything, he just slipped it in. Needless to say, I wasn’t very well lubricated as not much about the situation excited me. Luckily, he was not fully erect so it didn’t hurt to terribly. He started stroking in and out and he hardened slightly. “Now doesn’t that feel good?”, he asked. I just turned my head away but he would have none of that. He pushed my head back straight and stuck his tongue into my mouth. After a couple minutes, he was fully erect. My breathing was coming hard, more the result of his weight crushing me then what he was doing.

He stopped and said, “I want to do something different, luxmi only lets me do it this way. I want to get a hold of those tits. Roll over and we’ll do it like the dogs.” He pulled out and I rolled over on my belly. “Now lift that ass up!”, he instructed. I rose to my knees and buried my face in the pillow. Atleast I wouldn’t have to let him in my mouth anymore. SMACK he slapped my ass! I jumped a little as he made me spread my legs a little wider. He entered swiftly and put his weight over my back. He reached around and grabbed my breasts and started squeezing them hard. He seemed to have only one pace (fast) and was pushing in and out. He groaned and pulled out his dick and shot his sperm all over my back. I collapsed and he just stayed on his knees behind me. I hoped that it was finally over. Jai Parkash got off the bed and started putting his clothes back on. “Pretty good wasn’t it? I knew you were a hot little number. Maybe you’ll want to pay next months rent this way too?” I just laid on the bed hoping he would leave. He finished dressing and quickly left the room. I got up and put my robe on. I went to the bathroom and climbed under the shower.

I turned it on extra hot and scrubbed myself raw. I wanted to keep moving so I wouldn’t have to think about what had happened. But thoughts raced threw my head. Finally, I rationalized that I had little choice in the matter. And besides, I had managed to “pay” the rent so I should have a little extra when the grant finally arrived. And this is how I adopt this is as my profession. Now I had started enjoying sex with doing it with different men it excite me. If you want to get me in your custody for some fun you can mail me. But strictly for delhi guys only. My email address is

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